Ethel and Gene, A New Life Ch. 03

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All the characters are age 18, or older. This story is about incestuous relationships.

For background, I suggest you read chapters 1 & 2.

Thursday I rushed home as soon as my two o’clock class was out. There had been a three hour break between the two classes I stayed for. I used it for study in the library, and for a quick lunch.

I got home at thee-thirty. Mom was upstairs in the bedroom waiting for me. She was wearing a robe, already undressed, so she was Eloise.

We kissed hungrily. I undressed quickly and we showered together. We kissed more, a lot more, as the water poured down on our naked bodies.

We dried each other. I kissed her pussy, she kissed my cock; we laughed happily. Eloise dried and combed her hair. I waited for her. We put on our garter belts and nylons. I could feel waves of excitement surging through my body. Eloise seemed animated too.

Panties next, followed by our bras. They were red today, a hot color. Eloise took a little extra care with mine, pushing the fleshy parts of my chest up and closer together. With a little padding I had a nice ‘B’ set of tits. Eloise put a tiny drop of an alluring perfume just below my navel. She put another dab behind each of her ears.

Makeup was next. Eloise did my nails first. She applied the same polish she had used on her own. She told me not to move my hands until the polish had dried. I sat with them on the arms of my chair. I couldn’t help admiring them. They looked so very feminine. “I’ll have to do my toenails, too,” I thought.

Eloise applied her own makeup next. She used it expertly. When she was finished with her own she did mine. She took extra care. I watched the transformation take place in the vanity mirror.

The wig was last. Eloise stood behind me as she put it on my head. She had applied a few extra tapes so it would stay secure through the weekend. She stood back to check her creation. In the mirror I saw a pretty girl sitting at her dressing table in her bra.

I think Eloise saw the same. She hugged me from behind and kissed my neck.

Our blouses and skirts were next. Then Eloise knelt and put my shoes on. They were the strappy ones we had tried on a couple of days before. “You should get used to these pretty quickly,” Eloise told me. “You’ve had enough practice with the others.”

Eloise put her shoes on and we stood together in front of the full length mirror. We looked lovely. Two beautiful and sexy women. We looked good, we smelled good. I felt delighted and a little thrill ran through me.

“Let’s have dinner,” Eloise said. “And talk a little.”

The dining room table was already set with Mom’s good crystal and china. There were candles and a bottle of wine on the table. The drapes were pulled to block the outside daylight.

Eloise lit the candles and dimmed the room lights. She poured wine then served our salad, followed by a delicious shrimp Alfredo over pasta. The portions she served were small. Neither of us wanted to overeat.

We sat across from each other, our eyes meeting often across the candlelit table. It was a romantic scene. I could see it in my mind’s eye. An attractive mature lady entertaining an appealing younger woman just entering adulthood. Both knowing that seduction and intimacy would follow.

My cock was stiffening in my panties, even though I wanted my inner woman to be in control. I willed my dick to be a pussy, a pussy with an empty feel that needed filling. It worked, at least for a while.

After dinner we both helped to clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. The intimacy continued with much touching and light brushes between our bodies.

Eloise served us a small dessert of ice cream and a delightful mint sauce. She poured us each a tot of a pleasing liqueur.

Dinner over we sat on the couch together. Our conversation covered a variety of topics. While talking we seemed to be drawing closer to each other until our thighs were touching.

Eloise’s hand on my thigh electrified me. I had to send messages to my dick commanding it to feel like an empty pussy, one anticipating an amorous interlude with the lovely woman whose arm was now around me, drawing me close for a soft kiss.

I responded and clutched her to me. My restraint, that had kept me unruffled through dinner, evaporated. My mouth open, my tongue probing I returned her advances with lust.

More kisses and groping of tits and thighs, then Eloise took my hand and we stood together. She led me upstairs. My body weak with desire and anticipation. “I wonder if she knows I’m a virgin?” I thought.

In the bedroom she opened the buttons on my blouse, slowly, seductively. She opened it, but did not slide it off my shoulders, not yet.

She fell to her knees in front of me and pushed my skirt up. I grasped the hem in one hand to hold it, with my other I caressed her soft hair.

She rubbed her face on my nylon clad thighs, a sensuous action that signaled her desire. Her fingers pulled at the elastic of my panties. Pulling them down, şişli escort over my hips. Over my rock hard cock to allow it to spring free.

