Do You Want To Make Love Now? Pt. 01

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Ciaran had stuck to his no sex rule that he made with Chris about two weeks ago, much to Chris’s annoyance. Chris had freaked out at first and tried the whole first week to trap Ciaran, but Ciaran would just immediately leave and then refuse to come over if Chris didn’t stop trying to mount him.

“Why are we doing this again?” Chris would ask every time.

And Ciaran would respond, “For the same reason you wouldn’t move in with me right away. There is something sacred about the wedding night. Consummating things with you just feels right.”

Then Chris would huff and roll his eyes, but he actively stopped trying, until the day before the wedding.

In the car ride to the lounge, he casually touched Ciaran’s thigh and then started to massage up to his groin area. Ciaran laughed and casually moved his hand back down to his knee. Chris stopped, but then in one quick motion threw his leg over Ciaran and mounted him, then covered his thinner mouth with his thicker lips. Ciaran allowed him to because he knew the ride wasn’t very long.

When the car stopped, istanbul travesti Ciaran, without breaking away from their passionate kissing, reached over with one hand and opened the car door letting the cold air in. Chris yelped, “aaah!” Ciaran took it as an opportunity to push him off his lap.

“Cool off,” said Ciaran and exited the limo. Chris groaned, adjusted his erection and followed.

They men had fun at the lounge. Even Ciaran, who was not a dancer, had to admit how much fun it was dancing with Chris whose energy was infectious. They kissed and touched often, making Ciaran regret their dry spell a little.

On the way back to the hotel, knowing Ciaran was a little drunker and a lot more affectionate than earlier, Chris tried one more time. He laid his head on Ciaran’s chest and gently rubbed his groin. He managed to pop his pants button open, zip down his zipper and pull his cock out before Ciaran fully realized how far Chris had gone.

Ciaran grabbed his head saying “Chris nooooo.”

But Chris had already put Ciaran in his istanbul travestileri mouth and all he could do was moan. He got stiff very quickly as Chris began sucking on his mushroom shaped head and managed to get more of him in his mouth.

Chris asked, “Do you want to make love now?” Before he plunged back down.

Ciaran wanted Chris to stop but then again he didn’t and couldn’t find the words either way as it was feeling so good. He closed his eyes and got lost in the moment, running his hands through Chris’s thick curls. Chris got between Ciaran’s legs. He deep throated, sucked and licked Ciaran, bobbing his head up and down desperate to taste his cum.

When the car stopped in front of the hotel Chris kept going, stroking and sucking on him and Ciaran knew his orgasm was coming soon. As he was already against the door, he used his hand to find the door handle and pulled hard. The door opened and Ciaran fell backwards onto the street.

“Holy shit aaaaah cold nob cold nob!” Ciaran cried as he grabbed his exposed member.

“Fuck, travesti istanbul Ciaran!” Chris yelled at him. He crawled out of the limo and laid on top of him and started laughing.

The doorman came over. “Sirs? Do you need assistance?”

“Yes, I am being sexually harassed!” Ciaran yelled.

“No it’s okay because he’s going to be my husband tomorrow.” Chris explained. Then he yelled loudly, “I’M GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!” Ciaran started laughing.

The employee said, “Gentlemen, congratulations. Now please remove yourselves from the pavement.” He walked away.

Chris whispered in Ciaran’s ear, “We’re getting married tomorrow.”

Ciaran looked up and kissed his face. Chris sat up first and Ciaran sat up pulling his pants with him. They sat side by side and looked at each other smiling, conveying to each other mentally all that they were feeling.

“One more day,” said Ciaran. “Then we make love all night. Go party, and meet me in the circle tomorrow.”

Chris touched his face. “I’ll be the one wearing white.”

Ciaran smiled. “How cliché, yet so apt.”

Ciaran stood up and helped Chris back into the limo. As it drove away Chris pulled down the window and yelled, “I fucking love you, Ciaran Beals!”

Ciaran’s heart was full watching him. He went upstairs to get ready for his bachelor party.

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