Elaine’s Dirty Knickers Ch. 06

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NB: This story contains graphic descriptions of female bodily functions, namely urination and bowel movements. Please DO NOT read if this puts you off!! For those familiar with this series, please read on and ENJOY!!


Throughout the duration of our relationship, Elaine had been using a young male neighbour for babysitting, on occasions that we had social engagements or longer housesitting jobs in the event that we actually went away together with Elaine’s child for a weekend.

This happened twice to my memory when young Brian was given the responsibility of looking after things in our absence.

It so happened, that Elaine had recently invested in some CCTV cameras for a couple of rooms in the house as not only a means of better security but also to keep a curious eye on the activities of her babysitters.

Her rooms of choice were the main living area and, much more discreetly, the bathroom.

In this context, the living room camera could be justified in terms of improved security as the kitchen was also within the range of the camera’s location.

The bathroom camera however was far more clandestine and potentially intrusive.

Clearly it gave access to people using the toilet and whatever that entailed. It also covered the shower recess as well as the strategically positioned dirty clothes hamper.

For both Elaine and myself with our kinky sexual bents, the possibilities were deviously delicious but clearly something we would ideally keep in-house for our own enjoyment, depending on what eventuated.

Elaine was friendly with Brian’s family with whom she had been neighbours for over 10 years.

Brian himself was just 18-years-old, in his final year of school and someone who Elaine found to be a generally trustworthy young guy whom she was happy to help out with a bit of pocket money.

(Elaine had paid quite well for the privilege – I always walked away with no less than $100 for what never amounted to be more than a few hours’ “work”…)

On a subsequent babysitting evening with Brian, Elaine had decided that it might be a nice idea to throw the young man a bone, so to speak, by leaving some of her soiled underwear in places that they could be readily located for someone who may be looking for such things.

Sure enough, on a later inspection of the footage, Elaine revealed to me that she had witnessed a horny young Brian sifting through the bathroom hamper and inspecting the garments that she had left on top.

I eventually sat down and watched the footage with Elaine at the first available opportunity and was actually quite turned on by seeing the young guy go searching and then locate, just as I had done.

For his benefit, Elaine had left the relevant items in a fairly accessible place but it was nonetheless exciting to watch for both of us.

The initial footage itself was quite innocuous, with Brian simply rummaging briefly before lifting the garments out of the hamper and having a brief inspection before replacing them.

As we watched further though, Brian returned later in the evening to use the toilet and had a second dip into the hamper – this time not only removing Elaine’s panty bait but this time obviously placing it to his face and reaping the benefits.

At this, Elaine and I exchanged a bemused and humoured look and quite possibly reached the same conclusion but also with quite possibly different ideas as to what to do about it.

I felt thrilled for the young man – the fact that he followed his instinctive curiosity and I genuinely hoped that he felt that excitement of briefly gaining access a mature woman’s private secrets.

Knowing Elaine as I did, I knew there would have been some healthy stains for the young man to enjoy and at the very least, some nice strong vaginal odour still contained within the interiors of her soiled knickers.

I also sensed at that point though, Elaine’s desire to take things further.

With the hard evidence at hand, I suspected that it was Elaine’s intent to take advantage of the situation and if this meant giving young Brian some kind of “adult initiation” as a consequence of his actions, then I think Elaine would have been most in favour of it.

My immediate wish was for Elaine not to completely humiliate the poor guy. As inevitable as it may have seemed, particularly if Elaine was planning on confronting him in some way, I stressed to her not to be cruel to him.

Deep down, I knew Elaine probably wouldn’t go down this path as she had been more than accommodating to my various fetishes for the course of our relationship.

About 3 weeks after viewing the initial footage, Brian was back babysitting on a Friday evening and this time he had gotten a little more daring as we sat and scanned the bathroom footage a few days later, being treated to Brian with pants down, masturbating over the bathroom sink with Elaine’s dirty underpants firmly pressed across his nose and mouth.

Elaine revealed to me that she had actually left “period panties” on top for Brian kaçak iddaa which had some pretty “rusty stains” in them.

We were both suitably impressed by Brian’s willingness to not only take Elaine’s bait but to enjoy himself in the process.

It seemed clear that Elaine’s secrets were now also his secrets and I continued to warn against Elaine intervening at his expense.

