Diaper Virgin

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I never would have expected after starting my first year of college that at my first party I would get so drunk and chat it up with a hot girl from my classes. We learned we were in the same major, so we talked forever till she offered to go back to her place. Unlike the other first years at our college, she stayed in a private, one person unit, which suited me fine.

By ourselves, she threw me for a loop once she whipped out two adult diapers for us to wear. Being the drunk, horny virgin I was, I thought little of this. I just lay on the floor letting her pull my pants and underwear off.

It amazed me, even intoxicated, she put it on so well. She must have done this many times before.

All the while, I peaked at her mesmerizing cleavage.

When she finished taping me into mine, she took her clothes off. I gawked at how dazzling she appeared taking off her panties, and how good her tits looked in her bra, which she kept on while changing into her own. I got so hard staring at her.

After lying on her bed, she sat on top of me with our diapers pressed into each other. She stared down at them, touching first the front of hers and then mine. Noticing how stiff I got inside it, she smiled at me, leaned down and we kissed. When her hips moved, so did I, grinding our adult diapers together.

It surprised me how good it felt. I moaned. I turned my head left and right, arching my neck at the intensity building in my shaking member. She sat up. Staring at her breasts, I begged to touch them. I felt I was about to burst as I raised my arms, and she pounded our padded bits together. I came, hitting euphoria when I cusped her boobs in my hands.

Drifting into sleep, I could not believe she made me cum in a diaper.

The next morning, I awoke to her sleeping beside me looking drop dead gorgeous in her beautiful white lace bra and cute adult diaper. I stared at them, getting so horny. Growing hard, I stroked mobilbahis güvenilir mi the front of mine enraptured by the utter bliss. I went faster and faster, grunting at the pure ecstasy of gazing at her tits. The pleasure of masturbating to her became too much to bear, forcing me to cum in my diaper again.

I readjusted it because of the mess I made, thinking how I was still a virgin because I wore it. She woke then, realizing I had cum in the adult diaper she gave me.

“Oh, no!” She said, looking super worried. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was drunk. And you. I dragged you into my creepy fetish.” She covered her face in the blanket.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine,” I reassured her. “Actually, I thought it felt good.”


“Honestly. I’ll keep this between us.”

“Yeah.” She giggled. A little hesitant.

“Is it okay if I see you again?”

I think I took her by surprise because her eyes widened when I asked. She nodded several times before spitting out a delayed, “Yes!”

We started going out. I wore the adult diapers with her, sometimes in public under our clothes and always in private at her place. Each time I did, I found it impossible to not ogle her breasts and get horny. Whenever that happened, I needed to masturbate in my diaper so bad.

If she wore an outfit complimenting her curves and giving glimpses of her little secret beneath it, I excused myself to the restroom or took a call in a spot where I could be alone. I pictured her in it and the bra she had on clutching my puffy front to sweep my hand up and down until I creamed my diaper.

Whenever we cuddled together, I felt the shape of her body, the warmth of our skin where we touched and the crinkles of our adult diapers as we scooted around. I waited long enough to excuse myself to her balcony for some fresh air once the throbbing beneath my padding became too much to handle. mobilbahis The feeling of us wrapped in each other’s arms lingered in my mind as I soothed my raging stiffness until I squirted into my diaper.

Even after we made out, stripped down, and humped our covered privates to climax, I became horny again unable to take my eyes off her sumptuous breasts when she slept. Giving in, I masturbated to her tempting tits making me cum in my diaper.

That lasted for quite awhile before a whole day passed where she never returned my calls or texts. Over at her unit, she never answered the door, giving the impression she was not home. I worried she found out about how I was relieving myself, so she avoided me out of disgust. Maybe she was staying with a friend I did not know about?

Despite being gone, I got horny thinking about her. And not having access to her adult diapers, I jerked off the old-fashioned way, but right before I could ejaculate, I choked up. I felt too scared and embarrassed to cum without my diaper!

Two days passed where my urges ached for relief. She at last sent me a message, saying she just returned. I raced to her place, clutching my pained groin when I got there.

“Hey,” she said opening the door. “What’s wrong?” She ushered me inside.

“I’m so sorry,” I replied. “The first night we were together, I masturbated to your breasts in my diaper. I did it ever since. Every time I got horny for you, I rubbed it till I came in my diaper. When you left, I tried to do it like normal, but I couldn’t. It was impossible. I was too afraid and ashamed to let it out not wearing one.”

She watched as I clung to my aching piece for her. “Please, please. I’m so sorry I masturbated to you without asking. You’re so hot. You’re too much for me. I need my diaper. I need my diaper to cum so bad. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I fell to my knees. “Please, just let me cum in my diaper!”

Putting mobilbahis giriş a hand on my shoulder, she moved me to lay down on the floor. She brought out two for us, changing herself into one first, and then me. Standing together, she reached down and lifted her top, slow with me squirming in my adult diaper desperate to see her boobs. When at last I saw the baby blue bra she wore, snuggled up against her breasts, she asked, “Do you want to touch them?”

From that alone, I squirted into my brand-new diaper, yelling, and falling to the ground from the immense bastion of bliss she gave me. I could not believe she made me cum in my diaper just from showing me her breasts.

She helped me up and brought me to her bed to recover from the devastating cum I made in my adult diaper. She explained she had returned home to deal with a family emergency when her phone died along the way. Hearing that put me a little at ease.

“Also, I know you were masturbating to me in your diaper since that first night,” she told me. “To be honest, I got off to it, and I worried you would stop if I let on that I knew.”

“I guess, since I need my diaper to cum now, we’re kind of stuck with each other.”

“Yeah.” She giggled and pecked my cheek.

We gave ourselves some time to let the confessions sink in after which we promised to be more honest with each other.

To that end, she revealed she had taken the vibrator from home she had forgotten to bring with her the first time.

“There’s something I want to try if you’re up for it,” she said.

I sure was, so she had me lie on top of her, our adult diapers squeezed together with the vibrator in between them. She switched it on, and I felt the immediate sensation she wanted. We moved our hips in sync, grinding our diapers to the vibration.

I watched the ecstasy grow in the light of her eyes. She kept giving me her dumb smile as her pleasure reached higher, and I went along with her. I quickened our humping, unable to believe we were not really having sex. I reached my limit, but so did she, so when I moaned, she moaned, and we came in our diapers together.

After we kissed, she looked up at me and said, “Good job, my diaper virgin.”

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