Erotic Interlude – Tied Down

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I wrote this for my sexy text friend who had a fantasy of being tied down.

I drag you to the bed and push you down on your back. I put a pillow behind your back and head so you’re slightly elevated. You are completely naked, but I’m not. I’m wearing a black lace teddy that covers my ass and bra cups that come just above the nipples. I straddle your waist so I can reach above you and tie your hands to the bed posts, making sure to rub my covered breasts in your face and my already-wet pussy against your belly. I move back and tie your ankles as well, but leave room for you to pull your legs back.

I re-straddle you and start by licking my juices off your belly and moving up to kiss you deeply. I gently dig my nails against your scalp and tug your hair. You can just barely feel the lace over my breasts against your chest and the skirt of my teddy tickles your sides. I lick into your mouth one last time and move to your neck where I suck a mark behind your ear and at the juncture of your shoulder. You’re MINE. As a reward, I drag my dripping cunt against your hard cock and barely let it slip inside bursa eskort bayan for just a moment before taking it away again.

I move down to your chest and scratch my nails against your sides. I take my time and suck and lave each nipple in turn until you’re gasping and humping the air. I let you find my wetness with your cock occasionally. I’m having trouble holding back. Your arousal turns me on so much.

I move down, freeing my breasts to encase your cock, giving you something to fuck against. I lightly scratch and suck your belly until you’re covered in my marks. I’m straddling your thigh now and grinding my clit against you. I’m so wet you can feel me dripping down the sides of your thigh.

I move back up and crush my bare breasts against your face and feed you my nipples. They aren’t very sensitive, so I love the pain of your stubble and hard suction with teeth. Our groans fill the room. I lose my composure and start fucking your cock with my clit, sliding you back and forth through my slit until I have my first orgasm. As I tremble through it, you try to fuck me, bursa merkez escort but I pull out of the way. I reward you by moving down and holding my breasts together so you can fuck them, using my juices as lube. As you get harder and sound like you’re going to cum, I stop.

I completely remove my teddy and toss it aside. You’ve been so good for me. I think it’s time to show your cock some real love. I lick you all over from base to tip, gently rolling your balls in my hand. I can’t help but suck you all the way in until you’re pressing against the back of my throat. I pull back and rub my tongue in circles against the sensitive underside until you’re shaking. I’m humping your thigh again and I’m so wet it’s making obscene squelching sounds.

I suck each of your balls into my mouth and run a single finger up and down the back of your dick. I lick down your perineum and down to your hole. I grab your dick firmly and stroke quickly until you nearly cum, but I stop suddenly with my hand. My tongue continues the assault on your hole. Once you’re dripping with bursa sınırsız escort bayan spit, I suck your dick back in and insert a single finger into your hole and give your prostate a firm stroke, forcing your cock to weep in my mouth. It tastes so good, I do it again and again until you’re about to blow.

I drag my pussy up your body and my breasts over your face until I’m straddling your face. I’ve left a trail of glistening wetness. You’re going to smell me in your beard for days. I grind against your face until I’m coming again. I slump down and kiss you languidly, cleaning me off your face and sharing it all with you.

I’m dying to be filled at this point. I move back and sit on your cock, gasping at the blissful feeling of being full. Your cock is the perfect size to give me everything I need. I ride you hard, cumming almost immediately and squirting all over your belly. I’m still shaking, so I quickly untie you and get on my hands and knees so you can rail me. I cum again, forcing you out with the force of my orgasm. You push back inside and ride me until you explode. I’m still on the edge, so I turn over and furiously rub my clit while you shove three fingers inside me and pound against my g until I have a massive, blended, screaming orgasm that strips my throat and leaves me nearly in tears. You collapse on top of me and push your softening dick back inside me where it belongs.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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