Decisions Ch. 04

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“Although the scene and characters in this story are still in high school they are all 18 years or older.”


Jill stopped at the end of the driveway. “Maybe I should go back and let Rob take me home. It is late and dark. No, I don’t want to see him right now, maybe not for a long while.” With that she started down the street toward home, about three blocks away.

Unbeknownst to Jill, Enrique and his gang were sitting around the corner. They had been out cruising and just happened to see her come out of the house. As she started down the street they went down another street so they could get behind her. When they were in position Burl and Ken got out of the car silently approaching her from behind.

Suddenly she felt strong hands on her and a cloth was forced over her nose and mouth. It only took a few seconds for the chloroform to render her unconscious. Her body went limp in the arms of her unseen attackers. At that moment a car came alongside with the rear door opening to enable Ken and Burl to get in with their captive.

“It looks like we have fresh pussy! I do believe we are going to see how this bitch likes to get drilled by a Mexican cock,” gloated Enrique.

“Where to boss?” asked Chuck who was driving.

“To the Barn,” Enrique replied. His uncle had a farm on the outskirts of town. There was a barn on the far reaches of the property that had not been used for years once his uncle cut back on farming the land himself. He told Enrique he and his friends could use it for their activities.

“Damn is that nice!” came from the rear.

“Ken and Burl you can feel the broad up but no more. You all will get a crack at her. And, I do believe, she will enjoy the experience. Especially after fucking that loser she is dating.” You can feel her up but only through her clothes.”

“Aw boss!’ said Ken, “We want to see her tits and cunt.”

“All in due time boys, we all will see her in her birthday suit!”

Rob had second thoughts about letting Jill walk home at this hour. “I am going to find Jill and see she gets home safe,” he told Kurt and Joan. He saw they we playing with each other’s bodies as he spoke.

Rob got in his van, but as he backed out of the driveway and turned to go down the street, his headlights picked out something on the sidewalk. He stopped and got out to look with a feeling of foreboding. His fears were confirmed when he found one of Jill’s shoes.

“That fucking Enrique!” he yelled and ran back to the house.

“What’s wrong!” asked Kurt and Joan when he came rushing in. They we still on the floor, as naked as they were when he left, although Joan put her hand down to cover her pussy.

“Jill has been kidnapped, probably by that sleaze ball Enrique and his gang. Kurt call John and see where they hang out, Joan, you call the linemen and I will call the rest of the offense. Only call two and ask them to call the others. We will meet at the Burger Barn in a half an hour.”

Enrique and his gang arrived at the Barn. Burl and Ken carried the still unconscious Jill into the facility.

“Oh goody!” exclaimed Monica, “Finally some pussy to lick. I am tired of constantly sucking on cock.”

“What do you want us to do with her?” asked Bayan Escort Burl.

“Just lay her on the floor for a minute. Ken, come with me.” Enrique led him over to a corner and pulled a tarp off an object. “Help me get this out in the center of the room.”

“Now strip the bitch down to her underwear, no farther,” ordered Enrique. This was done rapidly with dispatch. “Monica, pull her bra straps off her shoulders.”

When all the preparations had been made, he ordered her placed in the apparatus they had brought out. Enrique then directed Chuck to revive Jill with a dose of smelling salts. After a few minutes she started coughing and her eyes opened.

When her senses returned, she admonished Enrique. “You bastard! Let me go! Now!” she screamed.

Jill tried to move her limbs and discovered she couldn’t move. That is when she saw she was fastened into a rack like device. Now she started to get worried. Her wrists and ankles were fastened to the inside frame with a strap around her midriff which minimized any movement.

“OK, you’ve had your fun. Now get me out of this thing, give me my clothes and let me go.”

“Quite the contrary,” stated Enrique, “remove her bra, Monica. She went around behind Jill and released the hooks.

Jill’s bra fell to the floor exposing her breasts to the gang.

“Oh No!” Jill thought. “I am really in trouble!”

“Look at those knockers!” exclaimed Chuck as Enrique stepped up and took a breast in each hand. He started massaging them paying particular attention to her nipples and then roughly squeezed them drawing a cry from Jill.

“Everyone gets a feel now, but make it snappy, “Enrique said. The rest of the gang took turns massaging her breasts with the other guys being gentle compared to Enrique’s brutality. However, Monica was rougher than Enrique had been which brought tears to her eyes.

Enrique stepped forward and took each nipple in his mouth and sucked and licked with his tongue. The rest followed in turn. Jill was ashamed as her body began responding to the filthy animals.

When Monica had finished her ministrations, which were the best, thought Jill, Enrique appeared. He raised his hand, there was a click and the blade from a switchblade popped out. She really got scared when he placed the blade on her left breast, just under the nipple.

“I can really mess up your life, so don’t do anything stupid,” he said as he slowly slid the knife around the nipple. His touch was soft so no damage was done.

“It tickles though,” she thought, “how I am going to be a threat tied up like this.”

Enrique moved the knife down to the side of her bikini panties, slipped the blade under the fabric, cut the strip and her panties fell away leaving her completely exposed to everyone. Jill was mortified. Other than Kurt earlier this evening she had been seen naked by no other man but Rob.

“Look at that beaver!” Bobby said.

Jill was surprised when Enrique released a lever whereby her body was turned to the horizontal facing the ceiling. Another lever moved her to a higher level. And yet another pulled her legs completely apart causing her pussy to open up giving everyone an unobstructed view. Another adjustment was made and her pussy was elevated and her head lowered slightly. This put her pussy in position to be licked. Enrique did the honors followed by the rest of the gang. Monica spent as much time as all others combined. Jill was panting by the time they were done. Enrique then stepped between her legs slipping a finger into her.

