Dawn’s New Life Ch. 02

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It had been nearly a month since Dawn had taken the long bus ride from Orlando, Florida to Beloit, Wisconsin. She, with the assistance of her mother, had annulled her marriage to Matt. She came out of her room to eat, but not much more. She was hurt both physically and emotionally. Beyond that, she felt more than her share of guilt. She had truly loved Matt. However, the thought of enduring sexual activity with a penis that was far too large for her mouth or vagina was more than she could take.

Not only did she insist that her parents not allow Matt into the home, she also refused to take his phone calls. In fact she would not take calls from anybody. She hardly spoke even to her mother. Finally, her mother confronted her with the sad truth that she would have to get out of the house and do something, or she would risk needing medication. She was headed down the road from disappointment to depression. Dawn knew her mother was right. In fact she was afraid she might already need some professional help.

“Why don’t you call your maid of honor, what was her name, Cindy?” Mrs. Armstrong said to Dawn. “She seemed like such a nice girl, maybe it would help if you talked to her! You know she has called for you nearly every night for two weeks.”

“Nice girl” was not a term that most of her friends would have used for Cindy. Sure she was “nice;” but a more accurate term would have been “wild woman.” Cindy was a 5’8″ tall redhead with “legs that never ended” and a “body that did not stop.” At least that was how the guys had described Cindy. She had been Dawn’s roommate in college, and was the complete opposite of Dawn. Yet somehow they became, and remained, friends through college. Cindy’s constant stream of broken hearts and bruised ego had on more than one occasion allowed Dawn ample evidence on why waiting until she was married for sex was the “right thing” to do. Still at the same time, Cindy’s accounts of her sexual escapades had allowed Dawn to live vicariously through Cindy’s tails of her various sexual exploits.

Dawn had worked hard to maintain her virginity until her wedding night. This “work” not only included shutting guys down before they went “too far” but also “taking care” of business herself to release her sexual tensions. She had, on more than one occasion, masturbated to climax in the dark, under the covers, while thinking about Cindy’s torrid adventures. She recalled wondering what it must have felt like to have a man’s “thing” in her pussy, or a tongue licking her clit.

“Maybe you are right, mom. Maybe it would be good for me to talk to Cindy.” Dawn said with a wry smile.

Dawn called Cindy. She was surprised to learn that Matt had already contacted Cindy and cried on her shoulders. He had begged Cindy to contact her and intercede on his behalf. Dawn realized that her choice not to take anybody’s calls until she was ready was the right thing to do. She had reasoned that since all her friends had been to the wedding, anybody who called her at her parent’s home would have to know that she and Matt had separated.

“Look, let’s not do this over the phone.” Cindy insisted. “You need to get out, and I know what we need to do.”

Cindy drove up in her dad’s black Jaguar S-type at exactly 9 PM. While Cindy did not live at home, she had her dad wrapped around her little finger. Somehow she was şişli escort always able to talk her father into the use of the Jag for her Friday night escapades. They headed north up the interstate to Janesville. Soon Dawn and Cindy were at the Back Bar. The band was better than usual and there was a steady stream of guys buying them beers and hitting on them.

“I’m sorry Cindy; I am just not in the mood to deal with some guy who turns out to be a jerk. You know these guys are just out for a piece of ass. My one and only fuck hurt like hell and was over in less than 3 minutes!” Dawn sighed, surprised yet somehow impressed by her vulgarity.

“OK, I understand. Let’s get out of here!” Cindy chirped. “I know exactly what you need!”

Once again the Jaguar lurched out into the night. They stopped by a liquor store and picked up some rum before ending up at Cindy’s small apartment.

“I’m not drunk, but I’ve had too much to drive all the way to Beloit and back.” confessed Cindy. “Why don’t you stay here tonight?”

“Oh, that would be just like old times!” Dawn smiled.

“It will be better than old times!” Cindy winked and flashed a wry smile.

Dawn thought nothing of the comment as she agreed to stay.

Cindy made them rum and cokes. She carefully selects her favorite soft romantic music and lit a few candles. She then left the room and returned shortly with a gray tee-shirt.

