Ethel and Gene, A New Life Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

All the characters are age 18, or older. This story is about an incestuous relationship.


“Oh my God,” I heard my mother screech. “Those are my panties.”

She had opened my bedroom door not knowing I was inside jerking off. That would have been bad enough, but I was wearing a pair of her panties. Actually I had pushed them down slightly so my cock was free to stroke. I had my balls lying on top of the fabric too. The elastic of the waistband pulled up under them.

Besides wearing her panties I had another pair, which I had fished out of the hamper, held up to my nose. They were exceptionally aromatic that day. She must have been a little excited when she was wearing them. Her scents were a delight any day, but some days were better than others.

Needless to say I was startled. I looked toward the door to see her standing with her hand covering her mouth in a gesture of shock and surprise. She spun around and rushed from the room slamming the door behind her.

My morning was ruined. It was a Saturday, no school. I usually liked to start my non-school days by masturbating while wearing my mother’s panties.

Before you jump to any conclusions. I was not a panty freak. At least I don’t think I was. I only wore them at special times, like when I jerked off. Well a few other times too. Sometimes to school, or maybe to a movie. I wore boxers usually. It doesn’t really matter. That was then. Now is now.

At any rate my boner was gone and I was in big trouble. I’d be lucky if she didn’t kick me out of the house. I had to find an answer to my dilemma, if there was one.

I got dressed and took the two pair of panties to the bathroom to throw in the hamper. I went downstairs, but Mom was nowhere around. I checked the garage and her car was gone.

I went back to my room trying to think of something I could do, anything I could do.

I got on my computer and brought up one of my favorite sites ‘Literotica’. I looked through all the panty stories. None of them gave me an answer. If the story was about a son being caught by his mother, with her panties, they invariably ended up in an incestuous relationship.

That wouldn’t do in my case. My mother was far too straitlaced to even think about such a thing. Even though I often found her juices on her panties. She was not going let me do something like that.

I would have liked to though. She was my favorite jerk off dream girl.

Let me take a moment to describe my mother. Her name is Ethel. An old fashioned name I know, but it seems to suit her. She is forty-four, 5′ 4″ and a little overweight. She weighs about 160 on a medium frame. Her ass is well padded and her medium sized tits are plump. She has the beginning of a belly. Her face is full with her hair dyed blond and cut short. Her natural hair color is light brown, but has a lot of gray in it.

She does have nice legs, nicer when she wears nylons and heels. If she wears the right dresses, or skirts, her ass looks good too. Mom has a pleasant, open face but she is really introspective

She and my father divorced when I was just a toddler. I grew up spending a couple of weekends a month with my father and his new wife. I liked them both. My step-mother treated me with love, but was always careful not to interfere in my relations with my birth mother. My father took a lot of interest in me, even after he had two children with his new wife.

Mom didn’t have to work, but she did. She is an accountant at a local firm. Her parents had left her enough that we could live comfortably, but she had invested that money and we lived on her wages. She had been talking lately of possibly cutting back to three days a week.

Me? I’m Gene, short for Eugene. That’s a name with a long history in my mother’s family. I’m nineteen, five feet ten and 160 pounds. I’m medium build, in good condition but not muscular. In fact I’m a bit soft.

I attend a local two year college. The idea being that I would save money by living at home. At the same time it would give me a chance to decide what field I wanted to study. I was having a little trouble making up my mind. My father was contributing to my college costs so he appreciated the savings.

My mother was happy with the situation too. She would have me at home for a little longer. Maybe I should say she had been happy with the arrangement until that morning.

As I was growing up my mother was very loving with me. One could almost say she doted on me. At the same time she could be strict when it was called for. Whenever she would punish me for something she would hug me afterward and tell me she loved me.

Mom would hug me often as I grew up. In my early teens I would reject these hugs, but a few years later accepted them gladly and returned them.

Mom was a very moral woman. I don’t think she was ever with a man after her divorce from my father. I was aware of very few dates while I was growing up. I never found a dildo, or vibrator when snooping in şişli escort bayan her room. As I said above, straitlaced. Her life seemed to center on me. She tried to teach me things like honesty, responsibility, and self-sufficiency. To a large degree she was successful.

