David’s Tall Girls’ School Ch. 25

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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Miss Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’ one Friday. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called ‘pervert’ but I could not prove it as I was caught with a pair of binoculars.

I had decided not to get the local police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional ‘Punishment Rules of the School’ as applied to ‘Peeping Toms’. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet, and tethered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards at each corner of the room. I was then required to orally pleasure the ‘whole’ school. This is part twenty five of my sorry tale.)


I lay back and listened to the birdsong and recognised the high pitched singing of a wren and noticed my knob had drooled out globules of precum onto my stomach.

I was desperate for another wank. Doris emerged from the bathroom and walked straight past my bed and left the room. She did not even ask me if I wanted to be untied. I was pretty desperate for a pee and would have given anything to escape my present predicament. Just when I thought I would have to piss in the bed the door opened and in walked Matron.

“Oh goodness,” she exclaimed as she looked at me and my sodden hair, and the stained bed. “What have they done to you?”

As she untied me I explained to her what had happened and she appeared very concerned that I hadn’t eaten since Monday night. She gave me a bar of chocolate which she kept for emergencies. I ate this quickly and looked at her.

“First we must get you washed and sprayed with some Eau de Cologne. You smell like a ladies lavatory, if you don’t mind me saying so,” she continued, ushering me into the shower cubicle and turning it on.

This was the best shower I had ever had. I emerged refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. Molly insisted on drying me with one of the soft white towels from the linen cupboard. She was very thorough and made a point of drying my penis and testicles with great precision. Needless to say I ended up with a stonking great erection.

“My my Tom, that’s a nice big specimen isn’t it,” she said stroking it and handling my balls.

I stared at her not knowing what to do or say. I had grown to like Molly as she had been both kind and considerate, and had rescued me from Miss Wiff-Naseford’s overenthusiastic punishment sessions more than once. She felt more like a mother to me.

She stroked it further and it grew to massive proportions, or so it seemed.

“We can’t have you walking around the school like that, it will frighten the girls, and we still don’t know where your clothes are,” she said in a matter of fact voice.

The midday sun streamed through the dormitory windows and I watched Molly kneel down in front of me and place her lips around the tip of my penis.

“Push it in,” she said as I stared down in fascination.

I looked into her eyes and saw that she had clearly done this before and knew what to do. I eased my full length slowly into her as she appeared to allow it into the back of her mouth. She did not heave or retch as I had expected, instead she moved her head back and forth growling with encouragement. The feelings inside me were amazing; her mouth was so warm and soft. I felt that this was the most exquisite experience I had ever had and watched her spellbound as she sucked me off like an expert fellatrix. I held her head in a firm but gentle grip and stared at her matron’s uniform and at her knees encased in black stockings.

She gurgled something and squeezed my balls, and I took this to mean that I should begin thrusting. I held her face at such an angle that my penis slid in and out of her throat and then began pumping. I moaned with pleasure as I became aware of a substantial amount of seminal fluid slowly begin to gather inside me. Her fingernails scratched by scrotum and my inner thighs. I gripped her head which now was jerking around in front of me. My penis was primed and ready to ejaculate and it was just a matter of time. Several minutes past and I felt that I was unable to take any more sucking and thigh scratching and I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes in an attempt to delay the inevitable.

“Yes,” I shouted as I drained my balls into her mouth with twelve vigorous thrusts.

I fucked her face with solid hard thrusts and she remained kneeling looking up as my penis gradually lost its stiffness and shrank inside her mouth. She wouldn’t allow me to pull it out until she had swallowed every last drop. Her eyes smiled at me as I felt her suck my now flaccid member. She was a gentle creature and clearly wished me to enjoy every second of her personal way of providing me with relief.

She stood up and I looked bahis siteleri around surprised. We were surrounded by Class 3B who had returned from lunch. They must have sneaked in during my ‘pleasure session’ with Matron and were now eagerly waiting to see more.

“No more ‘sucky-sucky’,” she said to all the wide eyed faces staring up at us.

I surveyed the little gaggle of small Japanese ladies. It was hard to tell that they were eighteen, nineteen and twenty years old. They looked so doll-like particularly in their little flared pleated tartan skirts, and their Mary-Jane buckled shoes. Only one of them was taller than four foot six inches and she was very thin and willowy. I found these fragile creatures fascinating and a complete contrast with the athletic six footers I had pleasured orally in the other classes.

