Doing the Student

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“50% OFF EVERYTHING!!!” is what the sign read on the window of the candles and pottery store. Never being one to turn down a good sale, I went in. The shelves were pretty much picked over, and most of the good stuff was long gone. What did remained was mostly made in either rainbow or lavender colors, indicating that the store was catering to the local gay and lesbian population. The last thing I wanted was to jeopardize my safe warm place in the closet, so I selected a handful of tea lights. I didn’t need a candle or mug proclaiming that I was “proud and out”, at least not before I was ready to make that move on my own, and I really did need more tea lights.

As I approached the counter, the clerk didn’t acknowledge me, and seemed to be more interested in playing with her stomach. She was wearing blue bell-bottom jeans that hung to her hips with the help of a thick leather belt, a white crop top, a rainbow beaded necklace and a pair of sandals. So much for a dress code. She appeared to be just taller then me, about 5’3″ or 5’4″, weighing no more then a 100 pound, and had short blonde hair that reminded me of Anne Heche. She could of past for 16, but I figured her to be about 18.

Just when I was about to make my presence known, she said, “I got my belly button pierced last week and it still feels weird. Does it feel weird to you?”

And with that she grabbed my hand and placed it on her abdomen. Has she moved my hand in a circular motion, my mouth went dry and I was unable to speak. She was having quite the effect of me. After a few seconds I was able to pry my eyes away from her stomach to notice that she was staring at me with the nicest hazel eyes you ever saw.

“Do you think it feels okay?” she asked while touching my arm.

It was then that I realized that I was still playing with her stomach. I quickly pulled my hand away and with eyes unable to hold her gaze I finally said “Feels nice”.

Probably not the best reply to her question, but at that moment, it was the best I could come up with.

“By the way my name is J. Has in the letter J”.

“I’m Janelle, has in Jan with an elle”.

Granted it was a lame joke but J politely laughed and gave me a warm smile that I liked. J told me that she was starting her sophomore year at the University in a few weeks and lived in one of the rooms above the store.

“Would you like to see it?” She asked.

Every ounce of my body said this wasn’t a good ideal. She was 5 or 6 years younger than I was, and the last thing I needed was a romp in the hay before going to a dinner party hosted by my parents.

“I’d love to”, escaped my lips in a strange voice that didn’t seem to belong to me.

She excused herself from work, grabbed my hand and led me up a long stairwell in the back. Just before the top of the stairs J turned around and kissed me on the lips. Her kiss was long and wet and she tasted like “Jolly Rancher” candy-apple I think. Has we explored each other with our tongues she firmly groped my left breast. Her boldness gave me the courage to reach between her legs and squeeze her mound. She was wet enough for her juices to seeped through her jeans and my fingers were coated with her. This girl was hot, and just when I was afraid we might end up doing it on the stairs, J jumped up and playfully grabbed my hand.

Her room was dark and decorated like she had read the lesbian handbook. She hung posters of lesbian bands, paying appropriate homage to the Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge and K.D. Lang. She also hung posters of several lesbian movies such as “When Night is Falling”, “Gia”, “Bound” and “Wild Side”. A triangle shaped suncatcher was proudly displayed in a place where no sun was to be caught. Of course she took advantage of her employee discount and had ample amounts of candles scattered throughout the room. A bookshelf made out of bricks and old boards balanced in the corner and held a few schoolbooks, bursa otele gelen eskort an old paperback dictionary, and a bunch of Naiad books.

Naiad publishes primarily Lesbian novels, and J seemed to be an avid reader. She had at least 20 books and her favorite authors seem to be Nikki Baker and Katherine V. Forrest. I noticed she had a copy of Nikki’s “The Ultimate Exit Strategy”, which I was dying to read. I’ve been hooked on Nikki’s work for quite some time, and I desperately wanted to ask if I could borrow it, but this clearly wasn’t the time for such questions. I couldn’t help but ask myself the question, did she really like all this stuff, or had she simply made up her mind that she was a lesbian and was desperately trying to fit the role?

As far as music goes, I’m what you might call a little bit country. I like listening to Shania Twain who has a body that brings out the animal in me, Faith Hill who has a smile that makes me wonder what she did, Martina McBride who has eyes to die for and lately I’ve been getting into Mindy McCready who has curves that make me quiver. At times I wonder if my sex drive has anything to do with my choice in music?

