Dysfunctional Family or Just Lucky Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Chapter 1 The Parents

Carl and Leah had been married for nearly 20 years when she met Brett Singleton, the catalyst of her current lifestyle. Their marriage had been good with lots of frequent sex for the first ten years. Something had been missing that Leah had never noticed until she met Brett at a Christmas party at a friend’s home. Carl had gone off with his friends, as he usually did, leaving her alone in the crowd and more vulnerable than she could have ever guessed. Brett asked her to dance and she said no, she was sorry, but she was married and didn’t think it would be right.

He left her momentarily making her think he had taken the hint, but returned quickly with a large glass of wine for her. As she drank the wine, he told her about himself. He was a day trader who’d started out with a fortune he’d inherited from his parents and he had more than doubled that in less than ten years. He lived in a mansion in the suburbs with his sister. After two glasses of wine, he’d insisted that she dance with him. For some reason, his compelling insistence that she dance with him overcame her stubborn inhibitions and she stepped onto the dance floor to dance to the old favorite Lady In Red. The wine went to her head quickly and he talked into her ear the whole time they danced slowly around the floor. He told her how beautiful she was and how he would like to get to know her better.

“How would you like to become good friends with me, Leah?” he asked her.

“Ummm,” she moaned back to him. The one dance turned into two and then three and then several more. After an hour of slow close dancing, almost intimate cuddling, and murmured conversation, her mind and body felt as if they’d been charged with a force, an energy that had been missing from her life for many years. She was becoming sexually aroused in a way that was unfamiliar but very strong and very right for her.

It was at that time that Carl’s friends returned to her laughing at Carl’s predicament. It seems he was outside in the garden vomiting up the mixture of different types of alcohol he’d been drinking all evening. She realized that she was too far into her own cups to drive him home and was wondering just what to do when Brett offered to take them home in his car. She knew she could come back in the morning to get her own vehicle where Carl had parked it earlier.

Upon retrieving her drunken husband with Carl’s help, and walking with the two men to Brett’s car, she was astounded to see that it was a chauffeured limousine. Brett helped her tuck Carl into one long side seat and then sat next to Brett on the other side seat. He poured her another wine and told the driver to drive around for awhile.

His soothing baritone voice and the fine wine had her as mellow as a sleeping fairy within minutes. It was at this time that Brett began to tell her of the things he was going to do to her over the next few months. She giggled at his foolish fantasies as he refilled her wine glass and described in detail scene after scene for her sexual pleasure. He told her she would learn to kneel and worship his hard cock, to suck it and eat his cum, and learn to love and nurture it within her wet warm pussy as they slept together. In her intoxicated state, the masculine voice sounded more like a harbinger of things to come than a horny man wanting to get into her panties.

Then he began to give her instructions in a commanding voice, a voice that cut right into her body making it follow the commands before her mind had time to process the commands to verify their appropriateness. He told her to slip the spaghetti straps of her silk dinner dress from her shoulders and let the silk fall from her tits. The use of the more coarse term tits rather than breasts sent an excited shudder down her spine into her pussy where it became a veritable pit of hot coals. Without knowing exactly how, she found her braless tits exposed to the air as well as his seeking hands and insistent lips.

Then she heard that baritone voice instructing her again. “Now pull up the hem of your dress to your waist so I can finger fuck your hot wanton pussy,” it said.

Again, without her consent, her hands did his bidding. Brett’s expertise in kissing had her swooning as his fingers did wondrous things to her pussy. Her mind wrapped itself around each and every word that commanding baritone voice spoke into her ears. Her adolescent day and night dreams of being the sexual property of a strong virile man who used and, yes abused her body, with the loving sadistic attention she had craved from her earliest sexual awakening returned to her mind with mind bending strength and familiarity. She felt her utter self melting into a sexual puddle of physical and emotional matter that flowed eagerly with his directing, commanding words.

“Unbutton my shirt Leah,” that voice sounded and she eagerly began working the buttons of his red silk shirt exposing his muscular chest with its sparse growth of black hair. As her fingers reached his belly and had bursa otele gelen eskort to pull the shirt from the waistband of his grey slacks, her lips, puffy and stiff from his physically demanding kisses, went to his nipples and began licking, sucking, and biting them wrenching moans and groans of his own pleasure from his lips.