“I have finished ‘sucky-sucky’ and it’s very tasty,” said Molly smiling with enthusiasm. She was clearly trying to get them interested in sucking me off. She quickly glanced at me and winked. “It is very tasty and does you good if you swallow it,” she said and was met with nods of approval.

“Oh yes ‘sucky-sucky’ very good for skin too,” she continued with her sales pitch. I looked around at the nodding smiling faces, and in my naked state, noticed that the small girls in front were staring at my penis which stuck out horizontally in their direction.

It was hard to believe that I had had all their little vagina’s and buttocks on my face less than a day earlier. I was becoming fond of these deliciously small oriental young women.

“I shall go now and leave you to enjoy Tom for the rest of the afternoon,” said the Matron, her face fixed in a permanent smile. “I know that this afternoon you do not have lessons so I shall collect Tom at five o’clock, “she continued as she saw my penis rise up to an angle of forty five degrees.

The thought of having my cock sucked by all these undersized women for four solid hours made me visibly shake with excitement: I could not believe my luck. I watched Molly walk to the door while I was led by several hands to a bed.

“We will take turns with ‘sucky-sucky’ said Hiroko Suzuki and Hoshi Kobayashi, the two little girls who were having their periods. I said to them that they could sit on my face if they wanted to but they must keep their knickers on.

I lay on the mattress sheet and watched all the little smiling girls surrounding the bed. They were playful and giggling, and stared transfixed at my aching erection. I stared at there small breasts which pushed out their grey sweaters: I looked at their flared pleats and petticoat lace visible under some of their uniforms.

I smiled lecherously at their legs.

Hiroko stood on the bed and straddled my chest facing me. I pulled her up onto my face and breathed in her female odours through her pink lacy knickers. Once again my head was under a schoolgirls skirt and petticoat and I stared in wonderment at her tiny perfectly formed thighs and stockings.

She said something in Japanese and Hoshi moved onto the bed between my outspread legs. I felt little fingers wrap themselves around my engorged tool and then begin to milk me with short pulls and pushes. I felt that I could have ‘come’ there and then but I exercised restraint as I was particularly keen to fill up Hoshi’s small rosebud shaped mouth. Hoshi said something about it being an honour to have Mr.Tom’s penis in her mouth and the next thing I knew she was licking it like a lollipop.

“Jyogakusei, chin-chin tabera, yes?” she said, which I think meant schoolgirl suck my penis?

I said “Hai dozo,” which I think meant ‘yes please’ and my feeble attempt to speak in Japanese was met with a roar of approval and clapping.

“Thanks very much, or should I say ‘domo arigatos gozalimas’?” I continued, pleased that I knew two vital phrases which should get me through the afternoon.

I squirmed with exquisite pleasure as I felt Hoshi’s lips gently teasing my bulbous knob-end.

“Wow, this is fantastic,” I muttered to myself as I slid my erection further into her mouth where her little tongue lapped at my exposed glans.

I felt her suck me in and begin the long process of stimulation which would hopefully end up with me ejaculating.

I lifted Hiroko’s buttocks onto my face so that I could lick the flesh above her white stockings. I savoured the backs of her thighs and she purred with approval. With this little lady on my face and my erection in the other little lady’s mouth I lay naked on the bed and revelled in all the sensations surrounding me.

Soon Hoshi was scratching my thighs and ball-sac and increasing both suction and tempo of her penis sucking. It was now only a matter of one or two minutes to ‘detonation time’, and I was primed.

My licking of Hiroko’s thighs made way to breathing in the aroma trapped inside her pink panties. My breath was coming out as gulps as I neared the point of no return. With Hiroko now straddling my face with my nose rammed against canlı bahis siteleri her gusset I reached down to where Hoshi’s head was bobbing up and down, with my penis sliding up and down inside her mouth. From under Hiroko’s pleated skirt I could even hear Hushi making slurping sounds and groaning as she drove me mercilessly towards my ‘ultimate pleasure’. I held her cool hair and felt it cascade through my fingers as she jerked her head up and down.

