Drew’s Awakening

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Drew dropped her bags and fell on the nearest bed. Tired was not the word to explain how she felt. She had just spent the last six hours driving here to Broadmoor College and getting herself registered into the dorm. She closed her eyes and drifted off.

The door slamming against the wall made her jump up. She could see boxes being pushed in and hear someone grunting. Pushing the boxes into the room was a black girl. Drew was mesmerized by her beauty. She had beautiful dark brown skin and a figure to die for. Drew pulled her sweater around herself conscious of her plump figure. “Hey roomie,” said the girl. She pushed her boxes on in and closed the door.

“Hi, I’m Moesha, just call me Moe,” she bubbled. Her short curly hair-do wrapped around her face perfectly. She had those big luminous brown eyes that Drew would loved to have had. She had on a Broadmoor College T-shirt and loose fitting jeans.

“Hi, I’m Drew Van Horn. I guess we’re roommates,” she gushed. Okay, I need to calm down and take deep breaths she thought. Drew had several complexes, she felt she was too fat, her breast were too big, her nose was too small for her face, she wasn’t the smartest person and on and on. Her parents had sent her to Broadmoor hoping that she might blossom at a smaller college. That didn’t seem likely if this beautiful girl was going to be her roommate.

“Let me help you,” said Drew

Together they pulled the boxes on in. “I know I have too much stuff. But I’ll weed it down in no time,” said the ever bubbly Moe. She looked around the room and checked out their bathroom. “I don’t know why I’m looking. This was the same room I had last spring.”

You were here last spring? asked Drew.

“Yep, I’m a sophomore this year. Are you taking that bed?” asked Moe pointing to the bed Drew had laid on.

“I guess, unless you want this side.”

“No honey, it don’t matter to me which side I’m on. You take that side and I’ll get over here.” Moe and Drew spent the next hour getting their luggage unpacked and put away. Finally, Moe said, “I’m going to take a shower and call it a day. “ She then stood up and stripped off the T-shirt and her jeans. There was no panties or bra. Drew was stunned by her beauty.

“I hope you don’t mind me walking around naked. If you do, tell me now,” said Moe. She turned and faced Drew. Drew had never seen a naked black girl before, especially one who had shaved her pussy area. Look up at her face, don’t look at her perfect upturned breast with the large brown areolas, don’t look at her bald pussy. With effort she looked at Moe’s face altıparmak escort and shook her head no. “No, I don’t have a problem. Walk around like you please,” she lied.

Hell, yes, it was going to bother her. She was not used to seeing other females naked and she really wasn’t used to being around black people either.

“Cool, you and I are going to be great together. I know everything about this school and I know all the best places in town,” said Moe. She gathered a towel and washcloth and headed for the bathroom. Drew could hear the shower come on. She fell back on her bed and closed her eyes. Doubt begin to cloud her mind again. Her fingers drifted to her pants and soon she was stoking herself. This is what she did when she was feeling low. A good climax always lifted her spirits. She put both legs up so she could get better access to her pussy. Her mound was covered with thick brown hair. Maybe she should shave like Moe. She slipped her fingers in her slit and was surprised to find she was already very wet. Did this mean she was a lesbian? She fingered herself quickly and came with two fingers buried in her slit. Gosh, I was ready she thought.

Drew and Mel settled into dormitory life. Drew found Moe to be friendly and very popular. Other girls were always coming to see her. She was smart and helped Drew with her studies. Drew found herself masturbating more and more. It was too much seeing such a beautiful body every day. Moe thought nothing of shaving her pussy in the room or exercising naked. Drew’s plump pussy stayed wet. It was so frustrating.

One late evening, Moe took her shower and came out naked as usual. She went to the couch were Drew was reading an assignment. Drew looked up and saw Moe standing right in front of her with a funny look on her face.

“Drew, can I ask you something?” She didn’t wait for Drew to answer. “Do you want to touch me?”


Moe was so close Drew only had to lean forward to touch her. Her nipples were hard and so long.

“You look at me everyday. I see you looking at my titties . . .my pussy. Do you want to touch me?” Drew wanted to throw her down and do whatever it was that lesbians do. But a life of chastity held her back.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t look at your . . .tit . . .of course you’re naked everyday and I see you,” she fairly whispered.

