Doing the Dishes

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Dolly Little

Alex surveyed the kitchen, and was pissed. Meg had said she was going to clean in when Alex left for work that morning, and now it was even worse. Meg came out of the living room and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek.

“How was your day?” She asked. “I was hungry earlier, so I made some pasta. I saved some for you in the fridge.”

With the Meg headed back to their room where Alex heard the TV turn back on. That was the last straw for Alex.

“Get back in here!” She roared.

Meg came back, looking concerned. “What the matter?” She asked.

“You said you were going to clean up around here, and it’s even worse than when I left,” Alex said, gesturing to the filthy kitchen.

“Oh, sorry,” Meg said, shrugging. “I guess I got busy. I’ll do them tomorrow.”

Alex was getting madder. “Busy with what? You’re watching TV. And I know you’ll find some other excuse tomorrow until I do them myself.”

Meg looked guilty, but didn’t say anything to contradict Alex.

“Fine, I’ll do them now,” Alex said fuming.

“I can help,” Meg said, trying to mollify Alex.

“Oh no, you’re going to be punished,” Alex said. “Get the chair.”

Meg slumped, but didn’t argue. She went into their bedroom, and came out a moment later carrying the chair. The chair was a high backed wooden chair with no arms. What made it unique was the ropes already attached to it, ready for someone to sit down and be restrained.

“Strip,” Alex ordered.

Meg quickly pulled off her socks, then pulled her dress over her head. She unhooked her bra and let her large breasts fall out and swing free, then pushed down her panties. Without being told she sat down in the chair. Alex quickly and securely tied Meg to the chair with her legs spread and arms tied behind the chair back.

Alex picked up Meg’s panties görükle escort and saw that they were the same pair she’d been wearing the past two days. She gave them a sniff. “I see you haven’t bothered to do laundry yet either.”

Meg opened her mouth to protest, and as soon as she did, Alex stuffed the dirty panties into her mouth. Meg made a noise of muffled protest, but Alex ignored it and tied the panties in place with an extra piece of rope.

She then dragged the chair over a bit so she could see Meg from the sink where she was about to start doing dishes. Alex left Meg there and went into the bedroom, reappearing holding their large wand vibrator. Meg’s eyes widened and she smiled behind her gag.

Alex knelt in front of Meg and looked between her legs to see Meg’s pussy starting to moisten and open. Alex places the head of the vibrator up against Meg’s clit. Then she tied it to Meg’s thigh to make sure it stayed in place.

When she was done, Alex went back to the sink, ignoring Meg’s whine. She pulled all the dirty dishes out of the sink, then started filling it with water and soap. While the sink filled, she walked back over to Meg and turned on the vibrator.

“I’ll turn that off when I’m done the dishes,” Alex told Meg. She opened one of the drawers and pulled out a large wooden spoon. “And each time you cum, I hit your tits four times with this,” she said, showing off the spoon. Meg stopped grinning and started trying to wiggle away from the vibrator, but it was tied too securely.

Alex walked back to the sink and turned off the water and started washing. It took about five minutes for the vibrator to start working it’s magic on Meg, so Alex finished rinsing off the pot she had been washing and set it down. She picked up the wooden spoon and walked karacabey escort over to Meg. Meg was desperately trying not to cum, her eyes focused on the spoon in Alex’s hand.

Alex used the spoon to lift one of Meg’s large, sensitive tits, and bounced it up and down a few times. That was what pushed Meg over the edge. Her eyes squeezed shut and she started shaking and trying to close her legs around the vibrator.


Meg’s orgasm was interrupted by the wooden spoon coming down hard on her nipple. Meg’s eyes opened and she tried to scream through her panties as the spoon cane down again on her other nipple. Tears formed in her eyes as Alex gave her another two hits with the spoon, on the meat of each tit. Then Meg slumped in the chair, her orgasm ruined, and Alex went back to the dishes.

Meg held out longer for her second orgasm, and Alex had finished most of the dishes when she started moaning again. Alex again took the spoon and walked over. She walked behind Meg and started licking and kissing her neck, hitting all the spots she knew Meg loved, until she felt the girl start to cum again.

Two more solid hits on the nipples followed by two on the sides of her tits left Meg with another ruined orgasm. Alex took her time walking back to the sink and finishing the dishes. She was starting to put them away when she Meg start to approach another orgasm. Meg was trying to hide it, and Alex pretended not to notice. She turned her back and started putting dishes in cupboards and drawers, until she heard Meg moan.

“Another one?” Alex asked with fake impatience. “I was almost done here.”

This time she let Meg enjoy the orgasm rocking through her, but as soon as she started to come down Alex started hitting her with the spoon, landing the blows where mudanya escort she hit. Meg’s tits where starting to turn red, and from experience she knew that Meg would have some impressive bruises tomorrow morning.

Alex finished putting away the last of the dishes. Then she went back and turned off the wand and untied it from Meg’s thigh. She went behind the chair and untied Meg’s arms. Meg tried to bring them up to rub her sore tits, but Alex didn’t let her. Instead she re-tied Meg’s arms to the side of the chair, so they where no longer behind her. Alex went and grabbed a throw pillow off of their couch and placed it on the floor behind Meg. Then she tilted the chair and lowered it down so that Meg’s head was resting on the pillow, her breasts pulling down on each side of her chest as the back of the chair lay on the floor.

Alex unzipped her jeans and pulled them down, pulling her panties down at the same time. Then she untied the rope keeping Meg’s panties in her mouth and pulled them out.

“My turn,” Alex said as she lowered her hairy pussy onto Meg’s mouth. Meg’s tongue immediately got to work, diving inside Alex, running between her lips, brushing against her clit. Alex reached back and grabbed one of Meg’s beaten tits, making her moan, and then used squeezes and pinches to direct Meg to where she wanted her tongue. Alex let Meg tongue fuck her, rubbing her clit against Meg’s nose as she added more bruises and finger marks to Meg’s tits.

When she couldn’t stand it any more, Alex shifted so that Meg’s tongue was on her clit. Meg began swirling her tongue around it, flattening her tongue and rubbing hard against Alex. Alex finally let out a groan and came on Meg’s face, then sat back panting. When she had recovered, Alex grabbed her own panties and stuffed them into Meg’s mouth, then tied them in place.

“I’m going to leave you there to think about what you’ve done,” Alex said. “And when I get home tomorrow the laundry better be done, or things will be worse.”

With that, Alex grabbed the pasta Meg had made from the fridge and heated it up, then wandered into the bedroom to watch some TV.

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