Don’t Use Mom’s Panties 7

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I was shocked. I was just picking up clothes for the laundry when I found a pair of my panties underneath my son’s bed. I sat down on the bed, holding the panties in my hand.

My mind flashed back to long ago. I was doing the same thing when I found my Mom’s panties under my brother’s bed. That had led to a lot of sexual action with my brother, but you already know about that.

That was with my brother, and this is my son! I couldn’t believe it. Sure he’s eighteen and a senior in high school, but he has a girlfriend! They’ve been together for two years and she’s gorgeous. I’ve assumed that he was getting his needs taken care of. Is it possible that men truly can’t get enough?

I glanced down at the filmy satin material in my hand. My black panties. Covered in dried cum stains. I knew what it was. I’d seen it enough of times from when I loaned out my panties to my brother.

I pulled them up to my nose and sniffed. No real odor, other than being musty from being underneath the bed. I wondered how long they had been there but I couldn’t tell by counting the dried semen, it was too coated.

I sat there holding those panties and let my mind wander to days gone by. Thinking about the time I had first watched my brother masturbate in front of me. Those memories stirred strong feelings if you know what I mean. I began to wonder about my son. I wondered what his cock looked like? I wondered what it looked like as he stroked it? Did he smell my panties or wrap them around his cock? Did he think of me while he masturbated?

This was not going to be good to be thinking about. I stood up and put the panties back under his bed where I had found them. I tried to stop thinking about it by focusing on my chores.

Around four in the afternoon, I was relaxing on the sofa in the den and enjoying a cup of coffee. I had changed into a simple pair of khaki shorts and a t-shirt I’d picked up in Galveston last year. I don’t mean to brag but I’ve held up good over the years. My legs might be my best feature, but the boobs and ass aren’t bad at all. I was wearing sandals that have straps up to the ankle. I’ve always found them to be sexy. I’ve also kept my hair long instead of going with the “Mommy” look when the kids were born. My husband really likes the way I’ve kept my looks. It really shows when we’re out with friends and he compares me to the other wives.

Anyway, that’s where I was when my son came home. He came busting into the house just exploding with manliness and noise. It’s like they have to announce their presence to the world or something. He dropped his backpack on the floor and headed straight to the kitchen.

“Mom!” he yelled as he opened the refrigerator looking for a snack. “I’m home!”

“Well, it’s kind of hard not to notice that,” I said from the den. “You’re not exactly a Ninja, are ya?”

He came into the den with a soda in one hand and a huge sugar cookie in the other and just plopped into the easy chair next to the sofa. Plopped is saying it nicely. He, like his Dad was rough on the furniture. Flopped into the chair is a more exact description of how my son sat down. Did I catch a glimpse of him staring at my legs as he came in the room? Perhaps my mind was just being overactive since my discovery this morning. If so, why was I now stretching my legs like a cat that just woke up from dozing in the sun?

Yep, that’s where his eyes went! Caught ya!

“So what are your plans for tonight?” I asked, breaking his gaze from my legs. “Are you eating here or going out?”

He took a bite out of the cookie and said, “Ehh, I’ll probably take Crissa out to eat and to the movies and stuff.” His girlfriend Crissa was a sweet girl and gorgeous as well.

“And stuff?” I asked with a teasing taunt in my voice. “What kind of stuff are you going to do with Crissa? Hmmm?”

I took a sip of coffee to give him a chance to register what I’d said.

“Mom…you know what I mean,” he stammered. “We’ll probably just goof off, hang around, and stuff.”

I looked over at him with a sly grin and said, “Well, I had better warn her then. The last time a boy took me out to the movies…and stuff… I ended up going home without my panties on.”

His mouth actually dropped open! “Mom! Please!” he stammered. “That’s gross!”

“Oh?” Kartal Escort I teased him again, “you’re saying that your old Mom is gross?”

“No!” he replied quickly. “Jeez, you’re the hottest Mom in the neighborhood. I just mean I didn’t want to think of you that way.” Then he realized what he had said and blushed. “I mean…ummm…”

I leaned forward and stood up and said, “I know what you mean. But thanks for the complement.” I then headed to the kitchen to start getting dinner ready. I stopped and looked back just before I turned the corner and caught my son watching me.

I stepped into the kitchen and my heart was beating fast! He thinks I’m the hottest Mom around and he was watching me walk away! Oh my!

I heard him pounding his way up the stairs. He’s so loud that I can trace his path from downstairs as he walks around upstairs. First he went to the bathroom. A minute later I heard the toilet flush and the gurgle of the pipes. After that, I could trace his steps as he walked down the short hall to his room. Then his door closed.

I wondered if he was going to masturbate. I wondered if he was going to use my panties? Oh my, I wondered if he was going to think of me when he did it? Would he think about my legs and ass as I walked away from him just now? I wondered if his imagination would take over and he would think about me slowly stripping off my clothes in front of him? Of course, in thinking this, I couldn’t help but picturing it in my mind.

