Expanded Terms of Contract Ch. 01

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Even weeks after agreeing to the new deal, Melissa still couldn’t quite believe what she had gotten herself into. Though she had already gained a massive amount in such little time, she couldn’t imagine herself growing to an enormous size that would restrict her in so many ways.

She was so nervous about the things to come that she was constantly stuffing herself to keep her mind off it.

At the end of June, it was time for her and Alisson to move into their new apartment. Melissa had already stuffed herself past her initial goal weight by then and was close to 360 pounds. She liked the new apartment, as it had a lot of room and was close to campus and many fast-food restaurants. The only downside was that it was on the first floor with 2 sets of stairs that Melissa had to climb each time. She was sure Allison had chosen the first floor on purpose so that she could watch her piggy have a more challenging time getting up there every month.

Lucky for Melissa, she didn’t have to carry all of her stuff up there as Alisson had convinced some guys she knew to do it for them. Without them, Melissa wouldn’t have been able to get everything done in one day. Not only were the stairs too much for her, but she also discovered that the summer heat was not doing her new body any good. All she could do during these hot summer days was lay on the couch in her underwear and cool down with multiple buckets of ice cream.

And she did just that as soon as the guys carried her couch into the apartment.

Heaving herself up the stairs and waddling inside, she first wanted to keep her clothes on while the guys were still walking around the apartment. But climbing the stairs made her too hot. She immediately stripped of her clothes while waddling over to the kitchen, where a fully stocked fridge was already waiting for her. Grabbing a bucket of ice cream, she plopped herself on the couch.

The guys could now watch her pig out every time they came upstairs, and she could tell it was making them uncomfortable to see her act like such a slob. But that didn’t stop her from it, and eventually, she finished the whole bucket. Now, she was presenting the guys with the sight of a stuffed fatty, slowly drifting into a food coma while caressing her round belly.

When Melissa returned from her coma, the guys had already carried everything inside and left.

Alisson came inside and smiled. “The guys were pretty upset with what they had to watch you do up here, and you’ve really disgusted them, piggy,” she said while chuckling.

Melissa felt like Alisson sounded a little proud of her.

“It was about time you showed off your flabby body again. You’ve been sitting on this couch by yourself for too long,” Alisson continued. “That’s why I’ve decided we’ll check out the outdoor pool by the campus tomorrow. Maybe we’ll meet some new people, and you can show them who the new pig on campus is.” She took out a pink bikini and threw it at Melissa. “You’ll be wearing this. Try it on now. I want to see if it’s the right size.”

Melissa heaved herself up from the couch and stripped out of her underwear with some effort. She put on the bikini bottom and could feel how her ass was swallowing at least half of it. Her belly was hanging low enough to cover the front and make it look like she was wearing nothing. The top didn’t fit any better. It barely contained her boobs which spilled out to both sides.

Alisson seemed to like what she saw. “Spin around and bounce all that fat for me,” she demanded and grinned as she watched the bikini barely manage to contain all of Melissa’s jiggling mass. “Perfect,” she smiled and walked over to her piggy. “You’ll look even fatter next to me,” she said while pressing her toned body into Melissa’s belly, causing her to blush.

It wasn’t often that Alisson let her feel her fit body so intimately, and Melissa loved every second of it. As did Alisson, but she had much bigger plans for her growing fatty and knew that it was best to stay in her dominant role. Resisting the temptation to get lost in Melissa’s rolls, she pulled her body back.

“I have some fun plans for you tomorrow,” she said while looking her up and down again. Even though she felt drawn to Melissa’s flabby body and loved to admire her lazing around, she couldn’t deny how much she loved putting her in uncomfortable situations. Watching her desperate struggles was always a joy. Feeling her power over her fat pig was an intoxicating feeling that she couldn’t get enough of. The months since graduation had been slow, and Alisson was more than ready to have some fun again.


The next day, Melissa was excited to present her fat body in public again. While staying at home since graduation to stuff herself without end and feeling her body expand was terrific, she craved being exposed and humiliated again. Her body was tingling from the anticipation as she shuffled towards the changing cabin at the pool to change into her tiny pink bikini that made her feel like a real piggy.

