Debauchery of Young House Wife Ch. 03

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Asha had been successful in hiding the love bites she had received during her fuck-session with Mini and Sushil. Her husband Rajesh was inwardly glad that Asha had not wanted sex for a couple of days. He was totally ignorant of the ravaging his wife had received at the hands of his cousin Sushil. However, Asha noticed the difference in the behaviour of her father-in-law and her maid towards her. Her father-in-law had become bolder and at the slightest pretext would brush his hands against her bum, breasts, arms. Asha felt insecure in his company now, and tried to avoid him as much as she could.

Now whenever he wanted to play cards or be near her she would find some excuse or the other and avoid him. This incensed the old man, he had seen how thoroughly fucked she had looked , the evening she had come in somebody else’s clothes, and wanted to fuck her too. The maid had started demanding favours of Asha, it had begun with small things like use of her lipstick, perfume, some money for a movie on her day off, but Asha was aware that she could demand bigger things and then what should she do. Asha felt very guilty of her sexual tryst with Mini and Sushil. She did not blame them, for they had only taken advantage of her sexual weakness , she had been a willing and wanting partner.

She was happy that Mini had not called her as promised, since she wanted to avoid her due to her sheer embarrassment. She felt fully satisfied with the fucking she had received but had resolved to never repeat such a dangerous game again. He had no protection on , and she was scared that he may have impregnated her, after, all the semen Sushil had pumped inside her. The thought of their wild fuck session would send Asha’s juices flowing. Asha had loved the taste of cock, the act of sucking a prick, licking and feeling a man’s balls greatly excited her. She had tasted two magnificent pricks, Raju’s and Sushil’s. Asha was very happy, having been fucked silly, her mood had lightened considerably and the feeling of frustration gone.

She took extra care in looking after her husband. She thought of repeating such a fuck-session , but with her husband. Her husband Rajesh was shy in these matters, however Asha resolved to enhance their sex life by helping him to be more adventurous. She started questioning Rajesh a lot to tell her all his past sexual escapades with his girlfriends. Rajesh had had no girlfriends and seemed reluctant to talk. On cajoling him, Asha found out that he had been to whores before marriage and other than that, had no sexual experience. She also found out that he had thoroughly enjoyed fucking whores.

Asha asked him if he could fuck her while fantasising about her as a whore and not his wife. He said he could not. Asha replied leave it to me. She cajoled him to accept this idea. It will be fun, I promise, she said. That evening when Rajesh returned home in the evening, he found Asha in the bedroom looking like a whore. She had dressed in the thin-strap short dress of Mini’s sans bra or panties. She had overdone her make-up and put on a bright red lipstick. She wore 6 inch stilettos and had sprayed perfume all over her body. She spoke to him while saying, “Cost you 1 grand for a blowjob, 5 if you want to put it in, 10 if you want to stick it in my arse and 20 if you want to me to stay bursa escort bayanlar all night”. Rajesh was flabbergasted and speechless.

Asha went on ” I haven’t got all day, what’s your answer, I can take my business elsewhere”. Rajesh was still speechless. Asha now switched to Hindi and said ” hazar rupaih moo me lanee ko, panch hazar choot me dalene ko, dus hazar gand me ghusane ke liye aur bees hazar raat bhar chodne ke liye, kya bolta tu”. (thousand for sucking, five thousand for straight sex, ten thousand for anal, n in twenty thousand u can fuck me all night) On hearing such talk from his prim-n-proper wife, Rajesh got very horny. He immediately grabbed her to kiss her. ” Nahe nahe, mera chumma nahi lena, me chumma nahe dehti”, ( don’t kiss me…) saying this Asha got free of him. ” Paile paise do phir maza looto”.” (first money, then do wht u want) Asha please I want to fuck you now” said Rajesh.

