Experimenting with Classmate Ch. 01

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It was a school free afternoon and I had agreed to go swimming with Kenny in the public pool. Kenny and I were classmates and friends within school. He was 19 and I was 18. We actually rarely met up outside school hours.

I saw Kenny waiting in front of the pool when I arrived by bike. It was early summer and very hot outside. He wore short jeans and a shirt and I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

Me: “Hey, have you been waiting long?”

Kenny: “Only a few minutes.”

Kenny was my classmate of 6 years. We had been friends since the first day of high school. He was very feminine and not shy. He did acting and always embarrassed me. I was super shy.

I was always early. I locked up my bike and we went inside up the stairs and payed two student entrances. We walked through the corridor and up to the individual stalls. We did not talk very much. We got undressed in opposite cubicles and got our swim shorts on. We walked to the showers and got ourselves wet and then went to the pool. It was a 25 meter pool with a large slide. The slide only worked on days that the schools were off. We jumped into the shallow bit and swam a little. Both of us were far from sporty types and Kenny usually got out of gym class for some reason.

We just enjoyed the water and were joking a bit, we only talked nonsense. After we’ve warmed up we climbed the stairs to the top of the slide. We did that a few times until we had enough. We had to watch the clock because one ticked was only valid for an hour and if you were not in time then you would not get your rug-sack back.

We went to the showers, picked up our rug-sacks and went into cubicles side by side. I quickly got my towel and started drying myself. I got dropped my shorts and wrapped the towel around my waist. I don’t know why but I decided to joke with Kenny.

Me: “Careful, I’ll have a look under the stall.”

I did not expect Kennys answer: “Sure, go ahead.”

I slowly dropped to my knees and looked under the stall. Kenny was kneeling on the floor too but he had no towel around his waist. He was sitting there with his hand touching his flaccid penis. He could only see my face. I was rock hard in no time. I was not even sure that I was gay. My heart was racing and I got very nervous.

Kenny: “Now I’ll have a look.”

I did not reply and got up and I saw him looking up under the stall. It was obvious that he could see that I was hard, but I did not drop the towel for him either. I was way too nervous to do that.

We got dressed and left the cubicles and dried our hair. I was still hard and that was very visible in my shorts. He looked at me and I tried to put my hand on my crotch but he pulled my hand away and laughed at me. I started blushing, took my rug-sack and held it in front of me. We both left and decided to go have a drink at his place.

It was at least a 30 minute walk. We passed a comic book store and he suggested to go and have a look.

Kenny: “There’s a nice section in the store.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Kenny: “I’ll show you, you’ll see.”

We went into the store and I followed him in the back. He grabbed a comic book out of a shelf and opened it. I could not believe my eyes. The book was full of drawings with naked men and women. Their cocks were humongous. I did not look at the women. It made me hard again and I started to feel uncomfortable.

Kenny: “Don’t worry, I come here all the time.”

Me: “Seriously?”

We left after a few minutes without buying anything and walked toward his place. He still lived with his parents and younger brother. He had the place for himself. He poured us a glass of lemonade.

Kenny: “let’s go upstairs, it’s cosier there.”

We went upstairs to his bedroom. There was a single bed, a desk and a big wardrobe. There was a mirror on one of the doors of the wardrobe.

Kenny: “Do you mind if I change into something more comfortable?”

Me: “Not at all, you’re home after all.”

Kenny: “Cool.”

Kenny started undressing in front of the wardrobe with his back towards me. I could see his reflection in the mirror. I did not expect that he would actually change his boxers too. He dropped them on the floor and said: “I don’t mind if you look.”. I was sitting on the bed and started blushing again, he must have seen that I looked at him in the mirror. Kenny was average build but a lot taller than me. His penis was also a lot bigger than mine.

He stood there naked for a few minutes. He did not seem in a hurry when he was browsing through his clothes. He found a pair of boxers and started with them. Then he turned around and laughed sneaky at me again. He jumped into his tracksuit and came to sit next to me. We started talking a little.

Kenny: “So what are you saying?”

Me: “Euhm, what do you mean?”

