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Anal Dildo

Adam Sinclair was fresh out of high school in the summer of 1973, and while it was probably true that most of his classmates were happy about that, none were more thrilled than Adam. The 18 year old had spent 4 years in that hell hole called Shaker High being picked on and ridiculed for being a geek, and now the lad looked forward to going to college come fall and getting a fresh start.

Community College, Adam reminded himself, because since he and his Mom weren’t well off financially it was the best they could do, but he figured that at least the students wouldn’t be so judgmental there. They wouldn’t care if he was no good at sports and was shy. They would accept him for what he was.

During that summer Adam had taken a job at a local grocery, and while it wasn’t a lucrative job at least it was going to help pay for books and things the student loan wouldn’t cover. The man who owned the store, Mr. Marsh, was a really nice guy too, and even started taking Adam home after the store closed at 10 so he wouldn’t have to ride his bike home in the dark.

How nice Mr. Marsh really was, Adam would learn soon after the rides home began.


When Mr. Marsh pulled his pick-up truck into a deserted dead end street Thursday night Adam wasn’t shocked like he had been the night before, and in fact he might even have been hoping that Mr. Marsh wouldn’t take him right home because while what happened in the darkened cab of the pick-up truck last night was very exciting to the lad- after he had recovered from the shock that is.

He had kissed a man. Technically a man had kissed him, but Adam hadn’t stopped Mr. Marsh when he did it that first time and when he did it again Adam found himself returning the affection. They had kissed for about five minutes, and although Adam was shocked at being kissed by a person with a moustache he got over it.

It wasn’t like Adam had all that much experience at kissing anyway, since he only had really messed around with two girls before, but kissing was kissing and he had liked it, even when Mr. Marsh slipped his tongue in.

When Mr. Marsh had finally stopped, the truck windows were all fogged up, as were Adam’s glasses. Adam wasn’t sure if he was glad or not when Mr. Marsh started up the car and dropped him and his bike off at his run-down little home, because what they had done wasn’t right. Guys didn’t kiss guys.

He had liked it though, and while nothing much else had happened Adam was very aroused. Mr. Marsh had put his hand on his thigh and squeezed it gently while they necked and Adam’s hand had come up onto his employer’s bicep and did the same.

It wasn’t lost on the student that there wasn’t much difference in size between Mr. Marsh’s muscular bicep and his own skinny thigh either, and Mr. Marsh’s hairy arm was as hard as a rock. While Adam’s employer was only a few inches taller than him he was close to twice his size because the burly 51 year old was close to twice Adam’s 130 pounds, and the lad felt like the “before” pictures in those Charles Atlas muscle building ads in the backs of comic books.

After he had got home the night before, hurrying to his room after giving Mom a brief description of his workday, Adam had undressed and saw that his tight-whiteys were soggy, the result of his erection leaking while he had necked with Mr. Marsh.

Adam cringed at first when he thought about how embarrassed he would have been if his employer’s hand had slid up from his thigh and discovered that he had a boner, but then he realized that Mr. Marsh would have probably hoped he was excited. Besides, if he had ever touched him Adam would have probably came instantly, as excited as he was.

Mr. Marsh wouldn’t have been the first guy to touch him there but Brian Maxwell didn’t count. Mr. Marsh was a man – a man with a wife at home – and that confused Adam. Why would a guy with a wife at home want to be in a truck necking with him?

Adam didn’t know and didn’t care, and all during work that Thursday night he thought about Mr. Marsh as he worked back in the little meat section of the store. He hadn’t acted any differently towards Adam all evening and had said nothing at all about it even as he drove Adam home, which made Adam wonder whether the night before was just a – an accident? A hallucination?

But then the truck pulled off into the darkened dead-end side street once more and Mr. Marsh turned the headlights off.


“Back again,” Mr. Marsh sighed as he looked over at his employee in the dim lights of the dashboard. “I would love to take you to my place but – and I don’t think your mother would appreciate you bringing me to your bedroom either.”

“No – guess not, “Adam mumbled.

“I took a big chance last night,” Mr. Marsh confessed as he put his arm over the back of Adam’s seat. “I thought you liked me but I wasn’t sure.”

“I like you.”

“I mean, in another way,” Mr. Marsh said in clarifying. “Have you been with a man before?”

“No. I mean yes sort of,” Adam babbled. “I mean, travesti porno not a man. A guy I went to school with but all we did was mess around a little. Not like – you know?”

