Don’t Judge a Book… Pt. 05

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It’s taken ages but I’ve finally got the next part written, please enjoy. 🙂

As always there’s excessive cum, cum inflation and excessive cock expansion.

* * * * *

I had thought long and hard about what to do next. Curtis and I’s relationship was going great, even disregarding the amazing sex, and I didn’t want to push him further than he could take, but I also couldn’t deny the unending pleasure I got from watching him fuck other women and then taking my own share of the fun. The last few times, he hadn’t even fucked me, but I didn’t care; I could have him whenever I wanted, the thrill came from what I could do to and with the other girls. I hadn’t really considered it before the fateful night of our first encounter, but I was definitely at least bi, at the very least in my sexual appetites, although I certainly wasn’t against the idea of a more romantic relationship with my friends or other women. In a way it didn’t matter because I was with Curtis and happy, but it was liberating to understand and accept that about myself and to have a partner who also understood and accepted that about me. Not that he never got anything out of it of course, but it was still nice all the same.

What had been playing on my mind were the possibilities available to the both of us. Curtis’ monster cock had an almost hypnotic quality that I was yet to see anyone say no to. This potentially meant having the world on a silver platter, and to be honest I was ready to eat. Our sexual encounters with my closer friend’s group had shown me that Curtis was willing to fuck other women as long as I was ok with it. Even now his insecurities made him worry about me and how I felt about him fucking the brains out of my friends with his gargantuan member, even when it was my idea and even with how much he saw me enjoying it. He was so sweet. What I needed to do was get him to a place where he wouldn’t question that what he was doing would upset me, so we could both just enjoy ourselves.

So far he had only fucked my friends, people I knew closely. What we needed was a fresh encounter, someone we didn’t know as well, but not a complete stranger. That was still a step too far for him I think. My mind immediately went back to high school and I was awash with possibilities. The popular girls, the nerdy girls, the goth girls, there was so much to choose from, and I was almost 100% certain that under the right conditions and with Curtis’ massive cock before them, none of them could say no.

As we made our way to Cali’s place, the last of my friends on the hit list, I started to sow the seeds of the idea with Curtis.

“Babe?” I started. “I’ve been thinking again, about what to do next.”

“Oh?” he replied, still with slight worry in his voice.

“You know how much I have enjoyed our encounters with my friends, and I would like to hope you’ve enjoyed them too? It’s not a trick question by the way,” I quickly said as he shifted uncomfortably, “I genuinely really hope you have had a good time?”

“Yeah,” he began, “it’s been really good.”

“Just really good?” I teased. I wanted the validation from him that it was as good for him as it was for me.

“Well, y’know, I mean obviously it’s been amazing…”

“What’s been the best part?” Some curiosity here but I also wanted to know what I could more of to make him more comfortable.

“It’ll sound a little pervy…”

I laughed out loud. “Curtis, we are on the way to my friends’ house to fill her with so much cum she can barely move while I squirt all over her body and lap up whatever is left and you think that whatever you’re about to say may sound a little pervy?”

“Ok point taken,” he said with a small smile.

“So, what is it then?”

“I really like watching you with the other girls.”

Jackpot. “Oh really?”

“Yeah, like seeing two stunning women pleasuring each other and cumming everywhere, it’s a big turn on. It’s weird but I get more out of other people’s pleasure than my own if that makes sense?”

Just when I thought I couldn’t adore him any more he says that. Most guys are only out for their own pleasure but here was this godlike creature who got off on other people having fun. I wasn’t sure what I had done to deserve him but I certainly wasn’t about to question it.

“It makes perfect sense honey, you’ve seen how turned on I get when you’re stretching those other girls out and pumping them full of your cum. And you want to know something else?”


I leaned in close and whispered in his ear. “Their cum tastes great.”

It was a little mean of me, I must admit, but trying to get Curtis hard in public was something of a pet project of mine, and what I had just said was definitely having the desired effect, as I could see the outline of a rapidly engorging cock starting to stick out against his bottoms.

“For fucks sake, Sian,” he hissed as he tried to cover himself up and no doubt think unhorny thoughts.

“We’re nearly there anyway,” I giggled, Kartal escort as I felt a familiar spark in my pussy. “Once we’re done here tonight, I have something to propose that I think you’ll like.”