Spring free to release my maleness from the nether reaches of my consciousness. I had hidden him there. He came roaring out of his exile. He expelled my feminine self, my inner woman. And took over my body for himself, again.

Eloise sensed it and smiled. She rubbed her face on my cock as she had my thighs. “It’s so beautiful,” I heard her say. “I want it so badly. To taste you, to suck you.”

“You can’t,” I said. “We must fuck first. That is as it must be.”

“But I want to suck you,” she moaned.

She annoyed me, didn’t she understand. First I must have her, we must couple. Our mating would be a great pleasure in itself. Afterward we could indulge ourselves in other pleasures. She had told me so.

She looked up at me, “You’re so big, you’ll hurt me.”

I had enough. I grasped her arm, pulled her to her feet and threw her on the bed, all in one fluid motion. I was strong, no longer the weak woman who had played seduction games with Eloise.

I straddled her, ignoring her cries that I was too big, that I would hurt her. I tore her blouse open. I yanked her bra down freeing her breasts; ignoring her gasp of pain as I roughly pulled it off her tits.

I threw her skirt up and grabbed her panties; I yanked them down, over her hips and off her legs. Her pussy was exposed hot and ready. I pushed her legs apart and knelt between them. She looked at me, her eyes big. She did not fight me. But she pleaded with me. Telling me she would make me happy by sucking me. She would, but later. As I would make her happy by eating her, but later.

I was too big she repeated, I would hurt her. I didn’t care. I must do as she herself had told me she had foreseen.

Our skirts bunched around our waists, I pushed my hard cock to her slit. I let it slide up and down its length a few times. I rubbed it on her clit. I felt the slick juices lubricating her cunt, coating my cock to ease my way. I pushed myself into her. As the tip of my cock found the tunnel to her womb she murmured, “Fill me. Make me yours.”

My cock stretched the walls of her pussy. I pushed into her an inch at a time. Her expression was a grimace of pain. I remembered her dream, her wishes and pushed further into her.

She held me the whole time. Her arms around my neck. As tears of pain flowed from her eyes she hugged me.

“Oh, Gene,” I heard. “Fuck your mother.”

Her words gave me the impetus to push yet further into her, until I had given her all of my cock. I was still for a moment, or two. Then began to fuck her. I pumped my cock, slowly, at first. Then when she seemed to loosen a bit with a little longer strokes.

“Fuck me, Mom,” I spoke softly into her ear.

She overcame the pain to meet my rhythm. Thrust for thrust our flesh met in that ancient tempo, as old as mankind. She came for me. A gasp, a quivering in her body. A thrust of her hips into me.

“Fuck me,” she cried again. Stronger this time. “Fuck your mother Gene.”

“Talk to me, Mom.” I cried.

“Gene, it’s so good.”

She lifted her tit to my mouth, she covered my face with wet mindless kisses. Our lips mashed and out tongues danced in more wet sloppy kisses. She came again for me, once again defeating the pain. Her legs looped over mine clasping me as her body reacted to the excitement of incestuous love.

The thrill of fucking my mother brought me to my own climax. With a wild cry my cock exploded. My cum poured into my mother’s cunt. And again, and again, until I was drained. I lay above her, trying to keep my weight off her kissing her. She returned my kisses and held me tight, as if my weight didn’t bother her.

I softened and rolled off her, my arms held her and hers didn’t relax their hold on me. “I’m so happy,” She murmured. “It was just like my dreams.”

We fell asleep. Still in our skirts, nylons and heels. Open blouses too, although I had ripped Eloise’s open.

When I woke, about an hour later, she was still asleep next to me. Mom needed rest, I thought. I hoped the pain in her pussy would recede soon. I caressed her and kissed her lips softly. She responded to the kiss although she seemed to be still asleep.

I dozed off again, to wake several times during the night. Mom was asleep every time until I woke when it was just starting to get light outside. Her eyes were open then, she was looking at me. When she saw my eyes open she smiled. “I love you, Gene,” she told me.

“I love you, Mom.”

“I have to pee,” she said. “Why don’t you come with me? There should be nothing hidden between us now.”

Mom was walking gingerly as we went to the bathroom together. She sat to pee as I brushed my teeth. There is something erotic about watching, and listening to, a woman piss. I have never been able to identify just what it is, but it has always been true for me. Maybe it’s only true when Mom, or Eloise, is the woman.