I was standing in my kitchen imagining a scene where I would be slowly removing my clothes for my son while he masturbated. Unconsciously, I was pressing my abdomen forward against the kitchen countertop. When I stood up on my tiptoes, I could really press the counter against my now throbbing clit.

I was brought back to reality by the arrival of my daughter coming home from school. Greeting her and dealing with her teenage girl drama took up most of the next half hour. I love both of my kids but it’s a totally different relationship between Moms and their daughters and their sons. Jenna was into everything at school, while Greg just focused on one thing at a time. This year he was focused only on his grades and his girlfriend.

His girlfriend Crissa was gorgeous and fun to be around. I assumed that they were sexually active, which didn’t explain why he needed my panties. Maybe they’d been there for awhile. I honestly couldn’t remember how long they’d gone missing.

Jenna went out into the backyard to play with the dog and listen to her music before dinner. I went about my business in the kitchen, getting things ready to start cooking. The house was quiet again and I heard Greg’s bedroom door open and then the bathroom door close. Soon after that, I heard the shower start upstairs.

It all hit me in a flash. Greg had been upstairs in his room jacking off! Now he was in the shower. I had a chance to go check under his bed! I looked out the kitchen window and Jenna was lying on the lounge chair listening to music. I quickly wiped my hands on a dishtowel, and leaned over and undid the ties on my sandals. I kicked them off and like a suburban ninja Mom, I slowly but quickly crept up the stairs.

I paused outside of the bathroom door and could hear the water running and Greg singing. My heart was beating strongly and I was breathing quickly through my nose as I slipped into his bedroom. I gave the room a quick look-over to make sure I didn’t mess anything up and then lifted up the comforter of his bed.

I found them. They were in a different place. My heart was beating enough to pop right through my chest. I reached out and grabbed them.

There it was. There…was…a…wet…spot of cum! Oh my! I was looking at his cum! My son had just shot his load onto his Mother’s panties! I was stunned. I reached out and touched a finger to it. It was wet and cold. I smeared my finger around in it and quickly put it back under his bed. I put everything back the way it was before and eased my way back to the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen, I got my breathing under control, and I looked at my finger. It was smeared with cum that my son had shot out onto a pair of my panties. I put the finger to my lips and worked it around, eventually sliding it into my mouth. I worked my finger Kartal Escort Bayan with my tongue, sucking at my son’s cum! I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was so aroused. I could feel how wet I was without even moving my body. There wasn’t much taste, after all it had been setting there for a bit, but I still tasted my son’s cum.

Okay, so now what? Do I do something about this? Do I talk to him? These thoughts kept running through my mind as I began to prepare dinner for my husband and daughter. Of course, other thoughts ran through my mind as well. I was at the sink and imagining him coming up behind me and pressing his hard cock against my ass when it actually almost happened. I backed up a bit to throw some food scraps into the garbage under the sink and I nearly backed right into Greg.

“Whoa, Mom!” he said as he jumped back. “I was about to tell you I was heading out.”

I turned and smiled, “Okay, honey. I’m just finishing up dinner.” That’s what I said out loud. In my mind I was wondering how long he’d been standing there watching me?

He looked over at what I’d been preparing. “Fried chicken?” he said with a sigh. “If I’d known you were frying chicken I would stay here for dinner. Save me some?”

“Sure,” I told him. “I’ll leave some for you in the fridge tonight.”

“Thanks, Mom! You’re the best!” he said as he started to grab his things and go.

“The best,” I said, and then finished with, “and the hottest too, right?”

I expected him to nervously laugh me off and leave, but what he did surprised the hell out of me. He stopped, stared at me, and then walked slowly over to me until we were facing each other.

“Damn, right you’re the hottest Mom around,” he whispered. He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I could smell how clean and manly he was in that quick second of his lips brushing against my cheek.

He stepped back and looked me right in the eyes. I was stunned a bit, but not enough to throw the tease right back. “Have fun doing…stuff….tonight.” I told him with a knowing smile.

“I always do!” he said with a laugh and then he turned and left.

My face was flushed. I could feel my neck turn pinkish red like it always does when I’m excited. Sexually excited, that is. My husband always made fun of me when I got like that. I just couldn’t hide it. “Pink neck equals wet pussy,” he would tell me.

Now I needed to calm down before my daughter or husband came inside and questioned why my neck was all pink. I put a wet dishcloth against my neck and then focused on my cooking, hoping it would all work out.

We had a nice dinner. Jenna filled us in on all of her activities and then we all watched a movie together. Friday nights usually didn’t last too long at our house. Jenna always had a soccer game on Saturday mornings and it always came so early. We were usually in bed by ten p.m. I playfully teased my husband a bit, but he was just too exhausted from work to play with me. I’m not complaining. The man somehow manages to work his butt off and still find time for the kids. I rubbed his back and then curled up next to him until he fell asleep.

