Dinner with New Friends

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This story is a work of fiction (mostly) and involves sexual acts between women If this offends you or is illegal, please stop reading now.

Written by a dirty woman named Valerie, you can reach me through the link below with positive comments. Thanks to all those that have commented so far, I really enjoy writing these stories and I am glad you all take enjoyment from reading them. What a wonderful community we have here.

It was a steamy hot humid day typical of Manhattan in August. It would however, have taken a lot more than an uncomfortable muggy day to keep me from smiling like an imbecile from dawn to dusk. Thoughts of Michelle had been dancing through my head all day, and I knew that this unbearably hot August day would lead to an evening dinner party with her and a couple of her friends..

Michelle and I had been acquaintances for a little over a year; I first met her in an acting class at NYU. From the moment she walked into the classroom on the first evening of class I fell absolutely in lust with her. At five ten she is about 5 inches taller then me but probably weighs about the same as her body is perfectly toned and she doesn’t have an ounce of fat outside of her small but round pert breasts. She has the most gorgeous thick black shiny hair that falls in gentle waves to just below her shoulders. Her dark eyes contrast her smooth white skin and her face has got to be one of the most perfect faces I have ever seen. She is a stark raving beauty and she turns heads everywhere she goes.

Our friendship developed slowly as it took me months to get the guts to start speaking to her. I was too petrified to approach her, she didn’t seem to speak too much to anyone and I feared she had the supermodel attitude typical of women as beautiful as she. One Wednesday night after class my fears were allayed when I overheard her complaining to the teacher that it was impossible to get a good cup of coffee within a mile of our downtown campus.

“Oh, excuse me for eavesdropping, but there is a great little coffee shop just up on 9th, I am going there now if you would like to come along and give it a shot?”

I couldn’t believe my audacity, but I was immediately put at ease by her glowing smile,

“I would love to”

So began our friendship, we talked for hours over coffee. I found out that she too was dedicated to her acting career and very motivated to succeed. I also found out that she was a down to earth cool person with many of the same insecurities and fears I have myself.

Over the next few months we gradually became closer friends, often going on casting calls together and working as extras in the same films. Over time we became very close friends, and my lust for Michelle turned into full on love. Michelle is a very open person. She wears her emotions on her sleeve. So it wasn’t that far into our friendship that I learned something that loomed over my days and cast them into a darkness borne of unattainable dreams. Michelle was utterly and irrevocably in love with her roommate, a girl name Chloe.

The irony of the situation could have made me laugh at the sky like a crazy person if only the whole thing didn’t hurt so much. Here I was best friends with someone that was in the exact same situation I was, in love with a dear friend but too petrified to ever make a move for fear of ruining our friendship. Of all the luck in the world, I had to fall for a woman that was fortunately gay, but so unfortunately in love with someone else.

Chloe is one of the few people I have ever met in person that is actually more physically attractive than Michelle. Say what I will about Chloe, there is no denying that she is a beauty. She has long silky blond hair, a perfect body and exquisite facial features. Everywhere she goes she causes a stir, and when she and Michelle are out together it is a real show stopper. However, despite her physical perfection, or perhaps because of it, she is a shallow and selfish bitch. I will never understand what a sweet wonderful person like Michelle sees in her, and it tears me up.

Michelle had never outright told me she loved Chloe, but I could read it in her actions and the way she spoke of her. Then one evening about ten months into our friendship Michelle and I went out for drinks after a particularly grueling day of work as extras in a Will Smith film. Working as an extra is usually a tedious boring job, a day or several days filled with lots of sitting around and not a lot of activity. But this day was particularly harsh as we had been standing in a small corner lot from 7am until nearly 9pm, a good portion of the day spent in direct sunlight with no shade nearby and no where to sit. As soon as we were released we both agreed we were in dire need of a drink.

It turned out to be a great night. We both drank way too much and had a great time dancing the night away. By the time the bars closed at 4 am we were both so inebriated we thought it would be a good idea to have some more to drink. So we headed orhangazi escort up to my place and opened a bottle of wine.