“Slide to your knees and open my trousers, Leah,” that soft sexy baritone voice commanded her and she did. She was eager to slide those pants down and see what surprise he had waiting for her there. First the belt, then the three buttons above his zipper. Next the zipper and, as he raised his hips from the black leather seats, she slipped the trousers down to his ankles. The bulge beneath his black briefs looked daunting to her. But that very scary size added a cup of gasoline to the fire in her pussy.

Her hands went to the elastic waistband of those briefs at his sides and began working them down. As they went lower, the elastic band caught behind that impressive upturned bulge. She looked up into his eyes with an excited twinkle in her green glowing eyes, and lowered her mouth to the elastic band and grasped it between her teeth. Slowly, ever so slowly, she pulled the garment away from his body and up over the turgid hidden cock. Her hands and mouth worked in unison to lower the briefs as his hips again lifted to allow their passage. She allowed the tip of her nose to rub gently along the large vein that ran along the bottom of his hard cock as she slowly pulled the garment down to his knees.

She sat back on her heels feeling the stiletto tips of her five inch heels pressing into her ass cheeks as she sat there looking at what she already knew would soon be the center of her existence. She reveled at the picture she must present to his focused brown eyes; a very attractive middle aged woman who worked out vigorously and regularly, large still firm tits with huge finger-sized granite nipples, with her black silk cocktail dress, top and bottom, gathered around her waist. As her eyes lock onto his, she watched those brown orgs move from her naked, wet, red, bite marked breast, no tits, to her wet gaping pussy where his fingers had so recently romped and played. She gloried in the recognition of what she was in those eyes. He was looking at his personal voluntary fuck slut!

She confirmed and cemented that bond by saying, “What do you want me to do for you, Brett?”

“What will you not do for me, Leah?” was his challenging reply.

She lowered her eyes from his, looked down her naked aroused body and said in a quiet voice, “There is nothing I will not do for you.”

He directed the chauffeur to drive home. During the 20 minute drive, he made her kneel there as he continued to fuck her dripping pussy with fingers of both hands as his lips, tongue, and teeth continued their exploration and abuse of her nipples. He repeatedly drew groans of pleasure/pain from her open lips as he slowly tightened his teeth on one or the other of her nipples leaving several rows of teeth marks on those hard large pieces of flesh.

Once the limo pulled into the three car garage, he told her to get out of the car and hold her dress where it was around her waist. He and the chauffeur removed the still unconscious body of her husband from the car and the chauffeur carried it into the house, through the kitchen and into the large den where he dumped it unceremoniously onto one of the two large leather couches.

“Go upstairs and release Brea from her bed and bring her down here,” Brett told the chauffeur. Take a few minutes and make sure she’s hot and ready to fuck. While the large man was gone, Brett placed Leah beneath a large overhead beam and pressed a hidden control beneath the arm of a nearby chair, and two chains with leather cuffs at their ends lowered silently from a recess behind the beam.

As Leah looked at those bondage restraints, her already beating heart began galloping like a runaway mare in heat. She had fantasized about being bound in such a device throughout her teenaged years. She had even tried to get several of her high school boyfriends to tie her up or spank her but all they wanted to do was get their dicks into her pussy. She had always settled for that although she was never sure if she had settled for second best or not. Later, in college, she had given up on ever fulfilling her bondage fantasies. And now, as Brett lifted her wrists and secured them in the overhead cuffs, her heart soared on the wings of what she hoped would become egalitarian sex.

In the large master bedroom upstairs, the chauffeur stood beside his boss’s twin sister. She was lying on the bed, totally naked, with easily broken kite string securing her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. The string was purely symbolic since she could break it with a fairly gentle pull. But she and Brett were deeply into roll playing games. This weekend she had played the kidnapped rape victim. And Brett played the bursa eve gelen escort bayan rapist very realistically and energetically. She had the bruises to prove that. The chauffeur carefully removed the large butterfly nipple clips and the vibrators attached to them and placed them in the box they were kept in. He bent his lips to suckle at the tortured buds as Brea groaned loudly in pain as the blood returned to them. When her mouth relaxed as the nipples stopped screaming in agony, his fingers released the third butterfly clip from her hugely erect clit. This brought renewed screams of intense agony from the pretty young woman. Again, he used his lips and tongue to both arouse and intensify the pain of the release.

