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I’m Dee Richards and I’m a mobile nail technician trading under the name of “Dee-Lightful Nails”. Simply put that means that I call on clients in their own homes to give manicures and pedicures, mainly cosmetic but occasionally therapeutic as well. This is the story of a call to one of the latter.

Lara Robinson came from a newly wealthy family, the rich daughter of a successful entrepreneur and property developer, who had married into what is commonly known as ‘the old money’ – although in the case of Christopher Robinson that money was mostly conspicuous by its absence. Lara had been in her early thirties and he about eight years older when they had married some six years previously. But then, only a few months after the wedding, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and spent the next three years fighting for her life. She was now in long term remission with good prospects of being declared completely clear. But the disease had taken its toll and had left her unable to bear children, and that was something that Christopher found unforgivable and for which he would divorce her if he thought he could afford to. She had also lost weight, her dark brown hair had become well peppered with grey though she was not yet forty and her nails had become weak and yellowed from the effects of chemotherapy. That’s where I came in, calling once a fortnight to cut, shape and file her nails, then to whiten them and apply a coat of strengthening lacquer

The Robinsons lived in an old Regency manor house that Lara’s money had bought but which Christopher had chosen because he believed it suited his ‘status’. It was tucked away at the end of country lane and, with Lara’s agreement, I had made it the last call of the day simply because the quiet, sedate drive there was a good way to unwind after rushing around all day. So it was early evening when I pulled through the ivy covered gateway into the manor house yard.

I parked my more modest wheels beside Lara’s current model Audi convertible, and then frowned as I saw damage to the front of that beautiful car. It had clearly been involved in some sort of incident and my immediate thought was for Lara, not just as a client but as someone I liked as a person. I hauled my battered equipment case from my back seat and set off hurriedly across the gravel for the door.

Lara was longer answering the door than usual and when she did she was wearing a loose fitting blue kimono rather than her normally elegant attire. The reason was immediately obvious because she was also wearing a high surgical collar and had her right arm in a cast. The cast was bent at the elbow to hold her arm awkwardly at right angles and the collar prevented her from looking anywhere but straight ahead. Combine that with a few yellowing bruises and several stitches over one eyebrow and Lara presented a personification of the walking wounded. In other circumstances I would have been hard put not to smile, but to see the tall, elegant woman in such a state could only evoke genuine sympathy.

‘What happened to you?’

‘Would you like the condensed or the full version?’ Lara smiled ruefully as she held open the door for me to enter.

‘Condensed will do for now. You can tell me the rest as I do your nails.’

‘Condensed is simple. I tried to park the car in a tree. Don’t try it yourself Dee, it doesn’t work.’

I followed Lara through into the kitchen, wondering what had actually happened.

‘How? I mean why? Here let me do that.’

Lara was struggling to fill a kettle for their usual pre-manicure coffee so this time I took it and did the job for her.

‘It makes a change for me to make the coffee.’ I commented, trying to make small talk.

‘Just so long as you don’t add it to my bill.’ Lara smiled.

‘I’ll only charge you for your nails, anything else is gratis.’ I promised.

I looked over my shoulder as I spooned creamer into the two mugs, feeling a wave of sympathy for the Lara I saw sitting awkwardly at the kitchen table, fidgeting as if she couldn’t find a comfortable way to sit. After all she had been through health wise this seemed so unfair. But then, I reminded myself, I didn’t know the full story yet.

The explanation that came over coffee did nothing to lessen my sympathy, in fact quite the reverse. Lara had been tipped off that her husband was seeing someone else and she decided to confront him. Far from denying it Christopher had readily admitted the fact and a full scale row had developed that ended when he threw her sterility at her, stating that a son and heir had to be got from somewhere, and if she couldn’t…? He had let the question hang and Lara had fled the house sobbing.

She had jumped into her car and driven away, anywhere, just away. Unfortunately negotiating country lanes at speed with a mind full of betrayal and eyes full of tears could only end one way, and it did. The worst of it was that as she sat in the crashed car waiting for the emergency services to arrive, her husband’s Range Rover had come along the same road, slowed when he saw the wreck, and then sped away without stopping. Lara could easily have been bleeding to death for all he knew, but that bursa escort bayan would not have made the slightest difference to Christopher except to offer him an easy way to be rid of her. She had not heard from him since and she assumed he had gone to stay with his mistress until he found out how Lara had fared.

‘What are you going to do now?’ I asked, lifting my case onto the table to begin my real function.

