Daddy’s Nasty Kitten Ch. 2

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by NiteWiter & Kitten

This is intended for adults 21 and over only. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of a sexual nature, please, don’t read this or download it. If this is illegal wherever you are reading stop now.

* * * * *


I returned to the bedroom where Christine was still tied up to the bed. She was just lying there quietly waiting for me to return. I know she was shocked by what I had my friends do to her, but deep down I knew she loved it. She looked up at me asking in a voice almost ready to begin sobbing, “Why Daddy…why did you let your friends do that to me?”

I answered, “because I thought you where my slut only.” “You kept teasing me in front of everyone and I got mad.” “Wouldn’t you rather have my cock, kitten?”

I walked over to my little girl leaving her tied up and sat on the edge of the bed. I began lightly rubbing her cunt. I looked into her tearful, sorrowful eyes and asked, “Does that feel good, Kitten?” She smiled at me saying, “Oh yes… yes daddy.” “Fuck me daddy.” “I want your cock in me.” “I want to feel YOUR hard cock fucking me.”


“Look at my pussy.” “It’s dripping with their cum.” Daddy reaches between my legs and shoves two fingers inside me. “Open your mouth, you cunt.” I refuse. He smears the cum across my lips. “Lick it up you slut, isn’t that what you wanted, more cum?” He sees my tongue quickly lick my lips. His hand moves to my throat and suddenly he is staring right into my eyes.

“Did you like it kitten?” “Don’t lie to me, kitten.” I shyly look down. “Did you like being fucked?” Daddy’s fingers enter my cunt. “Hmm, Kitten?” His fingers start sliding in and out my pussy. “Did you like feeling another man’s cock in your cunt and ass?” Breathlessly, I reply softly, “Yes, daddy.” A small tear streams down my cheek. “Shhh, kitten don’t cry, daddy’s not mad. I loved seeing you get fucked like a whore.” More of daddy’s fingers slide into my wet pussy, but not nearly as deep as I need it. I start moaning getting more and more aroused.

“Ooh daddy, that feels so good.”

“You want more kitten?”

“Yes, daddy.” My legs are spread so wide.

“Honey you look so nasty, tied up with your legs spread and so much cum dripping from your hole.” “I bet I can get my whole hand inside your cunt.” My hips are grinding and rocking against daddy’s hand. “Oh daddy, please…please…give it to me. Fuck my pussy and make me cum.” “Slap.” Daddy slaps my pussy hard.

“You’ll cum when I let you.” His fingers slide inside again, teasing me. “Tell me you’re sorry kitten. Tell me you’re sorry for making me let those men fuck you.” Suddenly, my pussy is left empty as daddy turns away from me.

“Isn’t my cock better than theirs, Kitten?”

“Oh Yes Daddy, I’m so sorry.” “I’m so sorry.”


I smiled back at my little girl and just kept running my fingers through her cunt. My buddies’ cum began oozing out of her all over my fingers. I reached up and placed my fingers to her lips so she could taste it again. She licked it then looked at me saying, “I want your cum Daddy.” “I only want your cum.” I rubbed her cunt some more making her squirm on the bed. I continued probing her and massaging her cunt and clit. She got so excited twisting and turning on the bed but she couldn’t do much with her hands tied to the bedposts. “Does that feel good, Kitten?” I asked. “Please fuck me, Daddy,” she answered back. I fingered her more with two then three and then four fingers, until she was almost at the brink of an orgasm. Then I stopped, leaned to her and gave her a little lick on her lips teasing my kitten with my tongue. I asked, “Am I making you hot, kitten?” She tried kissing me back while saying, “Fuck me Daddy! Oh please fuck me.”


Still tied to the bed I feel so fucking hot and nasty. I want daddy to fist my cunt. I want him to shove his whole hand inside me. I want to feel him stretching me sooo wide.

“Call yourself a slut for me kitten.”

I moan loudly, “Mmmmm Daddy I am such a slut for you.” I try to squeeze my thighs together. Daddy grabs my ankles and pulls my legs apart.

“Oh no, kitten, not yet.”