But Asha would not relent. Seeing her stubbornness, Rajesh opened his cupboard, took out 20 grand and slapped Asha’s face with it saying ” Randi ye ley thera dam, ab tu meri sari raat ke liye”. (whore, take it…u r mine for whole night now) Asha started unzipping his pants and soon freed his semi-erect prick. Before Rajesh could realize, Asha had taken his prick in her mouth and was busy sucking it, at the same time she was feeling and massaging his balls. Seeing his pretty wife with a cock in her mouth, Rajesh got very excited and could not control himself. He ejaculated in her mouth and soon went limp. Asha had only just begun, seeing her husband’s shrivelled cock she was disappointed at him coming so soon again.

She resorted to removing his clothes and nibbling, kissing and biting him all over. This went on for some time, Rajesh then pushed her aside and went for a shower. Coming out he had changed into a kurta n pyjama and wanted dinner. Asha called the maid and asked her to bring their food in the room today. The maid seeing Asha in that short dress again smiled knowingly at her. That night for the first time since returning from their honeymoon, Rajesh and Asha had dinner by themselves in their bedroom. Asha was feeling very horny, her cunt juices were flowing, her nipples prominently swollen.

The idea of wearing this dress of Mini’s again was making her feel sexy. Rajesh noticed the change in his wife. While he ate he reflected on this. He asked her if she felt dirty sucking his cock. On the contrary said Asha, I loved it. Rajesh thought, how could such a pretty and neat person resort to sucking his prick. Had she done it before? This thought kept playing on his mind. He outright asked her if she had experienced this before marriage. Asha blushed and promptly lied by replying ” You think I was sucking cocks before I met you, you bastard”. Rajesh, satisfied with her answer, did not probe any further.

After dinner, they watched TV for some time and then got into bed at each other again. Asha played with his balls and prick, while Rajesh was hungrily at her breasts. Asha started sucking his prick again, but try as long as she did, it would not get fully erect again. Finally she gave up and they both slept the night away. Rajesh slept soundly, while Asha tossed and turned in frustration. She had received no satisfaction. bayan sarisin escort bursa The fact of the matter being that since their honeymoon, she had not reached an orgasm with Rajesh. He came too quickly and then could not get it up again.

As the days passed, Asha resorted to masturbation in the mornings to relieve her sexual frustration. But as further days passed, this too did not help especially having experienced such a thrilling and fulfilling sexual activity with Sushil and Mini. She yearned for it again, but Sushil was away and Mini had not called her. She did not have her number or address. It was at this juncture, when Asha was most vulnerable that she got exploited again into something she would otherwise have never indulged in.

Asha became very edgy and irritable. The maid noticed this and being a woman herself knew that Asha was in need of a good fuck. One day in the morning after Rajesh had left, the maid came into her room and asked Asha if she needed a body massage before having her bath. She added that her previous memsaab used to get massaged often by her before bathing. On hearing this Asha agreed to give it a try. The maid who was named Veena asked her to lie face down on the bed and she would heat some oil and get the towels. On returning, Veena saw Asha lying face down with her nightgown and night on. She told Asha to remove them as the oil would spoil them, and she would too. Asha had no undergarments on and went to the bathroom and changed into a bra and panty only.

Asha had indulged in fantasises about the maid Veena while masturbating at times and she felt excited at the thought of being massaged by her. On returning to the bedroom, she found that Veena too had stripped down to her bra and panty. She saw Veena had pretty lace bras and panties on and Asha realized they were imported. In her mind she thought that these were definitely stolen from her previous job. Veena was a small breasted, dark-skinned petite girl. Veena too eyed Asha in her undergarments, especially her heavy breasts that threatened to spill out of her bra.

On seeing Veena stare at her, Asha blushed and lay down on her stomach in bed. Veena began on applying oil to Asha’s shoulders and massaging them. She complimented Asha on her flawless fair skin . She then unstrapped Asha’s bra from behind and started working on her back.

Asha felt real good at this womans touch and both of them chatted on , with Veena saying that none of her earlier memsaabs had such a lovely skin and figure. With both of them feeling horny the talk soon turned towards sex. Veena ventured with saying that the new chokra cook they had recently employed was a harami.

