Erin, Andy, and Her Hubby Tom

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This is the continuation of “Erin meets up wtih Andy to “talk”

Please keep in mind that this story is about wife sharing, so if this isn’t your thing, please don’t waste your time here. While most of this story is about the actual sexual encounter, the first story really was the lead-up to this one and what I’ve written here is what actually happened, written step by step after watching the video of what we did. I hope you enjoy!

So here we are. Tom and I have just agreed to see when Andy would be available to be my bull and join us for a threesome. I can’t believe Andy has gone from a customer at my work yesterday to fucking me later tonight hopefully.

I looked at the message on my phone, “So when will you be available to meet up?” I hesitated, then pressed send. I saw a huge grin cross my husband Tom’s face.

Tom was unaware that last night had gone far beyond me talking with Andy about the possibility of him joining us, to him fingering me and me blowing him in a park. If I wanted to fuck Andy, Tom would have to stay in the dark about what we did.

I had barely sent off the message to Andy before my phone dinged. A reply from Andy already! I hesitated to open it in front of Tom in case Andy said too much, but to my relief and excitement, his message read: “Sandman hotel, the one near where we were last night? Tonight? I’m dying to fuck you silly in front of your husband and make you scream for me.”

“Perfect” Tom said upon reading the message. “But let’s meet for a drink first. There’s a pub attached to that hotel. Ask him if we can meet there at 9 first.” I asked, and Andy was game.

I spent the day with my stomach full of butterflies, anxious for more of Andy, and nervously anxious that Tom might find out what had already happened between us, a very clear violation of our agreement not to do anything sexual. But was getting fingered and giving a blowjob even sex? An American President had convinced the entire world that a blowjob wasn’t sex, so who was I to argue?

I skipped dinner, far too nervous to eat. I showered and shaved my pussy bald, the way Tom loves to see me. I dug through my wardrobe, deciding finally on a tight black strapless shirt with no bra, yoga pants to accentuate my backside, and seamless lycra panties underneath. Although I wanted to, I didn’t dare go without panties for fear of my excitement leaking through and becoming visible. I dried and fluffed up my thick wavy red hair and took one last look in the mirror before we left.

We were about to leave when Tom asked “Do you think he’ll mind being filmed?”

I didn’t know what to say or think. I wasn’t even sure that I was okay with being filmed.

Tom continued, “Not to share or anything, just for you and I to enjoy later.” My head filled with reasons not to be filmed being fucked by 2 men, but I also felt selfish for considering denying Tom this little pleasure, especially in light of the pleasure I’d already had at Andy’s hands and the pleasure I was expecting from his cock tonight.

“I can ask him I suppose” I answered. I quickly typed a message to Andy. “You okay with Tom filming. He’ll keep it private.” I hit send. If Andy wasn’t okay with this, Tom might pull the plug. When he gets an idea in his head, not much can stop him.

Andy didn’t respond immediately and we were running out of time to get to the pub so we headed out so that we weren’t late.

On the way, Tom asked if I’d gone over our rules, safe sex, never alone, etc. and I told him that I had.

We arrived at the hotel and Tom went and got the room while I waited in the car. He came back, taking me by the hand and leading me to the bar. We arrived before Andy and took a booth.

Andy arrived moments later. I told Tom that Andy was there and he turned to see Andy approach our table. Tom stood and shook Andy’s hand. I stood also, and to my surprise, Andy kissed me. I froze, unsure of how Tom would react. Andy broke off the kiss, then hugged me, whispering “I could eat you alive. God, I’m going to make you sore tonight.” I felt my face blush and my pussy dampen.

Andy sat next to me, across from Tom, and immediately dropped his hand into my lap, letting it slide between my legs. I wanted him so badly!

Tom started to make small talk but Andy cut him off, “With all due respect Tom, we’re not here to become buddies, we’re here to make this little vixen happy. Is there anything else I should know about before we take her upstairs and fuck her senseless?”

Tom looked shocked, and a bit put off that he’d been cut off and spoken down to, then ever so slowly as he processed the situation, a smile crossed his lips.

Tom replied, “Erin said she explained our rules already. Only addition is that I’d like to film tonight for watching and enjoying later.”

