Erica’s Man: Parents Evening…

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“Evening, Sir! What you doing out tonight?” A tap on the shoulder accompanied the female voice. I silently closed my eyes and for a second, imagined it hadn’t happened. Nightmare. The worst part of going out near where you work as a teacher is seeing the parents of the kids. The use of “Sir” as an address was interesting though, as the children at school call me Mister…X. I supposed it was probably a throwback to high school. I’d called my teachers “Sir” at high school, too.

It had happened, though, and so I turned, smile plastered quickly across my face in a way that surely had to look as forced as it felt. I hoped whichever mum it was had had as many to drink as me, so they might not notice! There could be any number of parents out tonight, a Friday at the end of a half term. I hoped at least it was a nice one, but couldn’t tell from the voice, with the music from the nearby speakers making it impossible to catch the voice in full.

Beer in hand, I found myself face to face with Denny’s mum. Now Denny was a lovely girl in my current class at the time – a class I’d also taught when they were younger as I’d moved classes to teach an older age group this year. The mum, whose name was Alex, had always been the standout mum on the playground, make up always immaculate whether at drop off first thing in the morning or pickup in the afternoon, with, to put it bluntly, a stunning body. She was petite, no more than 5″6 I thought, and slim, with tits a nice medium size and a simply perfect arse… I was always pleased when she was on her way to the gym after morning drop off as the sight of her in her gym leggings was enough to set my blood flowing south. I’d taught Denny’s cousin, too, and can confirm her mum’s sister was just as hot, though in a more… innocent way somehow. Perhaps just less obvious, with less strappy tops on the playground to catch my eye… and the eyes of the dads at pickup! She was lovely though, as well as hot, and had always come across as being mature beyond her years. She’d had Denny at just 18, and with Denny now in my class aged 9, mum was around 8 years my junior despite how much older her daughter was than my two children. She had also recently had another baby, with another dad who apparently wasn’t on the scene, but seemed to be coping exceptionally and had somehow recovered her stunning body in almost record time.

Tonight, I have to admit, I had to fight not to stare straight at her tits. They weren’t massive, but they were perfectly pert and natural C or D cups, framed beautifully by a moderately low cut white top with frills at the sleeve and along the cleavage, her bra straps out over her shoulders also white to match the top. I assumed from the shapely and pert nature of her chest only a few months on from giving birth that she wasn’t breast feeding. Her legs were long…ish, considering she was a fair bit sorter than myself, but they were beautifully toned and tanned below a denim skirt which reached half way down her thighs above some calf high black boots with maybe a 2 or 3 inch heel.

She wore a small smile across her pretty face as she sipped at what I assumed was a voda and coke, or something along those lines, and my own smile had quickly became a real one to match. Her brown hair was up tonight, a single long curl hanging down the side of her face, which she twirled round a finger as she waited for my answer.

Catching myself staring instead of answering, I apologised with a compliment to her appearance, gaining a beautiful smile back, before I responded to her question, explaining we were out for the end of the half term and pointing out a couple of the other members of staff out with me.

Alex, it turned out, was out for a friend’s birthday, but the friend had already been taken home by a couple of others after throwing up in the toilets. She said she wasn’t that close to the remaining members of the group and had been thinking of going home until she spotted me. She flashed me a stunning smile when I offered to buy her a drink (Malibu, not vodka, apparently) and we stood together, chatting and drinking, as I gradually forgot about the staff I was out with. It wasn’t my usual friends who were out tonight, and I think if had been Holly and Natalie who I was with, I don’t think I’d have been so easily distracted by a pretty face.

Distracted I was, however, and it wasn’t long before our conversation was being held at close quarters, speaking directly into each other’s ears over the music and with lots of light touches on the arm, while I found moments to rest my hand on her hip or lower back. Both of us studiously avoided mentioning my job, my family, or her daughter, of course, focusing on social plans and general small talk.

As teachers, Erica and I have had one basic rule about our lifestyle which ensures that, while we’ve fucked colleagues of each of us, both separately or in threesomes or foursomes, we’re able to keep certain things professional and very separate in our jobs. The rule… don’t fuck the parents. We almanbahis discussed it very early on and decided it would be a bad idea, with the potential for playground gossip one issue, our bosses finding out and having an understandable issue with it… and the potential for upset from the children we teach if they found out we’d fucked their mum!

