Ethel and Gene, A New Life Ch. 04

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Cuckold Captions

All the characters are age 18, or older. This story is about incestuous relationships.

For background you might read the previous chapters.


It was a Friday. I had just got home from my last class. The weekend was ahead of me and I was wondering what my mother had planned. I would have to take some time to study, though. It was early May and finals were coming up.

So far I had done well in school. My grades near the top in my class. I would be finishing my first year at our local two year college. The idea being that I would go on to more serious study after I had gotten some of the basics out of the way. Mom had been quite pleased that I had chosen to stay home for two more years. That was before we had become lovers. Of course after our union she was even more delighted.

She would be home before long. My last class on Fridays was at three o’clock so I usually got home only a little before Mom. She had not laid out panties for me. That indicated she wanted me to wait for her before I changed. We would shower together then. I stripped down to my boxers and grabbed my silk robe from the closet.

I decided to work on my voice while I waited. My way of practicing was to talk to myself about what I was doing. “Mom will be home soon, Gene,” I said in my practice voice. “We’ll get pretty then, for Eloise.” My practice went much better when I was Gina, somehow the feeling of femininity helped. But I tried to practice whenever I could, whatever mode I was in.

I didn’t know if I could ever have a genuinely female sounding voice. It would only be when I was with Mom that I would use it. I thought I could develop the soft, yet throaty and sultry tones of an aroused woman; at least I hoped so. I felt like I was making some progress but I hadn’t tried it out yet on Mom, or Eloise.

Mom and I were getting better at feminizing me. To be sure we were far from being experts at cross dressing. We thought that I could, however, pass for a woman in public. That is, if I didn’t have to speak.

Our trip to far off New York had been a huge help to us. We had learned much about my new lifestyle. We had been able to talk to several men who had been cross dressing for years. It was from them I had learned about training my voice. They had also told me about a web site to help with the voice and about several others of a more general nature.

“Let’s see if we have any email,” I said in my practice voice. I sat at Mom’s computer and turned it on. I checked for mail, there were a couple but I didn’t read them. They were for both of us, or for Mom. We would read then together.

It was only a few minutes before I heard Mom driving into the garage. She came into the kitchen in her work clothes. A suit with skirt and blouse. Mom immediately took her suit jacket off followed by her blouse. She pulled the zipper down on her skirt, let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. She held up her arms to me. We hugged each other and kissed hotly, with lots of tongue. She was dressed now in bra, panties, garter belt and nylons. She left her pumps on too.

“I’ve been wanting you all day, Gene,” she told me. “I had to put a pad in my panties.”

Her words thrilled me. I knew her pussy would have a delectable bouquet. “That sounds enticing, Eloise,” I told her. “Shall I make you a drink, or a cup of tea?”

“Tea would be nice. We can check our email too.”

My mother, her real name is Ethel, became Eloise as soon as she was home and had removed her work clothes. We were in our secret world then. A place where our fantasies ruled, where our fetishes were the norm. I was Gene until she did my makeup later. Of course I would become Gina then. For now I was a man.

It was only on weekends that I fully evolved into my Gina persona. When I did not have school the next day. Sunday evening through Thursday I would usually wear panties and often nylons, along with a bra or camisole. I would shave closely but not depilate. No perfume or makeup either. In fact a good part of our Sunday afternoons was devoted to removing nail polish and other cosmetics.

Some of the fantasies Mom had were better played out with me in my Gene identity. Mom would be Eloise many times, but sometimes she was Mom, sometimes Ethel. Often I was required to be a total male, not even panties were allowed then. Other times Mom would be a dominate figure. Panties were sometimes part of the costume, but not always. Sometimes we would simply be lovers; fucking and sucking and thoroughly enjoying each other.

Mom had told me more about some of the dreams she had before our union. She told me how she often saw me as a beautiful girl with a big cock. Other times she said I was a girl, with a pussy; in those dreams we made love together, with me as a woman. Those dreams did not occur as often as the ones where I was a man who looked feminine. But, Mom told me, they were intense.