“You seemed to like what we did last night,” Mr. Marsh said as he slid closer to Adam, and after the lad nodded he added, “Wish we had more time but I know your Mom is strict.”

“She treats me like a kid even though I just got my draft card in the mail yesterday,” Adam said. “She gets scared being home alone and gets all nervous if I don’t get home right after work.”

“Moms are like that. My wife – she gets suspicious if I’m late too,” Mr. Marsh explained as he reached over and ran his hand through Adam’s hair. “You’re so cute and I want you so bad.”

“What?” Mr. Marsh said after Adam laughed.

“Nobody’s ever called me cute before – except Mom maybe.”

“Does that bother you? Me calling you cute?”

“No,” Adam mumbled as his boss leaned over so close his moustache was brushing Adam’s lips.

“Good, because you are,” Mr. Marsh replied before moving his lips forward, and tonight Adam was prepared for this.

“Want you so bad,” Mr. Marsh mumbled as he smothered the lad with kisses, and this time after his beefy paw landed on Adam’s thigh it didn’t stay there long.

“Oh!” Adam cried out when after a moment of fumbling his employer found his fully engorged dick.

“You’re excited aren’t you?” Mr. Marsh whispered into his ear as he nibbled the lobe. “So hard.”

Although Adam was excited he was also terrified from fearing how Mr. Marsh would react when he finally found what his hand had fumbled briefly for, but the older man just kept passionately kissing him while squeezing the reed-thin prong through the layers of clothing, pulling at Adam’s erection while the lad squirmed in his embrace.

“Touch me too,” Mr. Marsh grunted as he let go of Adam’s crotch long enough to take Adam’s hand and place it in his lap.

Even in the near-total darkness Ed Marsh saw the whites of Adam’s eyes widen when his hand was pushed upon his bulge, something the lad had no problem finding, but then Adam was writhing back into the seat while his head rolled around and he cried out.

“That’s it – cum for me good,” Mr. Marsh declared when he realized that his hand had caused the lad to orgasm right in his pants, but the older man kept pulling and squeezing until Adam stopped squirming and his erection withered away.

“Sorry Mr. Marsh,” Adam said in embarrassment. “Didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay babe. My fault. Guess I got carried away,” he answered. “Was it good?”

“Oh yeah,” Adam said as he straightened his glasses on his face. “Um – do you want me to…”

“Just hold me if you will,” Ed Marsh said as he directed his lad’s hand onto the bulge that curved toward his right pocket. “My wife – she won’t even do that for me anymore.”

“Like this?” Adam asked as a shiver went down his spine while his hand rubbed what felt like a third leg.

“Nice – tomorrow night – could you tell your mother you have to work late?” Ed Marsh asked. “Say we’re doing inventory or something for a couple of hours?”

“I think so,” Adam replied as he felt the now cooling wetness of his seed cover the front of his slacks.

“We can do more – much more,” Ed Marsh said as he leaned over and kissed Adam while pressing the lad’s hand down hard on his bulge and moaning, “Aawww…”

Through the trousers and briefs Adam felt his employer’s manhood pulsate while their tongues dueled, and then it was over.

“Guess we’re both a mess,” Ed Marsh said as he turned on the interior light and looked at their laps, and when seeing the stain that covered Adam’s entire front he noted, “Boy, you sure popped a load. Will you be able to keep your mother from seeing that?”

“Yeah. I can tie my sweatshirt around my waist,” Adam explained. “I usually run right to my room anyway.”

“Good. Let’s get you home,” Ed Marsh declared as he started up the car again, and after going back out to the main road and getting to Adam’s house he said, “Tomorrow night, right? I want you so bad Adam it hurts.”

“Okay,” Adam said before getting out of the truck and pulling his bike out of the back. “I’ll ask and let you know.”

Asking would wait until morning because Adam had to navigate past his mother who was knitting in the corner, and after Adam got to his room he quickly disrobed, gingerly peeling his sticky Fruit of the Looms off of his privates before getting into the bathroom.

After turning on the spray Adam looked at his reflection in the mirror and cringed at his skinny torso, wishing that he had acted on his frequent resolutions about working out and building up his body. His pasty skin only added to the negative image he held of himself, and then their was the manner what he was most ashamed of.

As his hand went down and pulled on the skinny limp tube that was dwarfed by the over-sized scrotum that hung below it he thought about how alt yazılı porno Mr. Marsh didn’t seem to mind how small he was, although he had only felt it through his pants. He not only didn’t laugh but Mr. Marsh told him he was cute. Him. Adam Sinclair.

