Desperate Future a Bull’s Story Ch. 03

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Sorry for the long delay in the story, I’ve had some things to take care of, and working in “Essential Services,” I really haven’t had a chance to continue this adventure. With that being said, I now continue the adventures of our hero as he begins his new life as a breeding bull in a governmental installation.

Literotica guidelines are followed and all characters in sexual situations are over the age of 18.


I woke up surprisingly well rested after yesterday’s strange events, the light from the window bleeding through the curtains. It took me a moment to get my bearings, since the walls were bare, a small nightstand with a personal device docking station, lamp and a dresser on the wall opposite the door. Everything was painted ‘Government off White,’ and the furniture was some cheap metal pieces.

Getting up, I grabbed a towel, a set of sweats, a hoodie and a T-shirt that had the logo of the HRDR silk screened on the back, ‘J. Chase’ on the upper left chest area and DHRA on the back. I made my way out of my room and down the hallway following the signs that led me to the bathroom; once there, I proceeded to do my morning routine placing my items next to the sink and washing my face.

Looking up, I saw myself in the mirror, I was a bit surprised seeing the way my body had filled out, I could see well defined shoulders and pecs under the white tank top, I say the it was a lot tighter on my body than what it had been yesterday when I walked in a daze into my room. My shoulders were broader, my arms had thickened and were more defined. You could say that it seemed like I had just finished six months worth of vigorous exercise routines and weight training. I took off the tank top and admired the muscle definition that I discovered, ‘Damn, Why couldn’t I look like this in high school,’ I thought to myself.

I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of other people walking in. Looking up, I saw three men walk in, all of them with similar builds as mine. The Hispanic guy introduced them.

“Hey dude, welcome to paradise. I’m Hector, and this is Langa,” pointing at the African man, “and this is Raj,” as he gestured to the Indian man.

“Welcome to the facility,” said Langa in a Johannesburg accent, offering his hand in welcome.

“Thanks, I’m John,” I replied, taking his hand. “How long have you guys been here?’

“I arrived two days ago,” said Raj. “The same day Hector got here.”

“I arrived yesterday,” Langa added.

“So did I,” I replied. “So far it’s been a trip.” My thoughts going to the unusual events with Ms. Hastings and Ms. Caldwell from the day before, wondering if they got the same sort of welcome.

The guys just chuckled and agreed with me, then went about their own routines as I moved to the shower area and undressed. I definitely wasn’t prepared for the next revelation. My cock and balls were definitely bigger, thicker and seemed fuller. I had always been satisfied with what I had, but this was definitely something to be proud of.

I took my accustomed shower and got dressed just as the other guys were walking in to take their own. I realized that with the physical enhancements the treatments created, the bahis firmaları sweats and t-shirts were the best option in the form of clothing. Loose enough to allow for the larger size of well, everything, without constricting in any way.

Once all of us were dressed, one of the staff members appeared and told us to report to the mess hall for breakfast and the beginning of the general orientation for the facility.

After breakfast, we were taken to what could be best described as a laboratory classroom, where we were shown the different machines we needed to familiarize ourselves with during our duties. There were an assortment of suction tubes, different widths but roughly the same length. The milking tech actually explained that while the length was the same, the width and cup end were of different sizes to accommodate the different size and shape of the teat, holding it firmly and comfortably during the milking process.

It was all pretty straight forward in our minds, and, to be honest, quite stimulating, as I felt a stirring in my cock picturing either Ms. Hastings or Ms. Caldwell strapped to the pumps. A shadow moving along the windows caught my attention, that’s when I saw them, a group of twelve girls following another mature woman around.

“You will need to familiarize yourselves with the milking benches and pumps, our staff will be helping you while you are in training,” she said as they kept walking to another building.

“Wow, did you see those girls? They look absolutely perfect, oh and that MILF was something else!” Exclaimed Hector, after they had gone.

“Yeah, but I don’t know, I think we aren’t supposed to make contact with any of the female trainees just yet,” I said.

“If the next phase of training is anything like our welcome, this truly is a paradise,” said Raj.

The first lesson done, seeing how comfortable we were using the pumps on a training mannequin, we broke for lunch and prepared ourselves for the afternoon classes. We walked back to the classroom where the pumps were, and were greeted by another member of the male staff.

He introduced himself as Doctor Parker, and then proceeded to give us the history of the program, which was basically the same thing that we saw both in the video coming here and our classes both in college and high school. Once he was done with his lecture, I noticed that Ms. Caldwell had come into the class and was waiting quietly in the corner, stepping up to the front of the class, she gave us an excellent view of her body, which got us excited on what was to come.

“Good afternoon gentlemen, I see that some of the medical treatments are starting to take effect. I’m here to see how the changes are coming along and also seeing how you’re coping with them,” she announced in a tone that told us she was all business. “Please, as I call your name, come forward so I can begin the assessment.”

Raj stepped forward when called, and she was measuring his body, noting the increase of muscle mass and strength after just a day or two after the treatments. She continued down the roster, measuring our bodies and asking us different questions, trying to see if we were feeling particularly aggressive, kaçak iddaa angry, or threatened by anything or anyone we had interacted with.