I’d had enough to drink tonight, though, that I thought it seemed reasonable to make an exception, especially with how hot this particular parent was. We’d both had a few more drinks by now, and when she asked for a selfie for her social media I acquiesced, taking one myself straight after, which of course went straight to my wife rather than online. I was clear to tell Erica in the accompanying message that this was a mum from school, and if she’d messaged back to be sensible, then the night would have ended with a couple more drinks and a friendly goodbye.

Erica, however, was out with staff from her school that night too… and her response, which I checked when Alex excused herself to nip to the toilet, told me she’d clearly had a few drinks of her own and was very much in the mood. “Do you think she’d be ok with me eating your cum out of her?” followed by a winking emoji was soon followed by, “If not, I’ll go home with Rhea,” which was accompanied by a picture of her with her tongue down the throat of her teaching assistant Rhea, who I’d fucked several times on a course a couple of years earlier – a week which had ended with Rhea and another colleague of theirs, Helen, joining me and Erica at home for a foursome which had been both Rhea and Helen’s first experiences with another woman.

Rhea had enjoyed it enough that she and Erica had fucked a few times since, as well as the three of us sleeping together another couple of times as a group, and it looked like Erica would enjoy Rhea’s tongue again tonight.

I would happily have brought Alex home to Erica and my god would I have enjoyed seeing the two together, but I was aware enough of the situation that I thought trying to spring a surprise threesome on a mum from my class, or even suggesting such before anything happened, could wildly backfire.

I told Erica I thought that might be one to work on for the future, but that tonight she should enjoy Rhea’s company… and that I’d appreciate any further pictures she fancied sending over!

Alex returned having stopped at the bar on the way back from the toilet, wielding a small tray of four tequila shots. “Word is that you’re a lover of tequila, Sir,” she grinned. I am… and I happily joined Alex in a couple of shots. She insisted that we feed each other the second, including taking the salt from each other’s hands. I’d been fairly sure I knew where the night was headed, but the increased physicality of mouth on skin, stepped up by her, told me I definitely wouldn’t be sleeping alone tonight.

We were both quite tipsy at this point, and Alex commented that the last me she’d been on the tequila, she’d been in Ibiza, and had sucked it out of her friend’s belly button, and vice versa. I raised my eyebrow and suggested another shot immediately, my blood flow steadily being redirected at this point from my brain to my growing erection, combining with the alcohol to remove an lingering doubts I may have had about being seen getting together with a parent by other members of staff out with me, or any other parents from school. She grinned and after I ordered us another shot each, she told me to place her on the bar. I lifted her by the hips, thumbs purposefully placed above the line of her skirt but underneath her top, while my index finger slotted into the belt loops “for grip” as I lifted, which of course lifted her skirt up a little, revealing more of her glorious tanned thighs. Placing her on the bar facing me, she spread her legs slightly apart, revealing a pair of white panties which I tried desperately not to stare too obviously at. She giggled quite brazenly, and widened her legs a little further, before she lay back on the bar and lifted her top up to reveal a lovely flat stomach for the barmaid to pour tequila into her belly button.

I didn’t hesitate before stepping forward to suck the alcohol from her navel, pausing for a second to tease the area with my tongue before flicking my head back to down the shot. She gave me a sultry grin as I caught her eye after the shot. “You’re going to have to feed me mine with your mouth,” she said, before directing the barmaid to again pour the tequila into her belly button. Again I tongued the little indent as I sucked the tequila into my mouth, but this time kept it to release into Alex’s, our lips coming together in our first kiss of the night, as per her somewhat obvious design.

The kiss wasnt broken quickly, our lips pressing together as Alex swallowed her tequila and then the kiss repeated, quickly joined by her tongue extending into my mouth to wrestle my own.

My left hand on her wet stomach, I eased Alex round to encourage her to sit back up on the almanbahis giriş bar, the kiss not breaking as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Her tanned thighs pressed on either side of my ribcage as she leaned down into the kiss, and my hands rested on her hips, underneath her top.

