Daughter’s Anal Slave Ch. 06

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In CHAPTER 5, here’s where we left off:

Eileen begins moving her buttocks in a slow, circular pattern, while her daughter’s ensconced cock, a prisoner inside her, obediently follows. Shelly, from time to time, alters the speed and depth of her thrusting, but her movements are cease-less, like the ocean tides. Now that she herself can sense the beginning of a coming explosion, Shelly’s pistoning thrusts increase until her slim young hips are a blur as they crash into Eileen’s pillowy buttocks powerfully and deeply. To Eileen, it feels like the cock pile driving her ass goes deeper and deeper with each forceful thrust.

Her bladder feels like it is being poked with each plunge and the urge to piss rocks her body, along with the burning pain of having such a thick obstacle rooting inside her ass. The pleasure that Eileen knows is coming finally crashes through her body as Shelly literally fucks the breath right out of her.

Just as Eileen opens her mouth to scream, her sweaty back tenses and she begins to shudder all over; at that moment Shelly applies a wrenching, milking squeeze to her “balls”, and jet-like spurts of cum are released into Eileen’s sizzling bowels. The big sac of “balls” holds a lot of “jizz”, it floods Eileen’s lower intestine as her own muffled cry marks the sparking to life her own orgasm. Shelly’s own orgasm rushes over her and she yells-out her passion as her thrusts become erratic, then slow to a stop.


A month has passed, and though Shelly still, from time to time, allows her class-mates access to her mom, the majority of the time it is SHE who turns Eileen’s lush, delectable body into her personal playground. A very expensive and lengthy project keeps her Dad away from home most nights; in fact, he is this minute in Europe for the next few weeks and the young tigress is not about to let this opportunity pass without taking full advantage…

For her part, Eileen has more or less settled into what is now routine in the Warren household. She no longer prays for her ordeal to end; the constant sex has aroused her sexual appetite and the repeated anal intrusions, especially, have intensified her wanton desire, rather than sated it.

Their routine is quite simple: Shelly goes about as a normal teenager does, heeding what her mother tells her regarding homework, bedtimes, cell phone use, curfews, and the like; when the man of the house is away, they couple twice or three times a day, with Eileen assuming her submissive role in the bedroom while maintaining a dual role as wife and mother in their daily life outside of that den of inequity.

It is a Thursday afternoon, near bursa eskort 3:15, and Eileen must hurry if she is to be ready when Shelly arrives from school. The teenager always wants a snack after a long day at school, and that snack, when possible, includes her big-breasted mom!

A worm of desire twitches in her belly as Eileen hurries upstairs for a quick shower. She follows this with a douche and enema, then dons a purple lace suspender belt and black stockings, along with spike heels that match her suspender belt. She finishes the outfit with a short flowered kimono.

At 3:47, Shelly enters the front door, loudly announcing her arrival by dropping her knapsack on the floor near the door.

“Hey, Mom!”, she yells.

“Up here, honey”

Shelly bounds up the stairs two at a time and rushes into her parents room, where she spies her sexy mother standing near the king bed she shares with her husband AND daughter.

“You look hungry, baby” Eileen tells her with a smile. Ready for a snack?”

“Hell, yes!” Shelly grins back.

Eileen un-belts the silk robe and lets it slip off to pool at her feet. Shelly murmurs her appreciation as her lustful green eyes sweep over Eileen’s lusciously ripe figure.

Shelly approaches her, kicking off her shoes as she joins her at the side of the bed. They kiss while her eager hands cup and fondle her mom’s lush breasts. Eileen shudders as her daughters fingers curl and tease around her nipples, and she sighs ecstatically as she feels them swell into hardness. Shelly says from side to side, she kissing one nipple and then the other, sucking avidly at them as if she expects them to express milk. Shelly sucks her nipples until they gorge with blood and feel like burning embers.

They move onto the bed, with Eileen on her back and Shelly between her spread thighs. Shelly wastes no time in pushing her head between her mother’s delightful thighs and tasting her bare, dewey cunt-lips with a long swipe of her tongue.

Her mouth digit teases the puffy lips, gliding smoothly over and between them. Simmering dampness flows to wet Eileen’s crotch. She yelps as Shelly sucks harder, at the same time stirring the interior of her flowering fanny with her tongue. Tiny meweling sounds escape the randy mother, her back arches and her cunt writhes in delight.

This is a rare treat for Eileen; she can’t remember the last time her daughter gave her head or used her strapon-cock on her vaginally. Once she is wet and dripping, Shelly quickly strips-off her track-suit and underwear; she is wearing her favorite foot-long “strappie” underneath. In one quick, smooth operation, bursa escort bayan she mounts Eileen and sinks that big dingus deep into her mother’s horny twat. It is so soaked with her juices that she receives it easily.

