Dreams of Maternity Pt. 10

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As far as real life goes, my girlfriend and I have started fooling around with a pair of silicone pregnant bellies. So, yeah, that’s going more and more awesomely. Anyway, enough with reality…

Oh, also, I don’t think putting dates on these dreams is doing anyone any favors. Just going with titles from here on out!

Maternity Ward Hero

Sufficiently practiced in lucid dreaming at this point, for the time being I’ll be attempting to realize some of the wildest, most over-the-top fantasies I can think up. Really going all-out and/or all-in (whichever phrase you please, I suppose). These are going to get fantastically ridiculous, and I am pumped, especially given last night’s early success in this particular endeavor.

I opened the door to a hospital’s maternity ward and the doctor ran over to me at once. She was out of breath, sweating, and generally desperate-looking. “Thank God you’re here,” she began, gripping my upper arm. “All of our beds are filled with women in labor who just will not dilate. We need your giant cock, Stephen, and we need it now. These women need to be spread wide open so we can get these babies out and get turn over the beds. We might need you for a while, Chief. Now get to work.”

I love being called “Chief”! Also, I do know, on a more conscious level, that “dilation” in the context of labor is actually about the cervix, not the vaginal opening. Nonetheless, this dream required a misunderstanding of the term in order for me to think my huge dick could help these mid-labor ladies reach their deliveries. I didn’t mind one bit feeling a bit foolish in this regard, especially in the face of all the fucking I was about to do.

All the ladies requiring my assistance were already in the delivery position, legs elevated with feet planted firmly in their beds’ stirrups. And all completely nude, in a not particularly realistic but (for me) particularly awesome detail. Each and every one primed for the fucking, in other words. Considering the roughly circular positioning of the ward’s delivery rooms, I started the fucking around the 7 o’clock position and worked my way clockwise. 6 o’clock being the door through which I’d entered, there were 11 rooms (7-5 o’clock) to work my way through.

My cock was, as the doctor had mentioned, quite giant. Twice as big around as in reality, and sporting a solid 4 extra inches of length. Fantastic, and more than up to the pussy-spreading challenge before me. Lots of work to be done, I got started with the occupant of room
(they were helpfully labelled to correspond to the analogous clock positions). The first preggo in line has contractions every minute or so, providing amazing bump tightness for my gripping hands and pussy tightness for my ensconced monster-dick. This was the story with all of my conquests in the ward, and it was a fantastic, refractory period-free orgy of moan-filled (both pain and pleasure!) sex. One after the other, I made childbirth possible for expectant mother after expectant mother. The phenomenal fucking was more than thanks enough for my service.

After the 11th, I thought I was finished. The doctor ran up to me again, even sweatier this time. She smiled in gratitude, but let me know that my work was far from over: “Well, the first one you stretched out for us has given birth, but now there’s another woman in that bed that needs to be serviced herself. We may need you to take another spin ’round the ward!”

The 12th dream orgasm resulted in a waking orgasm, unfortunately. I wish I could’ve fucked my way around that clock for many more hours…

The Bachelor Party

I was to be married in a week, so I was being thrown a modest bachelor party. It’d just be myself and my three closest friends, I’d been led to believe. When I entered my old college roommate Mark’s apartment, it was indeed just the four of us and a few cases of beer. After downing a few, Mark sat me down for some straight talk:

“All right, Stephen, we’ve never wanted to broach this topic before, but…we know about what you’re into. Like, considering what might be tonight’s bachelor party-style entertainment…Pregnancy. There, I said it, it’s out in the open. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I kinda checked out your browser history when we lived together sophomore year. So, yeah, I saw all the pregnant porn on there. Aaaaannndddd I watched a bunch of it. And I loved it. Then I told a few folks [he nodded towards our other two friends in the room] when I was particularly drunk one night, and they checked it out, too. We all love it, Stephen. We’re indebted to you for the introduction, however indirect and shady we may have been in acquiring it.”