When she more or less settled down, he slipped the intricate vibrating apparatus from her highly over-aroused pussy. This was a six inch vibrating dildo with a cluster of quarter inch metal balls attached to its end with high tinsel strips of metal wire. The vibrations from the powerful motor in the dildo followed the wires to the eight metal balls causing each of them to move in sympathy with the vibrations of the dildo. In effect, each ball acted as its own arousing vibrator deep within her leaking hole. It was guaranteed to drive any woman’s pussy stark raving crazy with physical sensation. She moaned loudly as it was loosed from her quaking cunt. He set it aside with the butterfly clips and leaned over the still bound woman and began kissing her passionately as one of his hands dallied with her breasts and the other fingered her pussy making sure she was as hot as Brett had instructed him.

“You said you’d do anything for me didn’t you Leah?” he reminded her and then kissed her passionately.

“Yes, and I will,” she moaned into his mouth as he pulled back just a little. He walked to a nearby cabinet, opened it, and removed something from it that she could not see clearly. “She groaned from deep within her soul as she hoped, no prayed, that it was a paddle or even a whip.

He moved behind her and began fondling her ass cheeks in the most lewd and exciting way exploring the deep crack of her ass until his fingers found her brown puckered ass hole where they stopped and explored. He massaged her ass hole and worked to insert his social finger and it finally slipped in just a little. The penetration made a small shudder of pre-orgasmic sensation run through her hips into her belly and cunt as he touched the virgin hole lewdly, excitingly.

“What the fuck are you doing,” a sharp female voice cut into her mind. “You must be fucking insane bringing two people here and tying her up like that.”

Leah’s attention was jerked from her intense humiliating pleasure to the face of a young woman who looked like a female version of Brett. She was standing, completely naked, in front of the chauffeur watching Brett finger Leah’s rear door. Leah’s mind tried to grasp the picture the young woman perceived as she looked at them. An older woman bound hands above her head with a younger man exploring her nether regions eliciting groans from the captive woman. As she stared into this younger woman’s eyes a totally unexpected sharp burning pain crashed across her right but cheek as Brett brought down the unseen paddle there. Leah screamed in shock and pain as the heat of the blow spread through her ass.

“Do you want me to release you and take you and your husband home, Leah?”

“No never!” Leah answered through her tears and pain.

“What do you want me to do with you, Leah?” Brett’s soft baritone crooned.

“Anything you’d like to do she whispered hoarsely. The paddle fell again on the left cheek and Brett asked, “Does that mean fuck your brains out, Leah?”

“Yes!” her answer spat out loudly as she reacted to the second blow of the leather paddle.

“Does that include fucking your ass hole, Leah?” he almost shouted as the paddle fell again.

“Oh God, yes!” she screamed.

“Even in front of your husband, Leah?”

She bowed her head as she sobbed hysterically until the paddle fell once again onto her burning ass cheeks and she jerked and screamed loudly, “Yes, even in front of my husband!”

His voice became very quiet, barely audible over her nearly hysterical sobbing, “Does that include torturing your breasts, pussy, asshole, and any other parts of your body I want to torture?”

Leah did not answer immediately. She knew Brett was asking her to seal her fate and role as his torture slave and fuck slut with her own lips. She controlled her sobbing and turned her head to look directly into his eyes as she said loudly and proudly, “Yes Brett, even if you torture any part of my body you want to.”

Fifteen minutes later the chauffeur was gone and Leah’s ass cheeks were crimson and burning furiously under Brett’s energetic assault. But that was a secondary pain. Brea, the name Brett called the other woman, was wielding a smaller leather paddle over Leah’s tits. The bayan eskort bursa pain was awful and awfully arousing at the same time. Both of the siblings, Leah was sure they were twins, were naked and highly aroused by the act of abusing Leah’s pretty body.

It was during this time that Carl began to awaken from the drugs that Brett had slipped into his drinks at the party. He awoke sober and alert but with a slight headache. His first awareness was that of a crying sobbing woman who screamed intermittently as if she were being tortured. He opened his eyes and beheld his wife, suspended from overhead chains, being whipped on her ass and her tits by two younger people, a man and a woman. He pushed himself up stiffly and shouted, “What are you doing?”