J’s taste in music was quite different from mine. She turned on her stereo to music I never heard before. She described it as “underground head banging”. She showed me the CD entitled “Between Two Fires” by a band called “Cell Mates”. The cover showed two beautiful redheads in a hot embrace-which was the only part I found interesting. She said it was great music to fuck to, and asked if I liked it. Once again, my mouth didn’t check with my brain before it said, “Yes”. That was all justification she needed to crank up the volume until the suncatcher was vibrating.

I had no sooner set down the CD when J flipped off her sandals, pulled her top over her head, and wiggled her jeans off slender hips that made me jealous. In less then 5 seconds, J was wearing nothing but her beaded necklace-and I found myself wanting her.

Has I started to undress, J decided to take advantage the show. She laid back in her bed, laced her hands behind her head and enjoyed watching me. She was obviously very comfortable with her nudity, which is more then I can say for myself. With J staring at me I found it difficult to move; almost like a deer caught in the headlights of an on-coming car, or a performer with the jitters on opening night. After a bit I managed to removed my white tank top, my 32B bra, which I hoped J hadn’t noticed was a “wonder-bra”, and slipped off my navy blue tennis skirt.

It is funny the things one think of at the most inappropriate time. For when I got down to my red silk panties I wondered when was the last time I trimmed myself. Why was I even concerned about a first impression, I do not know? I hadn’t gone out this morning thinking I might be baring myself to a stranger, and thank God my legs were recently shaved. I would have hated to give anyone “rug burns” on the first date. Did this even qualify as a date?

I took note of J’s bush, and it was obvious that she wasn’t a shaver. Her pussy grew wild and unruly like she seemed to be. It was quite a turn-on. One of the fastest ways to turn me off is to see a shaved pussy. It’s like getting a present that isn’t wrapped. Where is the appeal? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if they are trimmed close or shaved for a bikini, but please don’t get rid of all the hair. Leave a little bit of it for personality. When did baldness ever become sexy?

If you are the type of person to believe in labels such as “femme” and “butch”, then I would definitely classify myself has femme-or so I thought. For J was about to release the butch in me.

When I climb on top of J she locked her legs around my waist and kissed me. She grabbed handfuls of my hair and dug her heels into my butt cheeks. I pressed my tits into hers bursa eve gelen escort bayan until I felt her nipples poke into me. It was nice. After awhile we started playing the “going down game”. This is the game people play when one partner is trying to get the other one to go down on them. J needed me to go down on her and I was more then willing. She applied gentle tugs on my hips with her legs and gave suggestive little pushes with her hands. After I felt she had suffered long enough, I started kissing my way down, stopping to give each breast their just reward. The size of J’s chest was very similar to my own, but she had huge nipples. “Silver dollar” nipples has the old-timers might say and they looked magnificence. Has I continued my journey down her torso I was carefully not to hurt her newly pierced navel. It was then that I noticed that she had a “happy trail”. A light trail of blonde hair went from her belly button to her pussy. Very nice indeed.

J was my first blonde, and her blonde pussy felt new and soft, almost has if it was made of fur. I blew a stream of cool air on her golden mound just to watch the reaction it caused on her face. She was in a world of ecstasy, and I was enjoying the power I had over her. I kissed her inner thighs, and then placed my mouth over her pussy, stretching my lips has far as they would go, with the hope of encompassing as much of her as possible. Has I sucked on her I replaced her wetness with my kisses. Ever so gently I probed between her lips with my tongue, tasting her pinkness. Has a reward for my effort, pussy juice that ran down her crack and on to the bed. I firmly inserted my chin into the entrance of her pussy, and began to lick her clit. Her clit was hard and sticking out, has if it was introducing herself to me. Has I flicked my tongue over the top of J’s clit; I rotated my jaw to stimulate the entranceway of her pussy. My chin acted as a dam trying to hold back her juices, but every time I moved my jaw, her wetness ran down my neck. How did I end up in this room, right now, licking out a college student? Life can be funny at times.

J’s breathing became labored and I could tell she was close to cumming. Her stomach was hard and she couldn’t keep her ass on the bed. I was doing my best just to hang on while she bucked my face with her groin. The mischief side of me took over and I wanted to prolong J’s climax as long as possible. I wanted to keep J on the edge for as long as I could. I wanted J to remember me. I wanted to be the one she compares all her future lovers to. When she got close to cumming I would ease up, or moved to a spot just off to the side of her clit. After 20 minutes of teasing, all it took was-one light touch of the tip of my tongue-to the tip of her clit-to send her off. She was no longer in control of her legs as they moved in jerky spasms. She made loud primal noises through gritted teeth, while arching her back. Me-I greedily drank all she gave.

J grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me up to meet her lips. We deeply kissed has she tasted herself on me. Then with those wide hazel eyes she said, “Fuck me. Please fuck me with this.” and she retrieved a strap-on dildo from her nightstand.

Not knowing what to do, and never being in this position before, I did what any good “femme” dyke would do, I stood up and allow J to strapped on my new cock. My cock was see-through pink and about 8 inches long. Protruding from the side were groups of bulging veins and the head must have been at least 2 inches in diameter. It was a cock that any man would have been proud to have, and I was admiring the way it hung from on me.

J must of like the way I looked also, for she dove on my cock the hunger of a staved animal. I couldn’t actually feel her lips on me, but I had this beautiful blonde college student on her knees slobbering over my cock while digging her bayan eskort bursa fingers in my ass. The sight alone almost did it for me. J raised my cock and started to lick my new balls. She then bent my cock all the way up till it was pressed firmly against my stomach and began to lick my pussy. I had nothing to hold on to but her head. It was all I could do not to fall down.

I’ve always been the type that takes a few minutes to cum, but after the first time, it doesn’t take much for me to cum again and again. I think J had it in her mind that she would attack me with the same enthusiasm that I teased her. She wanted to see just how many times she could make me cum and she proved it by attacking my pussy a vengeance. She had two fingers pumping away in my pussy and one reaming my ass hole. Like a machine gun she set herself on rapid fire, flicking her tongue mercilessly over my clit. I could barely stand the onslaught and within minutes J had made me cum 3 times. She only stopped because my legs refused to support me any longer. I collapsed to floor and into her waiting arms.

J gave me a few minutes to catch my breath before she hopped on the bed and bent over doggy-style. Has she waved her ass in the air; J said, “Fuck me Janelle. Put that big cock in me and fuck me like a bitch.”

I had to agree with her, my cock was big and it wanted to fuck her. Personally I wasn’t sure if my pussy could handle a cock this big, but J certainly seemed confident. At that moment I would have loved nothing more then to slam my cock deep insider her, but the last thing I wanted to do was hurt her. So I ran the head up and down her crease, coating it with her juices, stopping ever so often to ease a bit of the head in, and then retracting it. When I was finally able to fit the head all the way in, I stopped. I let it rest just inside her pussy lips, allowing her to enjoy the sensation. After a bit she started rocking herself on my cock until she was able to take the rest of it in. My plastic balls were now pressing against her blonde pussy hairs. Tiny beads of sweat formed on her ass and the small of her back. She was so hot, and I wouldn’t have traded places with anyone in the world at that moment.

I started fucking her slowly, but she keep grabbing my thigh, begging me to go faster. Soon I was showering her with beads of sweat has I pounded her pussy hard enough to cause waves in her ass. She loved it. J desperately clenched the bed sheets with both hands. Her stomach rested on the bed while she continued to arch her butt in the air. Pussy juice coated my cock and ran down her inner thighs forming puddles in the sheets. I grabbed both sides of her hips and drove that ass around the bed like a steering wheel of a big rig. She yowled like a cat in heat. With every thrust I gave, the base of my cock applied pressure to my clit. I was so close to cumming, but I wanted to wait for J. As my own climax built inside of me, I took two fingers and started rubbing her clit. Then I took my other free hand and pressed a finger against her anus. She loved it so much I pushed my finger in up to the second knuckle, and that is all it took. J was howling like a maniac and I let myself go. We climaxed together.

Has I collapsed on the wet spots we made; J rested her head on my stomach and we fell a sleep.

An hour later I woke up still wearing my fake cock that now rested on the side of J’s face and I knew her pussy must still be open from the fucking I gave her. I didn’t want to leave, but I decided it was time. I was already a half-hour late for my dinner engagement and Mom was sure to be pissed. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use has an excuse for my tardiness, and at this moment, I didn’t really care. I washed my face and fixed myself up has best I could. J offered me the use of the community shower, but I declined. The last thing I wanted was to do was explain my presents to strangers. Has I started to get dress J grabbed my red panties and said, “These stay”. I could have protested, but why bother? The least I could was allow her a souvenir for the great time we shared. We kissed and exchanged phone numbers with the promise to call. Has I drove my car to dinner, wondering if I smelled of sex, I prayed that I wouldn’t leave a wet mark on my skirt or the car seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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