Donna Ch. 03

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I had lusted after Donna for two years and my fantasy had come true. I had sex with her one evening and she was hotter and felt better than I had ever imagined. She had blown my mind and thrilled me to no end. Then it all turned around on me.

She had said we couldn’t see each other. She said she was too old for me and it would never work. I was in disbelief. I was desperate to be with her. Then I asked if I could help her around her yard and pool just so I could be around her, thinking if she saw me regularly she would end up wanting me again. She agreed, with the condition that she was in charge, that she decided when I came over and what I did. We began an arrangement that lead me to do her bidding with no reward or thanks. She sent me text messages that gave me instructions of what she wanted me to do for her at any time. She seldom said anything to me other than what she wanted done. She didn’t speak to me when I was working for her or thank me when I was done. After weeks of this she finally said that we could have sex, which I soon learned consisted only of me eating her out., with no relief for me at all. Then she told me that I couldn’t masturbate anymore, at least not without her permission. Unfortunate for me, as it had been my only sexual relief for the past two months.

I did exactly as she told me. I waited for her messages and longed to do whatever she needed. I often waited days between requests, and those days were the toughest. The days I could see her were the days I lived for.

The week after she told me to stop masturbating were intense. My mind raced with fantasies of what she would do with me, or do to me. I had visions of her making me have wild, uninhibited sex with her. Of being made to please her for hours on end.

Reality was different. She had me wait two days before she texted me. Then she had me mow her grass and take care of some small things in the yard. When I was done she told me that was all and I left. Then it was three days until she had me come by again, that time to maintain the pool. That night she had me eat her out again, and again there was no relief for me. A couple of days after that and I received a text message.

“Bring me wine.”

I knew what she kind liked and obeyed. When I arrived she had me set the wine in the wine rack and go outside. The pool needed cleaned and she wanted it done right away. When I was about finished she came out in her swim suit and sat at the table smoking a cigarette. She had to know that she was driving me crazy. I had licked her sweet box twice in the previous week and hadn’t cum myself in over a week. Her tits looked so fantastic in her swim suit and I always stared at her when I saw her in it. The sight of her full, heavy breasts had driven me to initiate my first sexual encounter with her that fateful evening, and I wanted to feel them so bad.

She pulled slowly on her cigarette and looked over at me. She exhaled even slower while she leaned her head back. Finally she looked and me.

“How is it?”

“Perfect. I am just finishing and everything is exactly how you like it.”

“Good. Go inside and clean my bathrooms. Clean the mirrors, the toilets, the counters, the tubs and showers, clean everything. But especially the glass door on my shower in the master bath. I do not want to see any water spots on that door.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Everything you need is in the hall rest room waiting for you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I went inside and straight to the hall rest room. Inside were the cleaning supplies and an apron. I wondered about the apron but set it aside. I went to work. I scrubbed and cleaned everything in site, and paid careful attention to her instructions. I was very careful to make sure there was nothing left less than spotless. I was in the master bath working in the shower when she entered.

“Why aren’t you wearing your apron?”

“My apron?”

“Yes, you’re apron. Surely you saw it.”

“Yes but I didn’t realize I was supposed to wear it. I’m sorry.”

“You should have realized it. It was right there with all of the cleaning supplies. It was obvious that it was for you. Inside work requires an apron Jonathan.”

“Yes ma’am. I’m sorry.”

I returned to the hall bathroom where I had left the apron. Once I figured it out I tied it on and looked in the mirror. I couldn’t believe it but it wasn’t too terrible. I went back to the master bath, where all I had left to clean was the glass door for the shower.

“What are you wearing your clothes güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri for under that apron? When you wear the apron, you only wear the apron. Nothing underneath.”

I was confused. Nothing? What was that all about?

I shook my head slightly and started to undress. Donna watched me and waited for me to finish getting all my clothes off and put the apron back on.

“Much better. Now finish the shower, I need to use it to get the chlorine off of me.”

As I cleaned the shower door Donna took her swim suit off. She stood there naked in the same room as me, teasing me with her sexy body that I longed to touch. When she saw I was finishing, she held her arm out with her suit hanging from her hand, waiting for me to take it. As reached for it she held on to it, looking at me until I turned to look at her.

“Do you like what you see Jonathan?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Then please, take this and my towel to the laundry room. Put them in there and return. You can watch me shower.”

I did as Donna asked. When I returned to the master bath I took in the sight of her through the glass door and felt my already stiff cock reach full erection. She looked incredible, her full, round ass and big heaving titties on full display as she washed her hair and soaped her body. I wanted to get in that shower with her and wash every part of her body. I wanted her more than ever right then.

As she got out of the shower she stood there. I realized she was waiting for me and I grabbed her towel and started to dry her off. She looked so good and I was so close to her. I was touching her. I was rubbing and wiping the towel right on her skin. I wanted so bad to lean in and suck on one of her big brown nipples.

“Thank you. Now put lotion on me. All over me, Jonathan.”

