David in the Bathhouse

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Bit Tit

One day last month David’s wife was out of town on a business trip for several days and he took advantage of the opportunity to visit a gay bath house in a neighboring city. He knows the rules for patrons so he showered and shaved before leaving. Driving there was routine although rather time-consuming. After paying his fee at the door, David was issued a key to the box where his wallet and money were left for safe-keeping, a key to a locker where he would store his clothing, a towel and a supply of lube and condoms. As usual, he carried what he called his “slut bag” that contained lube, mouthwash, condoms and a dildo in case there was a lack of partners. After undressing and locking up all his clothing, David carried his towel over his shoulder and went out to see how much fun he could have, hoping for plenty of fucking and sucking.

Some of the men in the bath house wrapped their towels around their waists but, to David, that would tend to defeat the purpose of his being there. He is proud of his ass, knowing it to be smooth and round and he wanted to show it off for anybody who was interested. Before leaving that morning, he had shaved everywhere, including inside the cleft, what he calls his “asspussy”, to make himself as enticing as he could. Since his ass was available to anybody who cared to insert his cock, David felt it should be on display and that it should look its best.

The first thing he did was to take another shower. This was required because he next wanted to get into the large hot tub, as big as a shallow swimming pool, where there were several men standing around fondling themselves. David wanted to be the one who fondled and then sucked at least one of their cocks. Crouching at one side was a young man who was stroking himself and David decided to approach him first. He entered the tub on the opposite side and started walking across on his knees, his head just above the warm churning water.

When the young man saw David approaching, he was well aware of the reason, and had no objections. He stood up on a step by the wall of the pool, his semi-erect cock just above the water. Semi-erect, even soft, was fine with David because he likes feeling a cock stiffen in his mouth and he knew he would have the young man completely erect with a few strokes. Neither man said anything. Since they both wanted the same thing, there was no reason to talk.

When David was close and still on his knees, the young man leaned back, his elbows on the edge of the pool and his legs spread to allow easy access to his cock. David knelt where the man’s feet had been, putting his face at the correct level, and gently held the cock in one hand. The other hand rested on the man’s thigh while his cock was guided into the eager mouth. As expected, after a few strokes in and out between his lips and being caressed by David’s tongue, the young man’s shaft was fully erect and ready to give pleasure to both David and its owner.

The slow strokes continued and David’s first sex partner of the day relaxed and let the older man do what they both wanted. Other men walked by; some glanced at the sex act occurring in the pool but nobody said anything or thought it unusual. They were all there for fucking and sucking, either doing it or having it done, and modesty was completely out of place.

David was enjoying the feeling of the man’s cock thrusting between his lips and pressing against his throat but there are other things he likes to do with his mouth. Pushing upward on the man’s legs let him know he wanted him out of the water and sitting on the edge. Expecting a different kind of pleasuring, the young man complied, removing his cock from David’s mouth in the process.

He was right about the different kind of pleasuring. With the other man sitting on the side of the tub and spreading his legs, David moved up closer and started trying to lick his crotch. To provide full access to the area he knew was about to be licked, the man lay on his back, his knees bent. With his temporary partner lying down with his legs spread wide, David moved closer, to lick just in front of the man’s ass. Happily, he applied his tongue forward to the base of the man’s balls, Ankara bayan escort covering his entire crotch. The cock rubbing against his cheek was fully stiff and David reveled in the way it caressed his face as he licked the sides of the scrotum. One at a time, David held the testes between his lips, caressing them with his tongue. When he was through with the man’s balls, he licked the underside of his cock, all the way to the tip, feeling it bounce happily against his tongue.

Although he likes the feel of his tongue on a man’s crotch and balls, David likes the feel of a cock in his mouth a lot more and he wanted it back in there. The position they were in was awkward so David put his hands on his partner’s hips and pulled on them, letting him know he wanted to get back into the water. The young man was eager to be sucked off by the mouth that had been giving him so much pleasure already so, seconds later, he was once again resting with his elbows on the pool edge while his cock was sliding in and out between David’s lips.

As David relished the feel of the stiff cock surging back and forth, he felt another pleasurable sensation, a hand on one of his ass cheeks, followed by some fingertips on the other. David arched his back and spread his knees as far as he could, letting the unknown owner of the hand and fingers know his attentions were more than welcome, and inviting him to continue. The invitation was accepted and a few seconds later, eight fingers were fondling inside the smooth cleft and one had made a short penetration of David’s willing asspussy.

