Dancing the Night Away

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Erika and Maggie sat in the vast lounge area of the Las Vegas hotel they were staying at for the conference. It was a splendid setting, filled with sun and lots of people tracking about. Both women were enjoying a Cosmopolitan and some snacks. The night before had been great, especially the visit to that huge club with the all male review.

Both women talked about the men they had seen, impressive bodies, killer six-packed stomachs and tight asses. Maggie teased Erika again about here slip on commenting about the size the one dancer who was also clearly well-endowed. Erika had often fantasized about dancing for a crowd on the pole, although she hadn’t really thought out the details. I’d do that, she mused as the conversation lingered to other topics.

Then providence intervened.

At that moment an attractive, very business looking man approached their circular booth and introduced himself. “Hello ladies, how goes it? I’m Robert.” He smiled easily and invitingly, “I want to talk to you about something, but I am not selling anything.”

“Sit down and go ahead,” said Maggie, and she told him their names as well. Erika sometimes appreciated that Maggie talked to everyone, but maybe not this time. Little did she know. Robert pulled up a chair, put down his drink and looked briefly at both.

“So, let me get two things out in front. First, the club you two attended last night belongs to me, and I saw you all there, having a good time that was great. Second, I think that you are both very hot, real MILFs, and I have an offer for you…might sound a little odd at first,” Robert paused, “but hopefully you will hear me out.”

“Sure,” said Maggie, “go ahead, let’s hear it.” Erika wasn’t so sure, but it was Vegas and she was starting to believe that anything went here.

“Great!” Robert said his smile even brighter now. “Here is the deal, and I am completely serious about it. At another club I own about ten minutes from the one you were at I have an entirely different and very popular show that runs Monday thru Thursday. It’s very classy, relatively new, well-staffed and posh…”

“Ok,” offered Erika, “what’s that to us?”

“Well, my dear, that’s the fun part,” Rob beamed, “the dancers at this club are women, but not twenty-year olds, they are MILFs, and there is a whole population of guys that love it. Big money to be made, lots of attention, and it’s will be set at your comfort level. You can take it where you like. The key to my success there is that the women that dance are real, no professionals, otherwise it kills the feeling. That is where you two come in. If you want…”

Both Erika and even Maggie were momentarily speechless. They looked at each other. However, in Erika’s mind there was a debate that went by at light-speed. Back and forth she went in her head: This is ridiculous, this is so hot, he’s crazy, and I could fulfill my fantasy. Then Maggie interrupted her thinking. “Give us a card, and we will call you shortly,” she said.

“That’s fair,” Robert offered, “here ya both go. Need to call me before 6 pm though.” He got up, but then offered, looking specifically at Erika, “I think you too are prime for this, the crowd would love you, seriously.” Then Robert walked off.

Erika was still awash in the possibility when Maggie interrupted, “I am way too tired for that, and I can’t dance to save my life. You should try it, I know you can dance, and you have been working out.”

Again Erika was speechless, mostly because she knew she was going to do it if she could find a way to get there without Maggie knowing. A hot flush of excitement filled her, but she contained it. She was even a bit wet. “I don’t know either, sounds too over the top I think,” was the best Erika could manage.

“Ok,” said Maggie, “there loss. But you keep the card.” Within a half hour she headed for her room, it was 4:30. “I am done,” Maggie sighed, “getting old I guess.”

“Whatever,” said Erika, “you are a year younger then me, and I am only 37.” But that was all Maggie wanted, she smiled and headed to her room. Erika waited a few minutes and then ataşehir escort headed to her room as well. In the elevator her mind raced with the possibilities of the evening. Once she reached her room, she called Robert. “I want to give it a try,” she told him.

“Great!” Robert announced. “I will send a car for you in 45 minutes; I need you here sooner then later so you can familiarize yourself with the place, get an outfit or two picked out, and all that. Don’t worry about what you have for clothing; just worry the hair and make-up stuff. But you certainly looked damned good when I saw you earlier.”

Erika immediately took a quick shower, looking at herself in the mirror closely. “I can do this,” she said out loud to the woman in the mirror. She fixed her make-up; she had performed on stage and done some real dancing before, so she had an idea of what to do. She assessed herself in the mirror; she was five-six, a size 4, long blonde hair, a great smile, pert if small breasts, but a great, full and very firm ass. Or at least that what her husband always said. She was committed to doing this, and, well, her husband had told her to “let her hair down and go for it” while in Vegas.