Mom would ask me sometimes to describe what it was like to eat her. I would try to tell her of bursa bayan eskort the lovely scents, of the taste of her essences, of the feel of her slick juices on my face. Of the joy I felt when her plump thighs pressed against my head to hold me at her hot cunt. To express the sheer exhilaration as she came on my face. She seemed to find my descriptions erotic. She was always aroused afterward.

She had told me more another time. About how she loved it when I ate her pussy as Gina. Or as Gene too, for that matter. But she was referring to the times I posed as a lesbian lover for her. What she missed, she told me, was being able to make love to me as a woman. She put it a little more crudely when I didn’t seem to understand. “You don’t have a pussy I can eat, Gina. Everything else is wonderful.”

I had reminded her about the night we watched the lesbian video. I had told her then that I wouldn’t object to her making love with a woman. She had responded that she didn’t know any that she would feel at ease with. Especially considering the fact that her son was her lover. That was not something she wanted anyone to gossip about.

Before our union Mom had never experienced many of the things we took great pleasure in after we became lovers. Oral sex, for instance. Her dreams had caused her to become fascinated by it. She loves to suck me and for me to eat her now. I wasn’t surprised that she wanted to find out what eating a woman’s pussy was like. She said that she thought she might be bi. She didn’t seem to be concerned by the thought. I certainly wasn’t. I will love her any way she wants to be.

This all started, of course, when my mother discovered me with her panties. I was wearing one pair and masturbating while I sniffed a soiled pair. My mother, after her initial shock, realized that my fetish complemented her own fantasies. The rest, as they say, is history.

A point I suppose I should make. I am not gay. At least in the respect that I am not attracted to men. I only desire sex with women. The only woman I had ever had sex with, until that time, was my mother. But I love to feel feminine, to dress in a feminine manner. And, when Eloise is so inclined, to act as a surrogate lesbian lover for her.

Of course, while I can lick and suck at her very desirous cunt, she cannot do the same to me. We often end up in a sixty-nine position anyway. She tried to imagine my cock as a pussy. I had told her how I was sometimes able to do that. It helped some, but wasn’t really a satisfactory solution.

If there seems to be a little uncertainty about oral sex, there really wasn’t. Mom, liked to suck my dick either as Gene, or as Gina with a cock. It was simply that she wished for more. That she could not make true lesbian love with me. It was a part of her dreams that she couldn’t fulfill.

Eloise had a number of fantasies that we sometimes tried to act out. We often came back to ones we liked several times. Other times we had ‘story nights’. We would find stories about mother and son incest to read together. ‘Literotica’ was one of our favorite sites. We found more tales on the ‘Familial Lover’s Union’ website. That is the incest organization we belong to.

The stories on the FLU website were more factual with fewer descriptive passages. But we read them with interest. We could often let our imaginations fill in the blanks.

FLU also had a bulletin board where members could exchange thoughts and ideas. Each member also had a private mailbox. Mom had started corresponding with a few women she had met through the bulletin board. Her communication with one of them had advanced to the point that they were emailing each other directly instead of to their FLU mailbox. Her name was Jenny.

Jenny was in her late twenties. She had been having an incestuous affair with her brother who had a panty fetish. In his case it never went beyond panties and bras, but it may have been because he didn’t have someone like Eloise to encourage him.

Jenny and her brother had joined FLU after they had been lovers for a few months. They thought that their love had staying power and they would live together. About a year after they became members her brother was killed in an accident.

Jenny mourned for over a year before starting to get out again. It was on one of her first dates after her brother’s death that she discovered she had an unsuspected problem. She could not be aroused by any man not wearing panties.

Her fixation on panty clad men was to lead her into several embarrassing situations. A couple of times she asked men to put on her panties. They refused indignantly. She had finally quit trying to meet someone and began to rely on her vibrator. Once she thought about running an ad. For a ‘real man’ who wore woman’s panties. It was about that time that she remembered FLU. She caught up her dues and signed on.

Eloise and I were very new on the site when Jenny first posted. Mom responded to her post by sending bursa evi olan escort a message to Jenny’s FLU mailbox. She explained how I had a panty fetish that was, with her help, becoming a desire to dress in feminine attire.

Jenny responded and a correspondence began between the two. It was to the point now that they knew each other’s real names and where they lived.

