Day the Earth Moved

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The two construction workers worked quickly and efficiently, cleaning up for the evening around the construction site on the new house on the steep hillside overlooking the pounding surf on the rugged coast below. The two moved together, in fluid motion. They were having a boisterous and obscene conversation of what the two horny hunks planned to do to their girl friends that evening after a hard-working pay day. The day had been hot, and they were both stripped down to shorts and tool belts and heavy construction boots.

They were working together in a back room that was almost finished when the earthquake rumbled along the ridge and collapsed the framing of the new house in upon itself. As the walls of the house came in upon each other and the ceiling drooped down, the two construction workers were thrown against each in other in a small air pocket.

The lithe and wiry young blond’s cheek was flattened against the back wall, which still held, although he could hear the roaring of the surf dangerously close. his hands were flung out, his palms leveraging against the wall.

The olive-skinned older Italian, the cut and horse-hung bodybuilder with curly black hair in abundance, had been flung up against the blond’s back; his pelvis nestled up under the blond’s buttocks.

The two huddled closely together as they waited out the earthquake and its ever-weakening aftershocks, hoping that the walls of their prison would hold.

When all was quiet, the older man spoke: “Are you all right, Hal? Anything broken or hurting?”

“No, Mario, I seem to be in one piece, but you’ve got me pinned to the wall. Can you give me some slack?”

“I don’t think I can. I have something biting into my back behind Ankara escort me here.”

“Well, you have something pushing at me down here, you horny bastard.”

“Sorry, it must have been our talk and me thinking of how I was going to stick it to Cindy.”

The house shifted and the two felt it totter toward the churning water below.

“God, hold on Mario! Can the house possibly hold? Are we gonna die in here?”

The dark hunk’s massive chest was heaving between the blond guy’s shoulder blades from fear for their predicament and his arms had wrapped around the blond guy’s chest, his hands were buried in the pecs of the younger man. He couldn’t help it; he was still horny from their earlier conversation, and his cock was engorging and pushing between the younger man’s butt cleavage.

“You know, Hal,” his said, his voice shaking, “This could be it for us. These could be our last moments.” one of his hands slowly slid down the blond’s abs and belly and went under the waist of his short and settled on the blond’s cock, which responded immediately.

“Yes, I know, Mario. But what are you doing. Stop—”

But Mario didn’t stop. He buried his face in the hollow of Hal’s neck and kissed and sucked at him there. He stroked Hal’s cock and fingered the bulbous nob at the end until Hal stopped fighting him and started moving his pelvis rhythmically with Mario’s stroking.

Mario brought his left hand down, ran it under the rim of Hal’s shorts and briefs, and pulled them down to below his butt. Then he pulled his own shorts and briefs down. He brought his hand up, spit on it a couple of times, and rubbed the saliva into and around Hal’s asshole. More spit into his own hand and he rubbed that into the Ankara escort bayan precum that was already bubbling out of his horse-hung cock. He placed the head of the cock at the asshole and just let it find it’s own way in, slowly at first, with a lot of objection and huffing and puffing from Hal.

But, as Hal shot off his own load down the unfinished wall board, he arched his back, lifting his pelvis against Mario, giving him wider entry. Mario’s eight inches slid up into Hal, and, hands on the younger man’s hips, he started pumping the blond deep. The tools in their belts clanked a tune as they swayed back and forth and clashed against each other.

The two moved together, in fluid motion. Hal’s objections and pants and huffs had slowly changed into sighs and moans and dirty talk of being plowed deep and loving it.

At first Mario just saw this as a relief of the stress of the moment. But as the helmet of his cock was grabbed by Hal’s sphincter and drawn in, Mario began to think this was almost as good as fucking Cindy. The head of his cock rubbed against Hal’s prostate and the younger man shuddered and moaned. Mario’s hands went to Hal’s flat, hard belly and followed the hard line up his abs and to his chest, curved but flat, clefted but hard, nipples standing out taut, leaping to attention at Mari’s touch. Mario, the bodybuilder, the worshiper of hard bodies, realized that this body of Hal’s was even more of a turn on than the soft curves and flopping breasts of Cindy. His hands traveled down to Hal’s small waist and hollowed hips and rounded, but solid butt cheeks. Down to those hard, heavily muscled thighs. His cock leapt with joy at the new-found excitement of the swaying of the hard, musk-smelling Escort Ankara body under his command, responding to him as Cindy rarely did, and realized that this, in fact, was a whole lot sexier than fucking Cindy. Hal’s ass was tighter than either Cindy’s cunt or ass, and his strong canal muscles expanded and contracted, sending Mario into ecstasy and lengthening him as Cindy had never done.

Hal responded to the ever-deepening plowing and pumping by turning his face to Mario’s and going into a deep, moan-filled kiss. Although he and Sue had engaged in dildo play many times before, nothing had gone to the center of him and filled him and stretched him and stirred his senses of desire as did this churning monster cock of Mario’s. He got his hands down and behind Mario and dug them into his ravisher’s butt cheeks, holding him in, willing him to plow even deeper, wanting to feel his hot cum fountaining up into his stomach.

Through their panting and moaning, they heard voices and the sound of wood being thrown aside.

“I think they’re coming for us. I think they’ve found us,” Hal moaned.

“And I think I’m cumming too,” Mario muttered through clinched teeth. And he did just that, shooting off inside Hal in heavy and deep spasms of cum. Cindy’s loss. He didn’t think he’d be up to “porking” her tonight. But this had been a whole new, rock-busting experience. He now thought he could get it up for a hottie like Hal tonight before he could for Cindy.

The two pulled their shorts up and adjusted their positions as best they could. The sounds of rescue came closer.

“We’ll not mention this to the other guys, I don’t think,” Mario whispered to Hal.

“No, for sure not,” Hal answered.

“But I won’t forget this,” Mario said.

There was a moment of silence.

“Want to go get a beer after we clean up?” Hal tossed out.

“Sure. And then I’ll call Cindy to cancel tonight and maybe you could call Sue.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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