We sat on the side of the beşiktaş escort bed and took our shoes off. We went downstairs together. I tried to be solicitous with Mom but she brushed me off. “Gene, it was fantastic. What’s a little pain when we have so much pleasure before us? The hurt will go away, and soon.”

In the kitchen I got the coffee going. Mom sat at the table and removed her torn blouse. She opened her bra and started to put it back on her breasts, but changed her mind and took it off.

I looked at Mom. Gina’s lipstick was smeared on her face. As Eloise’s was on mine. Her hair was mussed and she looked lovely. After we drank a couple of cups of coffee I asked her if she’d like a shower. “Not yet,” she said. “I have your seed in me. I want to keep it there. Later we can shower.”

“Ok, Mom,” I replied.

“But let’s change and fix our makeup,” She said. “Then we’ll have some breakfast. It will be like our wedding breakfast.”

We went back to the bedroom. Mom was walking a little better. She hung her torn blouse in the back of the closet. “Memories,” she said.

She took her skirt off leaving her with garter belt and nylons. She put on her silk robe and stepped close to me. After a long kiss she pulled the zipper down on my skirt and let it fall to the floor. She pushed my blouse off my shoulders and it joined the skirt.

“Let’s put on different stockings,” she said. She got a new ones from a drawer. She knelt and rolled mine down my legs. She drew the new ones on. Black mesh, with seams; they were very sexy especially when she produced black, lacy garter belts to go with them.

She put her own on as I watched. No panties today, but a black silk bra for her.

“I hope your new bras come today, Gina. We’ll try them on if they do.” One of them was black and would go well with the rest of my outfit.

Our makeup was next. Wiping smeared lipstick from our faces was the biggest task. I depilated again. Eloise’s eye makeup had been ruined by her tears of pain. She quickly fixed it and touched up mine. Lipstick next and a touch of rouge. My wig had held up well. She brushed the hair with her hand, but it really didn’t need it.

She knelt with my shoes, the same ones I had worn the night before. The crisscrossed straps had kept them on my feet until we took them off. I knelt for her, to put hers on her feet.

To the closet for sheer negligees. No panties for either of us. To the mirror to see us together. Hot. The shadow of our pubic hair showing through the translucent fabric. My cock, a pendulum between my stocking tops. The last thing we did was make the bed.

Downstairs Eloise told me to wait in the living room while she prepared breakfast. I sat on the couch and practiced crossing my legs in a more feminine manner. When I thought I had succeeded I peeked into the kitchen. Eloise was at the stove with an apron over her negligee. I turned on the computer to check our email.

There was a message from the incest organization. We had been provisionally accepted. We would have to verify that we were indeed mother and son. There were several ways to do that. The easiest, was a visit by a trusted representative, to view the necessary documents. That could be done at a place other than home. A coffee shop, for instance. Or we could send copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, licenses and other documents to them. After everything was examined and approved. The documents would be erased, as would our last names in the organizations records. We would be assigned a name for use within the organization. The security of the membership always came first they said.”

That all sounded very interesting. We hadn’t had to give our names on the application, only details about ourselves and our relationship. I would talk to Eloise about it.

Eloise called me for breakfast just as I was finishing with the message. It was a delightful meal. Eloise had outdone herself again. She had set the table with the good china and crystal. We started with melon. Eggs and sausages were in a silver chafing dish. We finished with coffee in fine china cups.

Eloise looked elegant. Once again the mature woman entertaining the young woman who had become her lover. The salacious thoughts in my mind were making my cock stiff. I had to send it a message to be a pussy. A pussy waiting for love with this attractive woman across the table from me.

Over coffee I told Eloise about the message from ‘Familial Lover’s Union.’ That is the name of the incest organization. Eloise was interested. “Well I think they are worth a tryout,” she said. “Do you?”

“We won’t know unless we join,” I responded. “We’ve already invested an application fee. The dues aren’t too high.”

“Well,” Eloise said. “I think I have all the documents we need. Either here or in the safe deposit box. I’ll get them together next week.”

That settled we finished our coffee. I helped Eloise clear the table and clean up. We touched each other often. Our growing desires beginning to show themselves. taksim escort Holding hands we went upstairs to return to the bedroom.

On the bed we kissed and fondled each other. We untied the sashes of our negligees. Opening them wide. I opened her bra, freeing her tits for me to suck. She opened mine too and sucked at my nipples in return. It was a pleasing sensation.