By now Veena was working on Asha’s thighs and could sense her memsaab getting horny, by her sighs and little moans as her thumbs brushed her cuntlips while stroking her inner thighs. Veena could see that Asha’s panties were getting soaked. ” Harami! What do you mean by that” asked Asha. Veena asked her to turn around, which Asha readily did not realizing that her bra was off. Veena saw Asha’s heavy breasts with her nipples swollen now.

She answered in a husky voice as she too was getting turned on. “Wo chokra bus nam ka chokra hai, par asli me bahut bada hai”.(he just looks like bursa evi olan eskort a kid…otherwise he is a complete man) ” Kya mutlab tumhara” (wht do u mean) said Asha, “Usne kya tumhe cheda hai”.(have he fucked u) Veena had engrossed Asha in her talk and was now freely applying oils and massaging her breasts and nipples. Asha was truly turned on by now and was more vocal in her sighing and moaning.

Veena continued ” memsaab uska khambe jaisa hai, mota aur lumba”.(madam, he is very big….thick n long) On hearing this Asha immediately remembered that chokra Raju and Raju’s massive prick. She let out a moan and said ” UUNHH AANNH KHAMBA UURN KYA HAI KHAMBA UUNNHH BOLO NA AANH”. Veena now clasped Asha’s panties and started pulling them off. Asha raised her buttocks so as to help Veena in taking them off.

Veena saw that Asha’s panties were thoroughly soaked and that her cunt-lips were engorged. She saw the lust in Asha’s eyes and could not control herself. She got down to taste Asha’s juices. On feeling Veena’s lips and tongue fingering her cunt Asha could no longer hold back she let out a wail as she came to a shuddering orgasm. Now Veena quickly removed her own undergarments and came over Asha, grinding her cunt on Asha’s mouth. Asha started sucking her cunt juices and flicking her clitoris with the rapid movements of her tongue. Meanwhile Veena had pushed her tongue deep into Asha’s cunt and was tongue fucking her. Both the women soon came to another climax.

Asha wanted to know more about the harami chokra cook. Veena said she would talk about it only if Asha allowed her to have a bath together in the warm tub. Asha agreed and soon both the women were in the tub lathering each others naked bodies. Veena couldn’t get enough of Asha’s breasts and continued playing with them while narrating her experience with the chokra boy. She told Asha that one night she had gone to his quarters to give him his bedding, since he had just joined that day.

She saw him masturbating and was transfixed at the sight of his prick. While fingering Asha’s clitoris under the water, she mentioned how wet she had got seeing him masturbating. Asha was moaning with desire imagining the prick. The chokra saw Veena and roughly caught hold of her. “Bus memsaab, usne kuch pucha nahen, mera hath uske khambe per rakh diya”. She then went on to narrate the screwing she received at the mercy of his prick. Asha had another orgasm on hearing the tale.

Veena concluded by saying ” Memsaab wo bahut harami hai, wo kehta hai ki usne kai memsaab aur aaya logon ko choda hai”. (madam he is very bastard, he says tht he has fucked many ladies) On hearing this talk Asha could feel herself getting wetter n wetter, Veena’s fingering and biting of her breasts were carrying on while narrating. ” Memsaab, ap bach ke rehna, wo kehta hai ki ap mast maal ho aur apko chodne me bahut mazza aiyga”.(madam….keep urself away frm him…he says tht u r such a beauty whom i can fuck day n night) Asha moaned ” AARRGGN UUNNGGH MUJJJEE CHOODDEEE GGAAA AANNGGHH, AARRRHHNNN. OOHHGGOOODDDDD AAAEEENNN “. (aarrggn uunnggh hheee willll fucckkk mmmmeee..aanngghh aarrrnnnnn oohhhggoooddddd aaeeennnn) She came to a shattering orgasm.

Asha had enjoyed her maid and vica versa. For once she did not feel guilty. She however felt a pang of jealousy, considering that the maid was regularly getting fucked by the chokra , while she being a memsaab had no sexual fulfilment.

More of Asha’s path to debauchery next time. How she is seduced by the chokra boy and her further exploitation at the hands of others. Please email your comments I look forward to hearing from you.

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