Depraved Enough for You?

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Erica had always been wild. Perhaps it came from being an only child, even if her parents showered her with love, but she was competitive, very, and without brothers or sisters against whom to measure herself she could do so only with her friends. Growing up she was usually not the first to do something, but she would do it bigger, better – and often badder.

An intelligent young woman, she always did well in school even without really trying, which kept her parents generally happy. She never ran afoul of the law, created disruptions in school or was openly insubordinate to her parents’ wishes, thus she got a good deal of latitude, especially as she got older. She knew where the lines were with authority figures, and she made sure never to quite cross them, even if she did revel in pushing up against them whenever possible.

She prided herself on making her own choices, never being forced into anything. When her friends started having sex she yearned to as well, but would only do so once she’d found the perfect boy, the one all of her girl friends wanted, and made him wait for what was to him an excruciatingly long time while she brought him along. What Erica had in mind was not teasing but control.

She had heard enough stories from her sexually active girl friends about the hurried, selfish, unsatisfying experiences they all had with boys to know what to avoid. Her desires had to be satisfied before she would let someone else “have his way,” and that was exactly what she demanded. Besides being smart she was also highly attractive, much in the mold of Neve Campbell as she was in “Wild Things,” and she knew the power this gave her. If she wanted to stretch things out before “giving in,” she could get away with it. And she did, very successfully, making sure that any manchild who wanted her had to learn first what satisfied HER, and only then giving over to their desires.

Erica discovered in the first few years of her sexual life that she had a significant appetite, more so than most of her girl friends. Most of her lovers were more than happy to discover this, even ecstatic since it meant they were going to get lots and lots of high-quality sex. She had one relationship in which they did it three times a day, pretty much every day, for six months. On the other hand she dated – for a short time – two men who just could not keep up with her demands. One of them went so far as to tell his friends, “All Erica ever wants to do is fuck, fuck, fuck.” She got a kick out of hearing that since it only burnished her reputation – and she was already doing one of his more handsome, and competent, friends, anyway.

She also realized she had few inhibitions. She would try anything once, see if she liked it and use that first-hand knowledge to decide if that was for her, with no regrets if she didn’t. It turned out that in the sexual sphere there was little two consenting adults could do to each other she did not enjoy.

Erica proudly considered herself a champion at oral sex and intercourse, often hearing breathlessly and unsolicited from her partners that she was far better than other girls they both knew – her competitive nature loved that. She enjoyed anal stimulation and would eagerly spring it on men if she sensed they would enjoy it, and many did. She would masturbate in front of her lovers, and watch porn with them. She also made absolutely sure that every young man who slept with her became adept at oral sex on her as well – it was a requirement of being with her, and fair is fair.

With the controlling aspect of her personality came certain reserves. She was open with her mother and with her approval went on the pill. She also lived up to the promise she made her mother and made sure every man she has sex with used a condom, on every occasion. (Erica advised buying boxes by the dozen – keeping up with her was not for the faint of heart.)

Erica would never get drunk enough to get out of hand, nor would she let her partner. She would never put herself in a position to be “taken” by anyone, especially not a group situation. Two of her girl friends had done this, so she had been told, one to her enjoyment, another to her horror. She reveled in being known as a highly satisfying and skillful lover, “wild” absolutely, but only with one partner at a time, and only on her terms. She was a very bad good girl.

One thing Erica would not do was girls. Bisexuality was something more than one of her girl friends admitted they tried, and she suspected a few others might have although they would not admit it, but it was not something she wanted to be known for. In a sense it came from being so good at sex – she feared that any girl she slept with might tell everyone or, worse, want to become her “girlfriend.” She had ambitious plans for her life, and she did not want to be held back by any “lesbian issues,” so despite whatever the male-dominated media encouraged she swore to herself she would never do such things. Being known and desired for being a great serial monogamist lover of hot bursa evi olan escort young men worked very well, thank you.