Andy sat there looking at Tom, his fingers slowly moving in little circles across my clit. I was so close to climaxing already that it was all I could do not to let go. I looked at Andy bursa eskort bayan and based on the grin on his face, he probably knew that he had me close already. Finally, he answered Tom about filming, “Sure, why not? I’ll make sure to give you a special ending worth filming.” He winked at Tom.

Tom smiled, then reached into his pocket, fishing out one of the room key cards and slid it across to Andy. “Let us go up and get settled first, then you come to our room.”

Andy stood, then gave me his hand to help me to my feet. My legs were already weak, trembling slightly from the attention Andy had been giving my clit under the table. I gathered myself, then Tom and I walked out of the pub, leaving Andy. As we walked, hand in hand across the parking lot, Tom looked at me. “Excited? He asked.

“You know I am” I replied with a big grin. I had harsh butterflies, anxious to finally have Andy’s big cock inside me. “He was rubbing my pussy under the table.”

Tom smiled, “I assumed.”

We entered the hotel and pressed the elevator button. The doors opened and we stepped in, the suddenly, as the doors were about to close, in rushed Andy.

If there was one thing that could be said about Andy, it was that he was confident. He stepped forward, pushing me against the wall and thrust his tongue into my mouth right there in front of my husband. My instincts took over and I reciprocated, kissing him passionately. Andy’s hands went up and down my body, rubbing and squeezing me all over until the elevator reached our floor with a “ding”.

I straightened my clothes, afraid that someone might see, but thankfully there was no one waiting when the doors opened. Tom led us down the long corridor to the room, swiping his key card and opening the door as Andy wrapped his arm around my waist and led me in.

Surprisingly, despite all the confidence, things suddenly got awkward. Both men stood there looking at me.

Tom moved first. He turned on the TV and selected a porno. “This should help.”

Tom kicked off his shoes and laid on one side of the bed propped up against the headboard, facing the TV. He held out his hand, prompting me to join him. I climbed up and sat beside Tom, followed quickly by Andy who sat next to me, opposite Tom.

I looked briefly at the TV, seeing two women in a threesome with a well-hung man. One woman was being fucked and was making a lot of noise, but it sounded very fake and I really wasn’t interested in watching. What I did find interesting is that the man’s large cock didn’t appear as long or as thick as what I had in my mouth the night before, hidden behind the fabric of Andy’s pants beside me.

My heart was jackhammering, my palms were sweating. Ever since discussing the possibility of a threesome with Andy, my thoughts were consumed by him. After last night when, unbeknownst to Tom, I’d given Andy a blowjob, the images of what we’d done were constantly flooding my head. I’d dreamed of Andy, of his beautiful, thick cock.

We sat there for all of 10 awkward seconds before I saw Andy’s hands move. They went to his belt as he turned his face, bringing it to my ear. Thankfully, he whispered his words quietly enough that Tom didn’t hear him over the noises coming from the TV, “I want to feel that mouth on my cock again”. I felt my pussy gush with excitement. As he spoke, he undid his pants and quickly pulled them and his underwear down, tossing them to the floor, followed quickly by his shirt.

I was consumed with lust as I quickly turned away from Tom, sliding down between Andy’s legs. His thick cock was already mostly hard, laying on his stomach. I’d been dying to taste him again.

Andy laid back, propped his head up with a pillow and stared down at me. I wrapped my little fingers around his thick shaft again, marvelling at how they didn’t quite go all the way around him, as my head immediately filled with flashbacks. I then lifted his cock, strangely surprised by the weight of it. When he was pointed straight up, I got up on my knees, then stared at Andy’s eyes as I flicked my tongue across the tip, then licked up and down his shaft. He stared back, smiling.

I hadn’t even noticed but Tom had gotten up and grabbed his phone and was filming, something I’d later become aware of when we watched it together the next day. He knelt at the side of the bed, filming as my tongue teased Andy.

I continued to stare into Andy’s eyes as I kissed the tip of his cock, then opened my mouth, inviting his fat head into my mouth. Apparently, Tom was content to watch for now, and I was okay with it. There was something almost magical about that cock. His 9-inch length, his thickness, the perfect purple head, all combined to make me infatuated with it.

I lowered my mouth around him now, pushing down as far as I could, marvelling at the heat it emanated, as Andy moaned loudly. I was overcome, consumed by it. I started to make love to his cock with my mouth, slowly moving up and down bursa merkez escort as I sucked and used my hands to pump him. Within seconds, his cock was as hard as any I’d ever felt, nearly as hard as wood.

