Danny Darling Ch. 06

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It was difficult concentrating on my household chores. Images of the sex that would be taking place this evening continually flashed thru my heated mind.

Jackson and Jeffy live in apartment 2-D, and had helped Master move my belongings to his apartment; in return, Master had told the guys I would “personally thank them” for their help.

I had seen the two of them at the swimming pool once, and they were two totally different guys: Jackson was an enormous black man with huge, rippling muscles and Jeffy was like me, a smallish, pasty, white boy.

At the time, I had no idea they were gay, and now that I knew, my mind couldn’t help but conjure up sexy and sordid mental images of them together. Master had also said Jackson has the biggest penis I would ever see, and I have to admit, I was much more than a little curious.

So far, Master is the only man I’ve been with; the only hard cock I’ve kissed, licked, sucked, and taken into my pussy.

My clitty became erect inside my black lace panties at the thought of submissively kneeling between the legs of a big, powerfully built, black man.

I busied myself with housework to try and take my mind off the upcoming evening. I finished cleaning our computer room, and was about to do a load of laundry when I noticed the closet door. It occurred to me I’d never cleaned the closet.

Inside, I saw Master’s dress shirts and slacks on hangars, and above them, a shelf that had piles of papers and magazines. I discovered the papers were lightly coated with dust so I moved all the clothes to one side and began to take everything off the shelf so I could clean it.

I didn’t really look at the papers until I began to put them back onto the shelf.

Most of the papers concerned Master’s business; straight-forward accounts of transactions, and a ledger he used to track rent payments from the tenants.

I grabbed a stack of papers and noticed a magazine stuck in the middle of them. I pulled it out and read the name of the magazine: “Alternate Lifestyles.”

I remembered Master’s explanation to me the day before: “I live, what you might call, an alternative lifestyle.” So with natural curiosity, I thumbed thru the magazine. There was one page that looked like he had dog-eared the page so I read it. It was a personal ad.

Huh? What is this? Then I read it again.


Below the title I read: “Are you, or do you know, a boy between the ages of 18-22 who has yet to realize his true sexual identity? Mature male seeks to find such a boy for love, sex and companionship. Are you in denial of your sexuality? Do you have a friend or loved one you suspect is attracted to men, but too afraid or ashamed to admit it? I want to awaken and bring out the very best in that boy. I am not a pervert or sadist-I truly want a boy for a long-term, committed relationship.

There is nothing sadder in life than someone who refuses to, or is unable to accept his sexual identity. Life is too short to not live it on your own terms. No one can find true happiness and inner peace by living a lie.”

I began to tremble when I recognized Master’s email address.

What does this mean? I wondered. Should I be mad or upset with him?

But the longer I thought about it, the happier I became. He was searching for a boy and he chose me! I love him and he loves me-there is absolutely nothing to be mad about, I told myself. He proved to me I was living a lie, and now I’m a free-man with peace of mind.

I replaced the magazine where I found it then vacuumed the carpet inside the closet. I was feeling light-headed, almost giddy; he had been so desperate to find the love of his life that he took out a large ad in a national magazine, and in the end, out of who-knows how many offers he received from the ad-he chose me!

I was soaking in the bathtub after dinner, preparing myself for the evening. I was very careful to ensure the hair removal cream had done its job. I stroked my body, feeling for rogue hairs.

I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and soft my flesh had become. It was almost like caressing a girl’s body.

Master came into the room and sat on the toilet lid.

“Sweetie…” he said softly.

“Yes, Master,” I replied. I saw him wince.

“I’ve been thinking about this, Sweetie,” he continued, “…we are in a relationship-we both know how we feel towards each other…you are my girlfriend, not slave-girl…I am as committed to you as you are to me…I would prefer it if you returned to calling me “Darling’…I once said to you ‘I am a voyeur’-that I’ll love watching you having sex with other people…last night was a perfect example…I got so excited watching Mistress Katy fuck your pussy that afterwards, I couldn’t wait to fuck you myself…I’m sorry I pulled your hair like I did-I’m sorry if my actions and demeanor scared you last night.”

“Oh D-Darling…I love you-I will obey you…you really are my Master, but I will call you whatever you want…as for the bedroom gaziantep escort last night…I loved it-I love it when you’re forceful in bed…”

I saw him smile, and the worry leave his eyes.

