Dinner Party Mystery Ch. 07

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Dinner Party Mystery

A Girl Friday, Risk Versus Reward crossover story.


Chapter 7: Desi’s Pie a la Mode


“The mystery is solved?” Miss Chowdhury asked, with a lovely rolling of the R, as Juliet settled into her lap with a sigh.

There weren’t enough chairs in the dining room for all of us to be able to sit down for pie and coffee, so we shared. Juliet was being hugged to Miss Chowdury’s chest, while my dear wife sat on Mistress Nguyen’s lap. Lenore, Esme and Zaheera rotated through my lap when they weren’t busy running about in their serving aprons, and Desi sat quite contentedly on Karin’s. Only those of us with our butts on chairs were wearing clothes at this point in the evening.

I still had my Poirot style suit, but Juliet’s zoot suit was draped over an arm chair in the living room, and Mistress hadn’t worn any clothing since she disappeared upstairs with Betty Nguyen and lost her skimpy red fuck-me dress. Desi’s nipple rings were glinting in the light of the small overhead chandelier, much to Lenore, Esme, and Zaheera’s fascination. I had a feeling that Desi and I were kindred spirits in that we really didn’t need much of a reason to get naked or do something kinky.

“Charlotte, Juliet, Natasha,” Betty Nguyen smiled and cupped Mistress’s breast as she said her name—hoisting it, taking measure of its weight. “Thank you for inviting us into your home. And thank you to Miss Chowdhury and her lovely trio of assistants who fed us all so well.”

I watched Betty lean in and whisper something to Mistress. Mistress rose slowly to her feet with a slight grimace and a sucking sound from under the table that I don’t think anyone failed to hear.

“I brought along some dessert wine so that we might have a few toasts. I’ve sent my girl to fetch it. She’ll be right back.” Betty looked at me and winked as she said this.

I looked over at Mistress, who was holding a hand to her pink backside as she got up. I smiled. Juliet kept looking at me like she expected me to go ballistic any minute now, but I don’t think she understood. Mistress was enjoying herself—quite a bit from what I could tell. And that’s what made me smile.

When she came back with the first bottle of wine, I watched her gorgeous body as she made her way around the table. She was naked as the day she was born, completely exposed in front of a group of people and she maybe knew half of them. But she stood tall and proud, filling each glass, while many of the guests pinched or fondled her as she passed.

When all the glasses were full, she took her seat on Betty Nguyen’s lap again. She sat down slowly and carefully while Betty moved one hand under the table. I had a strong suspicion that Betty was still wearing that wicked black appendage strapped around her waist. A flutter of Mistress’s eyelids as she finally came to rest, made me sure of it.

“I’d like to make a toast,” Juliet announced. “To Betty, Desi, and Karin, for having confidence in our artistic vision and choosing to invest in our modern retelling of the classic story of Cleopatra.”

A rattling of glassware followed.

“Thank you, Juliet,” Betty said. “I look forward to working with you and Charlotte. And more than that, I look forward to spending more time with my girls, Karin and Desi. You may or may not know that we went our separate ways for a while. That was on me. I kicked them out of the nest, you could say. I wanted them to learn they could make their way in the world without relying on me.”

I watched the smiles cross Karin and Desi’s faces as their eyes lit up with that same fawning appreciation I have for my very own Mistress, my wife, Natasha. Their gaze never left Betty as she continued, fingering the stem of her glass now.

“They have proven without a doubt that they don’t need me to get by. Desi has recently opened a second gallery to display her jewelry creations, and Karin has made a successful run in the erotic ebook business, despite fierce competition. I’m very proud of you both.”

Betty raised her glass in the air and the rest of the table followed suit.

“And now that you girls have made your mark on the casino siteleri world, I would dearly love to have you come back to the nest. After one evening here in Natasha’s home, I am reminded of how beautiful it can be with the three of us together. And I’d… I’d like to feel that again.”

I may have been mistaken, but I thought I saw the rock hard exterior of the dragon lady begin to crumble, just a little. I don’t think I was the only one. Mistress turned and encircled Betty’s neck with her arms. Desi and Karin got up from their shared chair and came around to hug Betty from both sides.

I took my glass in hand. “To Mistress Betty Nguyen,” I said. “The only woman in the world who could possibly tame my mistress. And to my lovely Natasha. I saw just how happy it made you to let yourself surrender and put yourself in the hands of someone else. And I want to thank you for being strong everyday for me, so that I can give myself to you.”

There was another rattling of glassware around the table. I watched Mistress glance at Betty, who gave a slight nod. Mistress then got up, kissed Betty on the cheek, and made her way over to me. Since our trio of sous chefs was in the kitchen preparing dessert, she sat down on my vacant lap and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Thank you, Charlotte,” she said. “I’m sorry if—”

“Shh,” I said. “It took me a little while, Mistress, but I understand completely. Lord knows I could never tame you like she did.”