In the shower Adam scrubbed hard to get the mess that his dried cum had made the little tuft of pubic hair, and as he washed he thought about what Mr. Marsh had made him put his hand on. It felt so big, ever bigger than Brian’s Maxwell’s had been, and while at first Adam had felt ashamed about how poorly he measured up to his friend he had gotten over it because Brian didn’t laugh at him or make a big deal out of it.

Adam found himself jerking off before turning the water off, but while he had gotten erect again thinking about Brian’s cock and the fun he and his friend used to have, when he came he was thinking about Mr. Marsh and what might happen tomorrow night.

“Ed,” Adam said softly to himself after making sure his cum had gone down the drain, reminding himself about what his boss had told him before they parted earlier.

“I like the way you call me Mr. Marsh at the store,” his boss had explained. “At work that’s good but when we’re alone like this I want you to call me Ed, okay? You’re a man and I’m a man.”


Adam’s mother offered minimal resistance when he told her about having to work overtime but finally agreed telling him, “I might as well get used to being alone. After all, you’ll be going to school so and I’ll be alone so much, and then someday you’ll be married…”

“Mom, I’ll be driving home after school every day,” Adam had said about his upcoming half hour commute to and from Hudson Valley. “And married? I don’t think that’s going to happen soon.”

So after assuring his mother he would be home soon after midnight, and after she assured Adam that she would be up knitting and waiting for him, he went to work.

Adam had even shaved for the occasion, although he only used the razor because his mother had bought it for him. Ever after a week the peach fuzz had been barely visible but he wanted to look his best. Mr. Marsh – by the end of the day his five o’clock shadow was very obvious and it would take Adam a year of not shaving to look like that.

The six hours of work crawled by even though it was kind of busy, but about an hour before closing time when there was nobody in the store Mr. Marsh had beckoned him to the back of the store and through the store room to a door that was always locked.

“I use this when we get a wicked storm and it’s too tough to drive home,” Mr. Marsh explained when he flicked on the light and revealed a tiny room with not much more in it that a bed and a cabinet with an old TV in the corner. “It’s not much but it’s better than a car, right Adam?”

Adam nodded as the sight of a bed sent a chill down his spine, and Mr. Marsh squeezed his shoulders from behind while nuzzling under Adam’s long curls and kissing his neck until the chime that indicated the front door opening interrupted things.

“Damn,” Mr. Marsh mumbled before adding, “Only 52 minutes to go. Excited?”

“Yes,” Adam said, although he was tempted to add that he was also scared.

“Me too,” Mr. Marsh said as he patted his employee on the butt while Adam went to wait on the customer.


To Adam his employer looked like a kid waiting for Santa Claus as he paced by the door with the key in his hand while waiting for the clock to reach 10, and although his livelihood depended on customers Mr. Marsh seemed to be rooting against any last minute business.

“Kill the lights,” Mr. Marsh instructed Adam, and he was locking the door while Adam turned all but the emergency lighting.

Adam noticed Mr. Marsh had already taken off he work apron and his work shirt was partially unbuttoned, exposing the top of his wife-beater t-shirt and the black hair that sprouted up to his neck.

“I brought a couple sodas back there already,” Mr. Marsh explained as he led Adam back to the little bedroom, and after he closed it behind them Ed Marsh wrapped his burly arms around his employee and kissed him.

“Wanted to do that all day,” Ed Marsh declared as he practically ripped his shirt off himself and then peeled his tank top up over his head, self-consciously running his hand through the mat of hair on his chest and squeezing his man boobs.

“I look like a gorilla,” Ed confessed as Adam stared at him, but Adam just shook his head while his employer pulled his t-shirt out from under his jeans and lifted it up and over him. “Now this is beauty.”

Mr. Marsh ran his hands over Adam’s hairless chest, savoring the soft skin before tweaking the tiny pink nipples and smiling while opining, “So sweet and smooth.”

Adam shivered when Ed Marsh leaned down and sucked on his nipples, first the right and then the left while reaching down and taking Adam’s left wrist in hand and raising his arm back behind Adam’s neck.

“Sweet,” üvey baba porno Mr. Marsh mumbled as he kissed his way over to the faint wisp of golden hairs in the center of an otherwise creamy hollow, and after kissing the downy spray ran his tongue up and down his shocked employee’s armpit, flattening the moistened hairs to his skin.

“Bet your friend never did that to you,” Mr. Marsh said to Adam who seemed stunned. “That bother you?”

“No,” Adam said, mumbling “felt nice”.

