Elusive Love Ch. 02

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“This is the second part of the story Elusive Love.”

“English is not my first language and you are not my English teacher, still apologies for mistakes.” 🙂

“All characters in this story are 18+”

“All characters in this story are fictional and this whole story is a work of fiction”

As we soon came close to my home I started to feel knots in my stomach, these knots are not the ones that I feel when I’m excited but rather the ones that I get when I’m nervous, Eve was still driving when the house that I had lived in for so long came into view.

Every time I have visited home since I moved into Uni., I have felt a bit nostalgic from the happy memories of me with family along with those special moments that I had shared with Ethan, but I have not been home much either since I was busy at my university work and so far I had only been home for about 3 times, even in those I had only met and talked with Ethan once as other 2 times he was not at home, but rather went to camping with friends or so what mom and dad says.

As the car came to a stop right in front of the house I started to feel a lot nervous but then Eve rested her hands on mine and I looked at her only to find her covering her mouth with others and trying not to laugh at my misery, I just pouted.

“You are so mean!” I said.

“Sorry darling, but you just look too adorable when you act like this.”

I did not say anything and just stared at the door of my house in front of me that was closed, I was looking for signs of any of my family members outside there, Eve grabbed my face in her hand and turned me around before kissing me square on the lips for a short time before breaking away while dragging my lower lip in her mouth as she pulled away.

“This is your house babe so chill out, it’s not like you are gonna see that lover guy here or anything, so relax and take a breath cause if you don’t then I might have to resort to my ways of relaxing you right here right now.” She said in a teasing tone, but for me, that was less of a tease and more of truth at least the first half of it mostly, but I’m pretty sure if I do not comply with her she will make the second part come true as well.

I took a deep breath to calm myself before opening the door and getting out of the car, I looked around to see the familiar neighborhood that I have grown in and just let myself forget about Ethan for a while as I started to feel good again, Soon Eve came out looking around as we both soon attracted the attention from boys around us.

“You never told me that your neighborhood is filled with so many hungry wolves? Can you pinpoint who this lover boy of yours is from this pack of wolves?” Eve said jokingly to which I rolled my eyes as both of us are used to this by now.

“Stop playing as if this is new, and no he is not among them so let’s head inside as I do not like to look as if I’m a fucking meat,” I said to which she laughed as I grabbed her hand and half dragged her towards our house.

I’m used to getting looks like this but that does not mean I enjoy them, I know that Eve and I are total knockout or so what Eve likes to call us, me being a natural blonde with blue eyes and hourglass figure, full round and heart-shaped butt, handful round and perky boobs, Eve, on the other hand, is just mesmerizingly gorgeous with rare natural platinum blonde hair, amber eyes giving her almost a golden eyes cat look, big round boobs but still perky and her ass is even more full and wide than me making her look sexy as fuck when she wears those tight clothes.

I just do not like the attention that much, I had not found another man as interesting as Ethan, but Eve has always enjoyed it and often flirts a bit, but that was it as she says that she prefers me over any man or woman.

I was soon standing right outside the house when I hesitated, but this time not because of Ethan or rather just Ethan, but because of dad as well and how I will introduce Eve to them. What both dad and Ethan will say, mostly Ethan though, as I know mom will help me out with dad as she said when she came to our apartment, but she said that Ethan is a different story.

My mom had told me that since I had left, Ethan has changed a bit, and now he spends most of his time either at a friend’s place or in his room. Mom and dad had tried to talk to him but he just brushed their worry with a smile, but they still could see that their boy is not the same as when he was before I left for uni. This worried me a lot when I first found out as he was also not speaking to me much on the phone either, he just picks up to know if I need something then when I ask about his life he just stops talking before making some excuse to cut the call.

I rang the bell and held my breath as I expected Ethan and dad standing at the other side of the door, but soon I let a sigh of relief when it was the mom who opened the door, Eve immediately went to my mom and hugged her as mom looked a bit uncomfortable at first but then smiled and hugged tipobet365 güvenilirmi her back.

“Hello, Mrs. Wilson!” Eve said cheerfully.