“Fuck Erin. Your mouth is amazing. You give the best blowjobs.” I flinched, afraid that Tom might read into the comment and figure out that I’d blown Andy the night before, but apparently, he did not clue in. I continued servicing Andy. Occasionally I would take my mouth off him, licking and kissing the tip before continuing to devour him. I loved tracing the hard ridge on the underside of his cock.

Andy, still staring at me, addressed Tom. “Tom, you okay if I cum? I’ll be ready again in no time.”

I found it amusing that Andy asked Tom if he could cum in my mouth rather than asking me. I didn’t hear a reply from Tom. I looked to the side briefly, now seeing Tom filming. Tom was smiling but I didn’t see or hear a reply to Andy’s question. I quickly concluded that he must have agreed based on Andy’s movements.

Andy grabbed the base of his cock, holding it tightly and started to thrust in and out of my mouth. When he squeezed it, his cock somehow swelled even more, becoming almost too large for my little mouth. His veins became extremely pronounced and I found my tongue sliding over them in awe. The ridge on the underside was even harder and thicker also.

Andy’s free hand moved to my hair, moving it all to the side, opposite where Tom was filming which gave Tom a great vantage point.

Andy didn’t release my hair. He wrapped it up in his hand, then pushed down against the back of my head as he continued to grasp his cock and thrust upward. He wanted to use my mouth and I was happy to allow him to. I was now sure that Tom had given Andy permission to cum already. I just hoped Andy could live up to his promise to get hard again.

“You ready Erin?” Andy asked. He barely finished asking before he thrust up and pushed my head down forcefully. To my shock and surprise, Andy’s cock pushed into my throat as it started to throb. Andy moaned out very loudly. It was everything I could do not to choke as Andy’s load started to shoot down my throat. To my side I heard Tom’s voice quietly exclaim, “Holy fuck”.

I quickly swallowed, taking Andy’s cum into my stomach and trying desperately to hold my breath. Andy’s hand remained on the back of my head, holding me down. I marvelled at the sensation of his thick cock pulsing as it pumped his seed into my stomach, and the reaction my pussy was having as I felt it gushing with excitement at having Andy use me this way.

Finally, I could not hold my breath any longer and pushed back against Andy’s grip on my head. My lungs were ready to burst when, thankfully, he eased up and let me up, allowing me to gasp for air. I coughed, choking on the remnants of his cum in my throat.

I hovered over Andy’s cock, as both his cock, and my mouth drooled. Tom spoke again, “that was incredible.”

Andy commented, “you’re not kidding.”

Andy’s cock still twitched occasionally as more cum leaked from it. He was softening slightly and as he did, it leaked more still. I needed desperately to be fucked by this magnificent cock and I now made it my quest to make sure Andy didn’t get softer.

I brought my mouth down to the puddle of cum on Andy’s pelvis, licking it up and swallowing it before moving down to his big ball sack. I looked up at Andy, happy to see that he was watching me intently as I sucked one of his large balls into my mouth. I moved a hand to his shaft and started to stroke him gently.

To my pleasure, I felt his phallus start to harden again. I couldn’t have been more relieved that he regained his full erection. I then let his ball fall from my mouth, before I licked up the length of his cock, then flicked my tongue across the tip, devouring the last remnants of his ejaculate.

My panties were beyond soaked with excitement. Looking Andy in the eyes, I asked, “so what are you going to do with this thing now?”

Andy’s cock twitched, “I’m going to make you squeal.” The wildest grin developed across his face, causing my body to shudder and my pussy to throb.

Andy grabbed my long red hair again, lifting my mouth from his cock as he sat up and brought his mouth to mine, kissing me passionately as he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

Quickly, Andy grabbed my top, pulling it up and discarding it before flipping me onto my back. He knelt between my legs as he then lifted my legs, pulling off my yoga pants and panties. With my legs now spread on either side of him, my pussy was leaking and open to him. I looked down between my legs to admire the fat cock dangling there near my opening. I reached for him, taking him into my hand and trying to pull him into me but he resisted. To be quite honest, it was a good thing he resisted because all I wanted was to have him inside me, and a condom never even crossed my mind.

Andy bursa sınırsız escort bayan lowered his body onto mine, then bent and started to suck and bite my nipple, one of my bigger turn-ons, not that he needed to push more of my buttons!

