Daves Fairground – The ducking Stool Game

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These next chapters will describe the rides Dave had set up for his fun fairground.

The Ducking Stool Game

The basic setup of this ride was very similar to the normal ducking stool you would see at fairgrounds and parties, there was a 5 feet tall tank of ice-cold water, although only shallow this was to ensure that the victims head after dropping into the tank would be out of the water to stop her drowning. Dave had managed to reverse engineer a swimming pool heater to cool the water rather than heat it up, this kept the water nice and chilled for the falling victim. The activation method rather than throwing balls was a paintball gun.

The victim was guided up a ladder to the platform suspended above the water tank. A stool was stood on a platform above the tank with 2 extra large dildos on the top. The victim was made to stand over the stool with the heads and only 4 inches of the 10-inch-long dildos inserted into there waiting holes. The platform they were stood on when the targets were hit would fall away from beneath them dropping the victim and the stool into the water.

As the first participant was led up the ladder Dave helped her at the top. He lifted her up so that she could straddle the waiting dildos slowly lowering herself until she was stood on the platform with the 4 inches nestled in her pussy and ass. Looking nervous at the remaining 6 inches of the dildos. Dave then picking up some rope tied a noose around her left tit and pulled it tight making gölbaşı escort her boob stick out infront of her, he fed the rope under the stool and upto her right tit doing the same, this effectively stopped her jumping off the stool but more important stopped the stool and dildos falling separate to her and causing damage if she fell funny into the tank.

Dave next picked up the 3 targets the player would need to hit to cause the victim to drop into the tank. These were 6-inch round contact points which he fixed to both her engorged tits and her pussy over her clit. He put the machine into test mode and tapped all 3 contacts and the machine registered all as hits and simulated a full house score and the platform would have dropped. Dave flicked the machine back into play mode.

Dave climbed back down the ladder and walked over to the player area where the girls master was waiting. He collected the paintball gun, loaded 10 bright red paintballs into the hopper and handed the gun to the girl’s master. He explained the game to the master now stood with the paintball gun in his hand, “Simple game, you have 10 shots and 3 targets to hit, as soon as all the targets have been hit the platform will drop, along with your slave into the tank. The stool is weighted so that it sinks to the bottom of the tank and whilst she will drop into the water, she should be able to stand back up once at the bottom and her head will be out of the water until she is pulled out. Of course, keçiören escort as the stool hits the bottom and stops, she will fall onto the full length of the dildos. The machine will register how loud she screams as she hits the water, and a leader board will announce the loudest screamer at the end of the weekend as the winner. The water is at a nice cool 2 degrees. You can of course choose to use all 10 paintballs but make sure you hit all 3 targets”.

The master confirmed he understood and took aim, his first shot was slightly too high and hit her belly button, she let out a whimper as the paintball exploded in bright red paint across her belly. The next shot was perfect covering her pussy target in red paint. 8 shots left 2 targets right and left tit. His next shot was again perfect hit to her left tit, again a whimper as her already tied and painful tit was struck by the paintball. The master smiled 7 shots and 1 target left, he decided he could have some fun and hit her left tit again. A couple of shots to her pussy making her wail. Dave showed the master the rapid shot function on the gun meaning that it would fire continuously when the trigger was held in, he had 4 shots left so flicked the switch and fired at her right breast, all paintballs hit the target making her scream out, a) from the pain and b) from the realisation that her master had hit all 3 targets now. The machine beeped loudly to signify a win and a timer behind her and above her head counted ankara escort down from 5.

The crowd counted down with the timer and at zero the platform was released, and she and the stool dropped into the water, the stool sank quickly to the bottom followed by the girl, her arms above her head, the stool hit the bottom of the tank and she followed landing her ass firmly onto the stool driving the dildos deep into her pussy and ass, the cold water as she entered made her scream out. The machine registered her volume on the leader board. She fell fully into the water before quickly standing her feet on the bottom of the tank and pulling herself back off the dildos and although very cold her head was above the waterline.

As she stood gasping for air the coldness of the water taking her breath away for a second her feet slipped on the bottom of the tank and she fell back onto the full length of the dildos, her eyes wide in shock she gasped for air and trying her best to regain her footing to stand back up as the crowd cheered.

Dave and her master climbed up the ladder and pulled her from the tank using large hooks that the attached to the stool, of course as they pulled the stool up it drove the dildos back into her pussy and ass but by now cold and wet she preferred that to staying in the cold water tank. Once back at the top the platform was raised and the stool placed back down the girl stood quickly to raise off the dildos, her master gave her a towel and they untied her helping her off the stool and back down to solid ground. They wandered off to a small cabin to get dry and warm.

The next contestants were already lined up waiting to play. The masters with a grin the slaves looking worried.

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