Dr. Frank’s Newest Patient Ch. 03

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When I woke up on Thursday, before I got out of bed or even opened my eyes, I realized it was a day and a half until Penny’s exam. After the previous night, when I heard her touching herself to a sweet and entrancing orgasm, this good news made my stomach twist with excitement. Unlike the other days since I discovered this desire, I was not disgusted with myself. A switch had been flipped, where my desire to be a good father was turned off in favor of my lust for the girl in the next room.

Now that I was letting my mind run free, I recognized how much I had been denying for so long. The way I loved to snuggle her on the couch when she wore her cute little nightie. How I loved to fuck Laura in the same exact kind of pajamas. Women my own age were attractive, and even slightly younger, but the way I responded to girls my daughter’s age was – well I wouldn’t say unusual, as I am a man, and young pussy is just about the greatest pleasure in the world, but it was astonishing at least.

I let my mind drift. Oh my little Penny. So she liked to touch herself. I realized I could ask her about that tomorrow in the exam – how she liked it, how often. My cock was hard just imagining her answers. Maybe she’d be nervous. I liked that even more.

What went through her head? Did she imagine a man licking her pretty little pussy? I remember from the night I went into her room that it was as small as half an apricot. My whole tongue would cover it. I could imagine now, moving my face back and forth over my daughter’s gorgeous wetness, coating my face in her juices, drawing those little kitten’s mews from her.

Or maybe she imagined getting pounded. That was even better. Did she want a man to fuck her the right way? Not slow and romantic like those silly movies she watched, but like a real man who knows what he wants? I’m good at that, I know it from the throaty grunts I get out of the women I fuck. They lose themselves. Could I do that to Penny?

I imagined her on our kitchen table, her legs up on my shoulders, my hands gripping her on the hips as I slammed her little peach.

“Fuck me daddy!” She’d cry, “fuck your little girl daddy!”

I came into my sheets.

When I got downstairs, Penny was nowhere to be found. For the first time in a few days, my fatherly instincts kicked in. She was still asleep and would be late for school.

“Pen?” I called up the stairs. “Honey I think you forgot to set your alarm.”

I knocked on her door and opened it.

The sight stopped me in my tracks.

Penny was asleep with the covers kicked off. She was wearing one of those lacy bralettes, the kind without any lining, and matching panties, both black. She lay on her back, one leg kicked up enough to show the bulge of her ass, the line on the inside of her leg, the bare skin under the lace.

I’d come ten minutes earlier but I was hard again. Where were her cute jammies? I’d never seen these before.

All I could think about was her pleasure session the night before. Perhaps my Penny had made something of a night of it, put on underwear that made her feel sexy, maybe even (dare I think it?) watched some porn. So it hadn’t been simple experimentation; Penny had wanted to get off. “I’m not a little girl,” she’d told me. She had no idea how much I agreed.

God she was gorgeous. The bra was tight over her little chest. I could just make out the shadows of her nipples under the lace. My whole body went hot, my balls ached, and I knew I wanted to suck on my little girl’s breasts. The image of my mind’s eye – me, her daddy, her father, with her tiny breast in my mouth, her hand on the back of my head – made me ooze some precum out of my cock. It was so wrong. She was my baby. Her daddy shouldn’t lick her tits!

But oh God, she was so hot. Her pussy was right there, and I could only wonder if she’d used her fingers or a toy the night before, if she’d played with penetration. I thought of her fucking herself with a dildo and hoped to God she had.

All I wanted was to crawl over her, pull her panties bursa eskort bayan off, and enter her before she even woke. By the time she realized what was happening, I’d already be thrusting and she couldn’t stop me.

I twitched my hand toward my belt buckle. I could do it. Though I didn’t want to hurt my baby, I wanted her enough that I knew it was possible. There she was, gorgeous and almost naked, the sounds of her orgasm still in my head. It wouldn’t take much – I knew if I even touched her panties, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. But then I imagined licking her beautiful lips, her rosebud, making her scream out “Daddy!”

She’d never do that if I took her like this. And I’d never get a good look at her pretty little flower. It would be over and done with in minutes, and I’d be left without Penny. Tomorrow I would have her pussy spread out voluntarily in front of me. I had to wait.

I leaned over and touched her thigh, brushing my hand over her skin there. I could fit the whole thing in my hand.

“Time to get up Penny,” I said, my erection painful as my baby girl stirred awake. “Time for school.”

After I dropped her at school, I made arrangements to see Laura. Penny did homework at her friend Sally’s on Thursday, so I could go to work, pick up Laura and bring her to the house, then drop Laura back at the bus stop and be on time to pick up Penny.