It didn’t take long for Kartal Escort the first wave of arousal to wash over her as she had trouble getting the cabin door to close past her belly. As she struggled with it and picked up her belly to get it out of the way, she could see the first people at the pool notice her and giggle while pointing at her in amusement.

Eventually, she managed to get it closed, but her struggles didn’t stop there. The cabin wasn’t built for someone her massive size, and she didn’t have enough room to change her clothes unproblematically. She kept bumping into the walls constantly and, being on her feet for this long, began wheezing and sweating almost as soon as she started getting out of her clothes. Whenever she loudly bumped into a wall or let out a small moan of exhaustion, she heard people outside giggling.

Finally, Melissa finished putting her bikini on and was ready to step outside. Once again, she had to squeeze her fat past the door to get out. As she waddled out, breathing heavily and having to wipe the dripping sweat from her red face, she realized that she was being watched by almost everyone around her. Her face turned into a deeper shade of red as she realized that her struggles in the cabin must have been quite loud, calling everyone’s attention to her.

She waddled by the crowd, which was amused by her loud panting from her changing cabin struggles, and headed towards Alisson, who was waiting further away from the group.

“Finally,” Alisson said with an impatient look and took a look at her breathless piggy. “Seriously, you’re already covered in sweat like a pig just from changing? Let’s find a place for our things, and then you’re going into the water.” With that, she turned around and began walking.

Alisson kept her walking speed just right to stay a little in front of Melissa, who didn’t get any time to catch her breath and had to hurry to keep up. Her body tingled as she listened to Melissa’s heavy huffing behind her, and she enjoyed every minute of leading her fatty past all of the spectators.

On the other hand, Melissa was busy catching her breath as she followed. She couldn’t keep her eyes off Alisson’s perfectly toned and tan body in front of her. Her effortless movements and hips that swayed seductively mesmerized Melissa. She felt fortunate to have such a goddess taking care of her. But she also felt excited thinking about how she must look the complete opposite of her. Her movements had nothing gracious and effortless to them, especially at this speed. Instead, she had to waltz her chubby thighs past each other for every heavy step she took. Meanwhile, her whole flabby body jiggled furiously while being covered in sweat.

This was proven by the looks they were getting, especially from the boys at the pool. While they were staring at Alisson in admiration and awe, their stares immediately turned into disgust when they looked at the obese girl struggling to follow her.

When they found a free spot on the grass, Alisson allowed Melissa to rest for a few minutes before sending her to the pool.

Melissa welcomed the cold water that finally allowed her to cool down. She also enjoyed how her fat felt when moving around in the water. She tried swimming for a short distance to see how her body would wobble but quickly realized she wasn’t fit enough. Instead, she spent her time bouncing up and down on the spot. The way her belly sloshed through the water immediately turned her on.

“Looks like the whale made it out of the water,” Alisson grinned when Melissa made her back to her. “You better take a towel to get dry and then put on some sun lotion before you lay down.”

Melissa did as she was told and grabbed her towel. Once she was dry, she grabbed the sun lotion and put it on all the places her fat allowed her to reach.

“Can you help me with the rest?” she asked Alisson coyly.

Alisson laughed. “There’s no way I will be seen here, touching a fat slob like you.” She pointed at a group of boys sitting not too far from them. “Go over there and ask them. Maybe one of them will have mercy on the poor fatty. It’ll take a while to get your whole body done, so take this with you”, she said and handed her a box of donuts.

Melissa looked at the boys nervously. It was a group of 6. Each looked like he was working out regularly, and she remembered how they were staring at Alisson in admiration. Without even thinking about it, her hands opened the box of donuts, and she took a big bite. Eating had become her automatic response to nervousness.

“Waddle your fat ass over there and let me enjoy your humiliation,” Alisson demanded, and Melissa started moving.

She wanted another bite from her donut but realized that waddling made her too breathless to eat simultaneously. She took a little break halfway to cram the rest of the first donut into her mouth and take out the next one.

They noticed her coming at them as she was getting close to the group.

“Is that fat pig coming over to Tuzla Escort us? What the hell does she want?” she could hear one of them say, and they seemed amused by the thought.