She also continued to assure me that she wouldn’t but at the same time expressing the desire to give the young man some kind of “real” experience with her. She seemed very excited by the prospect, as I also was once I began to think about it.

What, for example, would I have given at the age of 18 for some entirely sexual yet benevolent and empathetic female to give me a virgin sexual experience?

Such are the dreams of young men but rarely do they come true.

Both Elaine and I realised the possibilities of creating such a scenario for the young fellow bit we both agreed that it would need to be handled carefully.

More bait? More obvious hints? A written note? A direct confrontation or maybe just a traditional but carefully executed seduction?

We pondered the potential.

After some time, Elaine decided to leave young Brian a note.

She planned to leave it inside the laundry hamper, on top of her soiled undies for Brian to find easily.

The note was to read as follows:

“Hi Brian, please don’t feel the least bit embarrassed about finding this note. I’m totally OK about it so I hope you are too! Please let me know that you’ve read this note. I’d love to talk more about it with you later! ELAINE (Mrs Bradford)”

So it was with somewhat nervous trepidation that Elaine left the fateful note for young Brian. She most definitely wanted Brian to find it but at the same time she did not want to either scare him off or freak him out completely.

Of course, she ran a major risk of doing both.

Returning from her night out, Elaine fully realised that she would be confronting Brian on some level if he had happened to find the note.

As much as her intentions were pure, she was dealing with a young man who may or may not have had the emotional maturity to cope with such a situation even if he was physically willing and able.

She hoped that somehow Brian would respond favourably in spite of her doubts.

On arrival home, Elaine found Brian sitting quietly on the sofa watching television.

Immediately, she sensed his discomfort and realised that she may have made a terrible mistake by leaving him the note, particularly if he had found it.

“How are things?” she asked him, breaking the ice in the process. “Did everything go OK?”

“Yeh, sure,” Brian answered briefly.

“Oh good,” she continued “so no problems then?”

“No,” he answered even more briefly.

“Did you get much study done?” Elaine decided to keep the conversation moving.

“A little bit,” his brevity of answer was concerning her.

“Oh good then,” she responded not knowing where else to go. “Would you like anything to eat or drink?”

“Oh no, I’m OK thanks,” Brian answered politely.

“Are you sure?” Elaine asked again.

“Yes thanks,” Brian seemed sure and perhaps just wanting to be excused.

“Oh OK.” Elaine accepted after a brief pause. “I’ve just got to go to the loo, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Elaine, thinking as laterally as possible thought this might just be a move to expand the situation.

Entering the bathroom, Elaine immediately noticed an envelope on top of the vanity which no doubt contained her hand written note to Brian. Checking the contents, her suspicions proved correct.

Not necessarily needing to use the bathroom at that moment but now satisfied that her plan may well have worked, she flushed the toilet and returned to the room to continue her interaction with the young babysitter, but not before removing the frilly cotton underpants she had been wearing all evening and placing them inside a small plastic bag that was lying around the bathroom.

She had noticed there were some delightful yellow discharge stains on the inside of the panties which she hoped for Brian to sample very soon.

Tucking the plastic bag into her hand, she re-joined Brian in the living room and then made the move to her purse to extract the young man’s payment for the evening.

Consistent with her previous babysitting pay-rate, Elaine produced $100 for the completed job and handed it to Brian.

Thanking her very much, he accepted his payment and then made to leave.

“Thanks very much Brian for tonight,” Elaine offered genuinely.

“It’s OK,” Brian replied, at the very least, sheepishly.

“Wait…Brian…” Elaine called somewhat nervously, “I’d like you to give you a little extra-something!”

Handing him the plastic bag, Elaine looked almost sheepish herself.

“Please…have a look inside Brian,” she beckoned.

Brian gingerly looked down at the plastic bag and slowly, ever so slowly opened it.

As he kaçak bahis looked inside, he looked back up at Elaine with a look that can maybe only be described as mortified bewilderment.

He clearly knew what was happening and maybe even expected it, but clearly had no capacity to deal with it whatsoever.

“Do you know what it is Brian?” Elaine asked softly.

An excruciating pause followed before Brian squeaked, “Yes, Mrs Bradford.”

Another extended pause ensued before Elaine continued.

“Well…what do you think?” she asked, almost expectantly.

“Ummmmm…” Brian stammered, “I guess I don’t know what to say…”

“That’s OK Brian, it’s OK to say nothing if you want.” Elaine empathised. “It’s something very private I’m showing to you and it’s OK to say nothing.”

