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It was a cold dawn. I lay on my bed like a helpless baby in a womb. I folded my legs and placed it near my torso projecting a fetal position to have the ephemeral warmth I needed.

Although I wrapped my body with blanket, I could still feel the chill of the dawn as if ice-cold hands exploring every hill, mountain, and forest of my shivering body. Deep inside me burned a desire to have someone whom I could embrace and together share our bodily ardor. How I craved for someone to offer me such warmth!

To escape the tormenting wintry touch of nature, I let my mind travel into the world of fantasy where my frozen body was emancipated by the blazing fire of longing deep within me. I was imagining that someone came to me and bathed me with warmth.

In the middle of my fantasy, I felt someone caressing the part below my navel. My thighs even felt a faint touch! It was terrific…ah! Oh!

I resolved to open my eyes to see who did such obscene yet sensually arousing deed. Lying on my bed, I straightened my body then I removed my blanket. Slowly I clutched the side garter of my underwear with my sweaty hands and carefully pushed my underwear down reaching Escort Arnavutköy my knees (I usually sleep only with my underwear on). I spread open my well-shaped legs and focused my vision forward. Finally I saw him. There he was…the one who brought a delightful stimulus all over my body.

I saw him bare-naked and faceless! A slit-like opening could be seen at the upper portion of his pinkish head. His head has no hair at all; however, kinky and shiny hair was sprouting like wild black vines at the lowest part of his body. Fully awakened from his long and dark sleep, he was rigidly standing in front of me, enticing me to do it.

My heart began to pitter-patter as I gasped for breath…because of fear or because of excitement? Only my body knew. A turbulent clash between my psyche and the somatic element of my being befell. Should I give in to this irresistible temptation? My mind said “no” yet my body was willing to dive into the pool of enticement. In the end, my body reigned supreme over my opposing mind.

Suddenly, I just found my right hand, as if it has a mind of its own, touching my seducer’s head.

I Avcılar escort was caressing his head gently oh…it was so smooth. I shivered not because of the cold ambience but because of excitement certainly! I could feel warm blood flowing rapidly in my every vein and artery circulating and bringing ample heat to all parts of my body. Then a sort of feverish feeling came. I was getting hot…oh!

I started to remove my underwear and deliberately stroked his head up and down. Oh… it was splendid! He seemed to respond to my stroking for his body became harder and more rigid. I thought he was enjoying what I was doing to him as much as I enjoyed doing it.


I stroked his body harder until his head, from pink, turned purplish as if swelling. Sweat was forming on my forehead zigzagging over my flushed face. Drops of sweat fell from my chin as I continued my wickedly pleasurable business.

My heart started to beat harder and my breathing got heavier and deeper. Then, I noticed that my nipples became stiffer and deeper in color like two identical dark marks Bağcılar escort bayan embedded on my chest.

A milky white fluid spurted from the slit-like opening in his head. There were series of muscle spasms in his whole body and then I felt a sort of neat sensation. A good sensual feeling came flooding over me. In his every spurt, I drowned into an intense ecstasy. I closed my eyes and succumbed to a sensual delight!

The pleasurable feeling lasted for a bout ten seconds. Afterward, I felt relaxed all over. My heartbeat and breathing gradually returned to normal.

I got a piece of cloth and wiped the lotion-like fluid that had adhered on the surface of his head, body and hair.

From his stiff and hard demeanor, he shrunk and became soft and supple. I thought he was tired as I was so I let him sleep in the comfort of my thighs with two rounded and wrinkled pillows, secured by my underwear.

I was exhausted and wanted to go back to sleep. The coldness of the ambience was still present and had greatly overwhelmed me. So I got my blanket and wrapped myself with it. I then returned to my fetal position. Between my thighs, I could feel him sound asleep.

A cold wind touched my face and kissed my ears as if whispering, “It’s cold. You need warmth. Why don’t you do it again?”

I replied silently in my mind, “No, not now. I’m tired and so is he. I think I can still bear your cold embrace. Maybe next time…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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