Ellen Gets Hers Ch. 02

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(Note to readers: If you’re not already familiar with “The Twins’ Tangled Web,” better read it first. –Uncle Bert)

The sky darkened and rain began to fall as Jake Sanders left the halfway house for the last time.

Prison had aged him. Though still a handsome man, today he was a bit less so. His once-black curly hair was now shot through with grey, his strong, square shoulders sagged a bit, and the creases around his eyes were noticeably deeper.

Perfect, he thought as the droplets pelted him. Just what I need.

Thanks to good behavior and a successful appeal to the state supreme court, Jake had won parole after only four years, rather than the ten the judge had meted out, punishment for his affair with his twin daughters. Now he was free — if you can call having to register as a sex offender, frequent parole visits, social isolation and having the best job the state could find you heaving boxes in a grocery store being free.

What he didn’t have was a place to stay. He was expected to find a room at a shabby men-only hotel, but four years in one tiny cell was enough; he wasn’t about to find another. There was also the little matter of the safe deposit box he’d managed to keep hidden from his now ex-wife Ellen and everyone else. If only the key were where he left it …

A small beige hatchback pulled away from the curb as Jake walked by. He didn’t pay attention to it at first, not until he realized that it hadn’t passed him yet. The rain began to come down harder now, and Jake pulled his coat up over his head.

The car pulled ahead and the passenger door opened, inviting him in. Jake, his heart beginning to race, started to trot past when he heard a feminine voice cry, “Dad!”

He stopped in his tracks, peeked into the car’s dark interior, and looked into the face of a young woman he’d never seen before. When he’d last seen them, his daughters had rich, shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, flashing dark blue eyes, full red lips — never mind what happened, Jake cherished those memories of what he and the twins had done together.

This woman was in her early twenties, but her brunette hair framed her face nicely in a semicircle cut well above her shoulders, and she had wide brown eyes. Yet he knew he’d seen her face before, somewhere.

“Dad, it’s Cathy. Get in before we both get soaked!”

Jake tossed the backpack containing his few belongings into the back seat and got in the car.

They spent a quiet, uncomfortable moment before Jake said, “I didn’t recognize you. You do know that I’m not supposed to contact you or Kelly–“

“I know, Dad, I know. But I couldn’t just stand by while they flung you to the wolves. That’s why I changed my hair and put in tinted contact lenses. That’s why I went to school in this city, and now I’ve got an apartment nearby. Come home with me, Dad.”

“Cathy, you’ve got me violating my parole just ten minutes after they let me go!”

“You can’t contact Cathy Sanders, but I’m Cathy Monk now. Nobody’s following us, Dad. Come on. Where else do you have to go?”

Jake nodded wearily. She had a point.

As the car glided through the rainy evening, Jake had a chance to study his daughter. Now fully mature, it was obvious to him that she still exercised every day, and baggy though the coat was, he could still discern the outline of her breasts, rounder than before, more full. An erection begin to grow, and he immediately switched off that line of thought. No more jail for him.

Cathy’s bursa eve gelen eskort bayan apartment was bright and cheerful, its walls painted a creamy white, and with tasteful art reproductions on the walls. Jake was pleased that she still liked M.C. Escher and the surrealists; that word described all the jumbled feelings in his mind.

And Cathy looked so beautiful in the light! Free of the trench coat, she wore a loose white blouse, a dark skirt, and black pumps. Yet with her shorter, darker hair and eyes, she seemed like a completely new woman. She smiled awkwardly and went into the small kitchen, coming back with a bottle of champagne and two flutes.

“Do the honors, Dad?”

Jake obliged, and they toasted his freedom. Only after that did they embrace at last.

“I’m so sorry, Dad. I’m so sorry for everything that happened.”

“It was my fault. I don’t want to talk about it just now. Why’d you change your name?”

“Because of that damn tape Mom made of us that last time. Somebody swiped it from the evidence drawer and put it on the Internet.”

“Oh, my God. I didn’t know.”

“Poor Roger was just humiliated at school, and I haven’t talked to him in about as long as I haven’t seen you.”

“And Kelly?”