“Well OK then. Thanks Mrs Bradford,” was all the struggling young man could manage.

Yet another pause followed and Elaine continued.

“Would it help you to know that I wore these all of this evening – especially for you, if you like- and here they are!!”

“OH REALLY???” Brian spluttered, nervously starting to anticipate what might be about to confront him inside the plastic bag.

“Go on Brian, please look for me!” Elaine pleaded.

“Oh Mrs Bradford, I don’t think I can,” Brian gasped.

“I’m sure you can, I’ve saved them just for you!!” Elaine encouraged. “I’ll even give you a hand if you like!”

Elaine then unfurled her own knickers out of the plastic bag and unfolded them in front of young Brian who was looking on in a state of utter disbelief.

She turned them outwards to reveal the tiny white cotton crotch panel which had a large brown and yellow discharge stain right across it from her vaginal activity throughout the evening.

“There you go Brian! Do you like this? Can you see what it is? Don’t be afraid, you can tell me!” Elaine cooed intimately.

“It’s…it’s…” Brian stammered.

“Go on Brian…” Elaine probed.

“It’s your…it’s your discharge Mrs Bradford.” Brian finally conceded

“That’s it Brian. It’s my discharge. You said it. You know all women have discharge inside their underpants Brian. It’s a very private place you know Brian…in between a woman’s legs. All sorts of private things take place in there.” Elaine was taking it upon herself to instruct the young man, it seemed.

She continued.

“You know where my discharge comes from, don’t you Brian?”

Brian was starting to catch on.

“From inside you Mrs Bradford,” Brian softly confessed.

“That’s it Brian, from inside my vagina. Have a close look at the inside of my undies Brian. See this tiny piece of padded fabric?” Elaine continued.

“Yes..” Brian automated.

“Well this is called the crotch panel. See how it has an extra layer of fabric included? It’s not very big, is it? Just enough to cover my private lady parts and that’s about it, hey Brian? Well this is an extra layer of absorbent cotton to fit in between my legs, covering my vagina and soaking up all the natural fluids that my vagina produces. See the very deep colour of my staining Brian? Tell me what colour it is…”

“Ummmm, it’s brown and yellow Mrs Bradford.” Brian played along now.

“Brown and yellow, that’s it Brian. Brown and yellow discharge stains inside the tender little crotch panel of my white cotton underpants Brian. Would you like to sniff it Brian? I’d like you to know what a real life vagina smells like! My vagina is very mature Brian – I have been married before and had lots of male partners. I have had lots of men put their penis inside my vagina over the years Brian. And of course all my periods over the years, I’ve had so many tampons inside me that I’ve lost count! My vagina is capable of producing a VERY strong odour Brian as well as lots of discharge Brian, as you can see.” Elaine proudly explained. “I’m letting you in on my very private secrets here young man. I’m revealing what goes on between my legs so you can have some idea!”

“Do all women do similar things inside their underpants Mrs Bradford?” Brian was now gaining confidence.

“Of course they do Brian. Not all of them will admit it or want you to know about it, but all women dirty the inside of their underpants at some stage Brian. So just remember this when you see women walking down the street that when you are looking at them, the inside of their knickers are probably VERY stained and that their vaginas DO smell. Some of them probably have very tender tiny little crotch panels, just like mine, absorbing all the smelly fluids from between their legs.” Elaine explained.

“Would you like to sniff my knickers now Brian?”

“Yes Mrs Bradford!!” Brian responded.

“There you go Brian,” she offered. “Put them to your nose and mouth and sniff away young man. Tell me what they smell like!!”

At this, Elaine pushed her soiled underpants towards Brian, exposing the stained part of the garment directly to him.

He tentatively took them from her and slowly but surely brought them up to illegal bahis his face.

“There you go, lovely young man – enjoy the smell of a REAL lady’s vagina. I’ve stored that inside my underpants tonight especially for you Brian. Please tell me what it smells like!”

Elaine obliged.

She watched intently as Brian carefully placed the soiled gusset directly underneath his nose and gently began to inhale. Brian’s eyes closed as he began to relax into the situation and fully take in Elaine’s highly feminine aroma.

“Tell me Brian, what does it smell like??” Elaine almost begged. “I want to know.”

