Expanding My Horizons Ch. 01

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Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Lauren. I’m your pretty typical late-20s gal complete with large hips, a cute smile, an insatiable sexual appetite, a love of all things fall and wine, and of course a little gray cat to keep me company. I keep my almost jet black hair just past shoulder length, have curves in just the right places, and still turn a few heads. The last few months have been an eye-opening wild ride and I thought I’d share!

I should tell you about Michael, my current boyfriend, and a guy you’re about to know a whole lot more about. While Michael is definitely not my first boyfriend, and there have been quite a few, he is by far the best and the most adventurous. What I’m about to share with you may shock you a little bit, as it did me, but it’s also led me to a world I could have never imagined with intense intimate moments I had never had before.

I’m no prude. I’ve had my fair share of guys, a few one night stands, sex in a few open places, I like it when a man takes me a little rough, and I love having a thick cock in my mouth. However, as far as I was concerned that was about the extent of sex. Michael on the other hand, well, as you’ll see his ideas of intimacy were about to push my boundaries in every direction.

I may write down more of our little adventures in the future but for today I just want to tell you about how it all started. So here is where it all began…

Michael and I had been dating for several months and the sex was frankly fantastic. It maybe wasn’t the absolute best sex of my life, his equipment was lacking a few inches in length and thickness compared to past lovers, but we connected on a much deeper level. We got closer and closer, frankly I was in love. I didn’t really think things could get any bahis firmaları better.

So one evening at his apartment after a bottle of wine Michael tells me he has come up with a little game he wants to play to spice things up a bit and learn more about each other. He lays out a pen and 5 notecards for each of us along with a box with a slim opening on the top. He tells me he wants us each to write out 5 sexual fantasies and whenever we feel like it we can blindly draw a card from the box and do what is on the card. I thought this sounded like fun and we each took about 15 minutes to write on the cards while we split a second bottle of wine and I giggled uncontrollably about what I was writing.

Looking back my 5 fantasies were the same type of things we did most nights, nothing too out of the ordinary. I wrote down things like give me a massage and pleasure me, I’d suck his cock, take me from behind, those type of things. Michael however, well I was about to find out when we decided to pull the first card out that evening.

So I’m a full bottle of wine in, been thinking and writing about sexual fantasies, and I’m already excited just being around this guy… so when I pull the first card out I’m ready for about anything. About anything.

“Describe in great detail the best sex of your life while lightly stroking my cock. If it wasn’t with me, peel off your panties right now and make me wear them while you do it.”

What?! This had to be a joke. I showed Michael the card and said you can’t be serious. He smiled at me, oh that smile just makes me melt. He asked if it was with him and I didn’t know what to say. Do I lie? Maybe I should lie and just tease him while I talk about one of our first times together. But, damn the wine, I said no. I thought kaçak iddaa he’d be crushed, but instead he just said to follow the instructions on the card.

I looked at him another moment to see if he was joking, but he just laid his head back and kept straight faced as he watched me. I laughed and said alright mister, if this is what you want then it’s what you’ll get. I slowly slid my black lace panties down my legs and crawled to the foot of the bed. I slipped both of his feet in my panties and started sliding them up his body. I could feel his whole body react. I could see his cock jump. I slid the panties to his hips and up and over his cock. They didn’t quite contain his erection and I laughed as the head of his cock peeked over the top.

I laid down next to him and slowly started running my fingernails over the panties I had been wearing just moments before. I had never felt him this hard. His breath was heavy. He gasped as my finger flicked over the head of his cock. I began to softly whisper in his ear.

“The best sex I ever had was after a concert a few years ago. I had been dancing all night, most of the time with just my friends but occasionally a guy would come up and start dancing on me. It was near the end of the night and a large 6 foot 3 inch man came up behind me during a song and started grinding along with me. Right away I could feel his cock.

I don’t know how else to describe it except to say it felt huge, and rock hard. After a minute I couldn’t stand it anymore and reached my hand back to feel it. It filled my hand and I knew then I had to have it. As the song ended I pulled him down and whispered in his ear that he should take me somewhere quieter.

He led me outside to his car, opened the backdoor and I climbed in kaçak bahis on my hands and knees. Within seconds he had hiked up my skirt, my pussy was absolutely flooding my panties, and he pulled them aside. I can’t describe what I felt next except to say it was the most pleasurable experience of my life. His cock had to be as big around as a coke can, it completely filled me. I have no idea how long he fucked me like that or how many people walked by the car as he did. I started orgasming the moment the fat head of his cock entered me and I didn’t stop until he pulled out after he had cum what felt like gallons inside of me.

When he was done he helped me out of the car, I could barely walk my knees were like jello. He left and I never learned his name. That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Lost in that memory I didn’t even realize the effect I was having on Michael. I looked down where I had lightly been stroking his cock through my panties and they were drenched with his precum. He was gasping, clawing at the sheets, his other hand tightly grabbing onto me. He was about to cum, and cum hard.

I whispered softly in his ear… “You like that don’t you? You like wearing my panties? You like hearing about some guy fucking me with his huge cock? Well show me how much you like it and cum for me!”

Just as I said that he began to cum harder than I had ever felt him cum before. He locked lips with me and I felt warm cum all over my hand as I continued to lightly finish him off. His lips slid to my ear as he whispered back “thank you, thank you”.

I couldn’t believe what we had just done but I loved it. The power I felt in that moment giving him that much pleasure while holding that much control in my hands. The wine may have given me the courage to tell him that story, but we were much closer now. Now he knew more about me, and now I knew the first of his little fantasies.

At the time I remember wondering what other fantasies were in that box… more to cum!

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