Destined Lovers Ch. 06

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Hello beautiful people, thank you for following this story and reading it. I have been reading your comments and I will make sure this chapter and others to come is smooth and error free. Thank you for showing all the love. This chapter might be a little sad for some of you but I have to follow the outline of the story which I planned from the start. Thank you and happy reading.


After hours of crying, George got up from the bed to gather courage to explain to Henry what exactly had happened. He looked at his watch and it was already 6.30pm. He went into the bathroom to wash his face. He took a towel and wiped it but when he looked in the mirror, his eyes were red from all the crying but he did not care.

He got out of his room and went to Henry’s room. Standing at the door for a moment, he knocked but there was no answer. He knocked again and again but still no answer. He tried to open the door but it was locked.

He tried everything but there was no answer so he decided to call his name.

“Henry, please open the door…” he begged. “I beg you…. Let’s talk about what happened…”

George tried to knock again before the door was opened forcefully revealing the angry looking Henry. He was like a beast ready to strike anytime and he was shaking probably from all the anger he was feeling. His eyes were red from crying but they were not as red as George’s. Immediately he saw George, he went inside the room without saying a word leaving the door wide open.

George followed him slowly into the room. As he was closing the door he heard Henry speak to him.

“What do you want here?”

George couldn’t recognize Henry’s voice. It was cold, loud and angry. When he looked towards Henry, he was standing at the window side looking straight at him in anger and hatred with his arms folded on his chest. That was when George saw the bruises and blood on his knuckles and his shirt. He got so emotional and felt so bad that Henry had hurt himself that he decided to forget about everything and see if he was really okay.

George ran towards him with the hope of helping him. He tried to touch him and ask if he was all right when all of a sudden Henry pushed him and he fell hard on the floor.

“Don’t touch me….. Don’t you ever touch me?” Henry said pointing his finger at him in anger.

“Do you think you can trap me with all your sweet words?” He growled. “I know your kind and I know exactly what boys like you are capable of…. For all these months, I thought you were in love with me but I was wrong……. I was actually a fool to have ever loved and trusted you. I should have known…. After all, the people are right….. When poor people like you get your hands on money, you always want more. You were not satisfied with what I gave you so you decided to get more from other men.”

Henry sounded so cold, so hurt as he spoke. He was breathing so fast that it began scaring George that his eyes were watering as he heard Henry speak. Was this how Henry viewed him? These were harsh words coming out from the mouth of the man he really loved. He was sounding like George had been cheating on him with many other people.

“Henry, what happened was a huge misunderstanding and if you just give me a chance I will explain it to you.” George said as he got up from the floor.

“I don’t know that man; he came here looking for you.” George said trying to sound calm.

“Do you think I am stupid?” Henry responded in argument. “I don’t even know that man….. Just accept that he’s one of your numerous fuck buddies and that he came here to fuck you in my house!” Henry shouted loudly. “And I am sorry if I ruined your little fuck session.”

“Please Henry, stop.” George begged. “I thought it was you….. I swear.”

“That is a lame excuse for someone who has been caught red handed.” Henry said as he came towards him about to touch his neck as if trying to strangle him. “I know of your numerous encounters with men and I have more evidence.”

Henry quickly went to the book which was on his bed, opened it and took a photo from there. He came and threw it at George and when he saw it, his eyes were wide open from the surprise he got. It was a picture of the man he had helped at the mall and it was the time he was whispering to him about condoms. Why was Henry having such a photo? Has he been spying on him? He was brought to reality when he felt Henry holding his arms with such power that it began hurting.

“Can you still deny it? Do you still need more proof?” he asked as he put more power in his hands.

“Henry, you are hurting me.” George cried but Henry just held him firmly.

“Now listen to me you little whore….” He said as he put more strength on his grip. “From now on, I don’t want to do anything with you…. I cease to be your boyfriend and you will not be my boyfriend…. I don’t care what you do but whatever you do, stay away from me and my life….. You will resume your duty post as my room cleaner because even though I hate you so much right now, I am a very generous person and I know you need the money to feed your hungry porno 64 looking body…….. Poor people like you deserve to suffer… all you care about are money…… I regret everything that has ever happened between us.”

