Drust on the Prowl Ch. 02

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of oral sex, domination, mind control and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. The sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.

My name is actually Drust but I let the women I seduce call me Drew when it serves my purpose. Drust is an ancient Celtic and Pictish name probably derived from the Celtic word ‘drest’ meaning “riot” or “tumult”.

I am over five hundred years old. I had turned eighteen as rumor spread that Henry and Charles would jointly invade France. I went to the village to experience a woman for the first time before having to go to war. One can always find a mature or lonely woman to let you seek your pleasure between her legs. It was after my first time that my special powers appeared.

My first story told of several encounters and ended with me seducing a parson’s young wife. I stayed in this small town because she promised to meet me in the morning so I could have her arse. I left her at the church fair and went back to my hotel.

When I asked for my hotel key the wife of the hotel owner lingered her fingers across my palm. Her doe eyes looked on mine with longing and hunger. She was mature and her shape was a bit full. But a wet pussy is still a wet pussy to take on my always hungry cock and an opportunity for me to feed.

I reached across the desk and gripped one huge tit. As her eyes went wide her nipple firmed and pushed against my palm. I slid my fingers onto her nub and squeezed and pulled. She took in a deep breath but did not chase my hand. Her blouse was showing her deep cleavage so I moved that hand inside her blouse and into her bra cup. Her huge breast was warm and filled my hand as I slid onto her nipple. Her bare nipple felt large and firm and I captured it between my fingers and rolled it back and forth. I then pinched it and she put her arms on the desk and pushed into my hand moaning.

“Close the desk and come to my room in an hour. I can see all the other keys are gone so no one else will enter the hotel tonight. Lock up and turn down the lights. I can smell your scent as you are wetting your panties. I will feed the hunger between your legs and send you away satisfied.”

“Don’t disappoint me Alice and don’t keep me waiting. I will be naked on my bed and my long fat cock will be ready for your mouth, your cunt and your arse. Don’t expect to sleep with your husband tonight. You can go to him in the morning with your arse filled with my hot thick cum.”

I squeezed her hard nipple once more then turned towards my room. I opened the lock of my door then stripped and did my bathroom business then sat on my bed waiting. It was late now and the noise from the fair was all but gone. Sometime later I heard the wooden floor creak as someone stood outside my door. Several minutes went by then I heard the key enter and turn the lock. My door slowly swung open and Alice walked in and closed the door to my room and stood beside my bed. She stared at my cock as I ran my hand up and down my shaft. I pulled back my foreskin and let my pre-cum shine on my dome.

“Take all your clothes off Alice. Strip down and stand there naked!” I ordered her.

Except for my being five hundred years old Alice could have been my mother as far as appearances mattered. I would guess she was in her early fifties. She was full bodied but her waist did turn in and joined her wide hips. I would speculate her arse was spongy and full of lumps. I would soon find out.

She took in a deep breath then kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned and removed her blouse. She next unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. She stood there in a plain bra and grannie panties. I pointed at her bra and her panties. Alice reached behind her and released her bra. Her mature breasts fell out onto her chest wobbled then settled. Her aureoles were large, the size of a coffee cup rim. Her nipples were dark brown and hard.

She looked at me blushing deep red and reached for her plain panties. She pushed them down her full thighs and her fat full tits hung down pointing at the floor. Her panties hit her feet and she walked out of them. I ordered her to turn around, bend over and pick them up. When she turned I saw her chunky ass and her pussy hid behind thick thighs and dark curly hair. Her pussy peeked out when she bent over and grabbed her panties.

“Pick up your clothes and open my door.” Alice did since she knew it was dark and quiet in the hotel. “Hang your panties on my outer door knob and throw your cloths over the railing. You won’t need them until I send you out naked in the morning your arse filled with my hot thick cum!” I ordered her.

Alice moaned and looked at me pleading. “Do it or go!” I snapped. She followed orders tossing her clothes then closed my door and came back to my bedside. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and lay on my back. “Lean over and suck my cock.”

Alice knelt between my legs leaned over pendik escort and took my cock between her fat big tits then placed her mouth over my cockhead. When she pushed down my cock slid between her tits and across her wet warm tongue in her mouth. She took all of my cockshaft that could fit in her mouth. I moved up and she coughed when my cockhead hit her throat and saliva dripped between her fat tits. I started fucking her tits and warm wet mouth.