“Woah, is she really holding a whole box of donuts in her hand? No wonder she’s such a blob,” another said.

Finally, Melissa made it over there. She paused for a moment to catch her breath.

“Hey,” she said, her nervousness taking over again. Before she realized what was happening and could stop herself, she took another huge bite from her next donut. The boys were amused and laughed as she continued: “Could one of you help me put sun lotion on my back and the places I can’t reach?”

“No way! I’m not touching your wobbly lard. That’s disgusting!” one of them called out.

“I don’t think that tube of lotion will be enough to cover your enormous mountains of fat,” another one said.

Each one joined in, and they had fun poking fun at the fatty in front of them until one stood up and said he’d do it.

“Aww, he feels sorry for miss piggy,” his friends teased him as he grabbed the lotion and started putting it on Melissa’s back while visibly uncomfortable.

Melissa just wanted to get everything over with as fast as possible and dug into her donuts to blank out what was happening around her. The guys were all laughing at the situation and taking pictures of their friend whose hands were sinking into Melissa’s back fat. While the donuts tasted really good, Melissa couldn’t help but notice how good his touch felt. She had never been touched that intensively by anyone other than Alisson. Having a stranger do that was starting to turn her on. She almost moaned when he grabbed her two big rolls of back fat and lotioned every fold rigorously.

Now Melissa never wanted it to stop.

She enjoyed every moment of his strong hands sinking into her flab, rubbing it all over, making her fat wobble. Sadly for her, it didn’t take much longer, and he was done with her back. She was about to thank him and waddle back to Alisson when suddenly, a different thought hit her.

She turned around and smiled at the boy sheepishly. “Could you also do that to my legs? It’s just so hard to reach for me with my belly in the way,” she said and couldn’t believe what she was doing.

The guys were crying from laughter and cheering as he got down to his knees and began rubbing Melissa’s massive dimpled thighs. He was using both hands, and every movement sent waves of ripples through Melissa’s body.

Melissa felt amazing. She alternated between looking at her jiggling thighs and looking around at all the people watching them. She felt like a true shameless fatty on display, making her dripping wet.

Melissa reveled in this feeling until every last part of her wobbly legs was taken care of. Then she thanked the boy, who looked like he was happy that this weird experience was coming to an end, and waddled back past various groups of people staring at her in disbelief.

“I’ve never seen so many people be that disgusted by that blob of fat you call your body.” Alisson grinned when Melissa made it back.

Melissa blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed about letting her desires take over. She laid down next to Alisson, feeling, and most definitely looking, like a beached whale. Her embarrassment turned into a big smile as she repeatedly replayed what had happened in her mind while opening the next box of donuts.

She finished the box of donuts and then dozed off for a while until she was woken up by Alisson standing above her.

“Wake up, fatty. Enough lazing around.” She looked over to the beach volleyball field and smiled. “The girls over there could use some more players. Let’s join them.”

Melissa struggled onto her feet and looked over to the field. Just as she had expected, all the girls looked athletic like Alisson, though none looked as fit as her. At peak fitness, Alisson easily had the most toned body of anyone at the pool.

Knowing she had no say in this, Melissa nodded and waddled behind Alisson as they headed to the field.

“You guys look like you could use two more players,” Alisson shouted once they got there.

The girls nodded after looking at her but paused, surprised when they realized that the second player was supposed to be the massive girl behind her.

“You can join in, but I’m not so sure about her,” one girl said, pointing at Melissa.

“Yeah, I don’t think she’s going to fit in here,” another added.

“Come on, give my tubby roommate a chance,” Alisson said, “I finally got her off the couch and away from her snacks. She could really use some exercise, isn’t that right?” She looked at Melissa, who blushed and nodded. “Besides that, it’s not like she will last very long.” Alisson grinned.

The girls looked at each other and decided to let them join. Melissa could see the displeasure on her teammate’s faces about having to play with an unfit blob instead of her athletic roommate as she awkwardly shuffled over to them.