My emotions were a damned rollercoaster, racing from abject humiliation to red-faced embarrassment to genuine confusion to skeptical hopefulness to, eventually, giddy acceptance Şerifali Escort of the situation. Holy shit. My secret was out, as I’d feared might happen for so many years. But it was okay! More than okay, really: it seemed it was bringing my close friends even closer to me, sharing something so private with each other. To be honest, the overwhelming sense of understanding and community with my buddies had me damn near crying. Things only got better when Mark went and opened the front door, letting in four hot, heavily pregnant women in lingerie. An impressive sight, and an even more impressive feat to have gathered such a pregnant crew. Blessedly, it was expectant stripper time.

In short order, all four of us preggo lovers had a preggo hottie grinding on our laps. One girl liked to keep her back arched at all times, 6 months’ bump impressively appearing about 11 months along as she pushed it out. One was just BBW and far along enough to have her bump wholly obscure her unclothed crotch in a sultrily magnetic display. One had a tiny pair of tits, undoubtedly untouched by her pregnancy, a mammoth belly protruding at least 18 inches further than the tips of her darkened nipples.

The one I chose for myself had substantial breasts that sagged with milk, huge dark brown saucers for nipples that slowly but steadily dripped translucent milk. I mostly chose her for her divine bump, though: alabaster with nary a blemish and perfectly symmetrical, smooth curves. Once we retired to Mark’s bedroom, it was positively gorgeous as I viewed the bump past my cock as she jerked me off onto the her perfect belly, obligingly rubbing my cum into her skin at this guest-of-honor’s request.

I slept through my wet dream, actual cum already half dry between my own belly and boxers when I awoke. A fantasy that was certainly never to be, but a man can at the very least dream for such community and sexy excess, right?

The Farm

It was the 1930s or ’40s, I’d guess. Based on my observations, I was running a carrot farm; or, my uneducated conception of what a carrot farm might be like. You know when they’d send (or, probably still send…) unmarried young pregnant women away for the durations of their gestations, so as not to stain their families’ honor with their shameful expanding abdomens? This was the type of place at which they ended up spending their pregnancies. I was gloriously surrounded by preggos doing light agricultural work.

I roamed the grounds of the farm, taking in the sights. A woman in overalls (snugly buttoned over her substantial bump) took a break from hoeing to stand up straight, arching her back and rubbing her protruding belly. Kneeling and bent over to pick carrots from the soil, one woman’s loose linen top rested on the ground and provided an ample view of the bottom of her bump, which weightily rested on the ground through the shirt. A pregnant lady in a tractor had her seat positioned as far back as it could go to allow room for her belly behind the steering wheel. As she scooped out feed to livestock, a woman’s belly was gently nuzzled by a cutely curious horse.

Inside the farmhouse, a massively pregnant lady in a tight gingham apron stirred a huge pot of stew (a scene of domesticity basically cut-and-pasted from my fantasies). On the couch nearby an exhausted lady rested on her back with her legs elevated over a pillow and a cold compress draped on her forehead. Her bare belly was taking in the cool open air, popped navel visible to any interested party (i.e. yours truly).

So many wonders to behold. Not an ideal historical time to be a pregnant woman in such a situation, but possibly one of the best historical jobs I possibly could’ve had. Only in dreams…

The Coma

“Oh my God, you’re awake! I…I can’t believe it…They weren’t sure you’d ever even wake up! You’ve been in a coma for months, Stephen…as you may be able to tell from looking at me…”

She rubbed her conspicuously huge midsection. We’d been trying to conceive for over a year, last time I was aware of anything. I tried to express my amazement at her condition, but found my voice wouldn’t cooperate. I couldn’t move my arms or legs, either…or anything else I tried to move, for that matter. I could vaguely remember starting to get sick, but I certainly didn’t remember getting coma-level sick. Apparently, I’d impregnated my wife just before falling into the coma, which, by the look of her, was about 8 months ago.