“Well then…” he winked at me and smiled, “…when we come back here tonight afterwards, I’m going to use you like a girl all-night-long!”

My heart rose and fluttered. My clitty became hard as a rock.

Darling handed me the mid-thigh, pink silk robe. I was grateful I wouldn’t have to go into the hallway wearing just the sheer, pink panties he had chosen for me.

I stepped into the slippers with the fuzzy pink balls on top, and was about to close the robe by tying the sash around my waist when he stopped me.

“Leave the robe open-if we run into anyone on our way to Jacksons, I want them to see the progress we’ve made in our relationship,” he said matter-of-factly.

I briefly wondered why anyone in the building would even know or care that we had a relationship, but he took me in his arms, held me close, and passionately kissed me.

My clitty twitched and jerked against the sheer fabric of my panties, and, when he caressed my now-sensitive breasts and pinched and rolled my nipples, I became fully erect, my clitty pushing-out the front of the diaphanous material.

He smiled as he looked directly down and saw my condition.

“Now it’s time to go,” he said and opened the door. “Sweetie, try not to be self-conscious, be proud of who you are.”

He sort of pushed me into the hallway, and I briefly panicked that someone would see my arousal.

He took my hand in his and guided me slowly to the elevator. My heart pounded; I wished he would walk faster.

We were ten-feet from the elevator when the back door of the building opened and two guys I’d seen maybe one time in the building came inside and joined us waiting for the elevator.

“Gentlemen, how are you tonight?” asked Darling.

I felt their stares examining me from head-to-toe. I averted my eyes as the blood rushed to my face.

“Oh my goodness, ” exclaimed the taller of the two men, “…he’s precious! What a little cutie-nice job, Danny!”

Darling put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. He turned my face to his and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“Johnny has come a long way in a short time-I’m very proud of him!” I heard Danny say.

Here I was, standing before two strange men, wearing nothing but an open pink, silk robe; them staring at my erection thru the sheer panties as a man kissed me on the lips, and I didn’t die of shame and humiliation.

It was a pleasant surprise to me. I smiled as Danny’s words played again in my mind: “I’m very proud of him!”

We followed the two men into the elevator. I noticed the smaller of the guys was wearing a collar with metal rings like the one Jennifer wore.

We stood facing one another. My eyes lowered, not out of embarrassment, but shyness.

I heard the taller man ask Darling, “May I?” and Darling reply, “Certainly.”

I wasn’t sure the meaning of it until I felt the man’s hand grasp my hard clitty thru the panties. I flinched in surprise, but stood still-I didn’t want to embarrass my boyfriend.

His hand squeezed and stroked me until I felt a drop of pre-cum moisten the front of the panties.

His hand boldly snaked inside the panties and took hold of my balls. I couldn’t believe the nerve of this man. My first instinct was to pull the man’s hand out of my panties, but I didn’t want to embarrass Darling. I allowed him to fondle me.

“Is this the two or three snap scrotum strap?” he asked Darling.

What an odd question, I thought, as the strange man held my balls.

Darling answered, “The two snap…I find the third snap too restrictive-he wouldn’t be able to wear it very long,”

I was partially impressed, and slightly appalled at their knowledge of scrotum straps.

A finger was pressed to my anus; he slid it inside me to the first knuckle. I just stood there and let him have his way with me. My face was now burning a crimson red, but my clitty was jerking and pulsating.

When the elevator door opened, he removed his finger from me, and pinched my round buttock hard. I gave a short yelp of surprise and he finally removed his hand from my panties.

He leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I look forward to bending you over without your panties and fucking your hot, tight pussy!”

I audibly gasped; he and Darling laughed. I couldn’t believe how excited his crude words made me feel.

Just before they disappeared into the first apartment, Darling said to the man: “Derek, we’ll get together real soon!”

The taller man winked at me and replied: “Don’t keep me waiting too long, Danny!”

They chuckled and my clitty oozed more pre-cum.

Darling lightly rapped on the door of 2-D. Almost immediately, the door opened and we saw Jeffy. He was wearing only a fresh, white jock strap. His white flesh looked smooth and soft like mine. I noticed he had an erection inside the pouch of his jock.

“Welcome to our home, Sir,” he said smiling at Darling. “Please, come inside.”