After a couple of minutes, I broke the kiss to ask the important question, “So shall we head to my place?”

Alex shook her head, “Mine is literally three minutes walk.” She leapt down from the bar and led me to the exit via a table where she picked up her small white clutch bag. “Let’s go.”

I hesitated as we reached the door, but, reading my mind, Alex removed the last boundary quickly. “They’re at my sister’s for the night,” confirmed that the baby wouldn’t be interrupting us, and more importantly, Denny wouldn’t be woken to the sound of her teacher fucking her mother, or worse, the youngster walking in on us in the middle of the night.

The walk was indeed about three minutes, although it took us a little longer as twice Alex pushed me against a wall to kiss, both times pressing against me to feel my erection crushed against her stomach through my jeans.

Alex opened the door to an end terrace and dragged me inside, meeting me with a kiss even as she pushed the door closed behind me and threw her keys onto a side table, while I kicked off my shoes. Our lips locked together, Alex guided me through the nearest door and pushed me back onto a sofa, immediately climbing on top of me to straddle my lap. We continued to kiss as my hands found their way under her skirt to grasp her soft arse cheeks, noticing the panties I’d seen earlier was a thong, which my fingers found as they reached her arse crack.

We continued to kiss passionately as I fondled her arse, until she pulled back to pull her frilled sleeves off her arms, revealing her white bra, a fairly standard one with lace covering the cups. Her breasts were nicely pushed together and I wasted no time in transferring my lips to them, kissing the pert mounds as I removed one hand from her arse to release the clasp at the back of her bra, before also quickly unhooking the straps so I could pull the bra clear at the front with no effort. I leaned back to take in a gorgeous pair of breasts, pert and natural with hard nipples protruding invitingly.

Never one to pass up such an invitation, my lips latched around her left nipple while my left thumb and index finger played with her right, my hand caressing her breast as I tweaked and rubbed her hard teat. She moaned lightly as I played and licked her nipples, and again as I slid my right hand under her bottom to find her panties moistened by her arousal. I rubbed against her pussy above the material for a short time as I sucked and licked her nipples, before pulling the barrier to one side to slip my fingers between her slick pussy lips. She moaned softly as I slid my fingers along her groove and found her clit, rubbing it in circles with my index and middle finger.

Alex reached down as I played with her pussy and sucked her nipples, unzipping my jeans and reaching through the fly to release my eight inch erection, wrapping her fingers around as she began to slowly stroke up and down.

The combination of her clit being rubbed, having her nipples touched and licked, and the sensation of having a big, hard cock in her hand was soon enough to bring Alex to orgasm. She moaned loudly as she came, pressing her chest against my face as she shuddered and her back arched in pleasure.

Alex wasted no time in recovery, immediately repositioning herself to impale herself on my cock. She was tighter than I expected, having had a baby only a few months earlier, and had clearly been doing the exercises the midwives suggest, She slowly inched down my erection as she eased herself on, her well lubricated cunt making the entry easier. Slowly but surely, with small movements back up my cock allowing her to take slightly more as she lowered herself, Alex worked all eight inches inside her and rested a few seconds with my shaft filling her up.

Alex leaned in to kiss me and began to rock her hips back and forth, keeping the whole of me inside her at first. The warm, wet tightness of her cunt engulfing me was heaven as she ground herself against me, both of us groaning our pleasure.

Shortly, she lifted herself up and began to ride my cock, her pert teats back in my face now, allowing me to return my mouth to her rock hard nipples. If the back and forth movements had been heaven, the tightness of her cunt walls sliding over my shaft was rapture. Alex rode me slowly at first, but soon adjusted to the thickness of my shaft and began to bounce up and down with vigour. I knew I wouldn’t take long to cum when she first eased herself onto me, and sure enough she soon brought me to climax.

I whispered into her ear that I was going to cum, and a simple response of “I’m back on the pill,” without slowing in the slightest, was followed shortly by an eruption of cum into almanbahis yeni giriş her belly as she bounced on my cock. Alex continued to ride me and followed my orgasm with a loud, gasping one of her own, bucking atop my erection before she finally slowed and came to a stop, my erection still eight inches deep inside her and our fluids mingling inside. She kissed me again before slowly drawing herself off me and climbing off the sofa.