When the car sent to get her arrived at the club Erika was filled with the excitement that comes when you are about to something you probably shouldn’t, but really, really want to. The club was big, very posh with several circular stages, each with a brass pole and surrounded by chairs. In the darker recesses of the huge room were more tables, and areas blocked by screening. Erika had heard of “lap-dances,” and clearly that is where that happened.

Robert greeted Erika and showed her around. She would have stage 4. He then took her to the dressing room and showed her all the clothing. Robert then discussed the “deal.” “Here it is, you can dance as long as you like, and take whatever you like from the guys, that is your pay. I ‘officially’ pay you nothing. On stage you can dance and wear as much or as little as you like, but you have to keep the g-string on. If a guy asks for a lap-dance, those occur behind the screened booths, and cost $100. We split that.” Robert had become all business. “Oh,” he added, “what you do behind the screen is up to you, but no penetration.”

Erika nodded, “I understand, but that’s allot to remember.” “Nah, my dear, you are gonna kill them. I am certain,” Robert added. “Now take some time and get a costume that suites you.”

She headed over to the clothing, and there were several dozen outfits in her size, as well as boots and such. Erika immediately landed on something that fit her mood. It was the “naughty school girl,” perfect, and boots too! She donned the short tartan skirt, with a black bra and g-string underneath, the white starchy shirt mostly open and knee high black boots with middle thigh high white stockings. To add to the effect she pulled her hair back into pig-tails.

Soon she could hear the music revving up and voices murmuring. It must be close to show time. Erika met and spoke briefly with the four other women that were there, they were ok looking, she thought, but she felt confident in herself and her look.

When Erika peeked into the main room she could see that there were at least 100 men in there, all ages and races and types. Her heart raced as she thought about what would come next. She also committed herself to doing whatever she felt like. Whatever.

Ten minutes later, after Robert came in and gave them a pep-talk, starring at Erika the entire time, he went out and got the guys fired up. Then there was the call from the main room for the girls to hit the stages.

Erika jogged to the stage, and a bouncer was there to assist her up. As she looked around she could see at least 25 guys ogling her, and cheering, and she was filled with a surge of energy, performance energy and sexual energy.

Erika let go and danced with the music that was thumping. Within about a minute a guy was standing with $10 bill, which she let him hook in her waistband. In the first song another five guys tipped her, and ataşehir escort she started to get familiar with the pole, and swinging around it.

During the second song, as she looked around, she realized the other women had dropped some clothes. “Oh,” she thought, “me too.” So Erika slowly unbuttoned and dropped the shirt. Immediately after she lost the shirt two men slid twenties into the bra straps.

“Wow,” she thought, “I need to drop more.” Erika was also feeling really horny; enough to make her wanna be, and look, slutty. It was now all part of the feel, and she liked it. So next she lost the skirt, dropping it on the Japanese business guy sitting up against the stage. Feeling the energy, she began to rub herself against the cold brass pole. Erika loved it, and so did the guys watching, their eyes glued to her ass.

The set ended, and the bouncer was there to help her off the stage and to collect her cloths and money. Back in the dressing room, drinking water and collecting herself, Erika was amazed her success and really turned on. Robert came up to her and said, “See girl, you are killing them!” He beamed. Then he added, “Let me warn you, when you go back out they are gonna want lap-dances. Remember you can do anything you want.” He winked and made a gesture with his hand like he was giving head. As he went out he blurted, “oh, anything they give you over $100 is yours.”

Erika was not sure she got all that, but she wanted to see if she could command a lap-dance. As she sauntered across the room, allowing her ass to sway under the skirt, she could see the Japanese business man getting up. But before he could get over to her a very tall, very large, white guy in his forties materialized in front of her and spoke. He was clearly nervous, but he looked intent.

“Hey ma’am, will ya dance for me?” Erika smiled wide, and said “Sure.” Off they went, she even held his hand, and she picked the screened area furthest away from the stages. Now, Erika thought, let’s see what I can do since anything goes.

He sat in a chair and she stood, waiting for the song. “Ok my dear,” Erika added, “money on the table.”

“Sorry ma’am,” he stammered, and he put a $100 bills on the table. Erika looked around, realizing they really were isolated, that no one could see them. She wanted to do something really wild, but what?

The music started and she danced. She put her hands on his chest, cascading her hair all against his head. She straddled him as well and ground on him, and clearly he was hard. While she was facing away from him and rubbing her ass against his crotch she saw him reach up and put another $100 bill on the table.

“He wants more, eh?” She thought, “I can do that. I want to do that.” So she pulled away from him and turned around. Then she leaned forward and unzipped his pants, allowing the first half of his cock to poke out. She then reached forward and pulled it all out. He was six or seven inches, it was about average overall, but she wanted it.