Both the other women Eloise corresponded with were in mother and son relationships. One of them had been stable for almost twenty years. The other couple had been lovers for about three years. In both cases the son was a panty boy. The older one was into cross dressing in private. He sounded much like an older me. The younger one had not progressed beyond panties and bra until recently. His mother had convinced him to let her shave his legs and try nylons. He had loved them. I had thought to myself that he would soon progress further.

We read Jenny’s email. After some chit chat to start she wrote.

How I envy you and your son and the relationship you have developed.

For myself I am starting to wonder if I am bi, I am definitely attracted to men. But, as you know, only to men in panties. Your story has started me visualizing my brother in more feminine dress, even makeup. The very thought thrills me.

I have never been tempted to try to seduce a woman. I have been tempted a few times when women came on to me. But I always declined their advances. A couple of times I regretted later that I hadn’t accepted their propositions, but I never did anything about it.

If I am bi I am attracted to femininity. I sometimes dream of myself with a woman and a man in feminine dress. Much like you describe yourselves. I find myself attracted to both and wake up terribly horny. That is why I am so confused. The picture of a manly man is gone from my mind. It has been replaced by a picture of a man and woman together, obviously a couple, who both look feminine.

I long to test myself, but I have no idea where to begin.

Sorry to unload all of this on you.


“That’s interesting,” Eloise said. “Do you think she’s proposing something?”

“Maybe,” I answered.

“Would you be interested, Gene?”

“If you are,” I replied honestly. I was thinking about her desire to eat a woman’s pussy.

“I’ve often wondered about myself,” Eloise sounded thoughtful. “Especially when you are Gina and I am sucking you. I thoroughly enjoy it, never doubt that, but the thought of eating a pussy creeps into my mind.” So she was thinking about it too.

“It’s more complicated than that,” she continued. “When you are eating me, as Gina, in my mind it is an attractive woman making love to me. I am thrilled with the thought.

“So, yes, I suspect I am bi.”

“Then by all means respond to her,” I said. “It might be another adventure for us.”

We both smiled.

Eloise wrote back.


Perhaps the answers you want aren’t that hard to find. I have many of the same questions about myself that you do. Can we help each other?


We checked the other emails and our FLU mailbox but there was nothing that needed an immediate answer.

“I have something for you,” she spoke in her husky tones. The voice I was trying to learn for myself. Eloise stood and grabbed my hand. She seemed strangely animated.

She led me to our chair. It was one we had found to be perfect for oral sex. That’s why it was ‘our chair’. Actually it was Mom’s old computer chair.

She stood in front of it as I sank to my knees in front of her. She removed her bra and let her tits free. She reached inside her panties and pulled her pad out. She sat, with her butt at the front of the seat, and spread her legs in an invitation. I saw her taste the pad she held in her hand.

I moved closer between her nylon clad thighs. She tilted my head up and rubbed the pad over my face. It was saturated with her juices. She pushed it into my mouth. The scents and tastes were intense. Her juices, her sweat, the piss she had let the pad absorb after she had peed. I gloried in the sensations. She took it from my mouth to rub it on my face again, to hold it under my nose. She pushed it through my hair to the back of my head and pushed me inward with it, deeper between her sensuous thighs.

I sucked at the gusset of her panties, trying to feel the pussy behind them. I pulled them down, she lifted her ass to help and we got them off.

I buried my face in the hot, wet folds of my mother’s cunt to lick and suck her pussy. I reveled in her scents, her fragrant wet cunt; her tastes, salty sweet, lovely. Her juices flowing, coating my face with her nectar, blending with the essences from the pad.

Her legs on my shoulders, her heels on my back, her hands in my hair, still holding the pad. Her gasps of pleasure, the quivers of an orgasm. All combining to arouse me. To stiffen my dick until it throbbed.

She pushed my head bursa rus escort back. “Enough for now, Baby.”

“We’ll take special care of that hard on you’ve got,” she said. “Please save it for me.”

But I was not to be denied. My robe open I stood and grabbed her by the hair. She didn’t resist as I drew her head toward my smoldering cock. Instead her lips parted and her tongue wet them in anticipation.