Mom greeted her back and welcomed both of us inside, as I looked nervously around the house for the signs of my other family members.

“Your dad is in the kitchen.” Mom said once she saw me looking around, but she did not mention Ethan, so I asked her.

“You know how he has been nowadays and when I told him that you will be coming, he said that he needs to go to a friend’s house to help him out or something, even though I tried to stop him, he just said that he had already made the plans and can’t say no, so… he is not at home right now but will be back in the night.” Mom said

I nodded and for some reason, I felt a bit of pressure lift off of my shoulder with Ethan not being here, he is the one I’m worried about the most. Still telling this all to dad will not be easy either, but I was still counting on mom to help me a bit.

When we were getting close to the kitchen with mom leading the charge with me right behind her and Eve after me, we all heard dad clearing his throat loudly and that made me stop which made Eve bump into me and I apologized in a low voice.

“Come inside!” dad shouted from inside which made me froze on track

“He has been trying to practice how to ‘scare the guy’ as he puts it.” Mom said while putting more emphasis on certain words.

“Don’t spill the beans Martha!” Dad yelled as mom entered and me after her.

I looked at dad and he was sitting in his chair straight with a newspaper in his hand and both legs crossed as I looked at him and froze. I just wanted to go back and away from home, but before I could do that Eve again bumped into me from behind.

“Damn girl, will you stop doing that? before I get some ideas?” Eve said in a completely calm and teasing tone.

Dad looked at me then at Eve before back at me and said.

“You never said anything about bringing a friend along as well Sophie,” Dad said.

I just looked at him without saying anything before turning around and trying to go out as I was feeling out of breath, but Eve spoke on my behalf.

“No good sir we did not bring any friend, it’s just the two of us,” Eve said, trying not to laugh at my misery in front of my parents, I shot her a look but she didn’t seem fazed.

“What? Your boyfriend didn’t come?” dad said.

“Um… you see honey…” mom tried to talk but stopped, I looked at her with pleading eyes to let her tell him as I avoided looking at him.

“No Sophie, sorry, but I think you should tell him.” She said, giving me an apologetic look as I glared at her.

I felt soft hands grabbing my hands and I looked down at purple nails and soft fingers wrapped around mine as Eve held them before bringing them up and making me look at her.

Eve gave me a sweet smile then nodded before squeezing my hands, it calmed my nerves a little as I took a deep breath before turning around to find dad looking at the three of us with a completely confused look on his face.

I again gathered my courage as I closed my eyes then opened them and told my father the truth.

“Dad this is Evelyn Carter, my girlfriend,” I said in a soft voice.

Dad looked at me for a second before his eyes went wide and his mouth gaped, he tried to look at me before turning towards mom who quickly turned to the stove pretending to cook some imaginary food as the stove was turned off before he looked back at me, I must say if not for this situation it would have been so comical that I would be dying from laughter, but that is hardly my concern at the moment as dad tried to recover from the shock.

After some time, it looked as if he finally got over it and said.

“Explain” were his only words as he nodded towards the chair on the opposite side.

I took a sigh of relief and sat down with Eve coming and sitting beside me before I told him everything from the time I met Eve to how we ended up together.

“And so dad here we are,” I said as dad looked at me with a blank face.

“Honey it’s her life and her decisions so we should support her if she finds happiness in it.” Said mom after dad did not speak for some time.

“Martha please stay out of it as I already feel betrayed that not just my daughter but you? my wife also lied to me,” Dad said in a bit of a tight voice and I immediately started to recall the times when he used to yell at me and Ethan when we mess up something.

“As for you daughter dear, I…” he stopped then took a deep breath before continuing.

“You do know what it means right? With you both being uh…” he started but could not find the word.

“Lesbian?” Eve offered casually, looking calm and composed as if this is a normal conversation.

Dad looked at her with a frown on his face and I gave her an incredulous look to which she just shrugged, dad seemed to have gotten over it or just ignored her as he continued.

“Female.” tipobet365 yeni giriş He said finally.

“You both are females and well as you might have known by now that you cannot get each other… you cannot reproduce and have kids.” Dad finished after a pause, finding difficulty in saying the words.