‘Well.’ She began with a twinkle in her eye. ‘I can either repair the car and scrap the marriage, or repair the marriage and scrap the car.’ She wriggled uncomfortably before continuing. ‘It’s not nice to see your so-called soul mate drive straight past when you need him most, and anyway I quite like that car. I guess I’ve been too much of a doormat and he’s got used to getting away with almost anything.’

‘Repair the car.’ I advised her. ‘Don’t let him get away with this.’

‘I think I’ve already made that decision, I’ve just got to tell myself.’

I took Lara’s plastered arm, laid the hand on a rolled up towel as gently as I could and took a cotton bud to clean the old varnish from her nails. ‘How long have you got to wear this plaster?’ I asked as I worked.

‘I’ve cracked a bone in my elbow and they reckon it’ll be a few weeks, but, oh boy, will I be glad to see it gone.’

‘And the collar?’ In a way I was just making polite conversation, but I’ll admit to being curious as well. In any case Lara was part client, part friend and I was genuinely concerned.

‘That’s not so bad, just a touch of whiplash so I should be rid of that next week, I bloody well hope.’

‘Must make life awkward.’ I remarked.

‘Does now I’m on my own. That’s why I’m wearing this.’ She indicated her kimono. ‘Getting dressed is such a problem.’

‘Oh well, look on the bright side. At least you didn’t break a nail.’

‘Trust you.’ Lara giggled and then continued more seriously. ‘Thanks Dee, you can always make me smile. I look forward to your visits, you know.’

I didn’t know and it made me feel good to be told. I squeezed Lara’s fingers and smiled back. ‘I’m glad, I see you as a friend as well as a customer.’

I released Lara’s hand and reached for the other, noticing her pull a face as she shifted her position to comply.

‘Hurting?’ I asked sympathetically.

‘No, not hurting.’ She shuffled in her seat, frowning slightly. ‘Just a bit uncomfortable.’

‘I’m sorry. Would it be better another way?’

‘No, I’m all right. Just ignore me.’

I cleaned off the second hand and then put a stool beside me, ready to begin on her toes. This time she actually winced as she turned to face me and raise her first foot. Clearly something was wrong, but then I saw a large scab on her knee and I took that to be the cause of her discomfort.

‘Is that what’s hurting?’ I asked, anxious to find a way to minimise the problem.

‘No, that’s just a bit stiff.’ She smiled shyly. ‘It’s nothing really, Dee.’

I didn’t push it, I just carried on with my work, trying not to move the foot any more than I could help, and I was extra careful when I changed feet. That seemed to pay off, because Lara showed hardly any sign of discomfort as I lowered one and raised the other. But then, a few minutes later, she was wriggling her bottom discreetly in her seat, and I just had to ask.

‘What’s up, have you got a feather in your pants?’ I asked jokingly.

‘I might as well have.’ Lara replied. ‘Sorry Dee, I just can’t get comfortable, it’s nothing really.’

‘Yes it is.’ I insisted. ‘What’s the problem?’

‘It’s embarrassing.’ She looked as if she wanted to say more, but she stopped short.

‘And so?’ I prompted.

‘If I tell you, will you promise not to laugh?’

‘I promise.’ I told her. ‘You’ve sparked my curiosity now.’

‘Really promise?’ I nodded and Lara continued, apparently satisfied. ‘It’s just that I usually shave, you know….’ She pointed towards her crotch, her face reddening. ‘Down there. And I was overdue for one when this all happened.’

She looked at me as if checking for laughter.

‘Now I’m well overdue and I can’t see to do it with this collar on. I’m all bristly, and it’s itching like hell. I’ve been sitting with my legs open, but I can’t do that in company.’

She looked so embarrassed that I couldn’t quite suppress a smile, but I knew that for this normally rather reserved woman the admission must have come at a price.

‘Lara, it’s your home. You must sit however you feel comfortable, I won’t mind.’

‘I can’t.’ She stated flatly. ‘I don’t have any underwear on.’

‘Don’t be silly. You won’t show anything with that kimono on, and even if you did, you’ve only got the same as I’ve got.’

Lara looked relieved as she let her knees drift apart, adjusting her kimono to cover herself at the same time. But from my position bent over her foot I got a very quick glimpse of her unshaven pubes and my heart went out to her. I shave my own pubes and I know what it’s like if they’re allowed to grow back. Perhaps that’s what triggered my next remark, spoken before I’d really thought about it.

‘When I’ve görükle escort done your nails, would you like me to shave it for you?’