Work was a haze. I’m normally very focused, but that day every pussy I saw could have been Penny’s. Instead of being the doctor I knew I was, I felt like Tom – each woman spread out before me like a gorgeous landscape. I saw Penny in every cunt – but hers, I knew, would be better. Only one girl, eighteen, a blue-eyed brunette, curvier than Penny, made me hard on her own. She was gorgeous and it was a relief to want someone who wasn’t my daughter.

Her name was Olivia, and she had just moved to town. She told me she had started her senior year at the high school. Her pussy was pink and beautiful, with long lips I wanted to suck. I looked into her big eyes and knew I wanted her, far more than Laura, almost as much as Penny.

I put on my gloves and began the exam.

After work, I floored it to the bus stop where I’d arranged to meet Laura. She climbed into the passenger’s seat with a smile on her face.

“What’s the rush lately?” she asked. “You looked like you were going to crash into the curb right there.”

“I have a lot on my mind,” I said. “Are you complaining?”

“Nope,” she said, no doubt thinking of the tip I gave her last time after I’d rather brutally fucked her face. “So where are we going?”

“My house,” I said.

She didn’t hide her shock. “Really? What if someone comes home?”

“They won’t,” I said. “Now no more questions.”

When we arrived, I noticed how she looked around at pictures on the walls, books on the shelves, my degrees. I realized, though Laura knew my fantasies better than anyone, she knew almost nothing about me.

I led her upstairs and into Penny’s room.

Laura stopped at the threshold. “Whoa,” she said.

I could tell that she was nervous.

“So you’re going to put this on.” I presented her with Penny’s nightie – the real one, not the replica I had purchased for her. “And lay on the bed. Pretend to be asleep.”

Laura hesitated. “You know, man, this -“

“I’ll give you an extra three hundred,” I said. “Four. Please just do it. Please.”

Her eyes were wide. “Look, Frank-“

“Laura, I need it.” I was twisting the nightgown in my hands. My cock was so hard, my skin was almost itchy with desire. I could feel my heartbeat everywhere. “I fucking need it. Please.”

She must have heard how desperate I was, because she took the nightie and went into the bathroom to change.

I closed the curtains so it was almost dark in the room, and turned down the bed. My hands shook. I was surprised at how easy it was to pretend it was Penny in the bathroom, not the pretty whore my friend had hooked me up with. Once I was done, I left bursa otele gelen eskort bayan her room and ran into Laura on the landing.

Her blonde hair was cascading down her shoulders. The nightie was too small, making her breasts bulge out and hugging her hips. She looks glorious. For a moment, I thought of how lucky I was – I had the fantasy of Penny, and a beautiful woman in my bed. Like having my cake and eating it too.

Laura reached out and hugged me.

“Goodnight daddy,” she said, kissing my cheek. “Sleep well.”

I patted her on the bottom. “Night sweetheart.”

She went into Penny’s room and closed the door.

I had to calm down for a moment. Jesus, my pulse was racing. I was so horny and this wasn’t even Penny. I went into my bathroom and splashed cool water on my face and the insides of my wrists, breathing deeply. I tried to remind myself how much I was paying, hoping that would temper my desire, but I was way past that. I was thinking only with my body.

I changed into a robe and, after another set of deep breaths, walked across the hall to Penny’s room.

It was almost too easy to forget. For me, in my haze of desire, it was enough to see a beautiful female form on that little bed, and my imagination did the rest.

Laura lay on her tummy, the nightie riding up over her perfect ass.

I knelt on the bed and ran my hands up her legs. She was so warm, so smooth.

“Oh Penny,” I whispered. “You’re so beautiful.”

My heart beat as if I was nervous, even though I’ve fucked Laura a hundred times. I touched her ass, gripping her cheeks in my hands.

“Daddy loves you,” I whispered, and spread her.

She stayed “asleep” as I ate her pussy, then turned her onto her back. God it was amazing to play with a woman like this.

“You like when daddy kisses your princess parts?” I whispered, my lips on her cunt. “Mmm daddy loves it.”

Slowly she began to wake up as I lapped at her cunt, just like I’d dreamt of doing to Penny.

“Daddy? Is that you?” She whispered.

“Mmm yes kitten,” I said, my tongue running up and down her folds.

I closed my eyes. This could be Penny, almost, whose nectar I was drinking.

“Daddy, no,” she whispered.

“Oh sweetie I love you so much,” I said, “just let me do this for you. Let me do this little thing.”

I kept licking her as she began to struggle – god, Laura knew me well.

“No daddy! Oh- oh daddy, what are you doing? Oh!” She began to writhe against my lips.

“That’s it kitten,” I whispered. I slurped her, enjoying the sounds of my mouth on her wet cunt. “That’s it Penny, enjoy daddy.”

“Oh yes! Daddy yes!” She began to rock her hips against me. I forgot for a second that she was supposed to be Penny and remembered what a sexy girl Laura was. Though I wanted my daughter, I was a man, and I couldn’t resist any woman, especially if she was wet and nineteen. I lapped at her clit, enjoying her moans, loving how I could make this woman do whatever I wanted.