“Ohh daddy please, I need to cum.” I am grinding my ass and arching my back. “I’m so hot daddy.” I am pulling against my restraints getting hotter by the second. I am Bostancı Escort thinking back to the men that just fucked me. I feel so slutty. I can feel their cum on my face and in my cunt. “Fuck me daddy.” I am so aroused needing a cock in me, in any hole. I keep seeing daddy watching me. “Daddy did you watch their cocks sliding in and out of me? Did you like that?” Daddy spanks my pussy hard.

“Oh yes, you fucking bitch. I loved it.”

“Uhhh, spank my pussy daddy. Spank my nasty slutty cunt.” Again daddy’s hand spanks my wet hole.

I am going over the edge. I love the way daddy’s talking to me. “I’m such a slut daddy.”

“I know kitten, but I am going to make you sooo dirty tonight.” “Would you like that, princess?”

“Oh yes, please daddy, please. I’ll be such a nasty girl for you.”

“Will you do anything and everything for me kitten?”

“Yes daddy.” Suddenly I can feel the hot cum in my pussy and ass and I need to be fucked, long and hard. I can only imagine how slutty I look spread wide and cum all over me. I cannot stop my hips from humping the air.


I let Christine calm down a moment, then began running my fingers up through her slit again, putting a little pressure on her cunt gently as if I were going to push my fingers in her again. This time I ran a finger down into her asscrack and started stroking it across her tight asshole. “I’ve always loved your asshole, Kitten.” “Your ass makes me so hot,” I remarked as I pushed on her puckered hole and rubbed it. I didn’t penetrate her; I just wanted to tease her a little more. “Doesn’t that feel good, baby? She still squirmed on the bed fighting the bonds that were holding her hands and she began desperately pleading with me.

“Please Daddy, fuck me, please.”

“Put your hard cock in me.” “Please, Daddy.”

I kept rubbing her asshole. “Ohhhhh, Daddy Please.” “I want your cock so bad.”

I was beginning to feel real bad making her beg for my cock. But still I ignored her and kept teasing her asshole.

I stopped for a moment to take off all my clothes. She watched me as I pulled my underwear down and saw my hard cock standing out from my body. “Are you going to fuck me now?” She asked. “No, Kitten,” I replied. “I just want you to see my cock and how hard I am.” “Why?” “Is this what you want, kitten?” “My hard cock?”

“Yesss Daddy, please, oh, please put it in me.”

“Ohhhhh, please Daddy, please Daddy.” “Please fuck me.”


“Oh daddy let me suck it please.” ‘I’ll do anything just let me suck my daddy’s big cock.” My cunt and ass are throbbing. I need to be fucked so badly. My clit is swollen and standing up so high. I can see it between my legs. It’s begging to be sucked and licked. “Oh god, please daddy, lick my clit a little.” “Please suck it just a little daddy.” “I need it sooo bad.”

Right now I’d do anything to be fucked by anybody. I just want to be stuffed with cock. In my throat, my cunt and my ass. I wish daddy’s friends were still here. I’d love to swallow their loads of cum and then daddy would see what a cum slut he’s made me. “Daddy please I need a cock in me, your cock.” “Please I’m begging you daddy, let me be a good little fuck toy for you.” “Give it to me daddy. I need it.”


I ran my finger up through her cunt again. She was soaking wet. Cunt juice was running down her thighs and into her asscrack. I touched her clit, and it was so hard and her body actually shuddered when I touched it. She looked at me with such begging eyes and pleaded with me nearly in tears.

“Daddy… Oh, Daddy.” Pleaseeeeeeeee…fuck me.”

“Give me your hard cock, please…”

“Ohhh!…Daddy…Fuck me.” “Please fuck me.”

“PLEASE Daddy.” I touched her clit again with my finger sending waves of lust through her body.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy Pleaseeeeee…”Fuck me please.”

I looked down at her as I held my hard cock in my hand. I jerked it and she watched me. “I want to fuck your ass, kitten.” “But you still have cum in you.” “First let’s get you cleaned up.” I went to the bathroom and a minute later I returned. My little girl watched me carrying a full enema bag.