Lara looked shocked, and for a moment I thought she was offended, but then her expression softened.

‘No, it’s all right, but thank you for the offer, I do appreciate it. I’ll be able to do it myself next week.’

‘And I can do it this week.’ I told her sternly. ‘Look, don’t be silly. We’re two women together and no one else will ever know.’

She hesitated, dithering between shame and comfort.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t charge.’ I quipped, trying to lift the conversation. ‘And I know what I’m doing, I shave mine as well.’

She still hesitated for what seemed like forever, but then she suddenly gave a quick smile and nodded, decision made. ‘Then yes. It would be a great help, thank you.’

She paused and then added. ‘I don’t suppose I could impose on you to do these as well, could I?’ She indicated her armpits. ‘I can reach one, but with this damn cast on there’s no way I can reach the other.’

‘Yes, of course I can, as soon as I’ve finished here.’ I pointed to her toes.

The conversation returned to more mundane topics while I worked on her toenails, and then made another coffee for us both while the varnish dried. But then, when everything else was done and the coffee was finished I returned to that other subject.

‘Do you still want me to…?’ I let the question tail away, unexpectedly suffering from my own bout of awkwardness.

‘Oh, yes please. It’s driving me mad.’

I couldn’t back out after that heartfelt plea, so I pushed my own embarrassment to one side. ‘Where do you want to be? I mean where would be most comfortable for you?

She had to think about it for a moment or two, but then she made up her mind. ‘In the bedroom. If I can lie flat on my back it won’t bother the cast or the collar, if you’re sure you don’t mind, that is?’

‘Why should I mind?’

‘Because you’ll have to see a middle aged woman without her clothes on, and that can’t be a pretty sight for a young thing like you.’

‘Just before forty-o-clock is middle-aged now is it? I asked with a grin. ‘Don’t be silly, I’m removing unwanted body hair not judging a beauty contest. And even if I was I reckon you’d figure in the prizes somewhere.’

We made our way carefully up the stairs to Lara’s room, the small size of it surprising me until I thought about it.

‘Yes, we slept separately.’ Lara explained, seeing where my gaze was resting. ‘You won’t be surprised that he kicked me out into a guest room, will you? And in my own house too.’

‘I’m sorry Lara.’

‘Don’t be. I really didn’t mind sleeping alone when I thought he was doing the same, though I did get through a few batteries.’ She threw me a wry smile, looking for my understanding. ‘But I’ll tell you something. As soon as I get rid of this cast I’m moving back into the marital bed, and then look out world because I could do with some really hot sex.’

She paused.

‘I’m sorry Dee, I shouldn’t talk like that, I’m embarrassing you. But it’s just that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to have some real fun in bed.

‘You don’t have to be sorry.’ I assured her. ‘I know exactly how you feel. My so-called partner would sooner watch the telly most of the time.’

I helped Lara shed her kimono, trying as much as I could not to stare at her while she got used to my presence in her bedroom. She was perhaps a little bit on the skinny side due to her illness, but an awful lot of models would die for her figure, and her poise. She really was a beautiful woman regardless of what she had said about herself. In fact I was almost jealous of the pert little breasts I couldn’t help but peek at. What man, I thought, could turn his back on a woman like that? I spread a bath sheet on the bed to protect it and then turned away discreetly to hang her kimono in the wardrobe, listening to her climb onto the bed, gasping as she lowered herself carefully onto her back.

‘Ready?’ I asked.

‘Yes, so long as you’re sure you really don’t mind.’

‘Will you stop that? For the last time, I really don’t mind. Now, I guess I’ll find everything I need in the bathroom?’

‘You should do. Thank you Dee, you’re a friend.’

‘No problem.’

I couldn’t help but look at her quickly again as I headed for the connecting door and it was a lovely mental image of her on her back, naked and vulnerable, that I took with me into the bathroom. I tried to push it from my mind and busy myself collecting together the various things that I needed, but I was still very conscious of the woman who waited for me next door. There was something about her that made my task far more pleasurable than onerous.

I took the tray carrying everything I needed through to the bedroom and placed it on a side table and only then did I take a real look at Lara’s naked body. I don’t know why I’d been so careful not to openly gaze at her nakedness before, probably I didn’t want to embarrass her, or maybe I just didn’t want her to think there was an ulterior motive to my offer. Anyway, I did look now, and the first thing bursa escort bayan that caught my eye was a fading bruise across one breast and another beneath the other one, bruises that looked severe enough to still be tender.