* * * * *

We sat on Cali’s sofa as brought us each a glass and opened a bottle of wine.

“Cheers,” she said after pouring us each a glass. We toasted politely in response.

“So, have you spoken to the other girls at all?” I asked, over the top of the glass.

“Yeah I have,” Cali replied. “Quite the report they’ve given me too, lots of details.”

“All good I hope?”

Cali paused for a moment, placing her glass down on the coffee table in front of us.

“Curtis, would you mind waiting in the bedroom please?”

Unexpected, but the night could always move at this pace if we all wanted to. “Go ahead honey,” I said, gently reassuring him. He stood and walked over the door that Cali had motioned to before closing the door behind him to get ready, as per our agreed plans.

Cali seemed to be checking that Curtis was firmly out of earshot. She drew closer to me.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“I should be asking you that,” she replied. “What is going on Sian?”

I was a little taken back. “What do you mean?”

“All of this, the fucking and stuff?”

“Oh I see,” I said placing my own glass down. “I had the same conversation with Eve, hun, I’m assuming she told you everything yeah?”

“Yeah but come on, we all know she’s a cock hungry whore.”

I mean I couldn’t deny that. “Ok fine, what do you want to know?”

“Are you two in a relationship, like a real relationship?”


“Ok, then why are you letting him go around fucking everyone?”

“For the record, he’s not fucking everyone, only the people I tell him it’s ok to. In fact, he’s never even suggested we do it, it’s all been me.”


I was starting to become slightly annoyed. For me it was clear that I was the one in control, I was the one leading and that in this case, Cali was severely misjudging Curtis.

“I’m not in some controlling, abusive relationship Cali. I would have thought you’d have known better than that I would take that kind of bullshit from a normal guy. But Curtis is special…”

“What, because he has a big cock?”

“No, because he treats me like an actual human being. He’s attentive, considerate, he listens and above all else his number one concern is making me happy. I could tell him to leave right now, which I’m starting to consider if I’m being honest, and he would go along with it as long as it made me happy.” I paused for a second. “And ‘big’ is a fucking understatement and you know it.”

I wasn’t enjoying where this had gone. Eve had asked too but she was pretty easily convinced, and Alexa hadn’t asked at all after we spoke in the bar, the horny little minx. Cali had always been a little more conservative in her views about relationships, but then why had she jumped throat first onto Curtis’ cock that night?

“Besides which, you were quite happy guzzling down his cum before and squirted pretty much right in my face while he fucked my ass before so what’s with the 20 questions now?”

Cali blushed slightly. “That was in the heat of the moment, I was still recovering from the shock and kind of went into autopilot…”

“Autopilot huh? So it was an unconscious action made by the part of your brain that only wants to do the things it wants?” I’d got her here.

“You know what I mean Sian…”

“Look, I appreciate the concern, Cali, I really do, but trust me when I say I’m happy, I’m happier with myself than I have been for a long time. There are things I know about myself now that I just never wanted to acknowledge before I met Curtis.”

“What kind of things?” Cali said tentatively.

“How much my friends turn me on.”

I was now staring directly into her eyes. She returned the gaze, dumbfounded. She was searching for words, and I let her find them. “So, you’re attracted to girls then?”

“A bit more than just attracted yeah,” I said inching a little closer to her, “but obviously I still like guys, hence my relationship with Curtis. That makes me Bi I guess?”

“Yeah I guess so,” she said.

“I am a little confused why you’re shocked, you said you’d spoken to the other girls, they must have told you what we did together as well as what Curtis’ cock felt like?”

“I mean yeah, of course, but I thought you were only doing that because Curtis told you to, or it was a heat of the moment thing like with me.”

“It really isn’t hun,” I said placing my hand on her thigh.

“Oh,” she said with a slight quiver.

“It’s ok Cali, I understand your questions and I understand your concerns. Most of all I appreciate you looking out for me. If you want me and Curtis to leave then that’s not a problem, we’re only here if you want us to be, and I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t comfortable with, even in the heat Kurtköy Escort of the moment. You can always say no, regardless of what else is happening, ok? It wouldn’t matter to me or to Curtis, even if he or I were about to blow the biggest load, think of this as your show. You’re in charge here. We do what you want.”

