Daddy Trains Lizzy Ch. 03

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Frank looked over at his little girl who was completely nude, and eating her breakfast quietly with her eyes cast downwards, a perfect submissive. He chuckled quietly to himself as he realized it was only Saturday morning and he had two more days with her before she would have to go back to school. He caught her attention and asked, “Baby, how do you feel about these new rules?”

Her eyes immediately lit up to his question and a smile came to her face, “I love them Daddy, I feel so happy now, it’s really hard to explain, but I’m glad that you taught me that lesson about respect,” after she said that she began to blush a deep red, “And it makes me really wet Daddy.” Immediately after saying this she cast her eyes downward, and her cheeks flushed deep red.

Frank smiled at this last comment and decided to pursue this fact further, “Why do you think that happens baby girl?” He asked before eating the last bite of his breakfast.

“I dunno Daddy, maybe because I like being your little slave girl?” She replied in the most innocent tone, he has ever heard his daughter speak.

He smiled and asked, “And do you like being my little slave?” She nodded her head up and down, still blushing with her eyes cast down. “Pet, you will answer me when I ask you a question, do you understand?”

She looked up and him and spoke, “Yes Daddy, I understand, and I do like being your little slave. I like it very much so Daddy.”

“Good girl,” he told her as he sipped his coffee. “Now be a good girl clean up the kitchen while I watch the morning news,” he explained as he got up and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. He clicked on the TV and turned up the sound, and he sat down and watched his daughter, naked, clean up the kitchen. He watched as she bent over to load the dishwasher, and licked his lips at the sight of her perfect round ass, and wet, pink pussy lips. His cock began to grow rock hard at the sight of his new pet, naked. He got up and walked quietly over to her, not making a sound. As she bent over once more to put more dishes in the dishwasher, he quickly put his hand on her hips and rammed his hard shaft into her all at once. She let out a yelp, out of both surprise and from having been impaled by her father’s huge cock. Frank held his cock deep in her tight Beylikdüzü escort cunt for a long while, feeling her twat adjust to his girth. He let out a soft grunt and leaned over Lizzy’s back and whispered in her ear, “My baby is soaking wet for me, you’re such a good girl staying wet so Daddy can use you whenever he wants to.” The only thing that escaped her lips was a long moan of ecstasy, accompanied by her arching back, which forced his cock deeper into her. With that, he began to fuck her slowly, driving his hard cock in and out of her tight pussy. He groaned, “Oh baby your so fucking tight for me, do you like having my big cock shoved deep inside you?”

She moaned out loudly, throwing her head back in pleasure, “Oh fuck yes Daddy, fuck me harder.” Frank was only too happy to oblige her request, so he began to pump harder and faster into her juicy little pussy. He induced louder, more intense moans from his little girl, and he could tell she was reaching her climax. He looked down at her ripe ass, and smiled to himself as he licked his forefinger, putting it against her tiny anus getting it all wet. She looked over his shoulder at him and he pet her back, reassuring her. Then, he slowly began to push his finger into her ass and he could feel her cunt tightening around him as he pushed it in further. Moans mixed with slight pain, and immense pleasure echoed throughout the kitchen as he pushed until his finger was all the way inside her virgin ass. With his finger fully inside her ass and his cock deep in her ever tightening twat, he fucked her harder than ever. He grunted and groaned as he approached his own orgasm, “Baby, cum for Daddy, show Daddy how good of a little slut you can be and cream all over my cock.”

With his words of encouragement, she didn’t last any longer and she screamed out, “Oh Daddy fuck me, I’m cumming,” as her cunt began to pulse around his hard prick. Without any warning, Frank exploded deep inside her cunt, pushing himself in to deposit his seed as deep in her womb as he could.

Once her orgasm had washed over her, Frank removed both his finger from her ass and his cock from her now overflowing cunt. As he did, she began to collapse, but before she hit the ground, he picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bathroom where he sat her down on the Beylikdüzü escort toilet. He then turned on the shower, getting the water nice and hot. When he turned around she had gained her composure and had a contented look on her face. “What’s on your mind baby girl?” he asked quietly.

“I’m so happy Daddy, I feel like my whole life has changed, and I love it. It was like something was missing before and now I have it and everything is perfect, thank you Daddy,” she said as she looked up at him towering over her.

He smiled back at her and began to speak, “Now Lizzy, I have a few more rules for you. The first is that you will now have to ask for permission to do anything, this includes, eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, and even cumming. You cannot do any of these things again without my permission, do you understand pet?”

She looked up at him wide-eyed, “Yes Daddy I understand.”

“Good girl, and when we shower together, like we are about to, you will wash me and clean me, and I may or may not clean you as well, that is up to me to decide at the time. Do you understand baby?”

“Yes Daddy,” she said before looking down and then looking back up to him, “May I go to the bathroom Daddy?”

“Yes baby girl you may,” he told her, looking down at her without moving an inch.

She looked up at him, then over to the door, “Aren’t you going to leave Daddy?”

“No my pet, you will learn to go whenever I give you permission to, even if I am watching you, which I choose to do right now, so go before I take back your permission,” he explained to her calmly.

She looked up at him and he could tell by the look in her eyes that she was having trouble going with him there, but he continued to look down at her watching and waiting. He gave her a full minute to begin, when she didn’t he let her know her time was up. “Stand up pet and get into the shower, you’ve lost permission to go, and if you can’t go with me here then you cannot go at all.”

“But Daddy,” she began to protest.

He reached down and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled up firmly, but not too hard, “There is no but Daddy in this house from now on, now get into the shower slut,” he told her, exerting his power over her. She didn’t reply but she did go into the shower, her eyes Escort Beylikdüzü avoiding his, her cheeks flushed a deep red, and he didn’t know it for sure, but if he reached down and felt her little cunt he was sure it was going to be dripping wet. As she turned her back to him, he smiled, loving the feel of dominating his daughter, and also admired her perfect backside.

He climbed into the shower after her and began to instruct her, “Now baby girl, I want you to begin washing me, and I’m going to let you do it without any instruction, so do your very best to please me.”

“Ok Daddy,” she spoke quietly, as she reached for the bar of soap. She began by lathering up her own hands and then started to wash him starting with his face, making sure to be careful not to get any in his eyes; she then rinsed it off right away. Then, she washed his neck, shoulders, and chest, messaging them all gently.

He looked down at her, watching her focus on washing him, and he knew she was putting all she had into pleasing him and he smiled. She suddenly got on her knees and began to wash his cock slowly and softly, cleaning him good. This stimulation forced his cock to begin to grow and she began to stroke it with her soapy hand. He watched her as she could not take her eyes off his growing cock, and he let her stroke it for a while letting out soft groans. “Okay baby that’s enough, keep going,” he told her reluctantly, as he loved the feeling of her soft, small hand on her cock, but he had other plans for her.

She let out a soft moan of disappointment as she began to wash down his legs to his feet. Then, she stood up and got behind him and began to wash his back, massaging his muscles which have been sore because of all the long hours he’s put in at work. When she was done she rinsed him all off and waited for further instructions.

He looked at his body, and he felt clean and relaxed from her massaging wash, and he smiled at her. “You’re such a good girl, you cleaned me so well,” he praised her. “Now here are your instructions, I want you to wash yourself off, make sure you get that body I own squeaky clean for me. Then, I want you to go into your room and put on the sexiest panties and bra that you have and come back into my room; I will be waiting for you. Understand pet?”

She nodded her head in excitement, “Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl, and be quick, you don’t want to keep me waiting,” and with that Frank exited the shower, put a towel around his waist and went into his room, smiling, leaving her to her tasks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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