Now it was my turn to finish off what she had instigated. I grabbed the back of her head with my left hand and gripped my penis with my right and started wanking at the same speed as her sucking. We made a great pair.

I speeded things up to an almost violent pitch and, just as I was about to ‘come’, I held her head firmly between my hands.

Within a millisecond I jerked my pelvis off the bed, gritted my teeth, closed my eyes and exploded in her mouth. She screamed with shock but I hung onto her while I emptied myself into her between her small warm lips.

This took seven large squirts to complete and I lay back under Miss Suzuki’s pleats and pink petticoat and caught my breath. It took several minutes for my heart to return to normality as I slowly realised that this had been one of the best ‘blow-jobs’ of my life.

Hiroko knelt up and swung her leg off me and Hoshi slid up and sat on my face. Despite the fact she was having her period her knickers looked comparatively clean and I confirmed this by snuffling my nostrils around her genitals as I lifted her up and lowered her again onto my face.

She giggled and told me that I was very rude and should not be looking up schoolgirl’s skirts. I noticed as she spoke that little strands of my semen dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. She rearranged her white nylon petticoat over me and dropped her plaid pleats around me, plunging me into semi darkness yet again. I seemed to have had my head up so many skirts over the past five days that I had actually lost count.

I parted my legs, aware that Hiroko was waiting at the foot of the bed. I heard lots of giggles and cheers from the little girls as she knelt down and stroked my balls. It was as if she had flipped a switch as my penis began to crawl up my stomach towards its full extension.

I breathed in Hoshi’s warm musky aroma from her knickers and felt myself stiffen further.

“You are a very rude young man,” she told me in her best English as I licked the inside of her thighs and fondled her suspender clips under her clothing.

“Ooooh,” I moaned as I felt my heavy penis being lifted by tiny fingers.

“Hiroko give naughty Peeping Tom ‘sucky-sucky’ now yes?”

“Hai dozo,” I screeched, almost speechless with excitement.

I felt her small hand grip my shaft and then begin to wank me slowly but firmly. I couldn’t tell whether she had ever done this before but it felt really exquisite. I continued licking the splayed thighs under Miss Kobayashi’s school uniform and felt hot breath on the exposed tip of my now seemingly ‘massive’ erection.

The other little Japanese schoolgirls giggled and cheered as Hiroko opened her mouth and slid me in. I entered her slowly and felt my penis twitch involuntarily as she licked the tip with her soft tongue. She held me in her mouth and began milking me with her hands. It had only been ten or so minutes since my last ejaculation so I was not quite ready to ‘come’ again so I just lay there and enjoyed her toying with me.

I lifted up Hoshi’s skirt and slip and looked around. All the rest of the smiling women were watching Hiroko sucking and wanking me. They sat on adjacent beds and I noticed that one or two of them had their hands under their skirts or were rubbing their crotch. Clearly the sight of me being wanked must have aroused them. I looked at their doll-like complexions; they looked so perfect and found it almost unbelievable that these girls were all over eighteen.

Hiroko’s hands were working wonders with my penis and balls. The other girls giggled, cheered and shouted “sucky-sucky, sucky-sucky,” to her and to me. By now I was loosing control and knew that I would come at any moment. Her hand-wanking continued as she held my tip firmly in her mouth. I didn’t know whether she was ready for me but I reached down and held her head firmly in place. I did not want her moving away at the last crucial second.

“Sucky-sucky, sucky-sucky, sucky-sucky,” the girls chanted in their high pitched Japanese accents.

” Oh my, ooooh, aaagh,” I groaned, gripped her head and emptied myself into her with five powerful spurts.

I held her and felt her splutter as she swallowed my ‘deposit’. She coughed and struggled to sit up but I held her tighter until every drop of semen had left me. I let go and Hiroko immediately stood up. I lifted Hoshi’s skirt again and watched Hiroko show her friends her mouth full of my sperm. They all cheered and clapped and pretended that she was some sort of hero. There was a lot of smiling and nodding and canlı bahis I could not fathom out what was happening.

I found the Japanese race difficult to understand.