Henry let go of George and his arms were hurting like hell and he was crying so much he was sure everyone heard him. Henry was there looking at George with anger. George tried to beg him but he was still staring at him like a person without a heart. George wondered if Henry did not feel anything for him at all. Was this the end of their relationship?

George felt his heart get hurt, his arms were bruised and he had a splitting headache which made things worse. He was begging Henry to forgive him but Henry was getting away from him as he drew near him. This was not the man he had fallen in love with. What was happening to their relationship?

He wondered if Henry still had feelings for him so he tried to kiss him. Before he even reached to kiss him, Henry gave him a hard slap on the cheek that he fell to the floor. It was confirmed, what they shared was all over.

“Get out!” Henry shouted pointing to the door.

George got up crying and was about to leave when he heard Henry speak to him again.

“You will pay for this George…… I promise you.”

George’s heartfelt heavy. It was like a heavy load had been put on him. He continued going when he heard Henry’s voice once more.

“One more thing….. From now on, you are to address me as sir.”

George opened the door and left the room crying heavily. To his surprise, he found Claire standing right outside Henry’s room. She probably heard everything that was happening in Henry’s room but he did not care. She was looking really sad and when she saw him, she ran to him and gave him a long hug as he broke down and cried for over 20 minutes until she decided to take him to his room.

“Claire, I swear I do not know that man…. I thought it was Henry… please believe me.” George said he cried.

“I know that George. I know you can never do such a thing….. I am sure there is something wrong somewhere…. All this happening suddenly doesn’t make any sense…… I should have been here maybe all this wouldn’t have happened….. I am sure all this was done to separate the two of you.”

She held him as he lay on the bed still crying and he could feel that she was not doing well either.

She was trying to console him but nothing was working. It was like those tears had the mind of their own. They just kept on coming out. George knew he was troubling the woman so he faked being asleep and when she left he continued crying. He wondered why Henry had said such hurtful words to him. It hurt so much to know that Henry had called him a hungry boy. It was like a nightmare. He hoped it was all a nightmare and it would be gone by morning. He still loved Henry and all he wished for was for them to get back together. He was missing Henry so much that he was having a hard time sleeping.

He took the watch Henry had bought for him and held it close to him remembering all the good times they had the past few months. Everything was going so well between the two of them and in a flush, everything was all over. It was like someone was trying to separate them for they had been so in love and now Henry did not want to see his face. He had never seen Henry act like that ever since they had started dating. He was always so loving, so cute like a little child and now he was like a vicious beast that can’t be stopped.

What hurt so much was that Henry thought that he was after his money and that he was just a whore who slept with every man he met. Despite all those words, his love did not change. He was still in love with Henry. All this made him remember his parents and inflicted more pain on him. His pillow was wet with tears. He cried himself to sleep that night.


The next morning when George woke up, he heard a knock on the door and assumed it was Henry. He quickly got up to open the door hoping it was Henry who was at the door but when he opened it, he saw Claire waiting at the door.

“Sorry if I woke you up.” She said smiling. “I came to check up on you because I have been so worried.”

George tried to put up a smile as he spoke to Claire.

“I am fine Claire, a little headache but I will be fine when I take a shower.”

“Maybe you should take a rest today…. I will do everything for you.” Claire said after caressing his hair.

“No! I am perfectly fine….. I need to do my work. It’s my duty to clean his room…… besides I don’t want to anger him more.”


“No Claire, I need to do this.”

“Okay! Fine…… but if you feel anything at all, don’t forget to inform me.”

Claire squeezed his shoulder and she left. He went to the bathroom, took a long shower. When he came back to the room, he put on a cargo short and a black t-shirt and left for Henry’s room. He got there and was very nervous. He wondered if Henry had gone to the office already. When he looked at his watch, it was already 8.20 am.