Right before she came, I crawled up the bed.

“Daddy why did you stop?” she asked.

Fuck. Right. Penny. God – I almost came.

“Daddy’s here sweetie,” I whispered. “Do you love me?”

“Yes,” she whispered. It was so dark, I closed my eyes again and saw my baby girl under me…

“Daddy loves you,” I whispered to Penny. In that moment I really believed it was her. “Make daddy happy, kitten.”

“Daddy – what are you doing?”

I gripped my cock and ran it up and down her folds. So was so slick and warm, ready for me.

“Daddy’s going to fuck you, baby girl.”

“Daddy no!” she whimpered.

“Oh sweetie, yes!”

I lowered myself onto my elbows and entered her. I kept my eyes closed as I began to slowly fuck her, pretending that the cunt that held me so tight was my daughter’s, that the little feminine squeaks came from my girl. As I began to pound her harder, I grew almost certain that it was Penny who I was fucking, bursa eve gelen escort until i forgot entirely that it wasn’t, and I lost myself in the pure joy of ploughing my only child.

“Yeah Penny, take your daddy’s cock!” I groaned as I came into her, filling up her womb with her daddy’s seed. “Take it all!”

I barely made it on time to pick Penny up from her friend’s house, and I was wracked with guilt when I pulled up. Late picking up my daughter so I could fuck a prostitute – in my baby’s own bed!

But the moment I saw her in her little uniform, I stopped being guilty and remembered why I did it.

“Hi kitten,” I said. She smelled so sweet when I kissed her cheek.

“Another movie night daddy?” she asked. “I finished my homework and I’m tired.”

“Sounds perfect.”

We drove home and I ordered pizza while Penny changed. I put her nightie in the laundry, just in case I’d accidentally left any trace of myself on it, so she came down in shorts and a tank top. I had to avoid looking at her while I paid the pizza man and got some plates.

Halfway through the film, I put my plate down and pulled Penny into my lap. She curled up against me.

“This is nice, daddy,” she whispered. “You haven’t held me like this in so long.”

“That’s because you’ve gotten so big,” I said. “But I don’t want to stop holding my little girl.”

She let out a sigh. In my heightened state, I could have sworn she was aroused, but I didn’t trust my reasoning. In any case, Penny had her eyes glued to the screen.

I kept my hands on her waist, and slowly began tracing circles on her tank top. My hands could cup most of her body in one grip. She relaxed even further against my chest, her body limp and sleepy.

God, her weight was amazing on my lap. Despite having Laura already that day, I was hard. I positioned my cock between Penny’s amazing cheeks, so it could press against her and she wouldn’t feel it very well. Not to mention I felt her body hugging my manhood. With her on my lap that way, I came to realize just how bad I wanted her. Laura seemed a pale comparison; there was nothing in the world like the feeling between a father and daughter. Now that I had stepped on the other side, now that I knew I wanted to use her body like a lover, nothing could compare. I was beyond reason.

So I slowly began to stroke her belly, until I reached under her tank top and touched bare skin. She was so smooth, so warm. I let my hands rest there for a moment, and then resumed my little circles.

Penny sighed.

“I love you daddy,” she whispered, moving a little back and forth on my lap. My cock jumped at the stimulation.

I continued to massage her tummy. It was flat and tight like a hot teenager, not like a baby. My cock jumped again at that – what other parts of her would look more mature? I imagined longer pussy lips, nipples that jumped out from her chest. Without making an active decision to, I let my hands creep up her chest until they rested just under the swell of her tits.

I heard the hitch in her breath, but Penny didn’t move. I continued to rub her there, on the top of her ribcage.

“My sweet kitten,” I whispered.

This time she didn’t respond, just let out another hitched breath.

I looked at the little hairs on the back of her neck, sticking straight up, the goosebumps on the tops of her arms, and let my hands go even further, until they were resting on her budding little breasts.

They fit perfectly in my hands like little apples. I barely squeezed – more like just energized my hand a bit, so afraid that I’d startle her. But Penny did not move. So, I slowly began to explore my baby girl’s chest. I checked the weight of her breasts in my hand, felt her nipples harden against my palm. I squeezed them, I pressed them. Through all this, she stayed in my lap, breathing a bit harder than usual, but otherwise not acknowledging that her father was doing anything out of the ordinary.

When I traced my thumbs over her nipples, she jumped.

That spooked me. I knew it could be passion that made her jump, but it was all-too-likely fear. Tomorrow I would have the chance to see her spread out in front of me. There was nothing, nothing, that would make me give up that chance. I withdrew my hands and kissed her chastely on the side of her head.

“Time for bed, kitten.”

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