It was that night, sitting on my couch, with her eyelids and speech heavy from alcohol that Michelle first confessed to me that she loved her roommate. Immediately after the confession her eyes went wide and her face pale, her hand shot to her mouth and she sat there frozen in the realization that she had just voiced her greatest secret. After a few seconds of silence I released her from the grip of terror,

“I have known that for a few months now”

Her shoulders sank and she sighed audibly as she exhaled and was filled with a visible relief.

“but… but.. how could you have known that? Until now I have never told a soul. I have even been too scared to write it in my journal for fear that someone might read it.”

“Michelle, you are my closest friend, I can read you more accurately than I could read your journal. I can tell when you are in love with someone.”

She sat there and smiled, the drunken droopiness again taking hold of her perfect face, it took all of my self control not to reach out with both hands and pull that face to mine. At first I was really quite happy that Michelle felt close enough to me to confide such an obviously deep secret. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was actually a tragic turn in our friendship.

With the secret no longer hidden, Michelle felt she could openly discuss her love for Chloe. She started on about how wonderful Chloe was, and how on a few occasions when they had both been drinking they had actually kissed a few times. Michelle continued on about her hopes and desires for the two of them.

I sat there with an idiotic smile on my face that I was desperately hoping concealed the fact that Michelle was ripping out my insides with each word she spoke. I wanted to smack her, grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her… “CHLOE IS A USELESS BIMBO!” I wanted to scream at her. Instead I sat there and nodded my head, pretending to understand.

Michelle slept on my couch that night as I cried myself to sleep in my bed. In the morning we were both feeling the pain of the night before, Michelle gave me a big hug goodbye and a friendly kiss on the lips and told me I was the best friend she ever had as she walked out the door.


The next couple of months were torture. I couldn’t bring myself to stop spending time with Michelle, but she was constantly talking about Chloe and the things she wanted to do with her. It was pure torture.

On several occasions I swore to myself I was just going to have to announce my feelings for her and see what happened. But I would always back down. Then one Thursday late in July things shifted dramatically in my favor.

Michelle and I were grabbing a late lunch at a pizza place downtown when she suddenly stared at me from across the grimy table.

“Lisa, your not bothered by the fact that I am in love with a woman are you?”

“Not at all, what would make you think that?”

“I didn’t think that, but I am just making sure that you are not bothered by lesbians”

She was still looking at me quizzically and I was curious where she was going with this conversation.

“What are getting at Michelle?”

“Well, I was invited to a dinner party tomorrow night, and I was invited with a friend. I was going to bring Chloe but she is going out. So now I want to ask you to come but first I have to tell you, my friends throwing the party are a lesbian couple.”

“I would love to go”

“Are you sure, because Ronnie and Tolisha can be a little…um, in your face with their sexual preferences and I don’t want you to be…”

“Don’t even sweat it, I would absolutely love to go with you.”

“Great” She said, visibly relieved.

On the way to their apartment the next night Michelle described the couple to me in detail. So I was not surprised by how butch Ronnie was when she opened the door to greet us. What did surprise me was her mesmerizing blue eyes. Ronnie is a very light skinned black woman with short tightly cropped hair. When she opened the door she was wearing loose fitting jeans and a tight white tank top of the variety men wear for undershirts. The shirt did little to conceal her large dark nipples on her small breasts but it did display her arms nicely, which were bulging with tightly knotted muscles that exuded strength. Overall her appearance was very butch, but those piercing blue eyes on such a sharp face were so incongruous that sensuality poured from this woman in a fashion that defies description. I was immediately transfixed by her and she stared at me in a way that made me feel she was inside my head and happy with herself for once again wooing an unsuspecting ‘straight’ girl.

After kissing and hugging Michelle, Ronnie turned to me and vigorously shook my hand. Her grip, not surprisingly, was strong and intense. Ronnie gave me a nilüfer escort warm greeting and continued to hold my hand as she easily spun me into her other arm and started walking me into the kitchen where she excitedly introduced me to Tolisa, who was finishing rinsing some salad in the sink.