I grabbed her dark curly hair in my fists and moved her face up and down. My cock moved out to my foreskin covered crown then I pull her down slowly until it pushed across her tongue and tapped her throat. Alice tried to pull off but I held her down and pushed up. My hungry cockhead slid into her throat until her lips kissed my groin.

She moaned as her breath was cut off as I kept her filled with cock. She started slapping my belly and I let her pull back. She took a deep breath and I pulled her down feeding her all my cock again. “Make me cum in your mouth Alice. Take all my cum and swallow it down. Leak any and I will strap your arse with my belt!” I yelled.

She trapped my cockhead within her mouth then started pumping my shaft. She moved her hand faster and faster sucking and licking my foreskin covered cockhead. I started thrusting into her mouth as her own fingers touched her lips. Her hand on my base kept that much of my cock out of her throat but the rest was sucked and licked.

I felt my balls pull up and my shaft pulsed as glob after thick glob of my cum filled her mouth. She sucked and swallowed quickly keeping her lips tight around my cockhead. She licked the underside of my cock giving me intense pleasure as she pulled the last glob of cum out the fat crown. She kept her lips tight around my ridge as her tongue slipped under my foreskin and circled about. She let my cock out then licked up and down the shaft. Her tongue slipped under my foreskin again and she licked any last cum hiding under there. She had not lost a drop of my thick cum.

I pulled her up on the bed and rolled her onto her back putting pillows behind her so she could see me. Her mature tits settled like jello down the sides of her chest. Her aureoles crinkled and her aged nipples hardened and poked out. My cock takes some time to recover so I decided to play with her mature pussy and make her cum several times. I could sense her husband was an ‘on her and cum’ kinda guy, if at all, which explains why Alice was naked in my bed.

I sat between her thighs and her black curly hair hidden cleft opened shining from her moistness. I ran my fingers from both hands up her slit gathering her wetness. I softly ran my fingers over her clit and she hissed. I took those wet fingers and gripped her nipples. I pinched then pulled them away from her chest. Her loose mature tits followed her nipples until I had them pulled way out off her chest. Alice moaned and closed her eyes.

I grabbed one tit hard then slapped it with my other hand. “Keep your eyes open looking at me!” I snapped and slapped her tit again. She hissed when I pulled on and twirled her fat nubs again. Her eyes now burned with her desire as she stared at me.

I pushed her thighs wide open then ran my fingers up and down her cleft gathering her moisture as it now began to run out from between her pussy lips. I brought my two long fingers to the entrance of her vagina and pushed them in. I curled them forward searching for her g-pad and knew I found it when her eyes went wide.

I hooked my fingers forward and started massaging that pad and Alice groaned and pushed up her hips. My thumb came to her clit and I started rolling her pleasure knot against her pubic bone and the side of her fat pussy lips. She moaned and her juices wet my palm. I sped up my thrusting into her pussy and pinching her now swollen clit as Alice screamed, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Again I surmised their intimacy was plain vanilla; ‘Let her husband do what he needs to do and clean up afterwards’. I started thrusting quickly in and out her soaking pussy rubbing and pinching her clit. Alice started breathing heavily pushing her hips upwards to get my fingers deep. My other hand was gripping and pulling up on her flabby tits pinching her swollen nipple.

Alice began trembling and cursing under her breath, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” I watched her face tense and turn beet red and her mouth went open wide to the silent scream. Her cunt tightened on my fingers and pulsed rapidly. She finally screamed and shook on my fingers.

I pulled them out and her hot juices sprayed out and wet the sheets. “Oooohhh ffffuuuuccck!” Alice screamed. I shoved my fingers back in and abused her g-pad and she screamed again. When I pulled out she sprayed again this time wetting her own belly and tits. I filled her pussy again and rubbed hard and fast on her clit. Her entire body trembled and she screamed like she had been branded; it was long and loud and went on for some time.

Alice’s escort pendik eyes rolled back in her head and I saw only her whites as she fainted and her tightness released from my fingers and hot cum bubbled out from between her pussy lips. I rolled her over onto her tummy on the wet spot and went into the bathroom. The customary shampoo and hand cream was on the shelf. I grabbed the hand cream and returned to the bed and knelt between her thighs.