“Drew, if you want to touch me, do it. I think you want to suck my tits.” She raised a hand and started rubbing her right breast. She pulled at the nipple and twisted it. bursa anal yapan escort “Touch me Drew. What we do in here, stays in here. I would never tell our business even if our friendship stops.” Drew could feel herself starting to hyperventilate as she stared at the bald pussy she wanted to taste. “If you don’t want this, tell me and I’ll apologize and it will never happen again.” purred Moe. The titty rubbing must have been turning her on. Her hips were rotating around and around and her eyes had a dreamy look to them. She reached out and took both of Drew’s hands and placed them on her beautiful tits. Drew feel like electricity was pulsating through her body. She was powerless to take her hands down. She watched her hands start to squeeze each breast, eliciting a moan from Moe. The fingers touched her nipples eliciting more moaning. She was now thrusting her pelvis toward Drew’s face.

“Drew, baby, that feels so good. You’re making my pussy so wet,” she moaned loudly.

She removed one hand off her tits, gapped her legs and put Drew’s hand in her dripping pussy. Her head had flung backwards and she was grinding on Drew’s impaled fingers. This was what I want thought Drew. Her own pussy was clinching itself. Drew managed to get a finger up into Moe’s sopping pussy. She could feel it gripping her finger pulling it in deeper. With a violent shudder, Moe climaxed all over Drew’s wet hand. Drew continued to finger her slit until she pulled away. Moe seemed a little unsteady and sat on the couch.

“Girl, that was so good.. Stand up Drew, stand up.”

She took Drew’s arm and helped her up. “Take off your clothes. I want to see you. No, don’t tell me how fat you are. I just want you naked, now Drew,” she said firmly. Drew took her clothes off as if in a trance. Her wet pussy seemed to be in control of her mind. She stripped her clothes off and stood before Moe naked. Her large breast were aching to be sucked and her pussy was dripping down her legs. She was so hot. Drew watched Moe’s eyes travel over her body. She didn’t show any signs of disgust, in fact, she was smiling. “Baby, I’m going to eat your hairy cunt until you beg me to stop,” said Moe.

Moe stood up and stepped up to Drew. She grabbed her breast and started rubbing her nipples on Drew’s. The sensation was electrifying. Releasing her breast she kissed Drew. Drew responded like a pro and french kissed her back. They tongued each other for several minutes while their fingers explored each other. Moe broke away and pulled Drew to her bed. She pushed bursa bayan escort Drew back and laid her down. “I want to lick you up, baby. I’ve been wanting you so long.” Drew pulled her knees up and splayed her legs open. No one had ever wanted her like this and she couldn’t wait to have Moe eat her pussy.

Moe lay on top of Drew and started deep throating her again. Drew closed her eyes lost in the sensations running through her body. Moe was kissing and licking her where no other person had ever thought to. Moe suckled Drew’s titties, making her moan and gyrate so hard she almost threw Moe off of her. She kissed and licked across her stomach headed for the hairy plump pussy. She knew she had to hurry before Drew exploded. She wanted Drew’s first orgasm to come from her hot tongue. Moe scooted down and pushed Drew’s meaty thighs further apart. Heat from her pussy blasted her face. Moe placed her arms on each of Drew’s thighs and pushed them open. She would keep her arms along her thighs to keep her from clamping them together. The hair along her slit was matted from her dripping cunt. Moe could see her puckered anus. Her labia was gapped showing her pink pussymeat. Moe put the tip of her tongue on Drew’s anus and circled the reddish ring. Drew bucked up as if she had been given an electrical shock. “Ohhh, Moe what are you doing?” Drew gasped. Moe however could not answer. She dragged her tongue up the length of the slit to the button which she attacked with a vengeance. Drew’s hands flew to Moe’s head trying to pull her in closer. Her thighs were on automatic trying to keep Moe’s head in her pussy. Moe lashed the button unmercifully while Drew thrashed and bucked under her. Drew’s mind was almost gone. Her only thought was to have an orgasm. Nothing in her life had ever given her such a wonderful feeling.

“Ahhhhhh . . . . . . . .oh God . . . . .my pussseeee, “screamed out Drew. Moe could only pray that the other girls couldn’t hear Drew. It was time to bring her home. She released one thigh so she could plunge two fingers in Drew’s gaping hole. Taking her mouth off the love button she replaced it with her thumb. She knew exactly how to keep that button stimulated. Moe moved up so she could get her mouth on one of those big titties. Here we go she thought. She used her tongue to lash the nipple and her teeth to gently bite it.

Suddenly, Drew was moaning incoherently when her head and back arched and she gave several great shudders before collapsing. Moe left her fingers in Drew’s cunt until it stopped gripping them. She gently licked Drew’s slit cleaning it of her cum. “Damn girl, you got some tasty pussy, “ said Moe as she finished licking Drew.

Her own pussy was sending out distress signals. Her juices were already running down her legs. As soon as Drew recovered, make that if she recovered judging by the dazed look on her face, Moe planned to rub her bald brown pussy all over Drew’s face.

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