Ethel and Gene, A New Life Ch. 02

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All the characters are age 18, or older. This story is about incestuous relationships.

For background, I suggest you read chapter 1.

I know next to nothing about cross dressing which has a large part in this story. Neither do Ethel and Gene, but they’re learning.


I couldn’t get to sleep all that easily. My mind was full of what Mom had told me. There were more jumbled thoughts in my mind about our experiences over the last three nights. Did I want to be her Lover? Of course I did! It was one of my most intense fantasies.

Eventually I did doze off. I woke early though with the same thoughts in my mind.

Mom was lying on her side. I was spooned up to her. My hand was cupping her soft breast and I had a raging hard on that nestled in the crack of her ass. I had to get up to pee and when I looked at the clock I saw it was almost time for her to get up too.

I eased back from her, not wanting to wake her too suddenly. She turned onto her back and I saw that her face wore a serene expression.

I ran to the bathroom. I turned the room lights on as I went out the door. I peed and brushed my teeth. When I got back to the room Mom was sitting up stretching.

“Good morning,” she smiled at me. “I feel good.”

“I do too,” I said, although I was a little tired.

“If you’ll get coffee started I’ll be down in a minute,” she told me.

I found my bathrobe where I had dropped it on the floor. I headed for the kitchen and got the coffee maker going. Mom joined me after a few minutes. I put a cup of coffee in front of her as she sat at the table.

She smiled at me, a bright happy smile. “No matter what you decide, Gene, talking to you was what I needed. My mind feels so clear this morning.”

“I have already decided Mom. There was no real question about it.”

“Oh, Gene,” She jumped up to hug me. To sit on my lap and throw her arms around my neck. To kiss me hard with open mouth and probing tongue.

I hugged her back. I felt happy, I shared her joy. I loved her more than ever at that moment. That love never went away, it grew as time went on.

She went back to her chair, talking about her happiness. She calmed down a little after a while. “We’ll talk this evening. I need to get some things before we start. I hope you don’t mind. I want our first time to be special.”

Mom could have anything she wanted right then.

Another cup of coffee and I had to get ready for school. I had a full schedule on Friday. My last class was at three and I would get home about four thirty. A little before Mom.

Mom was getting ready to shower when I had to leave. I kissed her and told her I loved her. She hugged me and said she loved me too.

I was excited all day. I had made a big decision. It would affect me the rest of my life. At the same time I would be able to play out some of my dreams.

When I got home I immediately went upstairs to shower and change. There was a pair of pale blue panties laid out on the bed. Next to them was a silk robe. I didn’t know Mom had bought it for me. She probably got it when she bought the new lingerie.

I showered and put on the panties, then the robe. They both felt good, luxurious. It would be a while before Mom got home so I sat down at the computer to do some school work.

I heard her come in and jumped up to go downstairs to greet her. She was at the foot of the stairs. I met her at the bottom and we threw our arms around each other.

She stood back to look at me, “The robe looks nice,” she said. “Open it.”

I opened it wide and she nodded her approval. “Don’t tie the sash,” she said. “It flashes me when it’s open.”

I laughed and agreed to leave it untied.

“I stopped for some carry out for dinner. It’s on the counter. Better put it in the fridge, we’ll warm it up later. I need to get out of my work clothes.”

Mom went upstairs to change. In the kitchen I put the food away and set the table.

Mom came back downstairs after a few minutes. Her robe was new, and silk, too. It was open showing me that she was wearing matching bra and panties, the same color as the ones she had laid out for me. Thigh high nylons sheathed her legs.

“You look lovely,” I told her.

“Thank you, Darling. It’s Friday, let’s have a drink to celebrate our pact.”

I fixed us each a drink and brought them to her. She was on the couch waiting for me. We sat close together and sipped our drinks. We touched each other often, but didn’t say much until Mom remarked, “I hope I’m not putting too much strain on you by asking you to wait until next weekend,”

“I’m sure it will be worth the wait, Mom.” I told her.

She laughed. “I hope so. In the meantime we can do like we did yesterday evening.” I was sure she meant masturbate.

We finished our drinks and we went to the kitchen and she set the table while I warmed up dinner.