I pulled her floppy arse cheeks apart and dropped a big glob of cream directly on her dark star. Her dark lips puckered from the cool cream then winked as it worked its way into the opening. I took my thumb and placed it on her anus and rolled the cream around and just slightly inside her tight warmth. I dropped another glob of cream on the dark crinkled ring of her back door and worked my thumb inside. Her cavern door opened enough for my thumb to go all inside stopping at my palm.

I could feel her dark ring pulse on my thumb as I worked it in and out. Alice was still fainted but her body was reacting to my small invader. I pulled out and put two fingers to her hole, one on top of the other. Her anal ring yielded and let my fingers slide in taking them all. I moved them in and out and whet in deep and moved them side by side. In her dreams or sub- conscience Alice moaned and pushed up with her hips.

I used my other hand to coat my hard cock with the hand cream getting it fully lathered. I pulled back my foreskin and got my fat dome fully coated. I sat between the back of Alice’s heavy thighs and prepared to claim her arse. I dripped more cream on my fingers and worked them in and out her arsehole. When I felt her arsering give up its tightness I pulled my fingers out. Before her ring could close I put my cockhead to the opening.

I pushed down and slowly her dark round lips opened letting my cockhead breach and enter. When my foreskin covered crown fully entered her back lips it closed on it and kissed tightly. Alice moaned and her arse shimmied side to side. I pulsed my fat cock in some then back, in more then back, then fully down her arse until my balls kissed the lips of her pussy. I let my cock stay deep in her dark hot cavern while I held myself still.

I started rocking slowly my cock pulling back then sliding deep. I did that for several minutes enjoying the tight hot pleasure all along my cockshaft. I heard a long low hiss from Alice as her face lay against the sheets.

“Oh fuck Sir where is your cock? Did you put it in my arse while I was spent? Did you take my arse for your own pleasure Sir? No one has ever been in there. No one!” she moaned as I rode her arse out and in. “That is so nasty Sir; so deep and hot and large in my arse. So nasty and naughty Sir. In all my years with my husband he never took me there. He never asked to take me there.”

“And on this one night you took me for your pleasure. I was defenseless and you took me. You ordered me about and I obeyed. You pushed your long fat cock down my throat and now down my arse. You’re using me like a common slut, a street whore for your pleasure. You’re gonna fill my spoiled arse with your hot cum and make me clean it with my fingers then lick them, stuff them in my mouth over and over until it’s all gone. Then you’ll make me suck your cock knowing where it just was. Then you won’t let me leave until you fuck my cunt and fill it with your hot seed.”

“You’ll use me for your own pleasure then kick me from the bed and make me sleep on the floor until you wake in the morning. Your morning hardness will seek its pleasure in my arse once more and I will walk naked to my husband with your cum dripping out my abused spoiled arse. You will do all this to me because you’ll make me be your slut. I’ll have no choice. I’ll have no power to defend myself or fight you off. I am destroyed!” Alice moaned telling me all this as my cock rode her tight arse seeking its own pleasure.

“Alice do you want my long hard cock to plow your arse and shoot hot cum down into the darkness?” I asked and slapped her cheesy arse cheeks. She didn’t answer so I slapped her arse several times. I pushed in deep and held my cock there filling her darkness.

“Yes Sir, I do,” she whispered.

There is no sense in repeating what actually happened during the night and early morning because Alice orchestrated her dream of pleasurable abuse just as she had moaned it out to me. Her sexual frustrations boiled to the surface as she played out her dark desires on my cock. She fainted or lay spent from the powerful orgasms received during the night. In the morning she rose to her arms and knees and took my cock deep down her arse one more time. As she lay on the bed shaking from one more orgasm I pulled out and watched her arsehole try to close the ‘O’ my cock had made. Before she could suck it clean there came a knock on the door. “Housekeeping” and the door opened.

The young eighteen year old housekeeper entered the room with the grannie panties in her hand. pendik escort bayan She looked things over and brought her hand to her face and took in a deep breath. She didn’t realize she held the panty gusset to her face and breathed in the old woman’s scent. I sat on the edge of the bed and signaled her to stand in front of me.

I turned and slapped Alice’s arse several times. “Get the fuck out of my bed slut. Take your cum dripping arse back to your cuckold husband and have him clean out my hot thick cum. Now get!” I barked and slapped her arse one more time hard.