“Oh, you can’t talk, you poor thing! Yes, we got pregnant; I can see the excitement in your eyes, honey! It’s so sweet. I’m so, so happy you’re up before the baby is born. Just a few weeks left now, and I’ve been waiting for you…desperately. I hate that this came to mind so quickly, but I’ve been absolutely dying for something only you can give me…”

She approached my bed, hand İstanbul Escort going directly to my crotch. I felt myself go rock-hard immediately, the first bodily movement I’d been able to detect in myself beyond my eye movements. Before she even went to get a nurse or doctor to let them know I was awake, my wife had my bedsheets down, hospital gown up, cock exposed and sticking straight up. She truly was desperate for it, and ready for business: she pulled her maternity maxi dress off in one smooth motion, revealing a complete lack of underwear underneath.

She mounted me, already-dropped bump resting heavily (and oh-so-hotly) on the lower half of my abdomen. Her milk-swollen, dark-nippled breasts rested on her huge belly, bouncing up and down dramatically more than her impressively firm and stable bump as she started riding me. It felt ridiculously good, even better than I’d always fantasized fucking my pregnant wife would be. She only rode me for about 90 seconds before I shot right into her, cum leaking out of her and back down my glistening shaft. None of this slowed her for a moment, though, and didn’t lessen the hardness of my cock a bit (dreams rule!). We kept going, both of us getting off three times before we finally stopped with my awakening.

I don’t actually want to be in a coma or anything, but what a fucking scenario! Best way I could possible conceive to learn of your wife’s pregnancy and resultant horniness.

The Babysitter

The new babysitter knocked on the door, and I opened up right away. She was heavily pregnant. I (myself, of my usual male gender) was heavily pregnant. My wife was heavily pregnant. We barely had to exchange a word between the three of us before we came to the conclusion that our dinner-date plans could wait, and that the kids upstairs were heavy enough sleepers to snooze right through a preggo threesome. It was go time before I could even process what kind of glorious mess was to come.

All three of us were naked in the master bedroom and the sexual geometries of our three gravid bodies were clearly going to present some difficulties. We managed to figure a few things out, though. The babysitter knelt in front of me to begin a killer blowjob (while massaging my hairy bump, delightfully) and my wife positioned herself under the babysitter to eat her out while rubbing her own clit. Orgasms and oral acts abounded, every conceivable combination for 69ing getting its time to shine. Our bumps made it difficult to reach each other’s genitals as they smooshed into each other, but we loved the pressure and bump play, getting all the wetter and harder for it.

Both of the ladies lay on the bed with their legs spread-eagle dangling off the side. All I had to do was lift my own bump while they lifted theirs, and the few extra dream-inches on my dick made penetration no problem at all. I moved between the two pussies vigorously, thrusting to my heart’s content, apparently able in this particular dream to withhold orgasm until I was good and ready to cum on my own terms. Finally, after a good 15 minutes of fucking them (which followed the 30 or so of oral), I was ready to shoot my load. I positioned myself over the babysitter’s bump and began cumming, quickly coating her belly with as much of my load as it would take. I re-aimed, over my wife this time, and did the same to her. I seemed to have as much semen to shoot as I wanted in this dream, much to my delight.

Once I’d finished with the wife, I laid myself down next to them and continued to shoot with my cock pointed up towards my own sizable bump, coating myself fully before I finally stopped cumming. All three of us laid next to each other, rubbing my cum into our bellies until we shared an opalescent white sheen covering every inch of every bump in the room.

I awoke with cum in my shorts and happiness on my face.

The Club

I arrived at a meeting of a rather mysterious “club” a friend of mine had invited me to. She was about 8 months pregnant, as were the other three of our mutual friends that made up their little secret society. I’d known they were all pregnant (and roughly on the same gestational timeline), but the existence of these weekly meet-ups of theirs had been a secret to me, the rest of our friends…and their four husbands. My friend who’d invited me sat me down when I arrived to explain what was going on:

“All right, Stephen. We all talked it over, and you’re the most trustworthy and safest guy we could come up with for a job we need done. This club exists because none of our husbands have any sexual interest in us while we’re pregnant, but, as hormonal pregnant ladies we have…needs. So, we help each other out. A few weeks from having all these babies, though, we’re too damn cumbersome with these gigantic bumps getting in the way of pretty much all types of genital Ümraniye Escort access we can come up with. What we need from you is,

, discretion, and

, to hold our bellies out of the way while we do things to each other. You can ask of us what you will in return, but we kind of figured it would be fun for you to witness all this lesbian action, even if we’re a bunch of huge preggos at the moment. What do you think, Stephen?”