While we ate Mom told me that she had some shopping to do the next day. She added that she had ordered several things on the computer and escort şişli there should be several packages the next week.

I was curious what she was buying, but didn’t ask. I would find out eventually.

“Shall we watch the other videos?” she asked.


“Something else we could do is look up things on the internet. Maybe porn, but I’m thinking more along lines of things that interest us. Look for articles about our fetishes, for instance.”

“That might be fun,” I agreed. “Should we try it this evening?”

“I think I’d prefer the videos tonight,” Mom said. “I like cuddling up with you while we watch. I’ll be right back.” She left to go upstairs

I put the DVD I had selected in the player and sat on the couch. I thought about my mother. There had been a big change in her personality. At least around me. She was outgoing now, not introspective as she had been. She seemed much livelier. I liked my old thoughtful mom. I liked the new animated one too.

I thought about the big changes we were about to make. That we had already started on. I hoped I could make her happy. I wanted to very much.

Mom’s return interrupted my musings. She sat on the couch with me and snuggled up close. She put a pair panties down next to herself.

“Those are the ones I wore today,” she said.

Speaking close to my ear, her voice throaty, she said. “I didn’t shower tonight. I’m not going to in the morning either. I’m going to wear the panties I put on this evening the whole time.” She laughed. “I want to make them nice for you.”

I felt a real thrill at her words. It was her husky voice. It was her sexy words telling me what she would do for me. It was the sense of anticipation, the wait for especially aromatic panties. It was the thought that they would have been next to her body for so long. The body I desired so much.

She let me put my arm around her this time. I hugged her as I started the video. The film was about a threesome. A mother, son and the mother’s sister. As we had before I turned the sound off. They took a while to get started, but eventually all three were naked, except for nylons and spike heels on the women.

Mom picked up the panties. She held them up to her own face and inhaled. She lowered them and looked as if she was considering the experience. She brought them back to her face again and her tongue tasted the gusset. Again that contemplative look.

She gave me the panties then. Together we rubbed them over my lips and nose. My cock was already half hard and the panties made me instantly rock hard.

I held my mom’s hand, guiding her; showing her what I liked. As before I let her push the damp gusset between my lips to suck at her juices. This time my hand was guiding her when she pushed them past my lips. My cock was throbbing with lust. It wanted to burst through the fabric of the panties I was wearing.

The video was showing scenes of woman eating woman, mother eating son. Son eating aunt. Son fucking mother and combinations of all three of the participants. Mom was watching it all. Her hand softly felt my cock. “It’s so big,” she murmured. She pushed the panties off my waist. “Make yourself cum,” she whispered.

She was masturbating herself as I stroked my cock next to her. Tonight she had her hand inside her panties, rubbing her clit, pushing her fingers into her hot pussy. We came almost together. As she watched my cum surge from the head of my cock her own orgasm overtook her.

We relaxed together and watched the rest of the video. I shut the TV off when it was done. Mom stayed snuggled up to me.

“I thought the woman on woman parts were interesting,” she said with her head on my shoulder. “My panties were interesting too.”

“Were women ever in your dreams, Mom?”

“On a few occasions,” She answered. “Most of my dreams were about you. But sometimes you were a woman.”

“Would you like to watch the last video?” I asked her.

“Not now, maybe tomorrow. Let’s play on the computer.”

We pulled another chair up so that two of us could sit together in front of the computer. Mom had a large size monitor and that helped.

“I think I’ll look for something we can sit together on tomorrow.” She said. “I have a feeling we’ll be doing this often.”

She started by doing a search for fetishes, then panties. She got a lot of porn sites and stories involving panties. Not what she was looking for. “That’s about what I got last time I tried,” she said. “Why don’t you see what you can come up with?”

“I’ll try, Mom, but why don’t you tell me what you’re looking for.”

“I’m not really sure, Gene, but I want facts, maybe real experiences; things like that. I just used panties for an example. I’d like to search for any of our fantasies.”

“Okay, Mom.”

I started searching again. I had a little more luck. We were starting to get some promising results when we decided to quit for the night. I told Mom I would work at it some more while she was shopping the next day.

“Let’s nişantaşı escort go to bed,” she said. “Sleep with me tonight, in my bed. I liked the feel of you next to me.”