Her tongue, her lips, her teeth. She employed them all. I was Gene then. Her man. Later I would be Gina, a pretty young lady she delighted in seducing. Just then my hard cock needed a woman. A woman’s cunt, her mouth. He didn’t care.

I filled her mouth with my creamy cum. She sucked me harder as I came to show her pleasure. My knees were weak, but I managed to stay on my feet. She looked up at me her mouth open to show me the cum in her red mouth. She slid her tongue through it seductively. Tasting it, savoring my essences as I had relished hers.

My knees too weak to hold me any longer I slid to the floor to rest my head against her thigh. My face not far from her still aromatic pussy. Her hand was in my hair caressing me as she let me rest.

Eloise had become very good at sucking me. As I had become expert at eating her. Only a few weeks before we had been bumbling amateurs. But we had learned. By searching for, and reading, how to articles. By listening to each other, most of all by sensing what pleased the other.

We had rested for several more minutes when Eloise said, “Let’s check our email, maybe Jenny has answered.”

She had.

Eloise & Gina,

Do you mean what it sounds like?


We looked at each other with smiles. Eloise typed the reply.



Eloise and Gina

Jenny was back to us in minutes.

OMG! I can’t believe it. When? Your place or mine?


Eloise thought for a minute. “Shall we invite her to come right now? It’s only a three hour drive.”

I didn’t have to think very long. The thought of my mother making love with another woman was making me hard again. I nodded.

Eloise typed again.


We love spontaneity, why not come tonight. Bring a toothbrush, some extra panties and any intimate things you might need. You can be here in a few hours. Stay the weekend.

Eloise and Gina

Again the answer came almost immediately.

Please send me your address and phone number. I’ll be on my way.

WOW, I’m thrilled.


Eloise sent her the needed information and told her to park in the driveway. We put the outside lights on so we wouldn’t forget them.

“Let’s eat dinner, then get ready.” Eloise said.

We were both excited as we ate dinner. The meal only amounted to a couple of frozen dinners we heated in the microwave. But they were one of the better brands. Eloise got a bottle of wine and poured us both a glass.

Upstairs, after our meal, Eloise led me to the bathroom. She applied depilatory cream to my face, a few minutes later she scrapped it off and checked for spots she missed. When she was satisfied we showered together. We were playful as the water poured over us.

She shaved our legs and underarms. She ran the razor over the fuzz on my arms. I know we could have depilated those areas too, but I chose not to. Somehow shaving legs and other areas seemed more feminine. Shaving my face, in contrast, was a masculine routine. Depilating my face not only did a better job, it felt more feminine.

We picked out the lingerie we would wear. Panties and bra for her. I decided on a camisole rather than a bra. My panties, as they usually did, matched hers.

The camisole had been made by the same people who made my bras. It was very lacy, see through. It seemed to gather the fleshy parts of my chest and mold a set of almost breasts. Not as well as the bras of course, but still enough to make me feel very feminine. My nipples peeked through the lace fabric seductively. Once again I wished for real nipples and areolas.

We were aware that there were several things we could do to make my tits look more womanly. Breast forms, for instance. But, I wanted my tits to feel feminine, not just look like tits. The bras we got in NY were the closest I could come to that ideal.

We sat at the vanity and Eloise started on my nails. My toenails too. I had gotten a foot treatment, nails trimmed and shaped, everything but polish. Eloise did the polish on Fridays when she did my fingernails. We talked as she worked.

“I’m not sure how we should dress for her.” Eloise said. “All she said was that she dreamed of a man and woman who both looked feminine.”

“How about negligees?” I suggested.

“That might work, Or maybe a baby doll for you, with nylons and heels. Let’s do our makeup and think about it. Try to put ourselves in her place.”

“What hair should I wear?” I asked.

“Let’s go with the light brown,” Eloise replied. “Nice, but not too dressy.”

We had four wigs I could wear according to my whims, or more likely Eloise’s; she usually chose the one for me to wear. The wigs were all from the people in New York who had made my first two. The light brown wig was short hair teased into a very nice hairstyle. Perfect for days I wasn’t feeling like dress up, yet still very feminine.

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