Above all else I still cared for and valued my friends. I had always just thought of this as harmless fun, nothing more and nothing less, and assumed my friends felt the same. This was the first time that any of them had really challenged me on this, and I’d be lying if I said it was something I had given a lot of thought to. I knew in my heart she would enjoy herself, and I really wanted to enjoy her, but was that enough? No, it had to be her decision, it had to be the decision of anyone we did this with, including Curtis. There was so much rushing through my mind, I stood and began to move away from Cali.

“Wait,” she said grabbing my hand. My pulse was racing as my eyes met hers. Her chest was heaving in and out, making her breasts look like they were swelling and contracting beneath her tight top. I sat back down next to her, eyes still locked to hers. “Kiss me,” she said.

I moved in closer, a breath away from her lips locking with mine, and whispered, “are you sure?”

“Yes,” she whispered back.

Our lips touched, the sensation electrifying as her soft lips met my own. As we gently kissed, I raised my hand to her head, running my fingers through her auburn hair. This felt like when I kissed Curtis, it wasn’t coming from a place of pure lust, it was almost romantic affection, and to be honest, I was really enjoying it. She brought her own hand up to my cheek and ran a thumb across it a slow, repetitive motion. In that moment I was forgetting the world. Everything I felt about being able to fall in a love with another girl was bubbling to the surface. If I hadn’t been with Curtis, I could have stayed this way forever. We briefly moved our lips away from each other.

“Wow,” I said, the room around me fuzzy and warm, losing myself in Cali’s eyes.

“I want this,” she replied. “I want to do things with you and Curtis.”

With that I took her hand, we stood, and walked to the bedroom.

* * * * *

Curtis was pacing as we made our way into the bedroom. He was completely naked, his huge cock swinging backwards and forwards as he moved. He stopped and looked up as we walked in. “Hi, erm, is everything ok?” he asked nervously.

Cali gasped. “I’d forgotten how massive it was,” she said catching her breath.

“We can make it bigger,” I told her. She looked to me, back to the immense meat hanging before us and then back to me, nodding her head as she bit her lip.

“Curtis, honey, move over there for me, we need the bed.”

Obediently he moved to the side. I moved us towards the bed and positioned Cali between myself and Curtis so I could keep an eye on his growth, but more importantly so he could see me do everything I was about to do.

We tenderly locked lips again and I placed a hand on her thigh, starting to slowly caress her. I could already see a twitch from Curtis’ cock out of the corner of my eye; he wasn’t kidding when he said this turned him on. She was slowly opening her mouth more and more with each kiss, and I could feel her tongue making inquisitive movements towards mine. As our tongues met, she placed a hand gently on my left breast and began to caress it between her fingers. I felt a wave of electricity slowly move through my body, the passion and intensity building between us.

I moved my body back slightly to allow me to remove my top and my bra, my perky breasts barely falling despite their size, and my nipples standing erect in response to the sensation of Cali’s lips and hands. Cali followed suit, her smaller but just as pert breasts standing to attention like a pair of mountains against the snowy white of her pale skin. I hadn’t noticed before but as her auburn hair fell back over her shoulders, it provided a stark, fiery contrast to her milky complexion.

Over her shoulder I could see Curtis rapidly gaining in size, but he would have to wait, she was mine for now. I moved my hand towards her breast and cupped it gently, squeezing it as she had mine and causing her to let out a small gasp. We locked lips once again and our tongues slowly explored each other. I fingered her nipple between my middle and index fingers, her breathing slowly becoming heavier and causing her breasts to swell in my hand in time with the rise and fall of her chest. I moved my lips to her neck, a small moan falling from her mouth, as I kept moving further down until I was eye level with her breasts. I glanced upwards receiving a brief nod from her before taking her nipple into my mouth and running my tongue over the tip. She shuddered as I gently sucked her tits, and she raised a hand to my head taking a loose handful of hair.

I stayed sucking her tits for what could have been hours or even Pendik Escort days, I was so lost in the moment. It felt so right, much more than it had done with either Eve or Alexa. Perhaps it was because of fully accepting myself and my feelings, but everything just felt so intense. And then there was Curtis, stood fully erect to the side, awaiting my command, living to please me. This was bliss. And it was about to get even better.