With his eyes closed, Brian sniffed the panties gingerly to begin with. The strength of Elaine’s pussy odour clearly was affecting him.

He had to have more than one attempt as it turned out before he suddenly realised what it was all about.

“It smells a bit fishy Mrs Bradford,” Brian finally concluded. “Nice and fishy!”

“So you think my discharge smells nice and fishy??” Elaine asked. “Is this what you expected?”

“I don’t know Mrs Bradford. I’ve never smelled something like this before.” Brian honestly surmised.

“Well then, now you know what REAL feminine odour is about young man! It’s not all just pretty perfume and frilly underwear. This is really what goes on between a mature woman’s legs. Our vaginas get very dirty and smelly and sometimes quite fishy Brian.” Elaine urged him on. “Now you’ve smelled my fishy feminine goodness, I want you to taste it. Go on, there you go. Run your tongue across the brown discharge stains. Suck on my crotch panel. There you go! Suck my feminine fishy discharge Brian. Take it in your mouth. Taste my pretty vaginal discharge.”

Brian commenced his licking of Elaine’s dirty undies, gently running his tongue over the heavily stained area as Elaine had instructed and then slowly taking more of the panty gusset into his mouth and sucking the produce from her vagina.

“Oh Mrs Bradford! I can’t believe how dirty and smelly your underpants are. This is the first time I’ve ever tasted real woman’s discharge in my mouth. It tastes so sour and smells so fishy!! I really love the taste of your discharge Mrs Bradford. Mmmmmmmmm…”

Brian was really warming to the occasion.

“That’s it beautiful boy. Taste my fishy discharge. Take it in your mouth. That’s REAL fishy flavour from a REAL mature woman. Suck my fishy knickers you dirty boy!!” Elaine cooed as she stroked the young lad’s hair.

Elaine watched Brian intently suck on her dirty knickers for the next 5 minutes or so. She had subtly moved her own fingers between her legs and had begun to respond to the satisfaction of a young man savouring her mature and feminine goodness from the interior of her cotton underpants.

“Oh Brian!! I love watching you suck my dirty little knickers like this. I feel so vulnerable revealing my private feminine secrets to you like this. I hope this is exciting you, young man!” Elaine gushed.

At this, Elaine gently moved her hand from between her own legs directly to Brian’s crotch.

“What’s this young man? You must be enjoying this – I can feel quite a large erection underneath your jeans. Do you want to show Mrs Bradford your erection??” Elaine teased.

“Oh yes please Mrs Bradford!!” Brian pleaded.

Elaine then crouched down, undoing Brian’s belt buckle and lowered his trousers, at which she could see the swollen mass within his boxer shorts.

“Would you like to show Mrs Bradford yourself or do you want me to look??” Elaine asked.

“Please Mrs Bradford, take them off for me!”

Brian submitted.

Elaine then easily lowered Brian’s boxer shorts to reveal first his patch of brown pubic hair and then a rather large but youthful erection, flop out of his pants.

“Oh Brian!” Elaine exclaimed, “You’re so large for a young man of your age. And you’re circumcised as well. Mrs Bradford loves the feeling of a large, circumcised penis inside her vagina!! Would you like to see Mrs Bradford’s vagina Brian??”

“Oh my God Mrs Bradford! I can’t believe you want to show me your vagina!! I’d love to see your vagina!!” Brian was almost trembling.

Elaine then submitted herself to young Brian’s immediate wishes by sitting on a chair, raising her skirt and opening her legs in front of Brian.

Brian was shaking as he accepted Elaine’s invitation to inspect her pussy.

“Oh my God, Mrs Bradford, you’ve got hair all around your vagina!” Brian exclaimed.

“Yes that’s right Brian. What do you think? Real women have hair around their vaginas Brian. Mature women have hair around their privates. Please come down and inspect. Have you seen a real life vagina before Brian?” Elaine asked.

“No Mrs Bradford. I’ve seen photos in magazines and on the internet, but never in real life. This is amazing!!” Brian was almost at fever pitch.

“Please come down here Brian. See if you can find my vagina.” Elaine offered.

Brian then started fumbling through Elaine’s pubic hair; the curly coarseness must have felt amazing for him to touch as he moved downwards to where he imagined Mrs Bradford’s vaginal opening was.

Feeling some lumpy moist flesh in amongst the hairy triangle told him he must be close.

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