“She’s getting married in a couple of months. She went to Ravendell and majored in accounting. She met a guy at the firm where she works. We keep in touch through e-mail and we see each other a couple of times a year, mostly at Christmas.”

“And your mother?”

“We don’t speak. Kelly’s the one who talks to them.”

Jake and Cathy sipped champagne and talked for several hours, slowly learning to know one another again. The wild, sexual rollercoaster ride that was their love a few long years ago had long since past, and they were two different people now. Yet Jake could not get over how beautiful she was.

He yawned deeply. “I take it I’m sleeping on the couch?” he asked.

Cathy shook her head. “Tonight I thought you’d want to sleep in a real bed. I’ve got some work to do, so I’ll stay out here.”

Jake donned a T-shirt and sweat pants before getting into bed. Bars of cool white light seeped through the Venetian blinds from the street as Jake tried to adjust to a wide, soft mattress, a mattress with room for two. Sleep did not come easily; the transition to this new world was jarring, and his feelings for his daughter were twisted and confused. Could they have a standard father-daughter relationship after all that had happened? Where would he sleep tomorrow night?

A tiny squeak from the other side of the room woke him, and Jake sat up. Cathy stood in the bedroom doorway, wearing a flowing white nightgown.


Cathy crossed the room, lifted the covers and joined her father in bed.

“What are you doing?”

Cathy snuggled close to him.

“I never stopped missing you,” she said, snuggling close, her lips brushing his cheek lightly, her hand running down Jake’s chest, and then his belly. “I see you’ve missed me too.” Cathy massaged Jake’s half-hard cock to its full length.

Jake knew he should stop it right now, but he had missed a woman’s gentle touch for so long. And even though he had made love to Cathy many times before, with her dark hair in its different style, with her riper, more mature curves, gave him an overwhelming sensation that he was in bed with a different, exotic lover. How badly he wanted to bursa eskort bayanlar taste those inviting lips! But–

“You do realize I could go back to jail for fifteen years if anyone finds out about this,” he said. “Cathy, we can–“

Her lips closed over his, and her hand dipped below his waistband.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, sounding as starved for love as he, her fingers tenderly, but firmly, circling themselves around his thickening dick.

Jake ran his hand along Cathy’s thigh, under her nightgown, encountering nothing but smooth, warm skin. He caressed her ass, and pulled his daughter closer.

“My darling,” he whispered when the kiss broke. “You have no idea what it’s been like.”

“Why do you think I changed my name to Monk?” she replied. “You’re still the only man who’s ever made love to me.”

Jake lifted his ass and pulled his sweats down, exposing his dick to the cool night air blowing through the window. Cathy had lost none of her skill; she still knew exactly how he liked to be jacked off.

Now he pulled Cathy’s face to his and kissed her with hunger and fire, mauling her tits through the flimsy garment. Her fingers flew gently along his fully erect and exultant prick, stopping now and then to knead his tight and bloated balls, balls that had not had a woman’s attention since the arrest so many years ago.

Jake pulled Cathy’s fingers from his cock and bade her to sit up. He lifted her nightgown above her head, exposing her body in all its gorgeous nudity. He looked at her for a moment in the semi-darkness, marveled at how the light and shadow brought his memory of her loveliness fully alive, and now this new beauty goddess loomed above him.

Jake removed his clothes, too, his seven inches of hot purple prick jutting from his groin like the prow of a ship.

Cathy took it in her hands again.

“I know you’re close,” she whispered. “Let me finish you now, and then we can start making up for what we’ve missed.”


Cathy laughed and curled up next to her father.

She likes this, he thought. She likes jacking me off. It’s just like when we started.

So Jake lay back sighing and grunting as Cathy’s skilled fingers drew his testicles tighter, as she rolled his increasingly tight balls in her free hand. Then his dick suddenly took on an extra stiffness, and–

“Jesus, Cathy!”

Hot gobs of sperm blew into the air as Cathy’s fingers pulled and squeezed. They landed on Jake’s chest, his groin, on Cathy’s joyful face and exuberant tits. She laughed madly as Jake’s seemingly endless supply spewed over their bodies. At last, she let Jake’s dick go. It seemed to shrink with reluctance.