“Good,” Mr. Marsh responded before doing the same thing to Adam’s other armpit. “By the time I get done with you I’ll have tasted every inch of you.”

Adam couldn’t stop shivering, both from Ed Marsh’s tongue and from the way his hairy chest felt against his bare skin, and as he wondered whether he was supposed to do that in return he felt his belt being undone while Ed kissed his way down on the way to kneeling before him.

“Ooh… so gorgeous,” Mr. Marsh sighed after he got Adam’s jeans down his shaking knees and off his ankles and looked at the brilliantly white underwear and the outline of what was underneath, and after looking up at his young friend asked, “You okay?”

“Scared,” Adam admitted, because not only was he shaking and sweating his dick and balls were trying to crawl into his intestines despite him being hard most of the evening.

“Of me?” Ed said softly.

“Of everything,” Adam confessed as he watched Ed lean forward and kiss the bulge, revealing that while he was going a little thin on top, his employer’s broad shoulders and back were almost as furry as his chest.

“Just relax honey – guess I’m rushing things here because I’m so excited,” Mr. Marsh explained as he brought his beefy hand up and massaged the front of Adam’s briefs while with his other hand undid his own belt. “How does that feel?”

“Good,” Adam croaked as both Mr. Marsh’s smiling face and the gentle stroking he was getting had the hoped for relaxing effect, so after a minute or two when Mr. Marsh eased his fruit of the looms down things were back to normal.

“Look at you – you’re perfect,” Ed declared as his hand took Adam’s semi-erect dick and brought the gumdrop head to his lips, and after glancing down below it his smile grew even wider.

“Wow,” Ed exclaimed as he reached down and hefted Adam’s meaty scrotum, rolling the plump orbs in their hairless wrinkled pouch. “You’ve got the balls of a bull – put mine to shame. You like me doing this don’t you?”

Adam nodded as the evidence of how the kneading of nuts felt became obvious when his cock became fully engorged, the pale and slender 5″ arching and bobbing excitedly in his employer’s face.

“You’re even more beautiful than I had imagined,” Mr. Marsh said before opening his mouth and letting his moist lips slid down the length of Adam’s dick, only stopping when his face was pressed against the soft curls above the throbbing reed.

“Oh man!” Adam said as his knees turned to jelly, reaching down and grabbing onto Mr. Marsh’s shoulders for support as his lips slid back up to the tip.

“Let’s get more comfortable,” Mr. Marsh suggested as he rose to his feet while his pants stayed down, and when he yanked his boxer shorts down they were both naked.

“Holy shit,” Adam mumbled before adding an apology for his language, and when Mr. Marsh asked what was wrong he added, “Your dick.”

“Huh?” Oh,” Ed Marsh said with a shrug as he sheepishly nodded down towards his cock which was very erect. “Told you I was excited.”

“No – um – I mean it’s huge,” Adam said as his voice wobbled while his eyes gawked at the sight of his employer’s uncut cock which, while perhaps not the third leg it had felt like through the clothing the night before, was both impressive and scary.

“Oh – that doesn’t matter,” Ed Marsh assured Adam. “Ask my wife about that. Be glad to trade with you.”

“Okay,” Adam answered meekly but with complete sincerity at the sight of the biggest erection Adam had ever seen.

Besides his own the only other stiff dick Adam had even seen was his friend’s, and while Brian’s nearly 7″ had seemed enormous to Adam at the time, it was nothing like the vein-riddled monster that swayed lazily beneath Mr. Marsh’s belly.

“Can I touch it?” Adam asked, and after Ed chuckled and told Adam he could do anything he wanted to him, his hand reached down and gingerly squeezed the shaft.

“Can’t even get my hand all the way around it,” Adam muttered as he let his hand slide up and down the shaft a little, exposing the tip of Ed’s dick when the foreskin peeled back a bit, something Adam thought was neat. “I can feel it throbbing.”

“It wants to be inside of you,” Ed said as he leaned close and kissed Adam while his hands reached around and cupped Adam’s butt cheeks. “Do you like it in the ass?”

“Huh?” Adam asked as his boss ground his hairy body into him.

“Want to see you,” Ed Marsh said in response, and then Adam was turned around and instructed to bend over, which the lad did while gripping his knees.

“Sweet,” Ed mumbled as he pushed Adam’s legs farther, the sight of the lad’s pendulous scrotum swaying low just as exciting from this angle, and then Ed was moaning again after spreading Adam’s buttocks and seeing the pert beige balloon knot that was as hairless as most of the rest of Adam.

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