So how and when did lust for my Mom become a central point in my life? I would snoop through her room checking her closet and dresser drawers. Her panties were all plain. Most were cotton, but she had some silk pairs too. Same thing with her bras. Most were utilitarian, but a couple made with sensuous fabric. Mom wore slips sometimes. Those were all silk or satin. A couple had lace at the bodice and hem. There was nothing that I found more than mildly exciting.

The big change came one day when I was helping out by doing the laundry. Since Mom worked I tried to do my part to help. I was sorting the soiled clothes when, on a whim, I put a pair of her panties to my nose to sniff at the gusset.

It was a whim that changed my life. It happened just at the point that girls were becoming an obsession with me. I hadn’t had much success with them. The girls I lusted after lusted after jocks, not non-athletic guys like me.

The fragrance my mother left on her panties enchanted me. It was the closest I had ever been to a live pussy. I set the panties aside, and once the laundry was started took them to my room to jerk off while holding them to my nose. It was the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced, up to that point, in my young life.

So my mother became the central figure in my dreams. My pudgy mom became my ideal, my dream girl. I searched the internet looking for spicy pictures of women who resembled her, there weren’t many. Likewise I found only a few porn flicks that suited my needs. Magazines were a better source of salacious pictures of mature, chubby women. There were all types of magazines and some specialized in mother figures.

Trying on her panties seemed like a logical next step. They felt so good against my face, especially the silky ones that I tried rubbing them on my cock and jerking off with them wrapped around my dick. I got that last idea from a story, a number of stories actually.

I preferred the soiled panties on my face where I could inhale the fragrances. At the same time I liked the feel on my cock. The thought came to me that I should try them on. Surprisingly they fit, only a little snug. Mom’s ass was a bit broad, and mine was slim. After that I wore a pair of her panties when I jerked off. I had to be careful that I got them washed and back in her drawer so she wouldn’t notice they had disappeared. Since I did much of the laundry I was able to handle things okay.

And that’s where things stood the day I got caught.

I spent the day in my room searching for answers. My mind was in a turmoil. Nothing I found on the internet seemed to apply. My thoughts produced nothing but panicked wild notions.

I dreaded hearing her come home and having to face her. When I did hear the door close as she entered the house I cowered in my room with the door shut. It was early evening before I summoned the courage to go downstairs, to face my fate.

Mom was working at the sink. My dinner was on the table getting cold. She had not called me to eat. I started to stammer out an apology but Mom stopped me.

“I don’t want to hear it Eugene. I am very upset and do not want to speak about it, or to you.” With that she left the kitchen and went to her bedroom. I picked at my cold dinner, but ate very little. I cleared the table, rinsed the dishes and went to my room. Eventually I fell asleep.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday evening. I had to make my own meals. Mom refused to speak to me. Not even a word.

I had classes Monday. It was a relief to get out of the house. I came home to silence. For dinner I went to a fast food place. Tuesday was the same yet again.

I had been sleeping, but poorly, since the event. I hadn’t been jerking off either. I just didn’t feel like it.

Tuesday night I woke up with a familiar scent in my nose. My eyes flew open to see my mother sitting on the side of my bed holding a pair of her soiled panties to my face.

I reached for her but she slapped my hand away. I started to say something but she cut me off with a sharp command. “Quiet!”

She was wearing a cotton nightgown, knee length. She didn’t say another word but rubbed the panties on my face, under my nose, across my lips. My cock hardened quickly. I hadn’t jerked off since the event and was horny.

Mom was aware of my hardening cock. When I reached for it instinctively she slapped my hand away. These weren’t light slaps, they were hard and stung. She made herself clear.

My cock was throbbing with lust when my mother took my hand and put it over the panties at my face. She climbed onto the bed and straddled me above my cock. As she lifted her nightgown I could see that she was wearing panties.

She pushed my cock escort mecidiyeköy down on my belly, still inside my boxers, and lowered herself so it rested in her slit. She was sliding herself along my rigid dick masturbating herself on its hardness. Her head was down and she seemed to be concentrating on what she was doing.