She had nothing against the idea of women making love to each other, however, and she knew she would have to be a hypocrite to do so given the strength of her own desires and demands she made for her satisfaction. She even enjoyed girl/girl porn, often far more than male/female, since the women seemed to actually enjoy what they were doing, plus the sight of cumshots onto women’s faces at the end … ugh.

When she was in her last year at college, Erica found herself a little bored. She was doing very well in her classes and was a week ahead of her coursework. Most of her friends were involved in relationships, studying too hard, interviewing for jobs or just plain going crazy, so she found she had a good bit of time on her hands. It would have been a perfect time to physically abuse a hot boyfriend day and night, and her body yearned for it, but it happened that she had just broken off a couple of weeks before a relationship that just wasn’t rocking her world – he was fine, but not up to her standards, so she threw him over to find someone better.

She somehow found herself telling this to a new friend from one of her classes, Janie, as they sat around having coffee and killing time with amiable conversation to avoid discussing a dreadfully boring class project Erica was already ahead on. Janie said she’d broken up with someone a while back and knew what she meant, although she followed that up by saying, “Thankfully I recently started sleeping with someone and it’s made me feel a lot more whole.”

Erica found herself enjoying the conversation with Janie, who like her was bright, slender and attractive. She was not as young, having taken a couple of years off to try making it as an actress in New York, then “came to her senses” when she realized how little money she was making after five years, plus how many sleazy “producer/directors” there were who wanted nothing more than sex from a hot young woman. Her maturity showed, in a good way, and her stories about fighting off slimeballs while trying to make a go of it – with some incredible names playing minor if ear-catching parts – made for companionable diversions.

After a while they got around to discussing what they were doing for the evening, this being early Friday afternoon. Erica said she had no plans, which was true. She thought of making something up but couldn’t be bothered, just as she couldn’t be bothered to chase after the friends she knew had disappeared because they were all doing their own things.

“You going off to the fraternity scene then?” Janie asked.

“No, not my cup of tea,” Erica replied. “Maybe rent a movie or something, quiet night.”

“Well, I have date plans for an early dinner, but I also arranged to meet up with friends later at my place to do just what you suggest, watch a movie. Why don’t you join us? We’ll have a few cocktails and chill out.”

The suggestion appealed to Erica, who didn’t want to sit around her place listening to other parties in her complex while contemplating being alone, so she said yes. Janie told her not to bring anything, really, and gave her directions that were all too easy to follow since it was nearby and she knew other people who lived in her complex. They set it up for 9 o’clock, then finished their coffee and each went their own way.

The rest of the day and early evening was uneventful for Erica, who went home, read a little, took a quick nap, then made herself pasta and a salad for dinner. She showered and dressed college casual, a comfortable button-down blouse and skirt from Banana Republic (she usually preferred to be more girlie than jeans and a sweatshirt), then headed over to Janie’s.

She was right on time and Janie greeted her with a smile, ushering her in. Janie was a little out of breath, her hair windblown, and asked for pardon saying she’d just gotten home a few minutes before. Her apartment was a one-bedroom, no roommate, which Janie told her came from living on her own in New York – she couldn’t have another roommate, not as cheap as apartments were near the university. The decor was typical college chic, comfortable, with more black leather than she expected in a girl’s place but still nice. Through a quirk of the floorplan the kitchen was not open to the large living room but separate, in the back where the bathroom and bedroom were.

It was only a couple of minutes after Erica arrived when the doorbell rang and Janie let in her friends. She introduced Susanna and Leigh. Both seemed nice enough. Susanna has older, maybe a year or two older than Janie, and said she worked at the university’s hospital as a researcher. Leigh was also older than Erica but only a couple of years, she said she was a grad student in psychology. That made Erica grimace, who had to admit when they all saw it, “I hated my one psych class, sorry,” at which they all laughed. Janie invited everyone altıparmak escort to settle in while she got drinks, disappearing into the kitchen.

The other three girls made small talk, which consisted of Susanna asking Erica lots of questions while Leigh sat quietly. This continued as Janie came back with four glasses of white wine, then settled in to also listen. Of this group Susanna was clearly the leader. Erica was fine with all the questions, although when Susanna started asking her if she had a boyfriend she answered no as graciously as she could, then decided to try to move away the spotlight away from herself, turning to Janie:

“So how was your dinner date?”