I moved away from Cali’s pert nipple, sucked dry and swollen by my mouth. Looking up at her again she gave me another breathy nod as I began to move further down her body. I gently removed her leggings and underwear, brushing my hands against her ass cheeks as I did so, before standing and dropping my own. I could see her pussy was dripping wet, matching my own, and I thought back to what I had said to Curtis, all 3 feet of thick cock stood to attention to my right:

‘Their cum tastes great.’

I knelt between her legs and ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit in a single, smooth motion. She let out a moan of ecstasy. She tasted sweet, like rose Turkish delight. I continued to roll my tongue up and down her soaking pussy, penetrating as deep as possible with my tongue, lapping up all of her juices as my own dripped on the floor. I could feel her tensing and convulsing as her orgasm built and built and focused all of my attention on her clit, flicking from side to side, until with a scream, a jet of cum squirted directly into my mouth. I greedily gulped it down as more and more of her squirting cum shot onto my face.

I stood before her, face dripping with her cum and licked my lips. She looked back at me panting but with an unmistakeable look of desire in her eyes.

“Do you want to taste me too, Cali?” I purred.

“Yes, please, yes,” she gasped.

She started to sit up but I put a hand on her shoulder.

“You stay there, hun, we’re both going to be eating out.”

I laid her back down and mounted her face so we were 69ing. I really wanted to keep tasting her but wanted to make sure she had something else to do, so she could feel and taste exactly how much she was turning me on too. Almost immediately she thrust her tongue up and down my pussy, sending thunderbolts through my body and causing me to instinctively start to grind my hips against her mouth. I could hardly bring myself to reciprocate, her tongue was surprisingly educated in drawing out dripping orgasms from my gushing pussy, and my back was arching in pleasure. Through moans I could see Curtis, rubbing his enormous cock, globules of precum dripping from the end of it. It was time.

“Are you ready for Curtis’ cock, Cali?”

I felt a nod from beneath me, her tongue not stopping as she consented to the stretching she was about to receive. I beckoned Curtis over and rubbed his precum up and down the meaty shaft in front of me, lubing him up. I guided his head towards her dripping opening and heard a moan from beneath me as he started to press the head inside her. I could see her pussy stretching and straining to try and accommodate him, the outline of the cockhead starting to appear beneath her skin as he pushed slowly forward.

“Curtis is going to start thrusting forward now, Cali, do you think you can take it?”

“Yes, please god, yes,” she screamed from between my legs.

With that I nodded to Curtis and he buried a foot of cock into Cali, the immense member sticking out beneath the skin of her stomach. As she squealed in pleasure, I came at the sight, inadvertently filling her open and screaming mouth with my own cum and prompting a mix of orgasmic squeals and gargling. Curtis thrust deeper, another foot of cock disappearing inside Cali, the head poking out between her tits. Instinctively, I grabbed her tits and started to rub them together against the cock head, twisting and squeezing her nipples as I did so and prompting moans from both Cali and Curtis.

The sensations of what he was feeling and what he was seeing was clearly becoming too much for Curtis. I could see in his eyes that he was close, and he met my gaze almost begging me to let him cum.

“Do you want Curtis to fill you with cum Cali?”

All I could hear from behind me was the occasional squeak and squeal from Cali. She was completely lost in pleasure, dumfounded by the amount of cock she had inside her. I grinned and gave Curtis a nod. He made a few more powerful thrusts and I saw his cock engorge inside Cali as he started to blow his load. Knowing what was about to happen, I slid backwards so my face was opposite Cali’s, her eyes almost rolling back in her head. I could see her stomach bloating and expanding, rapidly growing as Curtis filled her womb with buckets and buckets of hot cum.

Finally it was over. Cali laid panting, her cum swollen belly almost blocking Curtis from view, her eyes focused back on mine. I laid a kiss on her forehead, before whispering into her ear, “I love you Cali.”

* * * * *

We were back at home sat on the sofa and I was contemplating what had happened at Cali’s. Was I really in love with her? It was so bad a thought; I could still be in love with Curtis and love Cali at the same time, right? Or was it as she said, the ‘heat of the moment?’

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