She did look up once. She saw I was still inhaling the aroma of her panties on my face and went back her self-gratification. I was aware of a series of gasps and a quivering in her body as an orgasm overtook her. She continued sliding her pussy on my cock, passionless except when she had cum. And that was subdued.

I came though. Gobs of creamy cum exploded from my cock as thrills raced through my body. Mom seemed to be cumming when she felt me tense. At least she was gasping as before and her body was quivering again, stronger this time.

She continued rubbing herself over me as I softened. She slid over the cum on my belly coating the cotton panties with it.

She got off me when I was flaccid. Standing beside the bed she lifted her nightgown and took her panties off. She handed them to me and left without a word.

It was the first time I had ever seen my mother without panties, and it was only a flash. I caught a glimpse of a full lush bush, and puffy labia peeking through the forest of hair. That’s all I had a chance to see.

It took a while for me to get to sleep. I lay awake wondering about the reason for Mom’s actions. Did they have a hidden message for me? Or was it simply that Mom was horny. Mom had never before ever indicated to me, not in any way, that she was aroused. Would she do so now? If a hidden message, what? Why that way?

My mind was in turmoil again. Uppermost, did it mean I wouldn’t get kicked out of the house? I just didn’t know any answers.

Wednesday I had an early class. Mom had breakfast on the table for me. But she wouldn’t speak to me. It was tough in school. I had trouble keeping my mind on the subject matter. When I got home that afternoon Mom was still at work.

There was a clean pair of her panties on my bed. A note with them said simply, Wear these. I showered and put on the panties. They were a silky material and felt nice. I finished dressing with a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

Dinner was a silent affair. Mom was not yet ready to speak to me. She had said nothing about the previous night. Except for the fact that she had begun to prepare meals for me again there was no indication about her mood.

I went to my room after dinner. I did college homework for a couple of hours and went to bed. Not to sleep though. I lay awake waiting to see if my mother would appear again.

She did, just as I was starting to doze off. She approached the bed silently with soft slippers on her feet. She stood by the bed looking at me for a minute. My eyes were open, I made no attempt to pretend I was asleep.

Her hands were empty, if she had panties with her she had concealed them. Her nightgown looked like the same one as the night before.

She seemed to reach a decision. She quickly pulled her nightgown up to her waist, she pushed her panties over her hips and let them slide down her legs to the floor. She stepped out of them and picked them up.

She sat on the side of the bed then and looked at me without expression. Her hands held the panties as if wondering what to do with them.

I watched, not daring to speak. I felt like it would break a spell if I said anything.

Again it was if she had reached a decision. She brought the panties she had removed to my face. She rubbed them over me making sure the gusset was in contact with my skin. Across my lips, around my nose. They were wet, sopping. She passed over my mouth again. My lips parted slightly when she did. She must have sensed it. Her hand stopped and she pushed the wet gusset between my lips. “Open,” she said. That was all, just one word.

I opened my mouth and she pushed the wet gusset between my teeth. I was tasting her juices. My mind raced, I was excited. Had she cum to be so juicy? Had she masturbated to soak her panties for me?

She pulled the sheet off me. Checking to be sure I was wearing the panties she had left for me. I was but they barely contained my hard-on. The excitement of Mom rubbing her panties over my face and pushing them into my mouth had made me hot.

She pulled up the waistband of the panties so that only the tip of my cock was poking out above it. My cock lay flat against my stomach, contained by the elastic.

Mom didn’t hesitate again. She climbed onto the bed and straddled my cock. She lowered herself onto it and, like the night before, let it nestle into her slit. She slid back and forth on my silk encased hard-on. The difference being that this time she was not doing it through two layers of fabric. Only one rather sensuous layer of silk.

Her nightgown was bunched around her waist giving me a good view of the wild thatch of her pubic hair. merter escort Once again her head was down as she seemed to be concentrating on her actions.

I reached for her. I was able to touch her arm and stroke her softly, but if I tried to touch her body she slapped me away. As she had the night before, after a series of gasps, her body quivered with the effects of an orgasm.