There was chattering around the table and the noise of plates being passed, but I tuned most of it out.

“Did you know she taught the class for dominants? At the agency, the one you used to be contracted with.”

I shook my head. It did make sense though. Who else could tame a domme? Who else could have her bent over her own desk, impaled and begging for orgasm?

“It started out that she wanted to know if I was taking good care of you. Did you know that?”

I shook my head again.

“Even though you don’t work for her agency anymore, she still wanted to check up on you, to make sure you were being treated properly and with respect.” Mistress paused. “I’m not sure how we got around to it, but I asked her for a refresher of the dominant course, just to be sure. It was her idea to start tonight.”

“This is what you did in class?”

Mistress nodded. “She reversed the roles. Treated me like I was her submissive for an entire day. Said it was her way of putting dominants in the shoes of those who chose to serve them. It worked too. At first I was resistant, but then… well, I actually enjoyed it, giving myself over to her. Just for the day, mind you.”

I snuggled in and nuzzled Mistress’s neck as she confessed this to me. “I know you did,” I whispered. “I could see it on your face. Just don’t expect that I’m going to hand you over every weekend or anything like that. Maybe once a year on your birthday.” I pinched her bare behind. “But only if you’ve been a good girl.”

Mistress kissed my cheek.

Our reverie was interrupted by a very lovely Lenore setting a single, large slice of cherry pie in front of us. There was a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. “To share,” she said, and deposited two forks. The piece of pie was leaking cherry sauce from a finger-sized wound in its top crust, while the melting vanilla slowly filled in and staunched the bleeding. Desi’s pie. I grinned.

Across the table, and seated on Betty’s right leg, was Desi, holding her glass in the air. She tapped it lightly with her dessert fork.

“A toast,” she said, “To the two great detectives who solved the mystery of just who had their fingers in my pie tonight. And what a lucky girl I am… It turns out it was all of you.” Desi cupped her own breasts and made a show of tugging at her nipple rings. “The idea of all those fingers gives me such naughty thoughts.”

I turned to kiss Mistress on the mouth before I raised my glass with the rest. And, eventually things quieted down somewhat, as we all got down to the business of tasting Desi’s pie—most of those around the table for the second time this evening.

* * *

“Do you suppose we could have a little preview of your ideas canlı casino for the soundtrack?” Betty Nguyen was bending Juliet’s ear, while her two girls, Desi and Karin absolutely fawned over Betty, never leaving her side since dinner. They were both naked as the day they were born.

Juliet turned to me. I looked at Mistress, who had since poured herself back into her red fuck-me dress, and still without the benefit of any undergarments that I could see. We all three looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“If you would follow me to our basement studio, ladies, my girls can showcase their considerable talents,” Mistress said, and turned to our buxom chef for the evening. “Vishranti, if your girls are available, we’d love to have you join us. It will be a tight fit, but I think you’ll enjoy it.”

The trio of sous chefs doffed their aprons and trotted over, grinning and jiggling pleasantly all the way.

I put a gentle hand on Zaheera’s ass. It was still a little pink and warm to the touch. “How do you feel after those extra lashes for pie stealing.”

Zaheera put her lips to my ear. “I think I’d like to get my fingers in another pie, Miss Charlotte. It makes my pussy wet.”

I kissed her on the cheek. “You’re going to make your mistress so happy.”

* * *

“Let me explain our director’s vision for the movie,” Juliet said, as Miss Chowdhury and her assistants arranged themselves in next to Betty and her girls, all in the tight space of our home studio. “I think that will help put the soundtrack into context.”

I began warming up on the Hammond SK-1, quietly, being careful not to use enough force to jar the loose connection on the back where it plugged into the amp.

C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7

Juliet continued. “It’s a retelling of the classic story of Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Except, ‘The Nile’ is a hoppin’ gin joint down in Harlem during the prohibition years, where Cleopatra is a singer a lounge act.”

I started in on a slow, walking baseline with my left hand, still being gentle on the keys. Juliet must have sensed me holding back.

“It’s okay, Miss Charlotte,” she said, “I fixed the connection.”

“When did you have time to do that?”

“I found a soldering iron in the toolbox when I went to look for something to measure the holes in Desi’s pie.” A grin crossed Juliet’s face. “Who keeps calipers around, anyway?”

I just shrugged. And kept playing.

“Go ahead and give it a good test, Miss Charlotte.”

I leaned over to kiss Juliet on the cheek and then, with a flourish of improvisation with my right hand, I began cranking out a soulful melody, enhanced by the Hammond B3 sound-alike that my girlfriend and fellow detective had so graciously repaired for me.

“…and there’s this gang of hoodlems, called The Crocodiles,” Juliet was explaining, with an almost beatnik sort of rhythm and finesse to accompany my blues riffs. The women assembled all looked on in amazement. And I lot myself in my improvisations, while I daydreamed about my lovely Natasha as Cleopatra, my very own Queen of the Nile.