I reached over and untied her hands. The anticipation in her eyes was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This was something she liked me to do to her. “Kneel up, Kadıköy Escort Kitten.” “Let’s clean out that ass.” My sweet little Kitten knelt on the bed with her ass up for me. I slowly inserted the nozzle through her asshole and released the clip. The warm water began flowing into my darling little girl’s ass. A couple times I grabbed the bag squeezing it increasing the force flowing into her rectum. My cock was aching to be in her as she moaned out and squirmed on the bed feeling the water gushing into her ass so fast. “You like that, don’t you Kitten?”

“Oh God, daddy.” “It’s so good.” “aaaahhhhoohhhhhhhh!… She let out this long low groan that was absolutely driving me nuts. I was forcing the water into her ass and she was loving how it felt. I had filled the enema bag completely and she was going it get it all.

“Oh daddy”… “Daddy”… “I’m so full.” “My ass is so full daddy.”

“I know Kitten.” “Just a little bit more.”

“But daddy, there’s so much in me.”


Daddy is so good at giving me enemas. Just the teasing way he inserts the nozzle makes me a hot horny slut. He kind of fucks my anal hole with it and then when the clip is released the feeling of the warm water filling me, shooting into my ass makes me think of daddy’s cock cumming deep inside me. “Oh daddy I’m getting so full.” His soft hand moves to my stomach and he massages my skin helping me to take more and more.

“Daddy, I think that’s enough.”

“Not yet kitten, I want to get you nice and clean. Nice and empty so I can fuck you hard and deep.”

The pressure is building inside me. I now feel so incredibly full. “Please daddy, I’m really full; can I have the butt plug now?” He slowly caresses my ass.

“Not this time kitten. I want you to hold it for me.”

“I can’t daddy.”

He kisses my cheek and whispers, “Yes princess, you can. I know you can.” All the while he’s talking to me I am still filling up. Finally, he replaces the clip and the flow stops.

“Oh daddy, I have to go.”

“In a second kitten, why don’t you suck daddy’s cock a little first.” He grabs my hair and pulls hard forcing my mouth open. He rams his cock into my throat making me gag. He pulls out, “You dirty bitch. Suck my cock.” I look up with tears welling up in my eyes.

Daddy’s not fooled. “Save the tears Kitten, I know how hot you are right now. I know how much you want me to let you relieve yourself because you are dying for it aren’t you?” I look away. He yanks my hair making me look at him. “Answer me slut, what do you want?”

“Daddy I have to really go.”

“Answer me first. Tell me what you want, slut.” He starts rubbing the head of his cock all over my lips and face. I am lapping at the head but he won’t hold it still for me to lick and suck. “Answer me kitten or I’ll spank your full ass and won’t let you go until your ass is hot and red.”

I desperately want daddy to spank me. I adore his spankings, firm slaps coupled with soft probing caresses to my pussy and ass. But I have to go. I look into daddy’s eyes; “I want my daddy’s big cock deep in my anal fuck hole.”

“That’s a good girl. Let’s get you empty so I can fill you up again.”


I helped Kitten to the bathroom and to sit down on the toilet. I said, “Go ahead kitten.” “Let it out.” I knelt in front of her waiting to hear her expel the fluid from her ass. “Daddy wants to watch.” I reached between her legs as she sat there and touched her pussy. I began rubbing her cunt. “C’mon honey, let it all out for daddy now.” I heard the flow start pouring from her ass. At that moment I just shoved two fingers up her cunt all the way. “You’re a nasty little bitch, aren’t you kitten?” “Just look at you.” “I have to clean your ass out so I can fuck you.” “You dirty little cunt.” The water just gushed from her ass as I fingered her cunt. She leaned forward putting her arms around me nearly sobbing with pleasure from the pressure being released in her ass.

“Oh my God, daddy.” “What are you doing to me?” “I’m such a nasty whore for you.”


I am so embarrassed for daddy to see me like this but that just arouses me all the more. He has such complete control over me. I wonder if he even really knows how much I adore him when he treats me like this. I am so close to cumming again. It feels so good relieving Göztepe Escort myself and getting good and empty because I know what’s coming next. “Daddy, that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

“Tell me you won’t make me do this to you again.”

“I promise daddy.”

“You are a dirty disgusting little slut aren’t you?”

