Defiled: You

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This is the PART TWO of “Defiled: Me”

Please read it first, or you won’t know what’s going on!

Warning: This part focuses mostly on Tye’s internal struggles. It’s not a smut.

It depicts scenes of physical violence (fighting, beating).

The story is _NOT_ a standalone.



The moment I heard the knocking, I pushed Nick away, breaking our kiss. What was going on with me? Kissing this rude, obnoxious kid – so passionately like there was no tomorrow?

I opened the door, cussing under my breath.

Two of my friends, Martin and Joel, were standing there. Martin asked if I wanted to go with them to the arm wrestling contest that was being organized near the campus.

For some reason, I hesitated and glanced at Nick. His lips were swollen from our kisses, wet and seemed so… inviting.

He stared at me with a weird facial expression. So… not typical for him!? Something changed in him, I suddenly realized. There was something softer, more gentle, in the way he was looking at me. Had Jamie’s visit transformed his opinion about me?

Still, I had a hard time believing his mean character would ever change. Nick behaved like a model example of bitchy bottom, that should never be trusted. The moment I turned around he would probably jump on some other guys’ dicks, like Jamie did. Never trust a bitchy bottom!

“You should go, I need to study for the test anyway…” Nick muttered. He looked flushed and very confused.

Sure, sure. The bitch was confused now, but soon he will be back to his old self, and he will reject me just like Jamie did. Nothing’s gonna change. I was not gonna be fooled again. I learned my lesson well enough the first time.

So, I just nodded and went out with them because to be honest, I needed some time far from our toxic room.

While walking through campus, I felt a bit dazed, and had troubles with focusing on the conversation with Martin, who was speaking about the upcoming football game. I was sort of nodding and pretending I was listening, but my mind was in the vortex of pretty chaotic thoughts.

I still somewhat couldn’t believe that my ex-boyfriend Jamie actually showed up on campus. The fucking whore. The reason for my nightmares. And Nick literally scared him away! Scared! That’s right. So weird.

I would never have expected Nick to behave in such a possessive way toward me? Almost fiercely protective. Was he playing some type of game?

Nick repeated so many times he hated me, so I kinda started to believe it.

The whole kicking my ex out of our room was a very unexpected occurrence, and most likely a glitch in the system.

Sadly, I wasn’t having as much fun as I thought I would be having, taking part in the amateur arm wrestling contest. Why? Because my mood went south the moment Greg showed up.

Fucking Greg!

He, of course, had to take almost all of the awards, being this massive motherfucker and beating people in this contest with such fucking ease. His strength was truly impressive.

I didn’t even try, just observed him with narrowed eyes, as he was smiley-all-over, patting people on the back, laughing out loud, radiating his fucking charisma and being the center of the fucking universe, wherever he showed up. I found a sick pleasure in imagining I hit him in his smiling snout till his smile faded away…

Eh. These dreams, these sweet dreams.

I sighed and clenched my jaws. Damn, Greg! I wasn’t even surprised Nick fell for his cheap charm. Because everybody did.

Except for me.

I could see through him. Darkness always recognizes darkness, right?

I knew he was a fucking closeted gay, just like Nick.

Pretending to be straight as an arrow, walking over campus with his trophy girl, Tamika, who was the daughter of a prominent music producer and was already making a name for herself on IG.

But my gaydar always worked perfectly. I was very good at this.

I knew that my older brother – Noah – was gay, before he even knew it!

And my gaydar worked in Greg’s case also.

He had these tightly squeezed feelings, stored deep inside, that no one could easily see. His eyes betrayed him. Ogling guys in the shower, staring at their groins a lot more than any straight man would do. Being weirdly sweet toward the smaller, prettier boys on campus. Super friendly, super touchy-feely.

He thought he could hide, but I confirmed my suspicions one time, when he went to the bathroom and forgot to log off from his laptop…

On one of his browser’s tabs I noticed “Twinks fucked rough” search results on Pornhub. Also the search history – unwisely NOT deleted – showed: “Twink gangbanged”, “Twink taking a big black cock”,”Twink double penetration” and more along these lines.

Well, not to judge anyone, but Tamika probably wouldn’t be happy knowing that her popular boyfriend, the star of the college football team, was in fact – a deeply closeted gay. Self-hating, as I suspected.

When I came istanbul travesti back to our room, Nick was already in bed, snoring quietly, so I didn’t wake him up, knowing he had an early exam the next morning.