“Oh don’t worry Mr. Wilson, there are many ways from adoption to science, and if none of that suits then we can always ask for a donor but that is when time is right,” Eve said casually to which this time not just me but mom and dad both gave her incredulous look along with me.

“Oh, I’m sorry I will keep quiet,” Eve said lightly blushing which, to be honest, looked cute as she rarely feels embarrassed about any situation.

No one spoke after that and the room fell in silence for some time before dad spoke.

“Well… if you two are serious about this then I guess I cannot have much say in it, I was just worried that I will not get the chance to hold your babies in my arms is all, but seems like you both have given this… uh… relationship a thought than sure welcome to the family.” Dad said, looking towards Eve.

I jumped and went straight in dad’s arms and hugged him tight as he almost fell off from my force but quickly got up and balanced himself before holding me.

I soon felt 2 other sets of arms wrapped around me and it was Eve who was now hugging me and dad from behind me.

“Awe… what the hell? Why was I left out?” mom said with a pout before hugging all 3 of us from the side.

“Thank you for accepting me into your family Mr. and Mrs. Wils… Mom and Dad.” Eve whispered and I felt her voice crack a little and I turned around to confirm, there she was almost on the verge of tears, happy tears I assumed.

My parents looked okay with Eve calling them Mom and Dad as they did not object, instead gave her a warm smile, we sat at the table to have our lunch that we should have eaten long ago, and after that, we all went to our rooms with Eve coming in mine, as I passed Ethan’s closed-door I stopped and looked at it remembering my last time in there with him.

“Yours?” Eve asked from behind me.

“My brother’s” I whispered slowly.

Eve knows that I care for my brother and that we had a little falling out but she does not know the reason behind it.

“Ooo… is he in there?” she asked with curiosity.

“Shut up, your slut! and leave my brother alone,” I said in a teasing tone knowing full well that she will start flirting once she sees Ethan, Eve always had men around her fingers and she flirts with boys to get us in and out of troubles but she has not been with any since she started seeing me so I know it is always harmless flirting.

But with Ethan, though I do not know what I will feel when I see her do the same with him, will I be sad, or jealous or both and for whom, Ethan? Or Eve? Or both of them?

These are the questions that went in my head before I realized that I had yet to tell Ethan the truth as he still thinks that I’ve been living with a guy the whole time and brought my boyfriend home.

Eve and I both came into my room and I was tired from all the nervousness and tension that I had for the past few days and Eve was tired too from driving for hours, so we rested in bed and sleep took over us fairly quickly.

I woke up after 2 hours of nape feeling the need to drink water so I quietly came out of bed to make sure that I do not wake Eve up as I tiptoed towards the door.

As I got out of my room and started to go downstairs, I saw Ethan’s bedroom door open and with a little hesitation went to see whether he is back or not, and sure enough, I found him lying in his bed with his headphones around his head, I stood there at his door looking at him for a while wondering should I go and talk to him before I realized that he had his eyes closed and is sleeping so I decided to go in.

As I stood there at foot of the bed staring at him I felt warm feelings in my heart as I just stood there and admired his innocent-looking face and wondered whether he has changed from my sweet brother to the cold one that mom was saying or I had talked with on calls, soon I realized that it is not just my heart where I was feeling warm as I looked at his body and realized that he had gotten a bit more muscular and beefy than the last time I had seen him not to mention taller as well.

I squeezed my legs without thinking as my pussy started to react to the sight before me and I bit my lower lip as I kept looking at his broad shoulders and beefy arms under his tight-fitting t-shirt.

“Like what you see?” said Ethan, making me yelp and jump back as I looked at his face while my heart came to my throat and I placed my hand on it to calm myself down, I took a deep breath to calm myself as I closed my eyes before looking at him.

“You almost gave me a heart attack! Are you trying to kill me?” I yelled in a low whisper a bit out of breath.

“You cannot get a heart attack tipobet365 güvenilirmi as you need a heart for that” Ethan said coldly and I flinched at his choice of words.