Tolisa turned to us with a huge smile and kissed me on the cheek as she apologized for her wet hands. She then moved on to greet Michelle in the same fashion. Tolisa is a large dark skinned woman with lovely long brown hair that goes all the way to her butt. I later found out that Tolisa’s grandfather was from India, which probably contributed to her exotic look and soft hair. While she is definitely overweight, she is shapely and womanly, with giant breasts that made me think that even if she were emaciated they would still be gigantic. Tolisa was super friendly and couldn’t have seemed happier that we were joining them for dinner.

Tolisa had something for each of us to carry to the dinner table and as we made these final preparations and sat down I was thinking to myself that I was very happy I had come along with Michelle tonight.

Michelle and I were sitting on one side of the table and Ronnie and Toe, as we were instructed to call her, were sitting on the side closer to the kitchen. It was perfect really, I had the woman I was in love with sitting right next to me and the two great sights of Ronnie’s sexy gaze and Toe’s cleavage across from me to stare at all through dinner.

The wine and the conversation flowed constantly and easily throughout dinner and we were all having a great time. Ronnie evidently didn’t have any taboo’s at the dinner table as she told stories of “woman she used to fuck” with intimate details and she even revealed some intimate details of her and Toe’s sex life that I might have thought would bother Toe, but if she cared she gave no indication whatsoever.

At a point during one of her sexy stories Ronnie had cause to speak about Toe’s breasts, at which point she then turned to Toe and used both hands to lift one of her breasts up, then turned to us and said incredulously,

“Will you just look at these things, can you believe them. Am I not the luckiest girl alive?”

We all just laughed raucously, Ronnie was a funny woman. As dinner was nearing an end Toe got up to clear some plates and told us to get ready for a special dessert she had gotten just for us. Ronnie got up to help with a couple of things so Michelle and I sat there alone for a few moments.

Michelle turned to me with a weird kind of pleading look and asked,

“I hope you’re not uncomfortable. Ronnie can be a little over the top sometimes.”

“Not at all” I replied, “I think she is hilarious and really enjoyed our dinner conversation immensely. I had a great time, thanks so much for inviting me.” And with that I impulsively gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey hey, you two” said Ronnie as she came back into the room to see me kissing Michelle’s cheek, “If you two are going to fool around in our apartment, you have to let us watch.” She finished the statement off with a laugh and Michelle started to blush.

“Let us watch what?” asked Toe as she came into the room carrying an absolutely delicious looking chocolate mousse.

“These two here were trying to fool around behind our backs” replied Ronnie with a big dramatized wink in our direction.

“hmm, it would be just like one of our club nights.” Said Toe.

“Club night,” I asked “what is a club night?”

“Hold on” Michelle broke in, “I think we have pushed the limits of decorum far enough for one night. Let’s give Val a chance to recover from tonight’s conversations before going any further.”

I couldn’t figure out what Michelle was talking about, I had already told her I was fine with the nights conversation, then I looked at her red cheeks and realized it was perhaps her that was a little embarrassed with the dinner topics. Maybe it was the four glasses of wine I had with dinner, but it took me a couple of moments to realize that everyone in the room was looking at me expecting some kind of response.

“No, I really want to know, what is club night?”

Ronnie looked over to Michelle, asking with her eyes whether it was alright to proceed with an answer. I got the impression we were on the verge of some line that was going to be crossed.

“Fine, go ahead” then Michelle turned to me, “But remember Val, you asked for it.”

I was a little bothered by Michelle’s comment. Because I am short and have this kind of cute appearance that always makes people think I am a few years younger than I am, I am often getting treated like a child. As a matter of fact, whenever I go on casting calls for adult parts, the casting staff always tells me,

“oh, your adorable, we have got a perfect role for you in high school television movie.”

So between the twinge of frustration I felt from Michelle’s comment and being emboldened by alcohol, I looked türbanlı escort Ronnie right in her beautiful eyes and said,

“Gimme your best shot babe, I dare you” Everyone in the room gave a bit of a chuckle and Toe started giving Ronnie a little friendly taunt,

“hmmmm, looks like Val doesn’t think you have what it takes to make her blush Ronnie, looks like you might have to turn your story telling up a notch.”