I squirted some of the lotion that was sitting on the counter into my hand and rubbed it between my them. I started at her shoulders and worked my way down her back. I got more lotion as I needed it and worked it into her skin. When I reached her ass I got down on my knees and looked at her cheeks while my hands worked the lotion into her skin. Down her legs I went, rubbing it into the back of thighs and calves. She turned around and I almost lost control. There I was, still on my knees, looking up at her big, sexy tits. I wanted to jump up and grab them, squeeze them, kiss them, suck them, have my way with them.

I rubbed lotion on the top of her feet and then her shins. I covered her thighs and across the bottom of her stomach. When I had lotioned her stomach and was ready for her titties, I stood up. I had to close my eyes and get control of myself. My hard on was raging. I could hear my own heartbeat. I took a deep breath, opened my eyes, and filled my hand with lotion.

I started at the top of her chest and circled her tits with each hand. I rubbed the lotion in and got more in my hand. I rubbed it into her big, soft titties while I looked her in her eyes. I felt her nipples when I got in close to them, and looked down in awe of her sexy boobs. I swallowed deep and reached for more lotion.

I wanted to stay on her tits and play with them forever. I knew better though, and rubbed the lotion up and down one arm then the next. Satisfied I had done a thorough job Donna said, “Thank you, that is all for now. You can wait for me in the bedroom though. Sit down in the chair in the corner.”

I went to the bedroom and sat in the chair, waiting for her to come out. The anticipation was intense, and seconds seemed like hours. My hard on was still fully erect, and I longed for relief.

Donna came out of the bathroom in a very short robe. It sat at the top of her thighs and her pussy and ass were barely covered. She walked to her dresser, grabbed her pack of cigarettes and pulled one out. I got up, grabbed her lighter and lit her cigarette for her. She walked over to the window and looked out of it while she smoked, blowing thick plumes of smoke into the air. I looked at her silhouette and the shape of her body in the soft light. I loved the sight of her and this evening she looked sexier than ever.

When she was done she walked to the side of her bed. She summoned me to her with her finger, and looked me in the eyes. I knew tonight things were going to be different.

The look in her eyes was a dreamy gaze of lust. I kissed her and she kissed me back. Her mouth tasted like smoke and she smelled like a mixture of smoke and the lotion I had rubbed all over her body. I reached güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri around her and squeezed her ass while I pushed my tongue into her mouth.

She breathed in deep and gasped as one of my hands slipped up the inside of her thighs and I slipped a finger across her slit. She kissed me harder and I rubbed up and down her pussy, my hard on poking her in her stomach. I pulled the apron strings and took it off, standing there naked in front of her. I reached to pull her robe off of her shoulders and she stopped me. She looked me in the eyes and put her hand on my chest.


I was struck with panic. What? How can I stop? How can she continue to deny me? How can this be happening?

I took a step back and looked at her, looking through her. Donna pulled her robe off and climbed on the bed. She got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass in the air. She looked over her shoulder and told me, “Lick me.”

I climbed on the bed and got behind her. I kissed her ass cheeks while I squeezed them with my hands. Her ass was full and round and incredibly sexy. I kissed across each ass cheek and got my tongue on the inside of her thighs. I licked up and down the sides of her pussy while I continued to squeeze her ass. I licked the smooth skin between her pussy and ass and tasted her sweet juices. She smelled and tasted wonderful. As I licked her she got wetter and wetter, and arched her back inviting me in. I stuck my tongue in her and pulled it out, licking her from her clit up to her asshole. I got down to her clit and licked it softly at first, building up pressure as I licked her more and more. My hands continued to squeeze her cheeks as I strained to lick right on her button. My nose was right at her pink asshole as I looked at her full, round ass right in front of me.

I zoned in other clit. I wanted to make her cum harder than I ever had, and my pace quickened. I continued to squeeze her cheeks and softly part them with me hands. Her body tensed and her back arched even more.

“Yes, baby. Lick me, oh yes, make me cum!”

I licked her harder and faster as my neck stretched to get as much pressure as I could on her hard button. She moaned loudly as her body shook in wave after wave of her orgasm. She was pulling away from

me and I leaned in to stay on her clit as she came hard. Her orgasm had overtaken her body and she finally pulled away from my tongue, too sensitive to take anymore. She laid straight down on the bed, breathing heavy.

I laid next to her and rubbed her back. I was proud to have pleased her so. I wanted to bury my cock in her now more than I ever had, and hoped this would be the night.

Donna rolled over away from me onto her back. She reached over and pulled on my hip, beckoning me to roll over as well. When I had she reached over and grabbed my cock. She slid her hand softly and slowly up its length, letting her finger tips slide up and off the head. She did this several times, driving me crazy and making me want to cum even more. Finally she reached around my throbbing cock and started jacking me slowly. I had not cum in so long and was so horny now I was sure I would blow any second. My pre cum ran onto her finger and she stopped stroking me to lift her hand to my mouth and make me lick it off.

She looked at me and told me those words I had waited so patiently for.

“Fuck me Jonathan.”