I was looking down, watching as he alternated his attention between my breasts, when I suddenly felt him slide a finger into me. I moaned out loudly as Andy started to finger fuck me forcefully. I was losing my mind! I could barely focus anymore.

Andy slid down my body until his mouth was at my pussy. Unlike most men who fumble around down there, Andy was skilled well beyond his years. He spread my lips with both hands, then flicked his tongue across my clit, making me squirm. He pushed 2 fingers into me, then removed them and brought them to my mouth. I grabbed his hand with both of mine, pulling his fingers into my mouth as I licked my own juices from them, then sucked on them both as he resumed licking me.

Andy took his hand back and slid those fingers back inside, moving up onto his knees between my legs. He then reached his other hand around my back and lifted me so that I was sitting on his lap, with him on his knees, his fingers still deep inside me, making a “come hither” motion.

I stared down, watching as he finger fucked me, his cock standing just below my opening. I needed him inside me!

As though reading my mind, Andy removed his fingers. He looked around, then addressed Tom, “pass me the rubbers from my pocket”.

I looked over at Tom, still filming dutifully as he fumbled and dug out the condoms, passing the row of them to Andy who tore the end package open with his teeth, removing one. He quickly rolled it onto his cock, then pushed me down onto my back.

The moment I’d been so desperately waiting for was finally here! My heart was pounding in my ears.

Andy laid on me, kissing me passionately as he started thrusting his hips forward. I felt him at my entrance, parting my lips, but then he slid past, much to my disappointment. He then thrust again, and again, missing his mark each time. I couldn’t take the teasing anymore.

I reached down between us, grasping his cock firmly and guided him to my pussy. When he thrust forward, his head entered me. Despite my lubrication, my body still tensed in reaction to his girth. He kissed me more and I tried to relax, spreading my legs as widely as I could.

Andy pushed again, finally pushing past my resistance, thrusting his entire length into me in one long movement. I groaned so loudly in reaction to being stretched that I’m sure people asleep at the other end of the hotel probably heard me.

Andy moved his mouth from mine, asking “you like that?”

“Oh yes!” I replied breathlessly as he started to slide his length in and out of me with long forceful thrusts.

Andy and I kissed more. This wasn’t fucking like I think Tom had expected. Instead, likely due to talking to, and flirting with Andy as well as developing a relationship with him at work and last night, we were now making love.

Andy fucked me slowly at first, then faster and harder as his large balls slapped loudly against my ass, my legs bent at the knees and spread so that I could take him deeply. I had been sucking his fingers again, but now I grabbed Andy’s head in my hands, holding it as I kissed him even harder. He was hitting me in places that Tom could never reach and I soon started to shake violently with my first climax as his mouth clamped down on mine, stifling my screams.

I was seeing stars, barely conscious when I felt Andy hoist my legs up onto his shoulders. I love how deep a man can go in this position but if I’d have been more aware, I’d have been concerned about Andy going any deeper than he already had. Regardless, he did, pushing into areas I’d rarely felt touched before.

He alternated between slow and fast, but always went as deep as he could. I kept looking down, marvelling at his length as almost all of it would come into view before thrusting deep into me, making my stomach bulge each time he pushed into me.

Suddenly, Andy yanked me up onto his lap again, with me now sitting on his cock. I started to grind on Andy’s lap, marvelling at how his cock filled me while I ground my clit against him.

Andy laid back now, leaving me to ride him. I noticed Tom filming still, apparently still content to watch rather than joining as we’d planned. Honestly, I appreciated the opportunity to focus on Andy and not be distracted by trying to satisfy both men. I adjusted my legs, then rode him hard. I was startled when I felt Andy’s hands on my backside, spreading my cheeks widely, then surprised when he started to rub my anus. He started to fuck me hard from below now, still rubbing my asshole. I don’t usually do anal, but I was happy to let Andy touch me however he wished.

Andy paused, wrapped his arms around me, then flipped me onto my back while keeping his cock inside me. He started to fuck me again, his hands still grasping my ass cheeks and spreading them wide while rubbing my asshole again.

Without warning, Andy slid his thumb into my ass (I discovered that it was his thumb when I watched the video with Tom a few days later. Tom was between our legs filming when Andy’s thumb penetrated me).

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