Restrictions on behavior in the bath house are for sanitary reasons and for the protection of the patrons. They include a requirement that condoms be used for fucking and a ban on fucking in the hot tub. David knew the rules and so did the person who was fondling him in such a delightful manner.

“Nice pussy,” came a still-disembodied voice. “I’ll wait for you by the bench.” This was a reference to the padded bench that ran along the wall a few feet from the edge of the hot tub. After he left, he would kneel in front of that bench, resting his elbows on it while the man fucked him.

First, however, David wanted to finish sucking off the cock that was in his mouth. Although he was eager for his asspussy to be thoroughly fucked, David wanted to give as much pleasure as possible to the man he was sucking off, and get as much as he could. Already he could feel the cock throbbing against his tongue and see the man’s hips and pubic area squirming from the pleasure being derived from David’s mouth. Knowing the man was about to cum, David increased the pace of his sucking and tightened his lips on the cock so no semen would be lost.

The man’s sighing and moaning was interrupted by a loud gasp and his legs, which had been drifting under David’s arms, clenched against David’s sides. As the first spurt of cum covered his tongue, David tightened his lips even more, savored the taste and kept sucking. Two more gushers of semen flooded his mouth and David had to swallow to keep from losing any. When the squirting of the thick, delicious fluid stopped, he milked the softening cock with his lips and gums to get it all and finally licked off the tip of the cock and around the ridge. David really loves to swallow cum and, even though he was eager to get his ass filled with the stiff cock of the second man, he didn’t want to waste even a drop.

The second man was also eager and he was standing by the bench, waiting for the smooth ass he was lusting to fuck. David admired his height, his dark brown skin and, especially, his cock, looking to David like a big, round bar of dark chocolate candy. Before taking the shaft into his asspussy, he went to his knees in front of the man and sucked it in and out of his mouth a few times, relishing the feel of the warm hardness sliding between his lips. As the man rolled a condom onto his cock, David knelt in front the padded bench, reaching back to hold his ass cheeks open for the application of lube followed by the penetration he wanted so much.

When both men had been prepared, the tall African-American pried open David’s ass with his fingers and then, Escort bayan Ankara holding him open with the fingers of one hand, he guided the tip of his cock in with the other. With a shiver of delight, David felt the big, mushroom-shaped tip wedge into his asspussy. The man gave a firm push and two more inches of stiff cock were inside. David moaned with pleasure as he felt his sphincter stretched open and he wiggled his hips, wanting to get the entire shaft inside.

The other man wanted to get his entire cock into David’s ass too and both men wanted to enjoy a long, slow fuck. Other patrons walking by avoided tripping over the two men. Some enviously observed the long, black cock going into the white ass and some looked lustfully at the ass that was being pleasured but nobody said anything. Neither David nor the man fucking him said anything either except to moan with pleasure as the cock plunged in deeper and deeper with every stroke.

Once his cock was all the way in, the man placed his hands on the sides of David’s ass cheeks, enjoying the soft, smooth flesh. He backed his cock most of the way out then rammed it in again. David moaned from the pure ecstasy as he felt his asspussy stretched and his prostate massaged. Once again, the man drew back and plowed his cock forward. David, leaning on his forearms against the padded bench, fucked back to meet the thrust of the other man, getting even more pleasure from the second deep stroke.

The third stroke was even better as was the third and the fourth and the fifth. The fucking got better and better for both men as the lubricant turned to liquid, allowing the big cock to glide without friction into the tight ass that clenched and released it. “Your pussy is really hot,” the man said as he drove his cock in and out. David didn’t respond; he was too busy enjoying the great fucking he was getting.

Under other circumstances, David would have been masturbating. His cock was fully erect but he didn’t want to dilute the immense pleasure his asspussy was getting, and he expected to be sucked off by one of the men who would be at the part of the bath house called “The Tea Room”. Besides being sucked off there, David also hoped to get a few mouthfuls of delicious cum.

“Uh, uh, uh,” the tall man grunted as he started driving his cock harder and faster into David’s asspussy. He was going to cum, David knew, and he felt some regret that this part of his pleasure would soon be ending.

Before that happened, though, he would get all he could out of the stiff cock that was giving him such a great fucking. He rammed his asspussy back, meeting the strong plunges of the other man, while both of their moans of pleasure grew louder. Finally, the man who was fucking David sighed contentedly, gave one last, extra strong thrust of his cock and left it buried to the hilt in the ass that had made it so welcome. David swung his ass from side to side to get as much pleasure as he could from the rapidly softening cock but he knew his second sex act of the day, which had been even better than the first, was all but over.

