Enslavement 03

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The room where they kept me was a guest bedroom that had an en suite bath which allowed me to take a shower.

There was no clock in the room and the wooden shutters seemed to be locked shut as was the door which I tried after several hours of waiting.

Time went by slowly as I recalled both the shame and excitement of being the hairless slut for three wild women. I ran my hands over my smooth body and it felt very erotic. My body had been depilated for several years but my head and eyebrows were freshly shaved. I looked in the mirror and the face looking back at me was mine without the frame of hair and the expression created by my brows. I accepted that it had been done to please my lover Gillian but was still uncertain how to deal with what she had allowed them to do to me.

As the hours passed, I became very tired and I lay down on the bed, pulling the duvet over me. I do not know how long I slept but I heard a key in the door and I turned towards it as it opened.

Nadine Whitman entered, followed by a blonde woman and Gillian. They approached the bed and I sat up facing them. Gillian pulled the sheet away from my body.

The blonde woman smiled and told me to stand facing her. I did not know her but something about her manner suggested that it would be a good idea to do as she said. I kept my eyes lowered rather than look into her green eyes beneath penciled arched brows.

She reached out to me and lifted my breasts.

“Very nice,” was her assessment.

She reached between my legs and found me smooth enough.

“I see that she has been waxed but her head is shaved?”

“Yes Mistress,” answered Nadine in an unusually deferential manner. “She was shaved yesterday for the first time.”

“It was my idea,” offered Gillian. “I was aware that you were looking for a escort bayan kağıthane hairless slave and thought that you might find her suitable.”

“I do. I do. Has she ever been whipped?”

“She has been flogged but never severely.”

“So we do not know her ability to deal with pain.”

“No Mistress.”

“Never mind,” said the beautiful blonde. “She is very attractive and she is hairless. I am certain that she will be suitable.”

She opened her purse and produced a metal collar which she used to circle my neck. About 2 feet of chain hung from a loop at the front of the collar and she used it to pull me to her. Her green eyes blazed as she looked into mine.

“You have been sold to me my little cipher.”

Cypher! A word that means nothing! Zero! Gillian had betrayed me totally. She had had me shaved bald and had sold me to this rather beautiful cruel woman whose intentions were quite unknown.

She turned me around and cuffed my wrists together behind my back and without further ceremony she pushed me out the door. Once in the hall, she took the leash and led me out of the house and into a white Mercedes where she sat me nude in the back seat.

We drove only a few blocks to a boxy looking house that was finished with tan stucco and a few vines on one side. Behind it was a smaller structure that was made of plain cinder blocks. The Mistress led me through the front door with its studded planks and leaded windows. When we were inside, we were greeted by a nude woman in very high heels.

“Hello 22. This is my latest acquisition: cipher.”

“She is very pretty Mistress.”

“Yes. I will entrust her maintenance to you. Her body has been waxed so it only needs to be done every couple of weeks or so. Her head is to be shaved every morning until escort bayan beyoğlu whether I decide whether she is to be made permanently bald.”

“Yes Mistress,” said the brunette, bowing carefully as she took me by the arm.

The woman known as 22 was obviously some sort of submissive servant and it was obvious that she had been chosen for her beauty. Her hair was dark and she wore it in a gelled pixie cut. Her body was smooth and her nipples had been pierced and adorned with hoops from which a slender gold chain was suspended.

She led me away into the chamber where I was to reside. It was furnished in a Spartan fashion with a plain wooden bed and a dressing table. There was no place for clothes but there was no indication that I would ever be wearing clothes.

She sat me down at the dressing table and went to the small sink in the corner where she ran some water in a bowl and returned it to the table. She produced some shaving foam and filled her palm with a white mound..

“On special occasions, I will give you a straight razor shave but for routine shaves, I do it the easy way.”

Her fingers were deft as she carefully lathered my scalp. Her touch on my neck was almost erotic as she spread the white soap. Then, as she gently shaved me, she helped me understand what was happening.

“Who is the blonde lady whom you call Mistress?”

“I do not know her name but I do know that she is some sort of dealer in female sex slaves.”

“Sex slaves!”

“Yes. You are her latest acquisition. Once you have been trained you will be sold to the highest bidder.”

“That is impossible. This is the 21st century.”

22 gave me an ironic smile as she carefully shaved around my ears.

“It is,” she said, “and we are sex slaves.”

“Who will buy us?”

“I escort bayan do not know who will buy you. I was shown at an auction and I was purchased by a European princess with a taste for female slaves. I was trained thoroughly as a lesbian lover so I expect that will be my role when I am delivered to her.”

“Are all the buyers female?”

“I don’t know what proportion of the buyers are female. I was under the care of 19 who was purchased by and oil sheik from the Middle East and one other slave was purchased by a Hollywood producer so our fate is indeterminate. I understand that there are a large number of female buyers but we are usually trained to use all orifices so that we can be enjoyed by all.”

As she wiped my head bare and powdered it, I shivered a little. I touched my smooth scalp and noticed that my nipples had hardened as I had been shaved. 22 noticed as well and she cupped my right breast in her hand.

22 bend over and kissed me on my mouth and I responded to her tender touch. I arched my back so my breasts were more easily accessible and I followed her meekly as she led me to the small bed.

She spread my legs and knelt between them, lowering her mouth onto my bare belly. Her kiss began just below my navel and ended with her tongue parting my nether lips.

She moved over me and lifted my arms above my head. She held my wrists down as she kissed me under each arm, exciting me with her tender mouth and tongue. Then she was pressed against me, warm smooth mounds crushed together as her mouth covered mine and her hands explored my body.

22 was an exquisite lover. She touched me and caressed me in every way that I could imagine, usually before I imagined it. When she was finished, she stood up from the bed, leaving me limp and exhausted.

“I think my part of the training is going to be very pleasant,” she said. “Keeping you smooth and making love to you sounds like pure pleasure for me.”

She walked away slowly and I ran my hands over my freshly shaved head.

Was it possible that I was embracing my fate as a hairless sex slave?

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