I came as she was at the height of her pleasure. My creamy cum spewing onto the flesh of my belly. Mom continued rubbing herself on me until I softened. She climbed off me then and stood next to the bed.

“If you wait a little while I’ll be hard again,” I told her.

She looked at me without expression. Then said one word. “Why?”

I wasn’t sure what she was asking, but I took a stab at an answer. “Because I’m very attracted to you.”

“Thank you,” she said. After a long pause she added. “Not tonight.” She turned and left the room then.

My first class the next day wasn’t until ten. I had another at two and one quite late at four in the afternoon. I got up early anyway. I wanted to see if Mom would make breakfast for me again.

She did, but again without speaking. But she might have been hiding an occasional small smile. It was hard to tell for sure. She left me to finish breakfast and went upstairs to dress for work. She had to leave about eight-thirty.

I dawdled over my meal and had another cup of coffee. Mom came back into the kitchen. She looked at me levelly again. Still silent she turned and left for work. I sat thinking, trying to figure out what she was up to. If she even knew herself. I finally shrugged and thought that I might find out eventually.

School went a little better. I was able to pay attention and I think I managed to learn something.

Mom was in the kitchen when I got home. I said hello, but she remained silent. Her response was that same level look. I wished she’d at least show a little emotion.

I went to my room to shower and change. In the center of the bed there was a pair of silky, ivory colored, panties. These were a little fancier than what I had seen before. There were a couple of small bows at the waist and bottom. She must have bought some new ones.

Next to the panties my terrycloth bathrobe was laid out. I got the message. In fact I found it erotic.

I showered and went back to my bedroom. I pulled on the panties. They had a smooth sensuous feel. They fit better too, she had to have bought them with me in mind.

I thought that there might be a little time before dinner. I wondered whether I should go downstairs, or wait until dinnertime. I decided to go downstairs. I put my bathrobe on.

I looked into the kitchen to let Mom know I was there, then sat in the living room and turned on the news.

Mom came to the doorway and said simply, “Dinner.”

When I came into the kitchen she looked at the robe. She looked like she started to say something, then changed her mind.

Dinner was eaten in silence. I helped clear the table afterward. Mom served us both coffee and said, “We need to talk.”

“I want to know, Gene, if you are gay,” my mother asked.

“No, Mom, I’m not.”

“I didn’t think so, not after your reaction the last two nights.” She said. “It wouldn’t have mattered, I just wanted to know.

“Tell me why you are using my panties,” she continued.

I told her my story. Much as I told it to you earlier. I left out the part about jerking off to visions of her.

She gave me one of her looks when I was done. I had no idea what she was thinking.

“So you like the feel of them on you.” She said. “I can understand that. I had a bit of a problem understanding your fascination with my soiled underwear. I looked for something on the internet, but didn’t find much except salacious stories. I read a couple of them.”

She didn’t say what she thought of the stories.

“I took today off work. I came home after I knew you’d left. I wanted to look for answers. I spent hours on the computer and learned much. Far more than I really wanted to know.

“I went through your room,” she continued. I felt a moment of dread. “I found where you had hidden your magazines and pictures.”

I felt a blush envelop my body. I thought I had hidden them well.

“I noticed a few things,” she went on. “All the ladies were on the plump side. I noticed the title of one of the magazines too, ‘Chubby Mommies’. I looked through that one. There were a lot of pictures of sexual activity. Some showing men kissing women on their private parts. Women kissing men’s privates, too. The implications were that they were mother and son couples. I didn’t look at any of the videos. The names are quite suggestive, though.”

I was busted. All my fantasies about my mother were exposed. My panty fetish laid out in the open. These had been my own secrets, not to be shared with anyone, ever.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” I could only stammer out an apology. I had tried to apologize the day after the event and it had been rejected.

“Mom,” I asked. “Why have you been bringing me your panties and leaving fresh ones for me to wear?” Maybe she would tell me what she had been thinking.

She didn’t answer. Instead she commanded “Stand up.”

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