‘Seatbelt.’ Lara explained succinctly, noticing my gaze. ‘You should have seen them the day after.’

‘Ouch. Sooner you than me.’

‘They tell me I was lucky not to break a rib or two.’

There was not a lot of padding on Lara’s torso and I could well imagine ribs cracking under the sudden tightening of her seatbelt. I winced to myself at the thought before I forced my mind back to the job in hand.

‘Right, shall we begin under your arms?’

‘Yes, and thank you, Dee.’

‘It’ll be my pleasure, Lara.’ I told her.

‘I think I’ll get more pleasure from what you’re doing to me than you will from doing it.’ Lara replied, and then threw her good hand over her mouth. ‘Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.’

We both laughed at the unintentional double-entrendre, and that served to lighten the mood and lift with any further embarrassment.

Her underarms were easily done, although the cast and collar both made things a little awkward. I tried to be careful not to touch Lara’s bruised breast as I worked on that side, but even so I caught her rather prominent nipple on a couple of occasions, once causing a tiny intake of breath.

‘Sorry, did I catch you?’

‘No, it’s all right. I’m just not used to anyone else touching me.’

I wasn’t quite so careful with the other, uninjured, side, finding an odd pleasure in making contact with the soft warm flesh. It occurred to me that she might think I was taking advantage in some way, but she didn’t object to my touch and I found myself becoming deliberately more adventurous, actually resting my hand on her breast briefly at one point. I looked at Lara’s face as I did it, wary of offending her, but her expression was entirely neutral and I was unable to read any response at all. There was nothing particularly erotic in my mind just then, only a sense of mischief and a silly devilish desire to see what I could get away with. It had not really registered with me at that point that I soon would, of necessity, be touching Lara far more intimately.

‘Thank you.’ Lara said as I finished that first part of my task, her voice carrying an unidentifiable something that I put down to embarrassment.

‘You’re more than welcome.’ I told her, meaning it.

She shuffled herself into a more comfortable position and then slowly lay back, easing herself down again before opening her legs wide for me, apparently now more at ease with me looking at her. I moved around the bed until I was in front of her and then, trying not to stare, I took a facecloth from my bowl of water and wrung it out.

‘This is hot.’ I warned, spreading the cloth out and then placing it firmly over Lara’s pussy, moulding it to her shape. It seemed strange feeling the soft contours of someone else’s pussy under my hand, but I didn’t feel as awkward about doing it as I thought I would.

The cloth was hot, intentionally just bearably so, and while I waited for the damp heat to help soften the bristles I unthinkingly rested my hands on Lara’s thighs. To my surprise she reached down and placed her hands over mine, interlinking our fingers. I looked up, surprised at her action, and she smiled affectionately, surprising me even more.

‘It feels good.’ She told me. ‘I hope it doesn’t bother you, doing that.’

‘Good.’ I smiled and lightly squeezed Lara’s fingers. ‘And it doesn’t bother me at all.’

It didn’t, and if truth be told I was finding it slightly wicked, exciting even. After a few minutes I quietly untangled our fingers, then took away the cloth and sprayed some shaving foam into my hand from a can on the tray. Then I began smoothing the foam over Lara’s skin, gently but thoroughly covering the entire area of her hair. It was an unfamiliar but not unpleasant sensation for my fingers to be moving over another woman’s pussy covered in soft moist foam. I wasn’t quite sure how Lara felt, for she closed her eyes almost as if trying to deny it was happening.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.’ I told her, wondering if she was scared of being cut.

A quick smile flitted across her face. ‘I know you won’t. It feels a bit too nice, that’s all.’

I smiled to myself at her reply and told myself I had to try and make it stay nice. I picked up a disposable razor, dipped it into the bowl of water and began to shave Lara’s pussy, lightly but firmly drawing the razor across her pubes and stripping away the offending stubble to leave beautifully smooth soft skin behind.

I worked steadily, rinsing the hair from the razor at intervals as I progressed around the sides of Lara’s labia. Drawing the skin tight for the razor, especially around the edges and just above her clitoris, brought me into closer contact with another woman’s pussy than I’d ever imagined I would be, but I was finding the whole thing giving me a strange thrill. I looked at Lara’s face, trying to read her reactions, but with her eyes still tightly shut it wasn’t easy. All I could be sure of was that there was no tightness in her features that would betray aversion and her breathing sounded as if she might even be getting a little bit turned on. For some reason that thought gave me an extra buzz, although I became a little worried that she might think I was trying to arouse her on purpose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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