After the man withdrew his cock, affectionately patted the willing ass and left, David got to his feet. Lubricant was running down his legs so another shower was necessary. Hopefully, there would be other men who would like to fuck a nice, smooth ass like David’s but it would have to be clean and inviting. After finishing his shower, he carefully rinsed out his mouth with the bottle of mouthwash from his slut bag. Normally he does so every time he swallows a mouthful of cum, after he is through relishing the taste, but this time he had been in such a hurry to fuck that he had delayed the rinsing. The mouthwash is partly to kill germs but mostly it is to eliminate the aftertaste of semen. In this case, the marvelous feel of the big cock plowing in and out of his ass for such a long time had been easily worth the mildly unpleasant taste.

With his mouth and his body clean again, and his cock still hard, David headed for the tea room, this time with his towel wrapped around his waist. The tea room is a platform surrounded by partitions, each with rectangular cutouts at intervals. Men who want Bayan escort Ankara their cocks sucked stand on the platform in front of the cutouts and men standing on the floor surrounding the platform are glad to accommodate them. David climbed the short flight of steps, saw an older man smiling expectantly at him through one of the openings and strolled over to where the other man was waiting. Being in his sixties himself, David is aware that with seniority comes skill when it comes to sucking cocks.

As his potential partner approached, the man opened his mouth, displaying a lack of front teeth. David was glad to see this and knew he was in for a good blow job. No words were exchanged because none were needed. David approached the other man and removed his towel so his cock was aimed at the open mouth and stepped forward to let it slide between the waiting lips. Knowing how he likes to suck cocks himself, David stood passively and let the man below the platform set the pace.

He started slowly, taking the stiff cock all the way into his toothless pleasure chamber until it pressed against the back of his throat and his lips were tickled by David’s pubic hair. Still slowly, he backed away, licking the underside of the shaft in his mouth as he withdrew. Again he engulfed the cock and again he withdrew his mouth until just the head was held between his lips and his tongue was caressing the tip. Back and forth the man’s head moved, giving pleasure and taking it as he stroked David’s cock with his lips and murmured his delight.

David was also expressing how much he liked what was happening, moaning with the pleasure his cock was getting. The other man’s lips were closed just tightly enough to give him the optimum amount of resistance and, as he stroked back and forth, his tongue caressed David’s entire shaft every time it was engulfed by his mouth.

For a long time, the two men quietly enjoyed themselves and pleased each other. Neither wanted to rush anything and the man below the platform was stroking slowly with his lips. Even so, David could feel his climax building. All his strength and energy seemed to be flowing into his cock and he put his hands on the edge of the opening to support himself. Minutes later, the man whose mouth was so pleasantly filled could feel the cock throbbing and knew his partner was about to cum. He tightened his lips and started sucking faster.

Great waves of ecstasy swept over David. Reflexively, he started fucking into the mouth that was giving him such pleasure. The owner of the mouth didn’t mind because he was still in control and the cock he was sucking so expertly wasn’t big enough to cause him any problems. It jerked in his mouth and he felt and tasted the cum spurting onto his tongue. The first delicious gob was swallowed just in time to catch the second, and he kept sucking, wanting to get all the thick fluid.

David was not stingy with what the man wanted. After he was through cumming, he stood while his cocked was milked for the semen that had not squirted out, and while the man licked everything off the head and around the ridge. When everything had been swallowed, the man released the rapidly softening cock and stepped away.

“Thank you,” David said to him.

“Thank you,” was the response. Those were the only words the two men had said to each other and they probably wouldn’t speak to each other again that day.

David smiled as he looked around the platform where he was standing. He had just gotten a first class blowjob from a man who knew how to give one. His asspussy still had a warm glow of pleasure from the great fucking he had gotten earlier, and he expected to be fucked some more before the glow was gone. There was still a very pleasurable sensation in his mouth from sucking off the young man in the hot tub. As he looked around, he saw other men, some with very nice cocks, waiting for somebody to suck them off. He smiled again as he headed for the steps that would take him off the platform and down to the floor where he would be the one doing the sucking.

The day had started out to be really good and it was still early.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as I had writing it. Whatever you think of it, I really want to know, so please vote and leave a personal comment or email me. Feedback like this helps me write more and better and I will answer any that includes a handle or an email address.

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