Kenny: “Like Dikmen Escort what you see?”

Me: “I don’t know what to say.”

Kenny: “Wanne see more?”

Me: “Euhm, I don’t know, what do you wanne show?”

Kenny: “It’s up to you dude.”

I was so confused, I had never had sex or never did anything sexual with someone else before. I watched porn a lot and I masturbated daily, but this was totally new. I was so nervous and my cock was rock hard. You could not really see it because I sat down. I looked into the room and I saw a small umbrella in the corner next to his desk. I thought to ask him something that he would definitely not show.

Me: “Ok, what about … you take that umbrella and put the top in your ass.'”

Kenny: “Ah, ok, I’ve done that before.”

I was surprised with his answer and I was even more surprised when he jumped up of the bed.

Kenny: “I’ll lock the door in case I don’t hear my little bro coming in.”

Kenny locked the door and put the key in the drawer of his desk. He took the umbrella, turned with his back towards me and dropped his trousers and boxers to his knees. He had some hand cream on his desk that he used as lube. He spread his bud cheek with one hand and pointed the end of the umbrella to his hole. He pushed it in slowly, leaving me with my mouth wide open, my heart racing and my cock dripping with precum.

Me: “Can you go deeper?”

Kenny: “No, I don’t think so.”

Me: “I tried with a candle once.”

I did not tell that I tried a candle many times. I could easily enter 5 inches whilst he only got about 2 inches deep.

Kenny pulled the tip of the umbrella out and put it on his desk. He had to turn a little and I could see the tip of his hard cock. It looked huge. I had never seen a hard cock from someone else before. He pulled up his boxers and tracksuit and turned around.

Kenny: “Oh really? So you can do better than?”

Me: “Ha, sure.”

Kenny: “Proof it then!”

Me: “Ah, not sure man.”

Kenny looked mischievous at me. He was stood there with a huge bulge in his trousers. I was scared an excited at the same time. I didn’t really know what to do.

Kenny: “You’ve seen all of me, so it’s only fair if you show you.”

Me: “C’mon dude, don’t do this with me.”

Kenny: “Ha, well the door stays locked … until I think I should unlock it again.”

My heart was racing. Thoughts were flashing through my mind. It was after all me that initiated all of this. If I did not want any of this, then why did I have to look under the stall. I had seen his flaccid penis, his ass and the tip of his hard cock. The only thing he had seen was the bulge in my shorts.

Kenny dropped next to me on the bed and tapped my leg.

Kenny: “Off you go.”

I slowly, but very uncomfortable stood up and walked towards his desk where the umbrella was waiting for me. The tip was only half an inch thick, with a rounded head and about 6 inches long. I stood there facing the wall. I was way to shy to show my naked body, let stand show my small 5 inch hard cock. I could not say a word anymore. I turned my head and saw Kenny sitting relaxed in his bed against the wall as if he was going to watch a movie. He had his arms crossed as to say ‘I’m waiting here’.

My face must have been crimson red. I turned to look at the wall again and pushed my shorts and underwear down; only to my knees. I made sure he could not see the front of me. I grabbed the hand cream and put a dollop on my finger. I took the umbrella and the cream rubbed it on the tip. The cream smelled like cucumber. I was trembling but I felt hot. I guided the umbrella to my ass and with two fingers spread my hole and pointing the umbrella against it. I slowly pushed the tip in, inch by inch.

Kenny: “Oh fuck, that is already deeper than me. I’m impressed man.”

Kennys encouragement helped me to get the nerve to push it deeper until it was all in. He smirked and I saw his eyes go the right of the room. I suddenly felt so embarrassed when I noticed that he had opened the door of the wardrobe so the mirror would reflect me completely and expose me to him. That was not everything, there was a long drip of precum hanging on the top of my cockhead. I did not know what to do. He had seen everything. I was standing there, exposed and with an umbrella in my ass. I decided to pull the umbrella out and pull my shorts back up and took the chair of his desk to sit down.

Me: “I think we’re even now.”

Kenny: “Well, you’ve seen me fully naked three times and I only seen you naked once.”