They Anadolu Yakası Escort started playing, and the other team tried to play every ball at Melissa. She did her best to reach each ball, but it was played a bit further away from her every time. She had to move a few steps and was too late to reach each time. All she could feel was the violent jiggle of her arm as it went for the ball that had long hit the ground. Not only getting to the spot in time was a problem for her, but her arms had also gotten so heavy and, at the same time, weak that she often couldn’t move them in time to reach even the closest ball.

She became increasingly exhausted while her teammates got increasingly annoyed about her incompetence.

Soon Melissa was standing there panting, her hands on her knees while her flabby belly was hanging between them. The next ball was coming her way; this time, it was close enough for her to think she would get it. It would fall right down in front of her. But as the ball got close and she was getting her arms ready and lowering her body, her belly suddenly got in the way of getting lower. She had to watch the ball plop down right in front of her as she lost her balance and fell into the sand, letting out a surprised squeak.

“Alright, that’s it, fatty. You need to go!” her teammate shouted in frustration.

“Yeah, get your useless fat ass out of here and waddle to the food stand. Pigging out must be the only thing you’re good at,” another added.

Melissa heaved herself off the sand, glad that it was over. She then began wiping off the sand from her body, still standing on the field, forcing the girls to watch in annoyance and disgust as her body wobbled around. Once she had wiped the sand off every part she could reach, Melissa waddled off.

She had gotten so used to following orders that she didn’t know better than grabbing her money and heading to the food stand, as the girls had told her. Melissa could smell all the greasy, fattening foods she was about to devour and immediately started feeling happier.

Once there, she ordered multiple portions of anything that sounded fattening. The worker at the stand looked at her in disbelief as he handed her all kinds of burgers, hot dogs, pizza slices, and sweets. It took her 4 trips to get everything to her table, which in the end, was stacked with unhealthy food. The sight of it made Melissa’s body tingle.

She grabbed the chair and sat down in front of her feast. It was a metal chair, obviously not made to have such a fatty sit in it. She had to squeeze and wiggle until she was comfortably seated. Her fat spilled out to the sides of the chair as the cold armrests dug into her hips and thighs.

As she picked up her first burger and took a bite, she looked at the volleyball field. Alisson was still playing and actually kicking everyone’s butt. With Melissa gone, the game went way more fluently, and everyone seemed to have a perfect time.

Melissa watched them for a while. The thought that she had been just like them just a year ago, having fun jumping and running around, crossed her mind. But it felt so incredibly far away and faded almost immediately.

That’s just not my world anymore, Melissa thought as she looked at the food, smiling.

“This is everything I need,” she whispered, as one hand wandered to her belly while the other grabbed a hot dog.

Bite after bite disappeared into Melissa’s greedy mouth. Before she knew it, she had eaten more than half of her feast. She looked up at the volleyball field again. The girls had paused their game and talked to each other while laughing. They then looked at her, and Melissa realized they were laughing about how she had actually gone to the food stand to pig out. A damp spot grew between her thigh, which drove her to grab the next burger and take a big bite out of it. Glancing to the field as she was chewing, Melissa enjoyed the disgusted looks she received while being made fun of. Driven by her humiliation, she continued pigging out. Soon, all fast food was gone, and she proceeded to the desserts.

By now, she felt really stuffed and had to push herself to continue. She didn’t have the energy to lift her head and look at the field. Her mind was hazy, and she could only focus on the remaining food. However, as she tediously stuffed the sweets into her mouth, she could hear the girls mocking her and calling her all kinds of names in her head.

When she reached her last donut, Melissa was sweating and panting from being overstuffed. With the last of her strength, she pushed the whole donut into her mouth, quickly swallowed it, and leaned back, gasping for air.

“Woah, my piggy actually made it through her feast. You look like a disgusting slob.” She heard Alisson’s voice but was too tired to turn around.

Alisson walked into her field of vision, flaunting her tight body and sitting down at the table in front of her. The last thing Melissa saw was Alisson taking a sip of her water while looking at her deviously, then she drifted into a food coma.


When Melissa returned to her senses, she didn’t know how much time had passed. She looked at her table. Seeing the empty food wrappers piled before her, her hands wandered to her stuffed belly. She rubbed it, enjoying how heavy it was feeling, and sighed.

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