“Yes daddy.” I can feel my orgasm rising, the walls of my pussy are starting to suck daddy’s fingers. My anal ring is getting tighter and daddy can tell I am getting close to cumming for him.

“You made me let my friends pump you full of cum, didn’t you?”

“Yes daddy.” I’m so close.

“You’re a dirty slut aren’t you kitten?”

“Oh, oh god yes daddy.”

“Are you gonna cum you slutty bitch?”

“Yes daddy, yessssss.”

“Will you ever make me let you get fucked like that again?” I am quiet.

“You dirty whore, you really liked it didn’t you. You liked me watching my friends fuck you.” He pinched my swollen clit. “Answer me cunt.”

“Yes, daddy.”

“You dirty slut. You disgusting whore.”

Daddy’s cock is so hard. I smile a very small smile. He whispers in my ear as he shoves two fingers so deep inside me. “So you want to be a dirty whore, Kitten? When you’re done I am going to fuck your ass so hard. I am going to spread you wide and bang that tight anal hole.” My body starts to shake. I am moaning. Daddy’s words are sending me over the edge. I am trembling. “And when I’m done,” I cannot hold back and I start cumming for him. “You’re going to suck my dirty cock clean.”

“Aaahhhhh, daddy I’m cumming.”


We finished in the bathroom. Kitten’s ass finally drained of all the fluid and we returned to the bedroom. She quickly knelt on the edge of the bed and I simply rammed my hard cock in through her tight anal ring. I began fucking her ass, ramming and shoving it hard in and out of her asshole. I sensed she felt another orgasm building almost immediately. “C’mon slut.” “Cum.” “Cum for daddy again, you whore.” “I’m going to fuck your ass till you cum for daddy.” And I rammed my cock in and out of her asshole harder than I ever have before. She screamed out at me, “oh Daddy fuck me.” “Yesss” “Yesss” “Fuck me.” “Fuck me hard.” “Fuck my asshole.” “Ohhhhh… Yessssssss… Yessssssss!” An orgasm burst inside her, overwhelming her and making me fuck her harder, burying my cock completely in her ass.


Daddy’s fucking me so hard. Harder than I think he ever has. He must be so hot for me. “Fuck me daddy. fuck my asshole. Fuck me harder, yes. Yes!” “Deeper daddy, give it to me. Fuck me.” “Oh god daddy I’m such a slut. I love it in my ass.” “Oh daddy, yes, Yesss. YESSSSSSS. GOD FUCK ME, HARDER. DEEPER.” I am going insane. The feelings are so overwhelming inside my ass and my pussy. I just want it deeper and deeper. “Fuck me deep daddy. Get your cock good and dirty for me to suck clean.”


When my hips pushed against her ass, another orgasm exploded in her only moments after her first. I was so hot from seeing her like this my cock throbbed and exploded inside her ass pumping big thick streams of cum inside her. I just held her waist with my hands letting my cock drain inside her ass. Her body shook and shuddered, as her orgasm must have felt so so good. I kept holding her. I didn’t want to let go. Then I fell on the bed next to her, holding her in my arms. I wanted to keep feeling her naked body next to mine and her tight ass gripping my cock.


Daddy holds me so tight. I can feel small little pulses from his cock still in my ass. I snuggle back against him and he holds me tighter still. “Mmmmm kitten, I love fucking your ass.”

“I love the way you fuck my ass, daddy.” We lie in silence for a few more minutes. I am stroking the skin of his arm that’s around me. I feel his cock slip out my ass. I turn and face him. I look down and see his cock covered with creamy cum. My pussy throbs and I want it in my mouth.

I push him on his back and lavish all my attention on daddy’s semi-hard cock. Just before I put it in my mouth I whisper, “Look at me daddy. Watch me put your dirty cock in my mouth.” His blue eyes follow my lips; I know he can’t look away. He slowly watches the head disappear into my mouth. “Mmmmm,” is all he can hear from my cock stuffed mouth. His hand entwines with my hair. “Oh god kitten, you dirty fuck toy.” I clean daddy so good, not missing a drop of his hot cum.


Well, that was one night with my darling Kitten. She’s so sweet and yet so nasty. I feel so lucky to have found her and have her.

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