They had no clue I was an avid pregnancy fetishist, of course, otherwise there’s no way in hell they’d have chosen me for this tantalizing offer. This would be an honor, a thrill, and far more than enough payment just to be allowed to witness the goings on I’d help facilitate. I could not believe my luck, and struggled to keep my excitement and arousal to myself as I agreed to the deal.

Once we knew what we were all getting into, my friends all disrobed completely in front of me. At one time or another, I’d imagined all of these women naked, pregnant or not. All massively pregnant at the moment, the sight of all of them was incredibly exciting, overwhelming even. I asked if they minded if I went to the bathroom before the festivities began, quickly jerked off when out of their sight, and returned with what I hoped would be an increased ability to avoid erection. That ability only lasted me three or four minutes, but it was at least time to begin the dalliance in earnest.

I’d sit or stand relatively out of the way in order to hold up one pregnant belly while another pregnant friend went to town on the exposed pussy with her hands and/or mouth. As I’d been invited to watch the proceedings, I eagerly took it all in visually, not bothering to hide my staring. My tight jeans, luckily, mostly obscured my persistent raging hard-on. I held up each belly in turn, then each in turn for another round. Fingerings and cunnilingus abounded.

I managed to only excuse myself to the bathroom once during all this, obviously jerking off while I had the opportunity. Even within the dream, I went home and jerked off twice more. Coming out of the dream, my fist was already stroking my cock furiously. This went on pretty much continuously (or, as frequently as biology allowed) for hours. And continues still. And probably for a while longer. Goddamn, was that an incredible favor to be able to perform for my lovely friends. If they only knew the favor they’d done me…


Short and to the point last night.

She had one hell of a torpedo belly: full-term twins, minimum, and every bit of the bump protruding straight forward. The taut, shiny skin was miraculously devoid of stretch marks.

The star of the show, though, was the outie at the apex of the bump. It stuck out 6 inches, comparable to my dick, and it’s girth was comparable to my dick’s, too. As I lubed it up with coconut oil, I knew exactly where this was headed.

I bent over, and she fucked me with her belly button, tight bump bouncing against my ass cheeks as the outie penetrated me repeatedly. My dick was painfully hard from the start, and I jerked myself in rhythm to the pounding I was taking. I came in the dream and reality simultaneously.


It’s Real

I was wearing a maternity midi bodycon dress in a bright floral pattern, silicone breasts and bump (under bra and belly bands, of course) completing my crossdressed look. Walking around my apartment like this, hands rarely leaving my fake belly, gave me a real thrill, as it had so many times in waking life.

As I was sitting on my couch appreciating my pregnancy costume, I suddenly felt an odd stirring within my belly. Gripping the outside of my bump, I noticed the hard-to-duplicate combination of soft exterior flesh and firm insides unique to the genuine pregnant belly. In disbelief, I hiked my dress up to just below my breasts; it was my hirsute, male belly that protruded in a maternal manner, no longer the silicone reproduction I’d put on an hour ago. Holy shit: my pregnancy was real!

I was quickly in front of my bedroom’s full-length mirror, enamored of my own beautiful new form. My breasts had turned real and engorged, too, and I loved squirting my milk all over the room. I’d never imagined I’d be able to enjoy these bodily pleasures in real life, and wanted to enjoy and take them all in as much as was possible, knowing they could easily be taken away from me as suddenly as they’d appeared. Most excitingly, I had a contraction at one point, my belly hardening to a rock-hard state, painful but arousing: my dick hardened substantially, too. I reclined on my bed, jerking off with my cock pointed right up at my new bump, quickly shooting onto myself. I rubbed my cum into my hairy, taut gut thoroughly, squirting some breastmilk into the mix for good measure.

Glistening with maternal fluids and more content than I can remember being in my entire life, I awoke in bliss. I had a wonderful day, filled-to-brimming with masturbation. These things may only be possible in dreams, but goddamn are those dreams incredible. And no one can rob me of the wonderful memories I record here.

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