I got between her thighs and rubbed my head at her opening. She leaned her head to the side and gasped as I slid in. I pushed my stiff dick about half way inside of her and stopped, relishing the feeling of being inside her. I breathed deep and pushed my way in to the hilt. She felt as wonderful as I remembered, more so actually. I thrust into her with short quick stokes while she got used to my meat being inside of her. She was wet and full of lust as she reached up and grabbed her tits to squeeze her nipples. I increased my pace and was thrusting in and out of her with my full length, straining not to cum too soon.

“Yes baby, that’s it. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me good.”

I pumped my cock inside her and watched her hands work over her nipples. She pinched and pulled them roughly as they bounced from the hard fucking I was giving her. She looked gorgeous with a sexy, fuck me look. Then it stopped.

Donna opened her eyes, looked at me, and told me to stop. She put her hand on my chest and pushed me away. I pushed up and away from her pulling my slick cock out of her pussy. I took a deep breath and güvenilir bahis şirketleri wondered what was happening. How had I gotten so close to relief just to have it stop before I completed?

Donna pulled her legs up and rolled over. She got on her hands and knees and looked back over her shoulder at me again. She had a look of lust in her eyes when she said, “Stick it in.”

I rushed to get behind her big, sexy ass. I slid my head up her wet slit once and pushed inside her. When I was all the way in I held my place there, pulling her tight to me with her hips. She felt incredible, I was deeper inside of her than I had ever been. She started to move her hips and I took her cue. With long, slow strokes I slid my hard cock in and out of her. Her smooth cunt wrapped around me, taut and wet. I fucked her harder while I reached around and grabbed her full, heavy jugs. I twisted her nipples and leaned over on top of her, grunting in her ear while fucked her harder and harder. I fucked her hard and fast as my balls bounced off of her clit. I hit her ass cheeks hard with my hips on each thrust, fucking her as hard as I could. I felt my balls tingle with the build up of my orgasm, and I knew I was going to cum. I swole up and thrust harder, shooting my cum deep inside of Donna’s luscious pussy. With each shot I growled and jabbed my dick as deep as I could while she told me, “Yes, baby, yes! Cum in me!”

I was breathing heavy and kept her hips pulled up tight to me when I finished. I stayed in her while my cock throbbed and oozed all I had inside her. I rubbed her ass cheeks and smiled, fully contented. I slipped out of her and fell on the bed, completely spent.

Donna rolled over on her back and spread her legs. One hand rubbed her thighs and the other rubbed the top of my my head.

“Yes baby, that was nice. You did very well Jonathan.”

I took it all in, proud of how I had pleased her. Grateful to be in her bed, laying next to her. Sure that I had shown her how I was a real man and deserved her respect.

Donna pointed to her box and tapped me on the shoulder. “Lick me,” she demanded. “Lick me clean and make me cum.”

I knew what I had to do. I knew it was still Donna that was in charge. I slid down between her thighs and kissed them. I licked her pussy from the bottom to the top, tasting our mixture of juices. I made my tongue wide and licked her pussy deliberately. I sucked on her pussy lips and ran my hands up and down the inside of her thighs. She squirmed when my tongue found her clit and went to work on it with long firm licks. I licked her clit for a while then slid my tongue down to the bottom of her pussy. I made my tongue wide again and licked her from the bottom of her pussy to the top several times. Then I licked her clit again, feeling it getting harder and harder.

Donna’s ass raised off of the bed and she moaned loudly. I was licking furiously, trying to make her cum. I slid a finger to her asshole and circled it. She was so wet and ready I knew she wanted me inside her. I pressed against her tight asshole and spread her juices around it some more. I worked on her clit with more and more determination as my finger slid inside her. When the tip of my finger was inside I stopped and waited for her ass to adjust to it. I slowed my pace on her clit slightly, and pushed my finger in deeper. I started to lick her harder and faster while I slid my finger in her ass to about half way between my first and second knuckle. She moaned louder than I had ever heard her and raised her ass even further off the bed. My finger started fucking her ass and my tongue licked her hard clit even faster and harder. She squirmed on my finger with her ass up off of the bed. With a yell she burst into orgasm, cumming in intense waves of pleasure.

“Yes, yes baby, yes! Oh yes!” she cried as she came from my tongue on her clit. She tightened on my finger intensely, and when her orgasm subsided I slid it out of her slowly. My licks became softer and I pulled away as she became sensitive yet again. I kissed her thighs and laid between them, the best place I could imagine being.

After some time she told me to get her a cigarette and I went to the dresser to get one for her. I brought it to her and lit it, and I leaned back to watch her slowly smoke it. I had come to enjoy the sight of a lit cigarette between her lips, and the way her cheeks looked when she took a drag. She blew the smoke slowly into the air time after time.

“That is all. Goodnight.”

I wanted to stay and hold her, keep my arms wrapped around her while we slept. I would have settled for being anywhere near her, even if it was sleeping on the floor. I wanted so bad to be with her but I knew what I had to do. I dressed and right before I left I looked at her and took a deep breath.

“Thank you ma’am. Goodnight.”

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