I took her hand and we went to her bedroom together. I was about half way to a hard state and her words caused my cock to harden the rest of the way.

The light in the bedroom was dim, provided by a small lamp on her dresser. She went to her closet. I watched as she shed her robe and put on her nightgown, the same one as the night before. She looked lovely again.

She wanted to talk while we laid together. “I want to make waiting for you easy, if I can, Gene. I want you to cum enough to keep you contented until I am ready.

“Would you like to masturbate? We can both do it. I liked it when we came at the same time. That was exciting. My climax was more intense too.”

“We could do it to each other,” I suggested.

Mom seemed to give my idea careful consideration. “I think it’s too soon for that. But maybe we should remember it for later.

“Please bear with me, Gene. I promise you that I will do everything I can to make your fantasies come true, and mine too. We can start preparing next week.”

Mom’s words made me realize that she really was looking forward to a relationship with me, and that she was working toward something. Jerking off for another week, after I’d been doing it for years, really didn’t seem like that much of an imposition. I showed my agreement by hugging her.

Mom pushed my panties down to free my cock. She arranged them as I liked, with the elastic under my scrotum and my balls resting on the silky material. Her hand caressed my cock lightly, just for a moment or two. But it was enough to send the blood pounding through it.

I stroked my cock slowly, sensuously. I wanted to feel Mom making herself cum as she laid next to me, our bodies touching. Her hand was inside her panties, her fingers working at her pussy. When I heard her soft gasps begin I stroked faster bring myself to a climax just as the quivers began to invade her body.

She watched my cum erupted from my cock. Her body shuddered, then tensed, her back arched as a prolonged orgasm took control. She rolled half toward me and laid her face on my bare chest as her orgasm peaked and began to subside.

She laid quiet. Her hand still at her pussy, but idle now. It was several minutes before she stirred. She kissed me hard then, lying half on top of me. “I’ve never cum that hard,” she said.

We slept after that. I woke up later than usual. Mom was already up. I used her bathroom to pee then went to the hall bath, the one I usually used, to brush my teeth. I found my robe on the floor next to Mom’s bed. I put it on and went downstairs to find Mom in the kitchen with her coffee.

She stood when I arrived, to give me a long kiss. One that said I love you, I desire you, I will have you soon. She was still wearing her nightgown, she still looked lovely. She got coffee for me before she sat down again. We sat in silence until I had finished my first cup.

“I feel so good this morning,” Mom said with a smile. “Every day is better with you.”

“Thank you, Mom. They’re pretty good for me too.”

“I’ll be gone most of the morning,” she said. “I have a lot shopping to do. Most of it for both of us.” She smiled. “I’ll probably have lunch in town. And be back sometime in the afternoon.”

“Okay, Mom,” I said. “I’ll do the laundry and a little housecleaning. I want to get back to our computer search too. It will be easier if I use your computer.”

“Please take special care with our new lingerie when you’re doing the wash,” she said, smiling again at the “our lingerie” comment.

I felt a little thrill run up my back when she said it.

Mom went to dress for shopping. She gave herself a partial sponge bath. Leaving her panties on. Mom came back downstairs as I was getting breakfast ready for us. She looked good. Like a matronly, slightly plump housewife.

As we were having breakfast I asked if she could tell me more about what to look for on the internet.

“I think, maybe, if you look for anything about your own fantasies that will help us get started. Maybe things like incest too.” We had some success with that the night before. I was planning to see if I could find more. “Or, mother and son love might work.

“I think once we learn it will become easier. At least I hope so.”

She left shortly after that.

I gathered up the laundry and stripped the beds. Mom had already put ‘our lingerie’ in the hamper. I washed them first. I took my panties off and threw them in too. I got the first load started and went upstairs to put some clothes on. I dithered for a few minutes trying to decide between panties or boxers. I finally settled on boxers because Mom hadn’t picked any panties out for me. Once dressed I got started with a little house cleaning, mostly the kitchen and baths. I didn’t mind helping out Mom. She worked, and appreciated the help.

I was caught fatih escort up after a couple of hours and sat down at Mom’s computer. I thought about looking at Mom’s history, and her email, but decided I didn’t want to be sneaky with her. A couple of weeks before I would have. But our relationship had changed.

