Emma’s Mystery Man…

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For Women

Edited by JonB1969 with thanks

Not having a lot of sexual experiences never stopped Emma fantasising about wanting more. Dreaming about what could be. She had never been a run of the mill type of girl, always aiming higher and wanting more out of life.

At 30 years of age she found herself wondering what she had been missing out on, going from one serious relationship to another. Her boyfriends in the past had always been ok but their idea of fun was missionary position followed by a bit of doggy style. If she was lucky she might get the odd twinge but a full orgasm was very rare. In fact the last one she had was by mistake, when she accidentally lent against the washing machine for too long.

Emma decided now was the right time for change. In fact she knew if she didn’t act now then she knew she would have to become a nun, because if one more man tried to rub her clit like it was made of plastic she was going to have to give up.

The dating world had never been too difficult for Emma so she put on a tight little black dress, 6″ platform high heels, curled her long black hair and set out to pull a python.

On entering the kolej escort bayan club her eyes were instantly drawn to a man at the bar. He was HOT! Not Emma’s usual type of guy, but oh my, he was oozing sex appeal: It was like animal attraction, instant passion! As she walked towards him she could feel her heart racing, her nipples were becoming aroused, and she knew she wanted him.

Just as Emma got to the bar she was knocked by another girl heading to the same guy. Her heart sank but she decided to make a quick u turn and hope he didn’t notice.

After a few drunken gropes from wannabe sex gods and slurred kisses leaving excess spit in her mouth, she decided enough was enough and headed home. Emma realised that nightclubs were not the place to meet someone that she could talk to, someone she could get to know and hopefully someone she could live out her wildest sexual fantasies with. With this in mind Emma went home and climbed into bed.

As she laid in bed she couldn’t help but think about the man she had seen earlier in the bar. She had never felt an attraction like that before, it was pure animal instinct, Escort sihhiye wanting him, needing him. As she thought about him her legs naturally parted, she started to stroke her thighs thinking about his muscular body. With every stroke her hand reached higher, she could feel the warmth of her pussy but didn’t want to touch it yet.

She pulled her knees into her chest and started lengthening the strokes to caress her buttocks as well as her thighs. She gently pulled her cheeks apart, teasing herself. She could feel her knees rubbing against her hard nipples but she wanted more. She lowered her legs back onto the bed, slightly bent and apart, letting the air breath between her thighs. She used her fingers to rub her hard nipples, grabbing at her breasts, squeezing her ample tits, imagining it was his hands.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could thinking about his cock, using her tongue to catch his balls as she imagined him teasing her, rubbing his cock in her face and then pushing it deep into her, fucking her mouth with his gigantic cock.

She arched her back, forcing her naked pelvis into the cold sincan escort air and opened her legs as wide as she could. How Emma wished she was with the mystery man right now. How she wished he was kissing her breasts, sucking at her nipples, forcing his cock between her legs as he started to fuck her. Oh God I want him she thought.

At this moment Emma knew she was close. She grabbed at her throbbing wet pussy, rubbing her clit slowly at first but getting faster with each panting breath. She used her fingers to feel deep inside her, the palm of her hand rubbing her clit while 2 fingers were getting deeper and deeper inside her. She didn’t want to cum not yet the thought of this man was making her so bloody horny she didn’t want it to stop. She threw one arm behind her, pretending she was tied to the bed and started to pull her nipple with the other hand. She was grinding her pelvis into the air imagining he was there: imagining his face was buried in her wet pussy, making her groan with every lick. With one hand still tied she used the other to rub her clit like it was his tongue flicking it up and down, round and round, faster and firmer, harder and tighter, and, and, and, and OMFG! She thought as she came all over her hand.

Emma lay on her bed exhausted, her body still tingling from her orgasm. Her mind still thinking about this mystery man. Who was he? Emma didn’t know but she was going to do everything she could to find out…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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