Elsie’s Toilet Slave

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Warning: This story contains intense degradation activity that is capable of offending your sensibilities if you are not into extreme humiliation and degradation of male submissives.

Read, only if you are comfortable with this theme. Thanks.


Robin has been chasing Elsie for months, hell-bent on getting her to date him, but she has never paid him any attention at all — however small. Only this morning she decided to give him an audience, he hadn’t talked for up to five minutes before she interrupted. The first thing she’d ever say to him — “Remove your clothes.”

It sounded weird and at first, Robin thought it was a joke. It took just a few seconds for him to realise it wasn’t.

Wrinkles lined his face with confusion. He looked around and couldn’t spot anyone close by, yet remained uncomfortable. But worst of all, he didn’t have much time to mentally process what she demanded of her.

Elsie turned around and inserted the car key into the keyhole on the door handle.

“Please, I will do it!” Robin shouted, hurrying and pulling up closer to her.

“I won’t repeat myself. Remove your clothes now!”

This was his last chance and he had to take it. Instantly, he took his shirt off and then pulled his trousers off his waist and let it fall to his ankles. Elsie’s stern look reminded him of how serious he was to take her order. Nervously, he lowered his briefs down his waist. The elastic underwear hugged his thighs.

“Do it properly,” Elsie warned, pointing at his ankles. Robin puffed and pulled his briefs all the way down to his ankles. He now felt very vulnerable.

Uncertainty wrapped around his mind as the cold winter air wrapped around his body. His heart beat faster and he felt like a specimen under Elsie’s judging eyes, scanning his whole body from head to toe. She then Escort Bayan fixed her gaze on his dick and shook her head.

“This is the reason why I always strip men naked first, before I even hear whatever they have to say,” Elsie said to Robin, “Imagine having said yes to you only to discover later that you have such a small penis!”

He felt ashamed of his dick size.

“How old are you, Robin?”

“36,” he replied, sighing heavily and increasingly feeling embarrassed.

“How can a 36-year-old man have such a tiny dick? This thing between your legs belongs to a 2-year-old.”

He stood dumbstruck, not knowing what to do.

“I’m sorry pal, I can’t date you.”

Saying “No” to someone after stripping them naked is quite mean, but that’s just how Elsie is with men.

Taking that sudden defeat after all the work he had put into it was a challenge for Robin. He was naked and ashamed but felt he had put in so much effort into this quest. Turning around and going home seemed even more difficult than the humiliating situation he found himself in.

“Please, Elsie, my penis is not so small.”

“You want to argue with me? Do you want us to measure this thing? I doubt if it’s up to 8 cm!”

Robbin was overtaken with shame.

“This thing can’t go anywhere near my pussy. That will be child abuse. You are thirty-six years old, but your dick is three years old!”

She continued condescending on him. Robin just froze there in shock, wishing he suddenly disappeared from the scene.

“Well, you have been persistent, and I think there should be something I can do for you, just to reward your hustle.”

Finally, a ray of hope. Robin was still embarrassed but was glad to hear she would cut him a deal.

“Can you eat shit?”

The wrinkles on his face got rougher and he couldn’t Bayan Escort tell what exactly she meant. He thought that must be an idiom.

“Eat shit? I don’t understand, Elsie.”

“Can you eat my shit? I need a toilet slave and I think you might be appropriate for the job. I like the shape of your mouth. It will fit well on my anus.”

“Whew!” Robin sighed.

“You want intimacy with me, isn’t it? That’s a big deal I just offered you. It’s not an opportunity so many people will have in their lifetime, to get a chance to eat the digestive waste of such a beautiful girl that I am.”

Robin’s mind got clouded and he tried to process what he was hearing.

“Are you taking the offer or not?” Elsie asked, running out of patience. She opened the door and got ready to step in and drive away.

“I will!” Robin quickly voiced his decision. “I will eat your shit.”

“Great, let’s see if you are up to the task then. Lie on the floor, I want to shit in your mouth.”

“Here? Now?” Robin asked, not being able to believe how mean Elsie can get.

“Yes. Here. Now. On this very ground we are standing.”

Robin was speechless. How worse can things get? He is already naked in public space. He could as well just go all the way with her ridiculous terms.

He lay face-up on the floor beside her car.

“Open your mouth, pig.”

She unbuttoned her jeans trousers and pulled it off her ass. She then squatted over his face and hovered her pussy over his mouth. First, she peed into his mouth. Golden yellow warm piss. He swallowed it.

She then lowered her anus unto his lips and constricted her abdominal walls.

Soft blobs of shit fell from Elsie’s anus into Robin’s mouth.

“Ahhh… This is so relaxing,” Elsie confessed. “Now I’m liking you, tiny dick shit eater.”

Her Escort shit tasted like rotten garbage materials and irritated him. He got horrified as the waste spread to the back of his mouth.

“A toilet slave eats shit, they don’t just hold it in their mouth. What I told you I need is a toilet slave, not a clueless shit-holding mouth. Robin, eat my shit. Eat it now.”

He was far too drawn into this than to fight back now, not when he had already tasted her shit and even had some seep into his throat. The logical thing to do was to obey her.

He exhaled and started eating her shit. Everything she deposited in his mouth, he swallowed it all. But there was more.

Flopppppop Propppttt!!

More shit blobs blasted out of Elsie’s anus and fell right unto his tongue. He resumed eating.

Elsie finished shitting into his mouth, stood up and inspected his mouth. He had truly eaten all her shit.

She reached into her bag which she had dropped on the driver seat and took out a piece of tissue paper. She wiped her ass with it and dumped it into his mouth: “Eat that too.”

He chewed and swallowed the used tissue paper.

“Okay, Robin. You are now my toilet slave. You must be happy you finally got a place in my life. Get up now and wear your clothes.”

Get up and wear your clothes? — that he promptly did, after which they exchanged phone contacts. She asked for his house address and he told him.

“Great. That’s not far from me. I shit every day. From your house to mine is just about fifteen minutes. I can hold for that long in case of emergencies. You know,” Elsie giggled, “Those emergency shits that just pop out of nowhere.”

Was that supposed to be funny? To her it was, but Robin could not even manage to smile.

“But take note, Robbin,” she said to him sternly, “Sometimes, I will also make you eat my friends’ shit! You have to be okay with that, else I will reject you.”

He took a deep breath.

“It’s okay with me, Elsie. I will eat your friends’ shit whenever you want.”

Elsie smiled at him. “Okay, toilet. See you tomorrow!”

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