I however was wide awake. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour trying to figure out what to do with Greg. It never even entered my mind to tell my husband. When I was younger, I had protected my brother from getting caught jacking off with Mom’s panties, and I just somehow knew I’d protect my son as well.

I finally gave up on sleep just before midnight. I quietly slipped out of bed and went into the den to watch some television. I was wearing a silk nightgown. It was nothing on the wild side, just something silky, filmy, and slightly transparent. I would sleep naked if I could, but since the kids were here, I wore the least that I could get away with. I settled into the sofa and covered up a bit with one of the small blankets we have lying around.

It was underneath that small blanket that I began to touch myself. My mind began to picture Greg jacking off with my panties again. I went through several scenarios where I would walk in and catch him jacking off. I imagined each time that I would slowly remove all of my clothes and watch him masturbate while he stared at my naked body. My pussy was sopping wet and my clit was Escort Kartal throbbing when I finally pulled my panties aside. I scooted down a bit so I wouldn’t be dripping onto the sofa cushions. I was rubbing my clit and pinching my nipple as I thought about Greg coming home and finding me there, masturbating in the den.

I came with a sudden force that surprised me. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I’d had in a while. I don’t deny myself sexual pleasure, so it wasn’t from lack of sex. If my husband and I weren’t that active, I just took matters into my own hands. It had to be because of my son. I was masturbating thinking about my son watching me do it.

When I finally came down from the pleasures that were shuddering through my body, I slowly sat up. My panties were soaked with my juices. I slipped them off, and with them dangling from my finger, I started my way back to my bedroom.

Then I stopped.


Don’t do it.

But I did. I snuck quietly upstairs and replaced the old pair of panties under Greg’s bed with this new pair. The pair of panties I’d just masturbated with. The pair of panties I’d just soaked with my own pussy juice.

I’d just left a pair of my panties for my son to masturbate with. My panties. His Mother’s panties!

If someone had put a microphone next to my heart at that moment, I would have blown the speakers of the sound system it was beating so hard. I stood up, and straightened the bed covers again.

Then, on a whim, I took off my nightgown. I was standing there naked in my son’s bedroom. My pussy was still damp and I knew there was wetness on my inner thighs. I walked around the room a bit, imagining that he was on the bed watching me. I thought about him lying there on the bed and naked, stroking his huge, hard cock for me. I started to rub my pussy again. I ended up on my hands and knees, my face pressed to the floor and my butt in the air. I was naked in my son’s room and masturbating. My bare ass would have been the first thing he saw if he walked in at that moment.

Imagining him walking in right then and seeing me masturbating brought me to my next orgasm. I collapsed on the floor in a huffing and puffing heap of naked flesh. I might have fallen asleep, but I heard a car door shut outside and I quickly came to my senses. It wasn’t Greg, but the neighbor next door, but it was enough to make me get dressed and go downstairs.

I tossed the old panties into my dirty clothes hamper. Satisfied, but now even more awake than I was earlier, I put on a robe and went back to the den. I was watching TV when Greg finally came home. He stumbled in and went straight past me to the kitchen. I heard him open the fridge and grab some things and then he came back into the den.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed as he sat down in the easy chair and noticed me. “I’m sorry, Mom but you scared the crap out of me!”

I laughed and asked, “Did you have a good time?”

“Sure,” he said between bites of left-over fried chicken. “We just watched a movie and hung out and stuff.”

“There’s that word again,” I teased back. “What kind of ‘stuff’ did you do?”

As I asked him that, I shifted on the sofa, allowing my robe to open and one of my legs to be exposed. Yes, that’s where his eyes went.

“Aw, Mom,” he said with an embarrassed tone, “Don’t go there, okay?”

“Okay,” I replied back, again with a teasing tone. “I just wanted to make sure that Crissa made it home with her panties on tonight.”

“Jeez, Mom!” he said in a loud whisper. “Can we please stop talking about this stuff?”

I let him off the hook there as I got up to go to bed. I stopped beside his chair. “Maybe I like to talk about stuff,” I told him. “Maybe I’m curious about the kind of stuff my son is doing.”

“Just stuff, Mom,” he said back somewhat boldly. “Just the same old stuff I’m sure you did back in the day.”

My eyebrows rose up with that comment. “Oh? You think I only did stuff back in the day?” I teased. “Remember what I said earlier? About the last time a boy talked to me about doing stuff?”

I turned and began to walk toward the bedroom. I stopped when I heard his voice.

“You mean when you said the last time a guy talked to you about stuff, you ended up not wearing panties?”

I looked back at him. I met his eyes. I undid the tie to my robe, but I didn’t open it.

“Mmm, hmm,” I said. “I’ve enjoyed talking to you…about stuff.” I met his eyes again, and then turned and went to bed.

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