Both Brea and Brett dropped their paddles and turned to the man. They quickly wrestled him to the floor and handcuffed him and secured the cuffs to a metal ring that folded up from an indention in the floor. He was firmly secured to the ring in a kneeling position facing his hanging wife.

“What the fuck are you doing to my wife?” he screamed again.

“Tell him,” Brett smiled at Leah.

Her shame was deep and real as she looked at her husband of twenty years whom she truly loved very much. But she looked almost defiantly into his eyes and said, “Brett has opened my inner eyes to the masochistic slut within me, Carl. I’ve never been so fucking hot and horny in my life as I am right now with my tits and ass being beaten. I can barely keep from begging him to fuck me.”

Carl had known for years that his wife wanted, no needed, a dominant hand to direct her sexuality. They had both played BDSM games and each of them had gotten deeply into the bottom end of them. But neither of them was dominant enough to enjoy topping the other. But this…

Brea noticed how Carl’s cock was beginning to stiffen and was immediately interested in him. For him to raise a hard while his wife hung before him with red welts decorating her large tits meant he had potential to become a cuckold slave. She followed her instincts and jumped into the conversation, “You fucking worm! How dare you to speak without being told to do so!” She walked to him and slapped him twice very hard across his face. He shut up and dropped his gaze to the floor.

Brea released the snap lock on the floor ring and grasped the handcuffs and jerked Carl to his feet. She pushed another hidden button and another pair of chains lowered from the ceiling six feet in front of Leah’s suspended body. Carl did not even fight as she removed the handcuffs and placed his wrists in the new restraints. She pushed the other button and the chains retracted into the ceiling until Carl was standing on tiptoes.

“Look at your pathetic husband, Leah,” she said derisively as she held his rigid cock up on the palm of her left hand. “Seeing you get your little ass and whore’s tits beaten gets him hard. He must agree with Brett and me that you are nothing but a fucking whore and slut who deserves to be punished for being so nasty.”

Brett took the clue from Brea and began walking around Leah using his larger leather paddle to leave red marks on her thighs, abdomen, arm pits, and add marks to her flaming tits. He watched Carl carefully and was indeed pleased to see his hard cock twitch and spasm each time the paddle fell and Leah screamed. Brea closed her fingers around Carl’s impressive shaft and began stroking his dick slowly as Brett continued his demonstration of dominance over Leah.

Brea ran her hot wet tongue up the side of Carl’s neck to his ear, curled it up, and stuck it into Carl’s ear twisting it around as she held it there. She could feel his cock begin to quake and hear his moans of animal lust deep inside of his chest. “Do you like watching my brother torture and abuse your lovely wife, Carl?”

In answer, he closed his eyes and his body tightened in preparation of coming. Brea jerked her hand off of his cock and slapped it very hard bringing a scream of shocked surprise from his lips as his eyes jerked open to see what had stopped his orgasm.

“Naughty boy, Carl,” Brea whispered into his ear once again. “You can’t come until I give you permission to. If you do, you’ll replace wifee there as the recipient of all of those delicious sounding snacks.

Brea again placed her right hand on his turgid cock and began smearing the copious pre-cum all around his cock bringing him to the edge again. As she did so, Brett slipped all four fingers of his left hand into Leah’s pussy and began vigorously finger-fucking her that way. Leah looked at Brea stroking Carl’s now slick cock. Carl couldn’t take his eyes from the vision of Brett as he pounded her highly over-sexed pussy. Her groans turned into the mews that signaled her impending orgasm and Carl could only watch his wife’s beginning orgasmic bliss as Brea’s slick wet hand played with his cock and balls. Then, Leah closed her eyes, pulled with all of her might on all four chains as her body began to spasm in screaming orgasmic pleasure. His cock tensed and… Brea slid her hand from it slapping it hard once again to prevent his coming. He half stood half hung there in orgasm denial torment, his cock jerking madly, as his wife’s face first twisted in the demonic mask of highly intense pleasure and then melted into the contented smile of sexual satisfaction.

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