I became quite engrossed in my search. I was making good progress, but no real results except for some studies about incest. But I couldn’t be sure which ones were legitimate.

I had to break several times to take care of the laundry. But eventually I got it all done. I had fun folding the lingerie and putting it away. All kinds of salacious thoughts ran through my mind while I was doing it.

I fixed myself a sandwich for lunch. Mom called. “I forgot to tell you, Honey, please don’t shower before I get home.”

“Ok, Mom. Do you have something in mind?”

“Yes, but probably not what you’re hoping.” She laughed. “I think you’ll like it though.”

“Okay, Mom.” We ended the conversation with both saying “Love you,” together.

I made the beds after lunch then went back to the computer.

I was really engrossed in my research and the afternoon was half gone when Mom came in from the garage. I hadn’t even heard the garage door open.

I helped her carry her packages in from the car. Some were groceries, but just as many she had me take to her room. We sat down for a glass of iced tea when we were done. She told me that a double seat for the computer would be delivered Monday afternoon, after three o’clock. I would be home by then.

“Be sure you have pants on when they come,” she laughed, she was laughing a lot since yesterday. It made me feel good to hear her.

After we finished our tea I showed her what I had found, so far, on the internet. I had gotten started on a search for my fantasies, but was just starting to make progress. I hadn’t found any real meat yet.

She read the articles I had marked about adult incest. It was only after I had inserted the word adult that I started to get results. I had found some interesting articles about research that had been done.

Mom read the articles with interest. When she was done she said, “It would appear that adult incest is more common than most people think.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “But I don’t think that’s what we were looking for, is it?”

“No, I am really hoping for true stories from people like us. Not necessarily the same fantasies and fetishes, but people who lived their dreams, that made their illusions come true.”

“I think I’m getting closer, Mom. We’ll keep trying.”

It was late afternoon when we finished with the computer.

“Now,” Mom said. “I want to do something for you. Are you ready for a shower? Or, would you rather wait for after dinner?”

“Which would you prefer, Mom?”

“Let’s do it now, I want to have dinner with you in your panties and robe.”

“Are you going to join me?” I asked hopefully.

“I think that would be nice, but I don’t want to go too far yet.”

“Ok, Mom, We only wash each other.”

She smiled. “Let’s go pick out our undies for tonight.”

We went to her bedroom, she picked out red outfits for us both. Bra and panties for her, panties for me. “These will go well with our robes,” she said.

We were using the bathroom off her bedroom. It had a large walk-in shower. “I’ll put these in the bedroom,” she said holding up her soiled panties. She ran out to the bedroom and was back in moments. I had the water going by then.

It was the first time I had ever seen my mother completely naked. She looked to my, admittedly biased, eye; beautiful. Beautiful and comfortable. Her smoothly rounded shoulders. Her plump tits, just starting to sag a little. Her sensuous mons. Her enchanting bush, full and mature; a dark triangle of hair that reached toward her navel. Untrimmed and wild, gorgeous. Her legs, rounded and smooth like the rest of her. Her full ass a little wide but attractive to me. Even the beginning of a roll at her belly added to her charm.

I wanted to fall on my knees before her and bury my face in her aroused pussy. But I had promised her I wouldn’t. I could sense the muskiness of her desire and see the glisten of droplets of her juices. They glimmered in her pubic hair where it framed her swollen labia.

In the shower we soaped each other. We rinsed. I washed her tits and pussy. She washed my cock. We turned the water off and she told me, “I want to shave your legs.”

I was a little surprised but agreed. I had told her when we agreed to become lovers that I would do what she requested, even if I found it strange or distasteful. She told me to sit on a small stool in She got her razor and a can of shaving gel. After lathering my legs she began, carefully, to shave me. It took a lot longer than it would for her to shave her own. She said she was facing the wrong way. But she did finish and we went back in the shower to rinse off.

“I was going to do that next week,” Mom said. “But I decided I didn’t want to wait.”

We dried each other again. She handed me my panties and put her own on along with her bra. She led me to the bedroom then to a comfortable chair. She produced a pair of nylons from a table drawer next to the chair and told me to hold my leg out.

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