So, after the shower, I just tumbled onto the bed and went to sleep.

Nick got up early the next morning to be on time for his exam, and he rushed toward the main college building.

I slept one more hour, then unhurriedly packed my backpack and strolled toward the cafeteria for late breakfast, only to see Greg sitting there alone. Weird, he was usually surrounded by Tim and Josh and some of his other friends.

“Hi,” I muttered and sat next to him.

He ogled me with a strange expression.

“So… what’s up?” I asked.

“How are you holding up? Did you have some symptoms already?” Greg asked suspiciously. He obviously didn’t notice me yesterday at the arm wrestling contest. Of course. Why would he?

I raised my eyebrows. “Symptoms of what?”

“Oh c’mon. Whatever bug Nick has!”

I must say, I didn’t even know what to answer. After some deliberation, I growled, “It sucked what you did, Greg. Leaving him while he was sick? That’s low. The kid looks up to you, he likes you, and you turned his back on him?” I shook my head with a condemning grimace.

Greg glanced at me, and I was sure he would start with some bullshit excuses about how important his football career was, but surprisingly he nodded. “I know, man. I wish I didn’t…” he trailed off and looked forward.

I turned my head toward where he was looking and spotted Nick’s inconspicuous figure entering the cafeteria. He obviously finished the test and intended to grab something to eat.

Greg’s eyes went round.

“Nick?! What are you doing here? I thought you were sick!”

Nick twitched, noticing me and Greg. On his face… a true whirlwind of emotions. He went red and pale in seconds. His dark, beautiful eyes met mine and his blush deepened.

Slowly, he strode toward us.

“Well, I’m fine now. Tye nursed me back to health with his… not very FDA approved methods,” he added with a subtle smirk.

Greg stared at him, gaping. His face went a bit purple, he cleared his throat.

“Yyyy… I’m sorry, Nick. I know I was being a jerk. But I really need to be in great shape. It’s super important.”

Nick darted me a quick gaze and shrugged. “Don’t sweat it, Greg. Tye took good care of me. I’m fine now. Sorry, I need to go, my next class starts in five minutes.”

In fact I knew for sure – his class started in half an hour, so he obviously lied.

He smiled apologetically (it was rather an official smile) and walked around our table, leaving us alone in the cafeteria.


Nick said: Tye took good care of me.

Did he… appreciate it?

Or did he say that just to annoy Greg? Probably the latter. He would never be grateful, he was the walking talking model of an ungrateful bitch. I needed to continue to remind myself not to fall into the miserable trap of liking him. That would be super-stupid.

But one thing was interesting. Nick’s strictly business – almost stiff – attitude, suggested that perhaps Greg’s previous charm was slowly… fading away? That would be new.

“Fuck, man. I’m screwing it up,” Greg mumbled and lowered his head over his tray.

I didn’t take it upon myself to deny that.

After my classes, as I returned to our room, I was met with a new situation.

Greg was back in our room with all his belongings!.

“Whoa! What’s happened to your fear of germs? You could still catch something, you know. The room wasn’t disinfected.” I smirked maliciously. “The germs are flying around!”

He snorted. “I need to resolve this situation as quickly as I can. I hope Nick will forgive me.”

I threw my backpack on my bed and slowly sat down on the edge of it.

I wasn’t sure if I heard him right. I needed to confront him about that.

“You’re behaving very weird. Why do you care so much? Are you into him, Greg?”

I narrowed my eyes.

Greg stiffened up but didn’t look at me. “I just need to regain his friendship.”

Surely he didn’t deny it very decisively!

“Are you certain? It doesn’t look that way.”

“I’m certain.” He tightened his lips and turned toward his laptop.

I showered and soon Greg and I were deep in our respective laptops.

The doors finally opened two hours later and we both raised our eyes.

It was Nick. He literally gaped, seeing Greg inside. I observed the boy, keeping my face calm, but Greg was kind of anxious.

“Are you back?” Nick asked in his rather high-pitched voice. He sounded very gay, which was so interesting about him. I liked that kind of voice in men. It was like a subliminal signal sent to me, calling me, promising the passion of male sex.

“Yep, I am…” Greg responded shyly.

I felt a strange wave of annoyance.

Furrowing my brows, I stared at Nick for a moment, while he fixed his surprised eyes on Greg.