Silently, Alex took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, a smallish room with what looked a Queen size bed taking up most of it. Both of us were still mostly dressed, although Alex’s stunning chest was happily still on show. She pushed me onto the bed and told me to give her a minute, as she rummaged briefly in a cupboard and then disappeared into the en suite.

I stripped off to my boxers, folding my clothes neatly onto the floor by the bed and lying on top of the covers, facing towards the en suite. While I waited, I grabbed my phone and found a message back from my wife that Rhea was very happy I’d told her to stay out with her, followed by a series of pictures of the two kissing and groping each other, as well as the most recent where Rhea was licking Erica’s nipple in a posed picture in the toilets wherever they were. I couldn’t help but look forward to hopefully a few more pictures of the pair as their night went on.

As I waited for Alex to return, erection fully at mast straining to be released again from my underwear thanks to my wife’s antics, I decided to take a small chance and readied the camera with it trained on the door, hoping to send Erica a picture of Alex. Happily the light was on so I knew the phone wouldn’t flash.

Soon enough, Alex opened the en-suite door and paused in the doorway, clad in a sheer black, cupless and crotchless teddy which beautifully framed her uncovered breasts and shaven cunt (For visual purposes lovehoney – Oh La La Cheri Open Cup Crotchless Lace Teddy). I immediately snapped a picture without looking at the phone, and then threw the phone behind me onto the floor as I let my jaw hang low, bringing a wicked smile from the stunning mum. I have to say, Erica got back into great shape quickly after our children, but Alex’s recovery into what can only be described as exceptional shape for anyone, never mind someone fairly recently pregnant, was phenomenal.

At this point, I think if it could, my erection would have burst through my pants to reach Alex, and this didn’t go unnoticed, as she flicked off the light and touched on a bedside lamp, before striding confidently across the space between the ensuite and the bed and immediately pulling my boxers down and off, hurling them on the floor behind her as she leaned down to take me in her mouth. Approaching from the side as she was. I could easily reach out beneath her body and slid my fingers between her pussy lips, finding her clit in her wet slit.

Alex’s head bobbed up and down as she sucked, her right hand stroking the bottom of my shaft as her left held her hair back so I could watch. She moaned occasionally as I alternated between rubbing her clit and sliding my fingers inside her, finger fucking her briefly before returning my attention to her clitoris.

After a few minutes, Alex took her mouth from me and straddled my waist again, lowering herself easily onto my erection this time and grinding herself back and forth on my cock. I simply lay and watched her ride me for a while, my hands on her thighs as her beautiful breasts bounced up and down. Soon though, I decided to take a bit of the initiative from her, leaning up slightly to reach behind her and grab her arse, which I found was also bare in the back of her lingerie. I pulled her forwards atop me, kissing her as I now began to thrust up into her, quickly gaining some speed and pounding hard into her tight, wet cunt, bringing sharp, high pitched gasps.

Thrusting hard into her, the tight walls of her slick pussy wrapped around me, I knew if I hadn’t already cum earlier I would be close to orgasm again and was glad of the slowing effects as her high pitched gasps and grunts became a low, long moan as she climaxed again, her nails digging into my shoulder as she came.

Her breathing ragged, Alex collapsed onto me. Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed her for a minute or so, before rolling her over into the missionary position. Alex wrapped her legs up around my waist and we continued to kiss for a couple of minutes as I slowly slid in and out of her soaked pussy. Soon, I began to speed up, and leaned up slightly out of the kiss as I positioned myself to thrust fast and hard into the smaller woman. I was quickly in position and fucked her hard and fast, soon bringing myself to my second orgasm of the night, groaning deeply as I shot my spunk deep into her belly again before collapsing to lie next to her, both of us now gasping in exhaustion.

After a while, Alex spoke, a little tentatively. “Do you need to get home to your wife tonight?”

I chuckled. I find it’s easiest to answer this when it comes up with a very blunt truth, as usually the woman either doesn’t believe we’re genuinely allowed to fuck other women or simply doesn’t care. “No, she’s sat on the face of a brunette from her school right now, if I’m not mistaken.

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