Shelly is extra horny. She begins pumping Eileen hard, using long, jarring thrusts that make the voluptuous mother grit her teeth and groan aloud. Eileen arches her back and rises with her, clinging to her “cock” with her cunt muscles. Her eyes narrow to thin slits as her trembling sensations of lewd delight increase.

The younger woman is in full ramming-mode now, delving into her mom’s pussy with thrusts that cause her eyes bulge in delighted anguish. Grinning smugly, whirling her hips in fast, tight loops, she reams the mouth of Eileen’s dripping gash. The molded veins of the fat rammer create a grinding pressure on the mature woman’s big, juicy clit sent shivers of ecstasy up her spine.

Both women spend for the first, time; first Eileen, with her daughter following seconds after. Eileen knows what is next; she rolls-onto her stomach and widens her thighs, cooing contentedly when Shelly’s fingers pry-into the crevice between her big, pillowy buttocks and spread them wide. “Oooooh!”, she squeals, as her daughter’s hungry tongue traces a wicked path from the top of her crack to the where it terminates at her still-drizzling cuntal-folds. Her mom’s arse-hole has a sweet, mild taste from the enema solution, and Shelly is one young female who LOVES to snack on a female bum-hole. A lewd shiver of excitement courses through the stacked wife and mother’s curvaceous body as her daughter’s determined tongue circles and digs at her sensitive pucker.

A few minutes of this, and both women are ready for butt-rutting…with Eileen settled upon her elbows and knees, legs spread comfortably, she feels Shelly’s fingers part her buttocks yet again and the fat greasy tip of her giant ass-plunger press against her tender bum-hole. After her enema, Eileen was certain to thoroughly grease her rectum; the copious drizzle from her earlier fucking should be more than enough lube for Shelly to get into her bottom…Shelly presses forward, boring into her ass. She cries out, shrilly, her ass wringing in tormented delight. Shelly pumps her hips, slowly at first, but picking up speed fast. A cock the length of the one she’s wearing takes a deliciously long time to complete each gliding stroke. A warm glow seems to effuse Eileen’s jiggling, wobbling buttocks each time Shelly’s muscled thighs slap against her lusciously soft ass. The determined teen, a tingling beginning in her own loins, drills görükle escort her fast and hard with a blurring fury of deep thrusts. She stops suddenly, then slowly, ever so slowly, she reverses and begins to pull out, until only the bloated head was lodged inside Eileen’s stretched anus. She leans over and reaches forward, to grab her beefy breasts in her eager palms, massaging them roughly, pinching the nipples hard between her fingers. Her mother groans in response, her lush curves quiverstrembles. A few minutes of this, and Shelly tires of the game. The tingling in her own femininity lets her that she will be cumming soon, and she wants to bring her mom with her. She starts slowly, and once again builds-up her speed until she is pounding Eileen like a lumberjack on a weekend pass.

Each hard thrust causes a massive upheaval inside Eileen. The oily rubber dong slides effortlessly within the stretched channel of the depraved mother’s itchy rectum; all thoughts of how wrong it is to have sex with her own daughter are driven from her mind as the never-ceasing cock-thrusts drive her to distraction. Lewd grunts escape Mrs. Warren as Shelly uses her leg strength to increase the depth and power of her driving fuck thrusts. Eileen’s scream and Shelly’s yell mingle as they cum together in a rapturous flood. Shelly’s thrusts slow down, bit by bit, until Eileen’s knees give-way and she collapses onto her belly with her daughter’s big rubber wang still buried deep within her guts.

After resting a few minutes, Shelly levers herself upright and tugs her anal rammer free of her Eileen’s gaping pooper.

Panting, and disheveled, the mature mother spins about and wrapping her fist about the girthy schlong, brings it to her lips. She slurps it into her hungry maw in one quick motion. Eileen’s head bobs quickly up and down, lips sucking and tongue swirling. She is past the point of feeling disgust or shame from sucking her daughter’s cock fresh from her own arse-hole; her husband has never had the pleasure of taking her there, and Shelly takes special delight in the the fact that regularly indulges in an act her father has long been denied. Eileen’s throat heaves as her daughter’s cock fills the fleshy tube and strains its pliant walls. Desire to please Shelly helps her to overcome her gag reflex..

CHAPTER 7…a preview

Eileen forms her red lips into a circle and sucks-in in her lover’s bulging cock-head, swirling her tongue excitedly around its fat, molded ridge. She licks the clefted underside and lets her tongue slide from there to its base and back again.

Keisha’s big rubber her truncheon enters Eileen’s throat smoothly, now that the passage has been eased by a spurt of “cum” the sexy black teen has so obligingly squeezed from her “balls” moments before. Her soft reaching lips burrow into her curly mat of pubic hair and the wringing sheath of her throat embraces the whole of Keisha’s prick.

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