He looked cute in his good-boy buttoned istanbul travestileri down white shirt and corduroy pants. He nervously fixed some loose strands of his dark hair, tucking it behind his ear. He seemed so petite and scrawny compared to me and especially Greg – we were giants in proportion to his small-framed posture.

When he went to the bathroom, Greg put the laptop aside, and bit his lip, obviously struggling with something in his mind.

Suddenly he leaped to his feet and…. knocked on the bathroom door.

What? Seriously? He was gonna nag Nick in the bathroom?

Nick opened the door, wearing only his pants. Greg looked at his naked chest. Well, there was not much to look at, Nick didn’t have impressive muscle mass, but I didn’t mind. He was a twink, and twinks don’t need that shit.

His eyes met mine, over Greg’s shoulder. He swallowed as he saw Greg entering the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

I jumped up and pressed my ear to the door – not so subtly eavesdropping.

I could hear Greg starting to talk, “Nick… I’m so sorry. I know it’s a bit late to say that, but I shouldn’t have left. I like you very much, Nick. I know… I…” he interrupted.

Nick cleared his throat.

“No problem, Greg. I understand. But I need to… you know. Use the toilet. It’s an emergency. Can we talk later?” His voice sounded tense.

I soooooooo needed to drag Greg out of that bathroom somehow, like… really, really wanted to.

However, I would probably lose as Greg was bigger than me and practiced wrestling, but not pro wrestling, but the sport of wrestling, already known in Ancient Greece.

Hearing Greg grabbing the handle, I jumped back.

He slowly went outside. I could see, when the door opened, that Nick looked stressed, he was standing super close to the bathroom wall, almost plastered against it, looking toward me with a tense face.

Why was he suddenly distancing himself SO MUCH from Greg?

A rather sudden change.

Did he feel more hurt than he originally expressed – because Greg left him during his sickness?

The moment Greg was behind the doorstep, Nick quickly locked the door

I returned to my bed, but still kinda observed Greg. I was now pretty sure he was trying to start something with Nick, I knew that. I could feel it under my skin.

Had he decided to OUT himself as gay? Or was he just that desperate? He looked frustrated with Tamika’s intense female energy, so maybe he was searching for a seemingly “easy” relationship with an inexperienced male friend?

I didn’t want to think about it, as it was making me weirdly uneasy. Although I wasn’t sure why.

Nick stayed in the bathroom for a long time. Suspiciously long. Almost as if he were afraid to confront Greg, to give him a window of opportunity to continue the conversation.

Finally Greg went to sleep.

About half an hour later Nick left the bathroom and quickly headed toward his bed, so it was very obvious that he wanted to go to sleep, not to give Greg any occasion to talk.

He turned to the side, pretending he was going to doze off.

But I laid in my bed and stared at the ceiling. Now was my time to make my move.

To claim Nick. The little, annoying bitchy brat.

And I wanted it so fucking much. Maybe too much?

Greg turned off his nightstand lamps and the room became totally dark. I laid there unmoving and listened. Greg was obviously having a hard time sleeping. He was thrashing himself from one side to another. I remained pretty still, lying flat.

Another half an hour, and Greg finally gave up and fell asleep.

The well-known snoring sound filled the room. About five minutes later I sat up and looked at Nick. He could see I was staring at him in the darkness. I also saw his face, a pale spot in the dim room.

I took the lube from my nightstand, and also my cellphone and approached him.

I stood over his bed.

Then something unexpected happened. Nick slowly moved his body a bit aside, making space for me…

An invitation? That was new.

Unhurriedly, I laid beside him. The moment I felt his small body next to me, I felt like my blood flowed down to my dick. I turned to my side and slowly moved my hand along his chest, to his neck and stroked his cheek.

But I needed to ask. So, I leaned closer and whispered into his ear,

“Do you want your first time to be with Greg?”

Nick made a small gasp and answered firmly, “No.”

A moment of silence. I was caressing his cheek and jawline, looking at him in the darkness. I could hear his breathing had quickened, but I needed more, so much more from him.

So, I decided to act. I leaned a bit toward him and kissed him. He right away wrapped his hands around my neck. We started to kiss, but not as wildly as yesterday, it was sort of different, more… tender? Nick’s fingers were threading my hair, stroking my nape. We were kissing and kissing, I really had no idea how long we were making out, but I let myself forget about the anger travesti istanbul and stress I was immersed in daily.