“Ethan…” I started to scold him but before I could do that we both heard a wolf whistle from the door, and as I looked there only to find Eve leaning against the door frame with both arms folded while checking out Ethan from head to toe blatantly.

“Hey, there hottie!” Eve said with a big grin on her face as she started to move towards us and stand beside me.

I looked shockingly at Eve and then at Ethan who was looking back and forth in between me and Eve, here I’m in the situation that I was dreading from the start and was not looking forward to, I was out of words as Ethan looked at me then back at Eve and then started to check her out as well a little.

“Like what you see?” Eve repeated that same line that Ethan did a few minutes ago, and if I had not been under this pressure I would have laughed at that.

Ethan did not reply and just looked at me without much change in his expression before cocking his brows at me than saying in an unreadable tone.

“I thought you were sleeping,” I said at the same time Ethan also spoke in unison.

“Who the heck is she?” he asked.

“Uhh… Yeah… Eve, meet Ethan my brother and Ethan this is…” I stopped after that as I was not sure what to say next but before I could think of my next words Eve interrupted me by sneaking her hand around my waist and pulling me towards her then brought her other hand to my face and turned it to kiss me square on the lips, I gasped and looked wide-eyed straight in hers which were full of mischief as she pushed her tongue deep in my mouth.

I just stood there as Eve just kept kissing me for a full minute before I got to my senses and pushed her away.

“EVE!!!” I squealed, a bit out of breath from that kiss but before I could say anything she completed my previous sentence.

“I’m your sister’s girlfriend,” Eve said in a flirty tone with a shit-eating grin on her face as she turned to look at Ethan leaving me staring at the side of her face in total shock as she took a few steps towards him.

I glanced at Ethan only to find him in shock as well with his eyes and mouth both wide open as he looked at Eve who was giving him a very sexy smile then back to me.

His face soon went blank as he recovered from the shock than he moved out of the bed and started to come towards me be looking intensely at my eyes but with an unreadable face while ignoring Eve completely as she is not even in the room as he got past her, my back bumped in the wall and I realized that as he was moving towards me I was moving away from him but once I was against the wall Ethan came very close to me before towering over me a little as I realized at that moment that he has gotten taller than before.

“Ethan…” I said in a meek voice and stopped myself at how weak it sounded, but before I could gather myself or say anything Ethan brought his one hand and snaked it around my waist before pulling me roughly against him and said in a very low but intimidating voice.

“Speak.” That is all he said while crushing my lower body to him, I looked down at his chest, not able to hold his gaze anymore before speaking.

“Ethan… look I can… we need to talk… I… I was…” I struggled to find words in panic and was feeling a little out of breath by being so close to him, his scent filled my nose and my mind started to become dizzy, and all I could think then was for him to… But before I could complete my thought or before I could say anything I felt his hands on my chin before he pulled my face up to look at him and my heart broke into pieces.

He was in pain and for the first time that day, I saw some emotions on him that did not make me flinch from him, but rather made me want to grab him, hug him so tight that he forgets all the pain that he was feeling, he looked broken and lost in that moment before he quickly covered it up.

My vision got blurry while I brought my hands to cup his face as tears almost fell from my eyes and I bit my lower lip to stop myself from making a whimpering noise and cry like a child as I know that I’m the reason he is like this.

“Uh… Guys I’m still here” said Eve from behind Ethan.

Both Ethan and I jolted away from each other as we realized that we are not alone, we forgot that Eve is there with us in the room while under that Emotional storm, Ethan quickly moved away from me and quickly masked his face in blank expressions that I must say he mastered pretty well as I was very flustered and was blushing furiously and avoiding looking at Eve.

“If you want some alone time to make up with each other then I can leave, but I would rather enjoy watching you two if you guys do not have any problem with it,” Eve said in a teasing tone with a big smirk while looking pretty normal despite witnessing me and Ethan like that.

Ethan did not say anything but instead went to his bed ignoring Eve completely again and gathered his phone in his hand before moving towards the door and left without speaking another word.

I stared after him for a while before I took a deep breath and slowly looked at Eve who was now sitting in Ethan’s bed before speaking.

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