Erika looked him in the eye and then leaned all the way forward at the waist, her head poised over his cock. Grabbing the base, she slid it in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

“Oh shit,” he said, “you rock!” She bobbed up and down on his cock with her mouth never letting go. With one hand she stroked and the other she massaged his balls. Erika could tell he wouldn’t last long. But she kept at it, in time with the music. Occasionally she would stop and run her tongue around his head while her hand lightly squeezed his balls.

“I’m gonna bust a nut,” be blurted out, “oh yes!” As he surged Erika clamped her mouth just over the head of his cock. Groaning and holding her shoulders he got-off. Erika got up and collected herself. She was breathing hard, turned on and somewhat wigged out by what she had just done.

The song ended. She gave the fellow a hug and kiss and said thanks. Then she collected her money. She wanted a drink. So she sat at the bar for a bit and had a Cosmopolitan. Erika was reeling at the idea of what she had done, she felt a ting of guilt, but anadolu yakası escort was also exhilarated at events too. She also could feel that there were several more men looking at her. “Did they want the same?” Erika thought to herself.

A minute later the Japanese business man approached her. “Will you dance me?” He queried in broken English, looking sheepish. “Sure,” Erika answered. How could she say no to someone that looked at her with such longing, almost worship-like.

Again behind the screen, the money on the table, she danced for him. Then she realized he had not one, but three one hundred dollar bills on the table. “Well,” she whispered in his ear, “you get the full treatment.”

She stripped for him, recognizing the song playing was along one. Then in just her boots and g-string, she ground her ass into his crotch. His eyes were wide and glued to Erika’s butt, and he clearly loved it.

Erika now decided to give him the big thrill, how could she say no. And it made her feel even more in demand. She unzipped his pants as she had done with the first fellow and quickly whipped out his cock. It was smaller, but not tiny, and rock hard.

She closed her mouth around it started to suck. He reached forward as Erika worked his cock and gently cupped her breasts. “Wow,” she thought, “he loves this.” His dick was small enough that she could take it all, really working it with her tongue.

In two minutes or so Erika had brought the Japanese businessman, his brow covered in sweat, to an orgasm. “So good, oh, so good,” seemed to be all he could get out. Again Erika got up, collected her stuff and got dressed, then headed to the dressing room. She was filled with sexual empowerment, having commanded two men so easily.

Back in the dressing room, she got ready for the second set on stage. Erika had to admit she was getting a bit tired, it was almost midnight. But she was filled with an anxious but very stimulating sexual energy as well. Maybe another set and then I will quit, she thought to herself.

Then Robert interrupted her thinking. Looking at him briefly she knew how to end the evening. “How much money ya got there honey?” Erika asked slyly.

Robert smiled knowingly, and hopefully. “However much you want,” he replied. Without waiting he planted three $100 bills on the table. Erika smiled, so Robert acted. “Wanna see my office?” he offered.

Erika agreed and in a moment they were in the office, door closed. As Erika collected her thoughts about it all, Robert moved. He got directly in front of her, looked her straight in the eyes and then planted a long, wet kiss on her mouth.

Feeling the urge to go for it, Erika responded and opened her mouth allowing in his tongue. They moved their mouths and tongues together for a minute. Then Robert backed up to his desk, looking at her and stating, “I paid, I am in charge, and here’s what’s next.”

Erika was a bit shocked, but also blown away by what happened next. Standing in front of his desk Robert unbuckled his pants and zipper and let them drop. Springing forth was massive cock, more immense in its thickness then length, with a very large mushroom head. It was hard and she could see the blood coursing. “Suck it!” Robert commanded.

In a flash Erika was on her knees, lowering her head over the massive member, only able to draw in about a quarter of the cock. What she could fit she sucked at as hard as she could. The rest she stroked with both hands. Robert clearly liked it and moaned loudly.

After several minutes he grabbed Erika, had her stand, moved her to the desk and bent her over. He slipped her wet panties off and started to press the head of his cock against her pussy.

Erika loved it, and indulged herself, “fuck me, fuck me good and hard, use the whole monster!” Robert obeyed and slid it all the way in, first slow, then fast. Now it was Erika’s turn to moan.

In several minutes Robert blurted out, “Oh fuck, I am gonna cum.” Erika pulled free of him, turned around and got on her knees. She immediately placed his cock in her mouth just as it started to jerk in orgasm. As his cum hit her throat Erika also had an orgasm, the tingling heightened by the warm, saltiness of the cum in her mouth.

They both leaned back, Erika thinking to herself that this had been, by far, the wildest, most sexual, night of her life. She loved it.

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