Taking a few notes from our answers, she introduced her assistant as Ms. Church, which would be assisting her with the rest of the evaluation. She was slightly shorter than Ms. Caldwell, but her figure was what you would consider voluptuous and curvy, another perfect example of maturity with an hourglass figure. She had auburn hair that was held in a loose bun, similar to Ms. Caldwell’s, but unlike her, Ms. Church had small horns coming out from under her hair curving upwards making her look adorable.

Both Ms. Caldwell and Ms. Church took off their lab coats, revealing more of their delicious curves covered only by a tube top and a short skirt, the fabric of both stretched to straining over their large breasts and hips.

“We need to measure your penises, testicles and ejaculate,” said Ms. Caldwell. “Ms. Church will assist me, since there are four of you here, and she also needs more experience to become a trainer here at the facility.”

In the same motion, both Ms Caldwell and Ms. Church sank to their knees, pulling down the sweats and boxers of the nearest trainee.

“Looks like the treatments are beginning to take effect,” Ms. Church purred.

“Beth, remember, we’re here to assess and document their progress, not just indulge ourselves,” Ms. Caldwell reminded her.

“I know, I know. But you have to admit Becca, this is actually one of the most enjoyable tasks we have to do here” Ms. Church replied, still with a hint of mischief in her tone.

They proceeded to measure all of us, taking note of our length and girth when flaccid, and also the size of the testicles. Ms. Church got as close to my cock as possible without touching it, inhaling softly and licking her lips.

“Hmmm, I just love the scent of a virile bull,” she said breathly. “Specially young ones like you, so pure, that musk from your pheromones is so intoxicating.”

I could feel the blood rushing to my cock, and soon I was fully erect, her warm breath causing my cock to harden even more. She dragged the tip of her tongue over the tip, causing me to shudder and a drop of precum began forming.

“I have to make sure that you are at your full size before I can measure you,” she informed me, but the look in her eyes and the smile on her lips told me that, to her, it was more than just a task to be completed.

She measured my length and girth, taking down the numbers, letting me know that i was progressing quite well, and that I had exceeded previous bulls in the same time frame and was now nine and a half inches long and four and three quarters inch around. She then turned her attention to Lanka and did the same for him, informing him that he was well within the expected results at eight inches long and four and a half inches around. I could see Ms. Caldwell doing the same with Hector and Raj. The next part of the measurements was for the size of our scrotum and the amount of semen we could produce.

Ms. Church gently took our cocks in each hand and proceeded to softly stroke them, alternately licking the tips and collecting the precum kaçak bahis that was forming there, giving a soft moan of pleasure each time she tasted us. I could feel my cock lurching every time I felt her tongue on it, and I could see that Lanka was practically panting under her ministrations.

I could see Ms. Caldwell was doing the same with Hector and Raj, only she had undone her bun and allowed her blonde locks free. Meanwhile, Ms. Church was now alternatingly sucking the whole head of our cocks and licking the shafts before going to the other. I could see strands of her auburn hair coming loose from her bun and framing her face perfectly.

When she took me again, she fixed her emerald green eyes on mine, and with a wink took my full length down her throat. She bobbed a few times on the shaft while her tongue caressed my balls, which were being gently massaged by her delicate fingers. Suddenly she pulled away, leaving me feeling the cool air on my cock instead of her warm mouth, as she moved to do the same to Lanka, her soft hand never stopped stroking me.

After a few back and forths between Lanka and myself, I could feel my orgasm building with every lick, stroke, and suck from Ms. Church, I could tell this was going to be a powerful one. I was leaking precum almost as if my cock were a faucet, and every time, before the drop would fall away from the tip, she was there to collect it and give me even more stimulation. My legs began to shake and my hips were thrusting, trying to push deeper into her mouth whenever she was sucking me.

I guess she was practiced in recognizing the tell tale signs of a bull’s impending orgasm because, right before I was about to cum, she came awa and placed a collection jar at the tip, jerking me off until I exploded into it. As my orgasm subsided, she licked the last remaining drops from my cock and wrote down the amount that I had ejaculated, then proceeded to help Lanka along with his orgasm.

Once all of us had ejaculated into the flasks and the volume recorded, both Ms. Caldwell and Ms. Church mixed their respective flasks and gulped down the sticky concoction with gusto, making our cocks lurch with excitement.

“Not yet gentlemen, you’ll start training in the breeding pens tomorrow, after you’ve done a live milking session with one of our trainers,” said Ms. Caldwell with a twinkle in her eye.

“Actually, I’ll be one of your trainers for that,” Ms. Church added lustfully.

We were then escorted back to the mess hall for dinner, and then given our assigned reading material to study in our room, or we could go to the common room in the dorms and relax either with a movie, some offline gaming, or any other activities offered.

I settled into my room to read, I saw Lanka and Raj going towards the common room as they talked smack to each other about their prowess in billiards, while Hector hung back, trying to get a glimpse once again of the female trainees that were in the compound.

As the night wore on, I heard the guys coming back to their rooms, Raj teasing Lanka about how badly he had beaten him, and Hector grumbling about the security personnel that didn’t let him near the female side of the facility.

At lights out, I was already half asleep and just barely managed to put my books down before I fell asleep, this time I dreamt of large pliable breasts being held and squeezed in my hands.

To be continued…

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