He never looked at me, and when the door closed behind us Darling turned and said to me, “Remove your robe and hang it on the hook.”

“Yes, Darling,” I replied and took off the robe and hung it on a hook by the door. It occurred to me we had similar hooks near our front door.

My breath caught in my throat when I turned and saw Jackson sitting on the couch.

He was naked save for smallish boxer shorts; his biceps were huge, and his enormous chest was hair-free and perfectly shaped. There was no sign of fat anywhere on his sculpted body.

My clitty oozed even more pre-cum. The stain on the front of my panties grew larger, but the funny thing was, I didn’t care if they all saw it.

“Make yourself comfortable, Danny,” said Jackson. “JEFFY-help our guest get undressed!”

“Yes, my Black Master!” said Jeffy.

Darling kicked off his slippers and indicated for me to do the same. Jeffy stood before Darling and worked at the buttons on his shirt.

“Cutie, come here and give me a kiss!” Jackson said to me.

Darling had told me what to expect, and how I should act.

“Y-Yes, my Black Master,” I said to Jackson and went to where the huge man was sitting.

When I was close enough, Jackson snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me onto his lap. He immediately began caressing my chest, pinching my nipples until they were fully erect.

He turned my head to his and I felt his hot breath on my face. He kissed my lips, gently at first, then more insistently. I groaned when his tongue pushed between my lips and entered my mouth. I licked at his tongue with my own.

His huge, strong hand roamed freely over my body, as if he owned me. When he found my clitty and squeezed it hard, I moaned into his mouth.

Something long and hard pressed against my buttocks. I knew it had to be his erection, but I couldn’t bring myself to believe a cock could be that big and thick.

He nipped at my earlobe then pushed his tongue into my ear.

“Take off your panties, white boy, and kneel between my legs!” he whispered to me.

My body was trembling and I was out of breath, but I managed to reply in a hoarse whisper, “Yes, my Black Master.”

He helped me stand on my unsteady legs. I wriggled my hips and slowly lowered my panties until they were on the floor. He took down his boxers exposing himself to me.


He laughed at my facial expression. I dropped to my knees. My eyes fixed on his enormous member. I was in awe of his huge, black cock. How could Jeffy even fit it in his mouth? He certainly couldn’t take it in his pussy, could he?

“Sit up straight-arms behind your back,” he commanded.

“Y-Yes, my Black Master,” I gasped.

I held my wrists behind my back. The sight of his cock caused my clitty to jump and throb. I would have cum right then and there if the strap hadn’t been tightly fastened around my balls.

“Get closer!” he ordered.

I shuffled forward on my knees until I was flush against the sofa. His hands took hold of my head and brought it down to his cock. The over-powering manly aroma from his crotch made me swoon; I became dizzy with lust.

“Open your lips, white boy, and take my big black cock into your mouth!” he commanded.

“Y-Yes, my Black Master,” I said, all the while staring at his magnificent tool wondering how I would be able to do that.

I wet my lips with my tongue and slid them over his mushroom-shaped cockhead. I felt my lips stretching wider than they’d ever been. He gently pushed my head downward until his cockhead banged against the back of my throat. I began to gag on his flesh.

“Breathe thru your nose,” he said softly. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it…white boys like you have trouble at first, but you’ll learn fast enough…keep your tongue still-no licking for now!”

I concentrated on my breathing. Inhale—exhale…inhale-exhale…

My heart, which had been madly racing, calmed down to normal. My balls ached for release, but I knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

I glanced sideways where Darling was sitting. Jeffy was in the same position as me, his hands clasped behind his back, with Darling’s cockhead between his lips.

I imagined this was easy for Jeffy. Darling has a formidable cock, but it is nothing compared to Jackson. A mental image of Jeffy formed in my head: I imagined Jackson made him do this quite often, maybe while watching television, or reading the newspaper.

Jackson moved slightly and my head moved with him making sure I kept his cockhead in my mouth. I heard the clinking of glasses and looked up to see Jackson pouring two glasses of wine. He handed one to Darling and they began talking and sipping at their wine.

Forced to remain in this position a long time, it reaffirmed what I already knew: even though Darling didn’t want me to call him Master, I knew darn well I was his slave, and the thought of it didn’t sadden or depress me.