“No problem” came her response, as Ronnie had still not broken eye contact with me, her unwavering gaze was penetrating me, “it will be my pleasure.” She finished

“You see Val, Toe and I belong to an alternative lifestyle club, for women that enjoy BDSM”

Ronnie then went on to explain some of the finer details of the BDSM lifestyle, and all about their club meetings. She explained to me the concept of doing a scene for the club, where the dominant woman will work over her “sub” in front of a room full of women. She went on to explain that it is not a sex show; working over a sub can be an art form and it is called a scene because much like people watch movies for entertainment value, a scene is a scenario painted by the dom and her sub is the canvas.

“I don’t understand” I said, “I hate pain, I avoid it all costs, I will never understand how someone could get aroused from it.”

“It is not like that, I would never be able to explain to you how it really works, the only way you could understand it is if I were to put on a scene for you with Toe, would you like to see that?”

“Yes, I would.”

Michelle broke in quickly, “Are you sure you’re alright with this Val?”

Her concerned tone got my slight irritation up again,

“I am a big girl Michelle, you ask me that again and I will be working you over for Ronnie and Toe’s viewing pleasure.”

Ronnie and Toe both burst out laughing and Ronnie said,

“Well I guess we have our answer Michelle, lets have some mousse then retire to the living room for a show neither of you will ever forget.”

Over mousse Ronnie started to lay the groundwork for how some of this worked.

“You can probably tell Val, that Toe and I are very sexual people. But something you probably don’t know is that Toe is one of the horniest people you will ever meet.” “I can get her to a point of arousal where she is nearly on the verge of orgasm just by talking to her. When she gets to a point like that, almost anything I do to her just serves to get her more aroused. Seeing her like that makes me more aroused. And so begins a vicious cycle whereby we dive headlong into depravity.” “The more successful I am at getting her horny, the hornier and hornier I am, the more turned on I get and the more I want to do it. Until we get to a point where neither of us can take it for a second longer and we explode in the most powerful orgasm possible.”

I was starting to see how people could get into this lifestyle,

“Well you have certainly got me ready to see this show then.” I said.

“Lets go into the living room then.”

The four of us walked over to the living room and Ronnie seated Michelle and I on a love seat against the far wall while Toe took a seat on a recliner across from us. Ronnie stood behind the chair Toe was sitting in and started to play with her hair. Ronnie then looked across at us and continued her dialog from the dining room.

“One of the things that I do to get Toe turned on is to treat her like the horny slut she is. As a matter of fact, just me telling you two about her horniness back there in the dining room probably went a long way in getting her turned on. Am I right honey?”

“hmm, you can’t even imagine” replied Toe in a deep sexy voice that convinced me she wasn’t lying.

“I thought so” said Ronnie, then she looked at me with those piercing blue eyes and said, “Val, why don’t you take your socks off, your feet could use some air.”

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but I decided to comply and quickly pulled off my half socks.

“Now Toe” started Ronnie, “Why don’t you crawl over there and show these two young ladies what a depraved slut you are, and how horny it makes you to do whatever I tell you to?”

“Yes Maam” came her response as she dropped from the chair onto all fours and crawled across the carpet towards us. The view of her tits hanging from her chest was amazing as she crawled on the floor. They swung side to side lazily with each of her steps forward and her loose dress did little to conceal them in her current position.

“Suck Val’s feet my horny slave” commanded Ronnie from across the room as she took a seat in Toe’s vacated chair.

Tolisa picked up my right foot and brought it to her mouth and started sucking on my toes and licking the soles of my foot. She was in fact a depraved a slut, hungrily attacking my foot, licking between the toes and pulling my foot to her face.

My head rolled back onto Michelle’s shoulder and an involuntary moan escaped from me as my pussy was suddenly soaked and I was extremely aroused by this whole scene. Michelle brought her mouth to my ear and said;

“Looks like you are enjoying this?”

A low groan was all I could manage as a response. From across the room I heard Ronnie’s voice,

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