“Here is something more comfortable to wear!” Cindy said as she tossed the gray tee, emblazoned with Bucky the Badger to Dawn. “Fuck-em Bucky” was printed under the mascot which was boldly thrusting out a middle finger. “This seems like the right shirt for you!”

Within seconds both women were ready for bed, clad only in tee-shirts and panties.

“I just can not believe how awful the sex was.” Dawn’s eyes swelled up with tears as she confessed her disappointing sexual encounter with her well hung now ex-husband. “Your stories always made sex seem like such fun!”

“Sex is fun, silly!” Cindy retorted. “You can not judge sex by the first time. For sure you can not judge sex by an 11″ cock. Shit, I’ve never had an 11 inch dick in me. I had a 9″ monster-dick once. It hurt like hell and I never even went out with him after the night he fucked me.” “Also 3 minutes is not long enough to get off, you were cheated sweetie. That’s what you were, cheated!”

“I saved myself for him, Cindy, I waited and for what, 3 minutes of torture!” Dawn whispered, half to herself, half to Cindy.

“You need a massage!” Cindy said as she patted the couch.

Cindy had given great massages in college when they lived in Chadbourne Hall. So Dawn willfully pulled off her shirt and flopped down on her belly.

Cindy skillfully started at Dawn’s toes and worked her way up the legs, thighs, back, shoulders and neck before instructing Dawn to roll over. Normally Dawn would have not considered this. All prior back rubs had been given with both bra and panties on. But the rum had taken the toll on her judgment and she was soon flat on her back. Her nipples were hard and pointed straight up at the ceiling.

Years past, Cindy had caught brief glimpses of Dawn in the shower. Occasionally she had managed to peek at Dawn as she changed from her nightshirt into a clean bra. When they had been thrust together as mecidiyeköy escort roommates at the University of Wisconsin, Cindy had considered Dawn to be a real prude. She maintained her friendship the entire first year, if for no other reason that Dawn’s tiny form and, even bra veiled, tits were enough to get her pussy wet. Many nights she had masturbated herself to sleep wondering how Dawn’s blond pussy tasted. She had tried her best to seduce Dawn with her accounts of sexual frenzy. Eventually Dawn’s devotion to her principals inspired Cindy’s adoration, and from that point on, Cindy lived in the hope that someday, somehow she would have an opportunity to discover what pleasures lurked within Dawn’s fine form.

Dawn closed her eyes and tried to relax to the sound of the music. Cindy warmed the scented oil in her hands before applying it to Dawn’s shoulders. Slowly she moved her hands down along the outside of Dawn’s mounds. Dawn let out a moan as Cindy performed effleurage to her tummy and once again methodically maneuvered her hands back to Dawn’s shoulders. This time she moved her hands closer towards the center of Dawn’s breasts. Once again, Dawn let out a moan.

Dawn opened her eyes. “It’s ok” She said looking Cindy in the eye. “It’s ok, to touch my breasts. I want you too.”

“Are you sure?” Cindy whispered.

“I think so. You have been my friend forever, you know everything about me.” Dawn said slowly, choosing her words carefully. “I don’t mind.”

Cindy moved her hands to cup Dawn’s smaller breasts, one in each hand. She released her grasp and used her fingers to make circles around the breast, working her way inward towards the areolas, then without touching the areola or the nipple she reversed herself and worked towards the edges of the breast.

“Pleeeassseeee, oh, my god, my pussy is on fire!” Dawn moaned. “Please do not tease me!”

Once again, Dawn opened her eyes. She looked Cindy straight in the eye and then diverted her gaze to Cindy’s lips and back to her eyes. Cindy moved her head towards Dawn’s. Dawn closed her eyes and slightly parted her lips. As Cindy turned her head to connect in a soft kiss, Dawn moved her palm under the elastic of her panties. Her pussy was so hot and so wet, she would not help herself.

Cindy broke the kiss long enough to take off her shirt. She moved onto the couch so that she was now between Dawn’s legs. Her breasts were a firm “C” cup. Her nipples were smaller and darker than Dawn’s. A shot of electricity seemed to burn through Dawn’s body as their breasts rubbed on each other. Once again, they were lost in a long kiss. Once again, Cindy was the one to break the kiss.