Her hand fondled my cock, I willed it to be a pussy, a very desirous pussy. I was not successful. My maleness was rampant again, my inner woman banished once again.

My hand was rubbing her clit eliciting gasps of pleasure from her. She stood and grasped my hand. “Come with me.” she led me to the bedroom chair.

As I sat she fell to her knees; my hard cock grasped in her hand. She rubbed it over herself. Her face. Her neck. “I must have it,” she moaned. “I must taste it. I have wanted to for years.”

Her lips parted she tasted it briefly before sliding her mouth over it sucking at me. Amateurishly, but with enthusiasm. She moaned again as my hard shaft filled her mouth.

My hands were on her head caressing her. She took my hand and twisted my fingers in her hair. One hand was under my butt. Her fingers dancing in the crack of my ass.

Her eyes looked up at me, she pulled her lips from my cock to say, “Talk to me.”

“Suck me, Mom. Suck my big cock.” I told her. “I’ll fill your mouth with my cum, Mom.”

Again I said, as I twisted her hair, “Suck your son’s cock, Mom. Give your little boy a blowjob.”

My cum rushed from my balls thrills leading it to the tip of my cock. Gushing into her wet mouth. She continued to suck as I softened. She held up her hands to me when I was no longer hard enough. I took them and she pulled me from the chair to kneel facing her.

She showed me the cum in her mouth, her tongue sliding through the slick creaminess, savoring it. She kissed me then and let it flow between us. We both swallowed and kissed again. We embraced, still kneeling, “My first time,” she whispered.

“It was wonderful,” I told her.

“I could taste myself on your cock,” she said, and laughed.

We stood and moved to the bed. When we laid together she told me. “Rest now. Sleep for a while. When you wake you can be Gina again.”

“Thank you, Eloise.”

I dozed off. I was dimly aware of the doorbell ringing, and Eloise leaving the bed. When I woke later there was a package on the vanity. Eloise was sleeping beside me.

I had to piss so I went to the bathroom. When I came back Eloise was sitting up and stretching. Her bare tits looked enticing as they stood up from her stretch. “It looks like your bras arrived. Let’s try them on.” She said. “But let’s have some coffee first,” she added almost as an afterthought.

She stood and came close to me for a kiss. “I love you, Gina,” she said.

“I love you, Eloise.”

We left our negligees open as we went to the kitchen. I noticed that she was walking better, as if her soreness was leaving her. I put on coffee while Eloise sat at the table.

I sat across from her. “You’re walking as if you’re not as sore,” I told her.

“I’m not,” she said. “We’ll have to get you inside me again this afternoon.”

“Is it too soon for that?” I asked.

“No, a few more times and I’ll be a perfect fit for you. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned. It will be like your custom made vagina.”

Eloise served us both coffee and started looking for something for lunch. She set out lunchmeat and bread and we made sandwiches.

After lunch we went back to the bedroom to try on bras. They were all lovely. Lacy, very sexy and very feminine. They gave a little lift to my male breasts making them look a little more like tits. Eloise and I agreed that we didn’t need padding. In fact the black one exposed my nipples.

We put the black bra on me, to go with our hosiery and garter belts. Eloise knelt and pulled a pair of my black panties over my feet. I stood and she pulled them up over my hips.

“With them you’ll be Gina,” she said. “Gene will be hidden.”

I sat back down to find my face on a level with Eloise’s bare tits. I put my arms around her waist and drew her close. I rubbed my face between her breasts and kissed her nipples. “Bite them,” she said.

I nibbled gently. “Harder.”

A soft “aah” as I bit harder.

She held my head to her breast, “Would you like to make love to me, Gina?” she asked in her husky tones.

“Yes, yes I would.” I responded.

She took my hand and led me to the bed. She sat on the edge and let her negligee fall open. Her legs parted for me and her hands on my arms urged me to kneel between them. She guided my head close to her pussy, then paused. I gazed in awe at the first live pussy I had ever seen that close. Her lush, wild tangle of hair capped her aromatic cunt. It framed her swollen labia. They were parted slightly as a sign of her lust. Tiny beads of her juices glistened on the lips of her pussy and throughout the forest of her hair.

Her scent. Musky, strong, arousing. Her bouquet shouting out her desire. Her taste was exciting as I flicked my tongue against her labia, licking at the dewy drops of her juice. My tongue slid into her heat to savor more. It was breathtaking, new to me and exhilarating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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