He porno izle knocked but there was no answer. Maybe Henry had already left so he decided to go inside and begin his work. When he went inside, Henry was there in the room sitting on the bed with headsets in his ears. George couldn’t tell whether he was asleep or not but he knew better than to disturb him. George turned to leave the room when he heard Henry’s voice.

“Where are you going? ………………. Shouldn’t you be cleaning the room?”

George turned and saw Henry looking at him. He was neither looking sad nor angry.

“I am sorry He…… Sir, I thought you were sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Calling Henry sir didn’t feel right but George knew he had to do so if he didn’t want to be fired which he didn’t.

“Well get on with it.” Henry said rudely.

George went back to clean the room. He cleaned the bathroom without hearing Henry’s voice but when he got to the room to clean it, he saw the cold look in Henry’s eyes. Henry kept staring at him which made him shake a little. Henry was like a bomb about to explode and George was ready for whatever Henry was about to throw at him. If it would make him feel better, he was ready for anything.

He went to the bed and asked Henry if he could make the bed. He just looked at him and got up. Henry made the bed quickly and was surprised Henry did not say anything to him. Maybe it was because he had already forgiven him for everything which he thought he did or maybe worse Henry was planning on what to do to him. Otherwise, why was he acting so funny?

George felt that since Henry seemed to be in a good mood. It might be an opportunity to talk to him so as soon as he had made the bed he turned around to face Henry who was looking at him like a stranger.

“Can I please talk with you for a moment?”

Henry just looked at him without saying a word and went back to sit on the bed.

“Do you want me to fuck you so that I can give you money?” Henry growled. “I am not into whores.”

The pain came back once Henry said that and his eyes watered. He turned around and left the room crying.

A week passed and all George got from Henry was pain. Whenever he tried to say something, Henry always embarrassed him. In front of his friends, guests and even in front of Claire and Greg. He had tried everything to avoid Henry but it was impossible since he worked in his room. If only he had somewhere to go, any family member he would stay with but he knew he had to endure all this pain and embarrassment from Henry. It wouldn’t have hurt him so much if it had been someone else showing him all this hatred but coming from a man he loved was just too much.

It started becoming worse on a day Henry had come home early while George was still cleaning his room. As soon as Henry had entered his room, George knelt at his feet and begged him.

“Henry, I am still in love with you…… whatever I have done…. Please forgive me.” Henry did not answer and just walked away.

Since that day it was like something had awoken inside of Henry. It was like he was using his love against him. Whenever he was with his friends, he used to bad mouth George not caring that he was hearing all that he was saying. This all added to his pain and it was because Henry knew he had nowhere to go. Claire used to comfort him every time. She was like a mother to him who always looked out for him.

Three days after that incident, George was sitting in his room after a long day of work. He heard the door suddenly open and close. When he looked he saw Jake standing at the door with his arms folded on his chest. George had tried to greet him but he did not respond. He understood because he was not close to Jake like Andrew so he just stood and stared at him.

“How can I help you sir?” George asked him.

“How much money do you need for you to leave him and this house?” Jake asked him rudely.

“I’m sorry but my love for your friend cannot be bought with money.”

“Who is my friend?” Jake laughed. “He has not told you. Has he?”

“Tell me what?” George asked confused.

“I was Henry’s first and greatest love…… actually we did not break up. We were very young and my parents took me abroad but before we left, Henry and I promised each other that we will always be lovers and he will wait for me….. So my return here is not just for my work but to claim what is rightfully mine.”

George was tearful when he heard what Jake had told him. Could it mean that Jake and Henry were in a relationship? It couldn’t have been. Henry would never do this to him. Not after all the promises he had made to him.

“So if I were you I would name my price and get out of here.”

“You are lying to me……. Henry would never betray me like this.”

“Haven’t ever wondered why all these things started happening to you recently why I came back?” Jake was now close. “Please I beg you, leave us alone so that we can be happy together.”

After saying that, Jake left leaving George in tears. He couldn’t believe any of what sex izle Jake had told him. He though Jake was just there to make him feel more worse than he was feeling and it was working.