Janie smiled languorously, “It was really great, thanks. I had a very nice time if you know what I mean, I’m happy to say. Pardon me if I’m still a little flushed.”

Erica chuckled, “I think we all know how that feels.”

Janie smiled, “You may be right about that. Perhaps we’ll see.”

Erica saw the other two girls smile at Janie as she said that, sharing a knowing look, then look back at Erica. Not knowing what to make of this she decided to skip over it and ask what the movie was.

Leigh answered this time, showing a Southern drawl, “Have you seen the movie ‘Bound’?”

“No,” Erica answered, “What’s it about?”

“It’s about a the wife of a mafioso who is being chased by goons. Lot of action.” At this Susanna and Janie shared with Leigh another knowing smile, which Erica missed.

“OK, sounds like a good Friday night kind of flick. I actually really like action movies, although I know that’s supposed to be a guy thing,” Erica said.

Susanna replied, “Great, then you’ll enjoy this girl action movie!” Erica found that amusing even though she didn’t laugh as hard as the others. Leigh put the movie in and the girls all settled in to watch, Erica in the black leather armchair, the other three on the large black leather sofa.

The movie moved along well enough, Erica thought, although it seemed a strange choice to her. She recognized the two main actresses, both of whom were amazingly beautiful and sexy as hell. None of the men seemed very prominent – where was this going?

She discovered where soon enough. She didn’t expect this to be soft porn but, as the Supreme Court says, she definitely knew it when she saw it. The nice thing was it was having its usual effect on her and she found herself getting turned on as she realized what it was. That it was two women was of little moment to her – she liked girl/girl, it was far more tender.

It was also making her increasingly wet, squirming about in the chair, maybe a little oblivious to the fact that three other women she barely knew were sharing the experience with her. If she were alone or watching it with a guy she was seeing she would have pleased herself without hesitation, openly and very satisfyingly, but now she found herself shackled by the presence of these relative strangers.

Damn, she thought, I am going to have to wait until I get home later to do something about this …

The brief if intense scene with the two women fully naked in bed really got her blood rising. Very hot, she thought, regretting once again her need for self control. But self control was what she prided herself on, so she kept it together as always. So she thought.

The movie rolled on a few minutes beyond the hot sex scene when Janie said, “Leigh can you stop the movie a minute? I need to pee.”

Leigh did as asked and Janie went back to the bathroom.

Susanna turned almost immediately to Erica, “So do you like the movie? It’s hot isn’t it?”

Erica nodded, “Yes, they’re very hot together.” Then quickly, “What do you think?”

“I love this movie,” Susanna replied. “I’ve had some lovers that made me as hot as what I imagine they’re feeling together in the movie, but not that many. That kind of chemistry is tough to find, the eagerness to please, especially in someone that good-looking. Yes, very hot indeed!”

Leigh chimed in, “I concur entirely. Rarely have I experienced lovers who do anywhere near as much for me as these two do for each other, although I must admit I am always hopeful.” As she said this she smiled bashfully at Erica.

Then the two girls started trading brief anecdotes on this same subject, which made Erica think they had known each other for a couple of years: this one was this, that one was that, very explicitly sexual, and all the while they were careful not to use names or even specific pronouns, usually sticking with “this lover”, “that person” or “the red-head.” Janie came back and joined in, not missing a beat on their conversation and frequently contributing additions of her own. Probably 10 minutes of this went by, no one eager to put in the movie again, when Erica slowly realized that all the other people in their stories had to be female.

Oh, Erica thought to herself, and duh! The girl/girl softcore porn flick was a set-up. OK, fair enough, gemlik escort I get this, if they want to be lesbians or bi or whatever that’s fine with me, I can hang out with them and enjoy the evening anyway. She didn’t really feel like going home to be by herself, and she was actually finding their little act amusing in it’s own way: it piqued her curiosity. It’s not like they were threatening her – hell, it’s not like women are going to tie me down and rape me or anything, she thought.