“I’ll be damned!” he exclaimed, “This cunt is still a virgin!”

Jill was then rotated 180 degrees where her breasts pointed toward the floor (She was then slightly inclined where her head was above her feet).A few seconds later she saw all the guys were naked. Enrique approached her with a dildo in his hand. He made another adjustment to the apparatus which bent her legs at the knees as though she was kneeling. He went behind her spread her lips and slipped the object into her vagina. “Bitch you are going to give us all complete blow jobs. If you try to bite our dicks, Monica will take your virginity with that piece of plastic. You are going to lose it tonight, the only question is how.”

Enrique came around with his cock inches from Jill’s face. She knew what was about to happen and tears came to her eyes. He pushed the tip against her lips and when she didn’t open Monica wiggled the dildo in her pussy causing her to open up and take him in. It didn’t take long for him to come and Chuck took his place, then others followed.

Meanwhile, Rob met the team in the Burger Barn parking lot. John told them about the barn and gave them directions to it. “There are nine of us, so let’s take three separate cars. I appreciate you guys coming out on such short notice, but that bastard has my girlfriend and will do nasty things to her unless we get there quickly.”

“Shouldn’t we call the police?” John asked.

“I will, once we are at the place. As we have no direct evidence they are actually there, or that, in fact they are Jill’s kidnappers, I think the police will take too long in acting. Also, I want to teach Enrique a lesson he will never forget. Let’s roll. Joan, you take my car back to the house and wait for us there,” Rob said as he tossed her his car keys.

At that the small caravan headed out to rescue Jill.

Jill was working on the last blowjob and glad for it as her jaw and mouth were becoming quite sore. It didn’t help that the cock she was servicing was Ken’s. When he came to her she reacted adversely as she didn’t want to suck a black cock. This was partially due to her parent’s attitude toward black people. She almost lost her virginity to the dildo, but took him in and started sucking. He was by far the biggest of the guys. This stretched her sore mouth even further. He finally came and withdrew with his cum added to the others.

“OK, bitch. Now you are going to lose you virginity to a Mexican cock.”

“Wait a minute, I haven’t had my turn yet!” said Monica. “You better keep that fake dick in her for a while because I don’t think she has ever tasted good pussy.”

Jill could not believe her ears. Her brain screamed, “Good girls don’t do that!” Monica walked around front and put her pussy close to Jill’s face. “Now you are going to learn to eat pussy, remember what I did earlier? You are going to return the favor. Ken and Burl, please come here and lift me up so she can eat me real good.”

The two goons came over. They lifted Monica up with their hands under her shoulders and thighs. They spread her thighs so Jill would be unobstructed and lifted Monica’s pussy to Jill’s mouth. She was repulsed, but felt Enrique pushing the dildo deeper so she started licking. Monica gave her instructions as to what she wanted and soon Jill was lapping Monica’s cum juices.

“This wasn’t so bad,” Jill thought. Under different circumstances, I think I might have actually enjoyed it.”

Her thoughts were interrupted by movement of the dildo out of her pussy. She felt spasms in her hole from the time it had been in there. Enrique again turned her body over so she was facing the ceiling, straightened her legs somewhat and increased the spread.

“I want to see the look in your eyes when I pop your cherry, bitch! Now you are going to get fucked by a Mexican cock and I hope you are not on birth control so you will have a bebé mexicano poco.” With that she felt his hand opening her lips and the tip of his dick at the mouth of her cunt. Jill started to cry when she felt the cock entering her and knew nothing would save her virginity now.

Suddenly the door exploded inward and there was a rush of bodies with a lot of shouting. She felt Enrique withdrawing for the fatal plunge when suddenly his cock was no longer there. She heard grunts, cursing and blows but couldn’t see what was happening as most of the action was outside her view. When quiet was restored she was worried, but then she heard Rob’s voice.

“Everything is OK now honey,” he said as he came into her view. She started crying harder than she had all night. “Kurt, let’s get this contraption stood up so we can get her out of it without killing her. They got the rack they got the rack flipped over and laid down so that they could unfasten the restraints. Jill fell into Rob’s arms. “You are safe now baby. I will never allow anything like this to happen to you again.” Rob stated with conviction.”That bastard will never hurt you or any other girl again. I made sure of that when I smashed his balls.” Rob hugged her close to him and let her release her tears of relief.

“Here are her clothes, but her panties look like they were cut off so she will have to go without unless she wants to wear the other girl’s.”

“Definitely not,” Jill spat, “I will go commando.” Kurt handed her bra to her, but she decided not wear it either, “My breasts are extremely tender from all the pinching, biting and squeezing these scum did tonight. Just give me my dress.” Just as she got her dress on, the police arrived.

They answered all the questions posed by the police. Then partially demonstrated how the apparatus worked. Jill explained how she was strapped in the apparatus. A policewoman took Jill to the hospital for examination. Pictures were taken of her wounds and abrasions with Jill’s consent. The lady officer told her that the gang would be out of commission for a very long time based on the evidence. She also praised the boys for their actions, but admonished them, telling them that it had been foolhardy to go chasing after the gang without help. She did grudgingly agree that the police would have been too late to prevent more harm to Jill.


To be continued…

Thanks to Destiny Parker for editorial assistance.

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