George was in the kitchen with Claire crying as usual after Henry had insulted him in the room. It was hurting so bad that he was crying like a little child.

“You know what Claire? When I came to this house I thought it was my refuge from all the trouble that I have been through.” George said in between sobs. “You know how I used to suffer at the hands of my uncle…. Every day I kept praying that I find a place where I can finally live peacefully from all the pain and torture. When I came to this house I got my wish. For several months I have lived peacefully until now…… all this makes me wish I was still living with my uncle…. There is no difference. The only difference is that the pain is just too much than the physical pain I got from my uncle…..” he sighed. “I should have never fallen in love with him in the first place. At least all this wouldn’t be happening to me.”

“Everything happens for a purpose…. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel….. Never give up… you will find happiness.”

These were really words of encouragement coming from the woman who he really loved like a mother. Claire had a way of making him feel better every time he was sad. She was the only one who could reach out to him when he was broken. He gave the woman a smile for the first time since Henry broke up with him and she was looking really happy and was at the verge of crying. She gave him a long hug tapping him on the back.

Two days after, George was cleaning Henry’s room when suddenly he heard the door in the room open and closed with force that he felt the floor vibrate a bit. He decided to ignore it since he knew it was Henry and he was not ready for his trouble. He heard laughs and that was when he realized that he was with someone probably one of his friends. He stayed in the bathroom cleaning it slowly hoping Henry had not realized he was in the room too.

About 20 minutes he began hearings moans coming from Henry’s room. He did not know if his mind was playing tricks on him but he heard them again. He heard Henry’s voice in pleasure,

“That feels good baby.”

George felt like someone had pierced a sharp metal through his heart and it hurt. He was already crying as he came out of the bathroom to find some guy on top of Henry, with his hand in Henry’s jean.

Henry looked at George but he did not care. Rather, he held onto the guy’s waist and went on top of him as he kissed his neck. He began moaning like a crazy maniac having sex for the first time as he unbuckled the guy’s belt. George couldn’t take it anymore. He felt weak but managed to run from Henry’s room to his own room. He reached there and without thinking about anything found he was busy getting his clothes from the wardrobe putting them on the bed.

He didn’t care where he would go and he was really crying hard that his head hurt like hell. He took his bag, packed all his clothes, took all his savings and without thinking about it, left the watch Henry had given him on the bed and left the room heading down stairs where he saw Claire and Greg talking. When she saw him, he saw worry in her face.

“George! Son! Where are you going?”

“I can’t take it anymore Claire. I just can’t….. If I stay here any longer, I will die.” George said as more tears run down his face.

“I had feared this day would come.” She said sadly.

“Please wait for me here.”

She left the living room, living him with Greg who was holding him and trying to calm him down. A few minutes later, she came back with a small envelope which looked like it was loaded with something. She gave it to him as he saw tears run down her face.

“I feared this day would come and that is why Greg and I prepared that in advance…. It will be able to help until you find a job to sustain your livelihood.”

With that, she gave him a long hug as the both of them cried. Greg gave him also a hug and he could see that Greg too was emotional. He thanked the both of them for everything they had done for him while he was still in the house and he left crying.


That day Henry had broken up with George, he did not sleep. George was still in his mind. He couldn’t still believe that the boy he really loved had done this to him. He vowed to make him pay for having hurt him like that.

When he had told Andrew and Jake he had broken up with George, Jake had supported him while Andrew had nothing to say. The next day, he almost had an argument with Andrew who was against his idea of breaking up with George but he did not say anything. Andrew had told him to trust George but he couldn’t just bring himself to trusting him.

For a week he had been hurting George emotionally trying to make him feel like trash at every chance he got and he was seeing that George was really hurting. Though he did that, he was still very much in love with him but his hatred was getting the best of him. All he ever thought of was getting rid of George so he can live in peace. When George was not in his presence, he always missed him so much but as soon as he saw him, his hatred came back which made him to make all kinds of plans to hurt him.

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