It did make her look at the women with new eyes. Susanna, obviously the leader, was outspoken and brash, and this now led Erica to words like “masculine.” She was attractive, a brunette with ample breasts and a round ass, but her broad shoulders and muscular legs might have taken her out of the “lipstick” category. At this Erica chuckled to herself. Leigh was different, the classic blonde Southern belle with a short and sassy sorority bob, petite, sweet, with a very nice little body. No one would pick her from a crowd as a lesbian.

Janie could have been anything – it was obvious for the start she was more worldly, but knowing she had been an actress meant to Erica that she could portray herself any way she wanted. Very attractive, 5’7″, slender with great curves, strawberry blonde, always well put-together, always with a great look, she could make anyone’s head turn. She could probably walk into any bar she wanted and pick someone up successfully – and from the tone of the last story she told, that definitely included women.

All this amused Erica. She felt completely in control, as always.

She was waiting for one of them to ask her whether she had ever been with a women and other such questions, which she was confident she could fend off easily enough and make it clear she had no interest, but something unexpected came in the form of Janie asking her:

“So Erica, what was it that turned you on so much about the sex scene in the movie?”

That caught her off guard, and she answered, “What makes you think it turned me on?”

“I was watching and I could tell. From your body language, the squirming in the chair, crossing and recrossing your legs, your breathing, it was obvious.”

Leigh said, “Concur, I was watching too, and I even saw you lick your lips a couple of times at just the hottest moments.”

All of this was true, and Erica suddenly felt a little hemmed in. Surmising they were all at least bi didn’t make it any easier, despite her earlier confidence. Her usual course was directness, so after a moment’s hesitation she went with that.

“OK, you got me,” she laughed, far more nervously than she would have liked. “Yes it turned me on. I’ve always liked porn, girl/girl too, what can I say?”

As Erica knew she would Susanna jumped in next, “If we weren’t here, would you have touched yourself?”

It was a seriously direct question, and Erica knew she could have deflected it with indignance, but after another moment’s hesitation she decided to be direct again:

“Yes, I would, and to tell you the truth when I get home I expect I’ll do just that remembering it.”

That changed the tenor of things for the other three girls, all relaxing a little and smiling at each other. Susanna drained the last dregs of her wine glass and asked Janie if she could have more.

“Sure, I can get some more. Erica, would you mind helping me in the kitchen a minute?”

With that Erica followed her back to the kitchen, grabbing her own glass and the others’ to be helpful.

Once they got back to the kitchen Janie closed the swinging door. She turned to Erica, “Gosh Erica I’m really sorry if my friends are upsetting you. Susanna can come on a little strong, you know?”

It had all gotten her to thinking, her mind suddenly racing, but she said, “It’s OK Janie, I’m a big girl and can handle myself. What she wants to do in bed is her own business, just as it’s yours or mine too.”

“I’m glad you look at it that way. It’s good to meet people who are open-minded,” Janie said, “Thanks for coming over, I’m enjoying getting to know you better.”

“Me too, Janie.”


“Yes,” Erica said, then smiled, “even if things have taken a turn for the weird!”

Janie laughed with her, “You’re right, it can be a little weird, but I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” A slight pause, then, also smiling, “And I hope you enjoy what the rest of the evening brings.”

Erica took that as a reference to her saying she would masturbate later, then she chuckled too and said, “I’m sure I will, thanks.”

Janie went to the refrigerator for another bottle of wine and asked Erica if she would reach up into the cabinet in front of her for fresh wine glasses. She had to reach a little, and when she brought them down she turned, about to hand them to Janie. Instead she turned right into Janie, who was standing so close the half-step Erica took as she turned put them into direct contact, breast to breast.

Erica felt a jolt of electricity through her body, a feeling she had never experienced before, of instant arousal. Watching the porn scenes, getting wet and then jousting with the girls may have set her up, especially with the dearth of other sexual release over the past couple of weeks, but when the contact happened it was shocking, and she gasped.

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