Hoshi got off me and joined Hiroko with the rest of the 4’6″ tall girls. I appeared to have been abandoned as the main point of interest and lay naked watching the final tiny drop of semen dribble out of my now flaccid penis. I was desperate for food but was more intrigued to find out what these girls had in store for me next. They appeared to have come up with an idea or hatched a plan, or whatever the term is in Japanese.

“You will stand up please,” said Noriko Yoshida, the bubbly girl with her hair tied in bunches.

I got off the bed and stood in front of them, my penis droopy and the size of a gherkin. The girls in front of me knelt down while those behind stood and watched. Two girls stood to my side and held my hands. I felt very self conscious in my naked state being surrounded by these undersized oriental schoolgirls. The two girls at my feet began stroking my calves and shins. I recognised them as Amaya Sasaki and Aika Oshiro. When I say ‘recognised’ I really meant that they introduced themselves as Amaya and Aika, the ‘Sucky-sucky Sisters’.

“Oh my, oh my,” I muttered to myself as they began stroking the backs of my knees and thighs.

The two girls holding my hands thrust them both under their skirts and petticoats and down inside their knickers. They introduced themselves as the Haruka and Misaki the ‘Pussy Delight Twins’. My fingers felt their warm coarse damp curls and stimulated them sufficiently to allow my middle fingers to enter them. They both giggled and held me around the waist.

Meanwhile the ‘Sucky-sucky Sisters’ were tickling the underside of my heavy scrotum and scratching my inner thighs with their long finger nails. They certainly knew what they were doing and I couldn’t work out whether they had done this before or whether they were following their instincts.

The ‘Pussy Delight Twins’ were becoming increasingly damp inside their knickers and I wondered whether they expected me to ‘bring them off’ or what? I decided that I could only take one of them to her orgasm as I was, and still am, right-handed. I eventually decided that I would stimulate neither of them as that day I was going to ejaculate as much as physically possible to make up for the long days of sexual frustration I had suffered at the hands of the mad harridan of a headmistress, Miss Wiff-Naseford.

The bollock manipulation had produced the desired effect and I felt my scrotal sac tighten as my penis began to rise. The girls at the back cheered and I looked down at the ‘Sisters’ as one, then the other, licked my testicles. I stared into their beautiful big brown eyes and was transfixed by their features. I found it hard to believe that these lovely doll like girls had my sweaty hairy heavy balls resting on their mouths. Just looking at them made me feel rampant.

I watched their tongues delve into every fleshy crevice and skin fold of my testicles and my penis twitched wildly into the horizontal position. I was mesmerized by their faces and delighted at the contrast between their flawless complexions and my obscenely stiff veined appendage which bobbed aimless above them. One of them allowed my erection to rest along her nose and forehead and become entangled in her cool hair. I groaned with lust as the other girl sucked a testicle into her small warm mouth.

Meanwhile the ‘Twins’ began jerking themselves against my fingers. I had two fingers inside them at this stage and could have easily slipped in a third. Both ‘Twins’ were holding my wrists so that I could not pull out. Their faces were twisted into a rictus of imminent pleasure.

To an outsider they looked as if they were crying with pain and had begun the usual ‘Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh,’ high pitched groans which I had heard when I had pleasured them orally. I let them use my fingers to slide against each of their clitoral hoods until they both yelped with delight when their buds became exposed. Clearly the ‘Twins’ were both experiencing ‘pussy-delight’ and I just provided them with the means.

Meanwhile between my legs the ‘Sucky-sucky Sisters’ were living up to their name. Both were sucking my testicles, and my penis now stuck up at forty five degrees between them.

The other girls had there hands inside their knickers and two of them had their hands inside each other’s knickers. I noticed three of them had their knickers around their ankles or just below their petticoat hems. It looked as if the whole room, except for the ‘Sisters’, were trying to achieve an orgasm at the same time. All around me and in front of me I could hear their little ‘eh, eh, eh’ high pitched grunts as the young women stimulated themselves or each other.

The room smelled of sex, undiluted 100% sex.

I looked down into the ‘Sisters” eyes and focussed on their mouths which both held a hairy bollock. Another girl. Katsumi Sato joined them and began licking the underside of my erection. She held my tip and opened her mouth and sucked it in and looked up into my face. I recognised the eyes. She had those ‘puppy dog eyes’, just like mine when I crave pity or attention.

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