Desi and Karin were leaning up against Betty, while she pulled them lovingly to her. The trio of sous chefs, all still very naked, looked extremely placid as they gathered close to Vishranti Chowdhury. And Miss Chowdhury cracked a small grin every time she shifted her hand from one to the other of those lovely asses.

Juliet’s explanations continued.

I was really getting into it now, happy with the repair job Juliet did for me and satisfied that my keyboard wasn’t erupt into a burst of static at any minute. That’s when I felt Mistress snaking her hand around my waist. I leaned my body into her. She still stunk of sex. I smiled and enjoyed her warmth while I sent my hands dancing over the keys.

“And that is our vision for the soundtrack,” Juliet finished up her speil, and I wrapped up my playing. A polite round of applause was given by those assembled. Mistress dipped her head and laid her lips against my neck. I shivered.

“We have more wine upstairs if anyone needs motivation to leave the cramped studio,” Mistress said. And for a moment, I pictured her with her red dress kaçak casino on the floor in the corner, and a butt plug stretching her as she played the role of servant girl. But, that moment had passed. There would be no more antics tonight. She was clearly back in Mistress mode—my mistress.

“I’d be happy to bring the keyboard upstairs for a round of musical chairs.” I surveyed the faces around me. “The loser of each round gets a spanking from those seated?”

I watched Lenore, Esme, and Zaheera’s faces light up.

“If you think for a minute I’m letting anyone paddle my behind—” Betty started, but was interrupted by Desi and Karin grabbing her ass and tucking hands inside her suit coat. I think I actually saw the dragon lady crack a smile.

“Well, there is a lot of wine,” Mistress said, “so who knows?”

And with that we all trotted up the stairs.

* * *

Mistress did indeed play the role of serving girl, though this time while clothed, if you could call the skimpy red dress clothing. She looked delicious. I elected to hang my suit in the closet and spent the rest of the evening in an over-sized white button-down and nothing else. I found it quite liberating. Juliet was completely nude—extremely liberated.

And while Juliet sat next to Miss Chowdhury, with no room to spare, talking of culinary classes while being sized up like a prime cut of beef, I glanced over at Mistress, seated with Betty, Karin, and Desi. They were talking the business of movie financing. Arranged on the floor at my feet were the lovely trio of Lenore, Esme, and Zaheera. They glistened slightly as if they might have been recently oiled. I held back a snicker, as I made a mental note to check the cupboards.

On Esme’s lap lay Bella’s upturned snout. She had just rolled over to demand some belly rubbing. Somewhere, Esme had found a handful of blueberries left over from this morning’s pancakes, and Bella was in doggie heaven.

“Tell us more, Miss Charlotte,” Zaheera asked.

“I don’t know that much about the dominant class, but I get the feeling it’s a lot like what you saw tonight with my mistress and Mistress Nguyen.” I glanced over and Mistress shot me a wink and a smile.

“Your mistresses will have to take the class. That’s the rule. So they’ll know just what it’s like. Every time they ask something of you, you’ll know that they’ve experienced it themselves. And after a while, you’ll start to find your rhythm.”

“Like Betty and her girls?” Esme looked up for a moment. Bella shifted herself around, nudging Esme’s hand. “I think they found theirs again, don’t you?”

“Yes, I think they did.”

“Do you think our mistresses will let us come to your movie premiere?”

“I don’t see why not,” I said. “And when the time comes, make sure you bring them along. I’d like to meet the women who choose to take you in and take care of you.”

“And spank us,” Zaheera said, and grinned. “To keep our pussies wet.”

“That too.”

“You’re very lucky, Miss Charlotte,” Lenore added. “You have a good thing here.”

I looked around the room, first at Mistress, her hair still slightly askew as she chatted with Betty and her girls, then to Juliet with her head now resting on Miss Chowdhury’s chest while the handsy chef boldly caressed deeply between the cheeks of her naked behind.

“I do,” I said. “And you will too.”

A gentle hush set over the room, with everyone contented for the moment. Mistress turned her head toward me and kissed the palm of her hand. She blew the kiss over to me and I caught it out of the air.

Juliet was now sprawled out, head toward me, while Miss Chowdhury massaged her feet. I touched my finger to Juliet’s cheek.

“You happy, darling?” I asked.

Juliet nodded and then smiled. “You?”

“Yeah.” I began humming. C7 E7 G7 E7 B6 E7 G7 E7.


The End



I hope you enjoyed reading this kinky little mystery as much as I enjoyed writing it. Let me know in the comments. And I’ve turned on the ratings. Please use this to rate the story overall, and not just this chapter.

If you choose a number of stars that is less than five, I will send Mistress Nguyen to find you. Unless you like that sort of thing, in which case, I highly recommend that you read Risk Versus Reward, and Interview With the Domme. Both stories may be found here on Literotica.

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