I pressed my body to his body, so he could feel my raging hard-on, and I could feel his obvious bulge, pressed to my abdomen. So, I let my hands wander to his round ass, sliding under his shorts. I froze. His skin was totally smooth now! I was touching him for a while discovering he shaved his pubes, and even his legs!

“Wow, did you shave it all?”

He chuckled. “Yep, I did. I’m Italian, you know. The bush had to go. It was just too much. I would rather not be this odd twink with hairy balls… Yes, I like to be contrarian, but that would work against me!”

I chuckled also.

“You’re bitchy, but cute.” I kind of said it without thinking, and then he kissed me again.

Soon my lips roamed over his slender neck and collarbones, and he moaned, tilting his head to the side, giving me more access to lavish his skin with pecks and nibbling. He looked like he was drifting away on the pleasure cloud, his breathing deepened. I already knew he had sensitive skin and was very reactive to even the slightest touch, so I used it to my advantage. I continued adoring his nipples with my mouth, licking his creamy skin, lapping on it and sucking. Soon I went much lower along Nick’s body, taking his very eager dick into my mouth.

I wasn’t working on him too long, before he patted my arm and murmured, “I’m super close…”

So, I stopped and leaned ever lower, licking over his perfectly shaven balls and perineum and between his smooth ass cheeks. Then I noticed he even helped me a bit, pulling his knees high to his chest, allowing me better access.

Wow, it looked like he was very much into it…

Slowly, I probed his tight entrance with my tongue, sliding in, swirling and Nick moaned pretty loudly, his pucker slightly clenching. I couldn’t fight the temptation of letting my fingers go inside that tight, warm passage, and he took it in with a small gasp.

I was surprised again, how Nick totally subdued himself to me, taking my fingers and letting me explore his virgin hole as long as I wanted, not expressing any words of protest, as was usually the case.

There was something about him… He changed, when touched. He melted under my caressing, letting me do everything that I wanted, his body willing, submissive, almost limp. He seemed to like having no control over what was going on with his body, like a natural-born sub should.

My pulse spiked, when I realized how his submissiveness deeply contrasted his previous fierce attitude, his total abandon was making me more wild and more hungry to claim his surrendering body.

So, I rather firmly flipped him on his stomach, and his smoothly shaven creamy butt was now in front of me. I lowered myself and bit it, making him squeal in a very girly way.

It was a miracle Greg didn’t wake up!

We were pretty reckless.

I noticed that Nick had his head turned toward the left and eyes closed, so I quickly started the recorder app on my phone. I needed to be safe, just in case.

I wasn’t ready to trust anyone.

After that, I squeezed the lube bottle and put the lube on his pucker, and also I pushed a bit of it inside, sliding my fingers into his body. He spread his legs wide in a very telling and inviting move, while I was slowly fingerfucking him, stretching and preparing him for me.

Finally, while spreading myself over his small body – I felt a weird power. I was squashing him a bit, my dick sliding over his loosened pucker. All my muscles tensed as if they were made from leather strings. I was preparing myself mentally for penetrating this bratty boy.

The last time I had sex was with that fucking whore, Jamie. I angryfucked him because I already knew he cheated on me. I even took an STD test after because I was afraid he might have given me something. Now, I slid my hand under Nick’s narrow hips and felt his steel hard boner. Yep, he was into it for sure.

Suddenly, he whispered, “Please don’t defile me, sir… I’m a virgin.”

I almost chuckled, blowing my breath over his nape. The boy was really peculiar.

“Gonna fuck you hard now, bitch,” I muttered into his ear, “There’s no escape from this…”

“No please… don’t plow my innocent tight hole with your fat dick…” he whispered back. “I’ve never taken any dick in my pure rosebud…”

I was kinda mesmerized by the creativity of his dirty talk!

The boy really was something!

He sort of signaled to me before what kind of sick rapey-role-play he would want in bed, but I never thought he was really gonna go for it.

He was kinda twisted. I liked it, I must say.

I was on board, definitely.

“Your hole will be used and stretched to its limits. After I’m done with you, you’ll beg me for mercy, and plead for me to stop using it over and over, while it’s full of my dripping cum…”

“I beg you, I’m an untainted virgin, never been fucked, no one has unloaded in my pure hole! Never before has it been filled with potent male seed… So I beg you, sir! Have mercy over a poor boy like me!”

My hard dick was sliding up and down his hole, pressing on the gate to his tightness, the head was poking on the muscle ring, stretching it slowly, very slowly sinking deeper… I felt his anal muscles yielding under me.

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