She stood up, pulled a quilt off the back of the couch, and skillfully glided it to the floor. She took Dawn’s hand and led her to position herself on the quilt. Cindy pulled her panties off before she moved to the floor and assisted Dawn to do the same. The mixture of the alcohol, candles, music, massage, and lateness of the hour all blurred Dawn’s thought process. Cindy wadded up Dawn’s white panties and at the same time opened a drawer in the end table removing a 5½ inch long, penis-shaped vibrator.

“Can I show you want sex should be like baby?” Cindy whispered in Dawn’s ear.

It was a little too late to pull back. “Yes” purred Dawn. Once istanbul escort again they kissed as Cindy moved her hand to Dawn’s blond hair covered mound. She was surprised how wet Dawn was. She explored Dawn’s slit and masterfully found Dawn’s clit. It was somewhat larger than hers. She skillfully manipulated Dawn’s clit and labia. Within 5 minutes Dawn started to shake. She thrust her hips up and then from one said to the other. “Oh, baby, oh that is soooo good. I am cumming, I’m cumming.”

Dawn opened her blue eyes, to meet Cindy’s brown eyes. “Do you want more?” Cindy asked.

Dawn replied. “Oh god, yes!” Not knowing if she had actually formed the words or just thought them.

With that, Cindy moved until her face was between Dawn’s thighs. She kissed each thigh, and then came up and kissed Dawn’s tummy before returning to lick, suck, kiss, and nibble her way around Dawn’s pussy lips. Her dream was coming true. Real life was much better than her fantasy. No way had she ever imagined what a good taste her friend had. All too soon, Dawn had her hands on the back of Cindy’s head and guided herself to her second orgasm.

Cindy returned to Dawn’s mouth. Dawn opened her lips to allow Cindy’s love juice basted tongue explore her mouth. She sucked eagerly on Cindy’s flavored tongue for what seemed like an eternity.

“Do you want to see how big most guys’ cocks are?” Dawn gave Cindy a strange look as Cindy’s words came out. “I mean do you want to see a normal sized cock?” Cindy rephrased her question as she, not waiting for an answer, pulled out the six inch dildo.

“You mean?” Dawn said

“Yes, baby, most guys are around six inches. I don’t know what horse farm Mattie boy escaped from, but five to six inches is about average.” Cindy interrupted. “Do you want to feel a normal sized cock inside you?”

“Oh, yes, I need something inside me, my pussy aches.” Dawn confessed.

“Pull your legs up.” Cindy instructed.

A faint hum started as Cindy turned on the pink jelly vibrator. She rubbed it up and down Dawn’s crack a few times, turning as she moved the vibrator closer to Dawn’s tight wet hole. Slowly she moved the vibrator inside her friend.

“Oh, yes, oh my goodness, oh my god. I am going to cum!” Once again her body shuddered as she climaxed.

With this Cindy withdrew the purring phallus. Once again adjusted herself so that she was entwined with Dawn so their legs were interlocked like two “v’s” so she was able to rub her pussy into Dawn’s. Dawn moved her hips, grinding her clit into Cindy’s crotch, as Cindy did the same. Cindy came, and in the same instant so did Dawn. Once again Cindy moved and lay beside Dawn, kissing her.

“Let’s get to bed!” Cindy suggested.

“I don’t think I can walk.” Dawn giggled.

“I’ll help you.” Cindy offered.

With that the two women headed to Cindy’s queen sized bed. Still naked they both slipped between the covers.

“Are you ok?” Cindy asked.

“More than ok, I feel better than I have in a week. Sex is great with you Cindy, sex is great!” Dawn whispered.

“Who are you, what planet are you from, and what have you done with my roommate when you took over her body?” Cindy giggled.

“I have no idea who I am, were I am at, or what happened to your roommate. All I know is that I feel good and I love you.” Once again Dawn had closed her eyes and with those last words she slipped into a deep sleep.

Cindy turned and gazed upon her sleeping ex-roommate. “I love you too baby!” She whispered to Dawn’s sleeping form as she moved her fingers to her own pussy and masturbated herself to sleep.

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