Alice moaned and slid out of bed and walked naked from the room. My cum was dripping out of the ‘O’ of her arsehole and running across her spoiled pussy lips as she walked away not looking at the young housekeeper.

I grabbed the housekeeper’s hand and pulled her down to her knees between my legs. “Clean it!” I said as I pulsed my cock. She knelt there not moving so I grabbed her brunette hair at her temple line and pulled her down until her face touched my cock. I pulled on her hair again until I felt her wet tongue come out and lick my shaft.

I released her hair and said, “That’s a good daughter. You’re being Daddy’s good girl. Now clean Daddy’s cock and I’ll give you a deep kiss.”

Seeing her name from her name tag, Heather began licking my long fat cock. I pulled her hair until she looked at me then I pet her cheek and led her mouth back to my cock. She looked down but I put my hand under her chin. “Look at Daddy while you clean his cock little girl. That’s how a good daughter cleans her Daddy’s cock,” I said sweetly.

Heather used her tongue and lips to find places on my cock and balls to clean them of my thick cum. Her lips centered on my cockhead and I managed to pulse two last globs onto her tongue. She moaned when they painted her wet warm tongue. She worked my fat crown into her mouth just beyond her teeth. She licked her way under my foreskin and circled my sensitive crown with her wet tongue. She worked more cock into her mouth until I tapped the back of her throat. She coughed then slid off my cock and sat on her haunches.

I put my hands on her cheeks and told her she was a very good girl. I stood her up. “Daddy wants your panties Heather. Take them off and hand them to me.” She blushed deep red but reached under her uniform skirt. I grabbed the hem and brought it to her lips and she took it between her teeth. I now had a full view of her periwinkle blue panties as she worked them off her hips.

The carpet of dark brown hair came into view as she worked her panties down her legs. They dropped to her feet and she worked them off each foot. She stood still with her hem in her teeth. I brought my fingers to her brown bush and worked them between her cleft. Heather was hot and moist and her juices had painted her full pussy lips.

“Is my pretty little girl still pure for Daddy?” I whispered as I rubbed lightly on her pleasure button. Pussy juices dripped onto my fingers as she took in a deep breath holding her hem in her raised hand.

“Yes Daddy. No one has been between my legs. I’m a good girl Daddy! I’ve saved myself for you Daddy.” Heather let her fantasy take over her mind.

“Will you let me have this tonight? Will you let me lick this pretty curly kitten until you cum all over my face and wet my bed? You have felt my long fat cock. Will you let it destroy your virginity then fill your pussy with hot thick meat until I cum all over your pretty belly. Will my little girl let Daddy do all that to her pure fresh kitten?”

“Yes Daddy. It’s been my darkest deepest dream for my Daddy to be my first. I want Daddy’s long fat cock to break my purity and fuck his daughter. I want Daddy to make me cum, cum on his face then cum on his cock. If you want to cum inside me that will be okay Daddy.”

Heather shivered as I brought her to a small climax as I rubbed her clit. I tucked her skirt hem into her bodice then pulled her onto my lap. Her thighs were outside mine and her purse opened wide. I could see the wet red sleeve between her plump lips. I lay on my back on the bed and pulled Heather forward so her wet pussy lips lay on my cockshaft. I centered her swollen clit over my foreskin covered cockhead and moved her hips back and forth watching as she closed her eyes and bit her lips. I pulled my foreskin down my shaft and her clit made contact with my pleasure knot.

“Did you ever make yourself cum by rubbing yourself down there Baby Girl?” “Oh no Daddy, never. I’ve never touched that little bump you did to make me feel good and get wet.” “Make yourself cum Baby Girl and you’ll make Daddy cum too,” I growled.

Heather started rubbing her clit on my bare cockhead, first slowly and lightly then faster and harder. Her breathing got faster and deeper. I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse and put my hand inside her bra. She bit her lip and moaned when I rolled her nipple and pulled on it and squeezed her young eighteen year old breast.

“Did you ever let anyone touch your breasts or play with your nipples Baby Girl?” “Oh no Daddy, never. I’ve never let anyone touch my breasts. You’re the first Daddy,” she groaned as I pinched her hardened nipple.

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