On the contrary, it was exhilarating to know that Darling wanted me so much that he would go thru all this time and hard work to train me. I was proud he wanted me to belong to him. It gave my life the clarity and meaning that had been missing all these years.

Being in this position, on my knees, hands clasped behind my back, head bowed to his crotch, holding a huge cockhead between my lips, and waiting for Darling and Jackson to finish their casual conversation was a stark reminder of my new-found acceptance of my subservience to men.

In this degrading position, the excitement I was feeling in my heart , and the lust and desire that made my swollen balls ache, proved to me conclusively what kind of boy I am, and how much I was looking forward to my life with Darling.

Jackson’s voice interrupted my thoughts. I heard him talking down to me.

“Okay, white boy,” he said while stroking my hair. “It’s time for you to suck my black cock. Use one hand on my shaft—the other on my balls…do you understand me, boy?”

“Yes, my Black Master-thank you my Black Master!” I said, relieved that I was able to momentarily relax my sore jaw muscles.

It can be very frustrating sucking on an over-sized cock!

I was accustomed to my wet lips sliding over Darling’s cockhead then taking half his shaft in my mouth as well. Bobbing my head up-and-down his hard flesh, I was able to work my tongue on his cock, substantially increasing his pleasure.

But with Jackson’s cock, only the glans fit inside my mouth, I was limited to running my tongue over the big purple head, and licking just below the flared ridge. I was able to elicit moans of pleasure from him so at least I knew I was doing something right.

A funny thing happened. I heard Darling moan beside me and out of the corner of my eye I watched Jeffy work feverishly on my man’s cock. Jeffy’s head was moving rapidly up-and-down Darling’s cock, his hands in perfect rhythm on his shaft and balls.

I suddenly felt as though this was a competition-a contest to see who could make their man cum first. I mustered all the skill I had acquired up to that moment, and did the very best I could to make Jackson cum before Darling.

I was positive if someone had been watching the spectacle of Jeffy and me frantically sucking and stroking and licking they would have been highly entertained and amused by our actions.

A copious amount of pre-cum began oozing from Jackson’s slit; his huge balls swelled in my hand.

Uh oh, I thought. How much cum does he have in these monster-balls? How in the world am I going to be able to swallow all of it?

I didn’t have time to plot a course of action. Jackson bellowed loudly above me—his balls contracted in my hand. I planted my lips and tongue on his slit just in time to receive the first cannon-shot of sperm and semen in my mouth.

His cum was rich and creamy and easily slid down my throat into my belly. I furiously pumped his pulsating shaft. I was more drinking from his cock than just swallowing cum.

It was so exciting and my own balls swelled so big I had to consciously fight the urge to open my scrotum strap and jerk myself off. My head was dizzy as I sucked air thru my nostrils.

I don’t know how much cum I swallowed. All I know was when he finished, and his convulsing body finally came to rest, my belly was full-my stomach felt as though I’d eaten a huge meal. I briefly wondered if a person could get fat from eating so much cum.

I quickly cleaned his cum-slick cockhead then backed away and resumed my kneeling position. I saw Jeffy finish up licking Darling’s cock clean.

I smiled and thought to myself: I win!

Jeffy and I were in our subservient positions for some time. Jackson and Darling drank more wine, engaged in conversation. It was as though Jeffy and I weren’t even there.

Finally, I heard Jackson snap his fingers then Jeffy stood and helped me to my feet.

We stood face-to-face, he kissed me full on the lips then whispered in my ear: “Do whatever I do!”

He embraced me and I threw my arms around him. We kissed while caressing one another. I groaned into his mouth when I tasted Darling’s cum on his tongue. He took my clitty in his hand and gently stroked it. I found his prick and did the same for him.

Suddenly, Jackson snapped his fingers again and Jeffy helped me down to the soft carpet. He arranged us into the sixty-nine position, but instead of his four-inch prick staring me in the face, he lifted his leg and planted his foot to the side until I found myself staring directly at his anus. I assumed the same position.

He wasted no time. I felt his lips kiss my anus, and his tongue began licking my perineum. I did the same for him.

We were going to put on a show for the entertainment of our men, and I remembered what Darling had told me about wanting to watch me with other guys so I resolved to give him something exciting to watch.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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