Cathy licked some of the droplets from her cheeks.

“Still tastes the same,” she said.

“Christ, what a mess!”

“There’s some tissues in the nightstand drawer,” she said. “Let me get a washcloth.”

Cathy cleaned Jake’s body with tenderness and affection. Jake contrasted that with prison, when he’d had to quietly masturbate in the middle of the night to keep from disturbing his cellmate, Cathy and Kelly always on his mind, his fervid memories sustaining him. But never did he dream that it was not over.

“So do I get a turn, Dad?” Cathy asked.

“Anything you want, honey.”

Cathy dipped her head to Jake’s groin, her strange, wonderful and new dark brown hair swirling around her face as she took Jake’s prick between her lips. Her görükle escort bayanlar hot, pink tongue flicked across his cockeye, making him shiver. Once again, her expert fingers curled around Jake’s thickness, and his cock began to grow in her moist, slurping mouth.

Once he was erect again, Cathy began to nibble her way up Jake’s torso, tonguing his navel, making him gasp when her sharp white teeth caught his nipple.

“Now you know what it feels like,” she said with a grin.

Jake grunted, and ran his hand down to Cathy’s dripping quim. He slipped a finger into the wetness.

“Oooh, Dad!”

By now, Cathy was almost straddling her father. They lay together, their lips and tongues dancing a tango as Jake’s fingers became familiar again with his daughter’s hot, eager, clutching cunt.

“Dad! Don’t stop! Dad!” she cried, as her first orgasm rippled along her body.

But Jake shifted underneath her, and now his thudding cock lay along her labia. Jake rubbed his cock against Cathy’s clit, almost slipping into her, making her gasp and making her come yet again.

Rising above her father, unable to deny herself any longer, Cathy opened her legs, boldly grasped Jake’s prick and slipped it inside. She sank right to the root on it, crying out.

“It’s so good, Dad!” Cathy sighed, wiggling her ass a little. “So wonderful!”

Cathy bounced up and down on Jake’s dick; he drove his hips upward as best he could, given the firmness of the mattress. He brought his hands to her breasts, those magnificent globes, those taut nipples that he pinched between his fingers, sending his daughter into a wild, inarticulate frenzy.

Jake’s balls bounced against Cathy’s smooth white ass as she leaned forward for another sweet kiss and to give him the room he needed to pound his cock deep inside her, as deep as it could go. Jake was so far in that he almost thought he’d see his dick poking up from her throat.

“Dad! Dad! Coming! On your! Cock!” she yelped, her head snapping back, her face contorted with orgasm, her hair flying in a blur.

“Can’t hold back!” cried Jake.


With that, Jake’s balls erupted for the second time. Jet after jet of hot sperm, free at last, blew into Cathy’s womb. Jake held his daughter by the arms, his head thrashing on the pillow as he pumped his seed deep inside her. Contortions turned to joy on Cathy’s face as her long-held dream came true. Her breasts jiggled and heaved above Jake’s face as her body convulsed with orgasm. Only when Jake shot his last wad did she slump forward, almost smothering Jake with her breasts.

At last, the sexual energy dissipated, and father and daughter lay together in each other’s arms.

“Oh, Cathy, I don’t care what happens to me now,” Jake said. “That was worth another fifteen years.”

“We only need to be careful, Dad,” Cathy said. “If we don’t do anything stupid, no one will ever know.”

“Did your mother sell the house?”

“No, she still lives there.”

“Then I’ve got something to tell you. Behind the TV in the rec room is a loose floorboard. Underneath it is a manila envelope, which contains the key to my safe deposit box.”

“You have a safe deposit box?”


“What’s in it?”

“About $50,000 in cash. It’s funny; while I was in jail the statute of limitations ran out on embezzlement. Nobody ever charged me, and now it’s too late. But there’s enough money to plan a future with.”

“A future with me?”

“Who else?” he replied, stifling a yawn. “But how do we get into the house?”

“I have an idea,” Cathy said.

But a soft snore told her it would have to wait. He looked so boyish just then, his expression placid and content. Cathy rolled onto her side, her soft ass warm against her father’s naked thigh, and soon joined him in peaceful slumber.

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