Me: “Fuck off dude.” But I did not really mean it. I probably secretly wanted him to force me to do more.

Kenny: “So what else can you do?”

Me: “I’m not sure man. I feel so embarrassed.”

Kenny: Eryaman Escort “Why is that? We’ve all got a penis. Yours is a lot smaller than mine though, but that’s normal, I’m almost a foot taller than you too ha!”

“I often play here with myself in my bed. Then I think about hot guys rubbing my body.”

Kenny also never had any sexual experience before. We were both late bloomers.

Kenny: “Then I lay on my tummy and pull my pants down and I rub my penis on the bedsheets.”

Kenny did it whilst he was explaining it. He did not seem to be embarrassed at all. I was still nervous and not knowing what to do.

Kenny: “So have you played with yourself before?”

Me: “Of course.”

Kenny: “Why don’t you show me too? I can see you’re hard!”

I had to admit to myself that I was super horny and that I hoped he would keep pushing. I was so shy that I still did not really took any initiative.

Kenny: “I’m sure you play with yourself all the time. When was the last time?”

Me: “Two days ago, I did not have any privacy yesterday as I share the same room with my older brother.”

Kenny: “Come sit here, it’s more comfortable.”

Kenny tapped on the bed with this hand. I stood up and walked towards the bed and sat next to him on the small bed.

Kenny: “You can touch mine if you want.”

He laughed.

Kenny: “C’mon, I won’t bite and I won’t tell anyone either.”

I lifted my arm up slowly and moved my hand towards his bulge. I was trembling again and breathing loudly. I slowly lowered my hand on his crotch, feeling his hard cock pushing against the fabric. It felt so weird an unnatural.

Kenny: “Don’t be afraid, you can look at it, take it out if you want.”

There was nothing sensual in his voice, he was just horny.

I stroked the fabric a little.

Me: “Are you sure about this?”

Kenny: “C’mon dude, we’ve known each other for 6 years.”

I pulled the rim of his trousers up with one hand and slid my other hand underneath. I could feel his tight boxers. They were wet of the precum and I could feel his hard cock against the fabric. I heard his breathing and I felt his heart beating. He contracted his stomach as to give me more space for me to access. I took it as a hint and moved my hand up toward his belly and then slowly pushing it down again this time sliding it under the rim of his boxers. The elastic band was tight. I moved slowly in and felt the shaft of his cock. His cock was sideways as it was too big to point up in his tight underwear. It felt warm and moist. I moved deeper inside and slowly grabbed his shaft in my hand. I felt it pulsating. He had his eyes closed.

Kenny: “Feels good you touching my tool!”

He was different than I knew him. It was as if he was in another world. He had his mouth slightly opened and he was breathing heavily. He lifted his hands as in slow motion and pushed his trousers and boxers down in one movement. I still had his shaft in my hand but it pushed up and I had to move my hand. His cock was at least 2 inches larger than mine. His cock was slightly bent to the left, the foreskin half covering his cockhead. The head of his cock was wet. His balls were not very hairy; it looked like he trimmed. I did not and had a big dark brown bush on the top of my cock and on my balls.

Kenny: “That’s something different than yours huh?”

What was I supposed to say to that? I just sat there uncomfortably with a hard cock pushed away.

Kenny: “You can touch it again if you want.”

I moved my hand in the direction of his cock and grabbed it. This time with my left hand. I pulled his foreskin down and felt his cock pulsing in the palm of my hand. My thumb and index finger moved up to touch the slimy wet and slippery head of his rock hard penis. He moaned quietly. I now circled around the top of his head spreading all the precum around and on my fingers.

Kenny: “So what makes you hard when you watch porn? I usually get turned on from guys sucking each other. I know it’s weird. I always wondered how that would feel.”

I was not able to say a word and I just kept stroking his member slowly and softly.

Kenny: “Can I touch yours?”

He did not really wait for an answer. His hand was already touching my bulge when I said: “I guess so.” He was a lot more confident than I was and it took him no courage to move his hand under the rim of my shorts right into my briefs. I felt his hand touching the head of my cock. The tingle made me moan and pulse my cock.

Kenny: “Fuck, have you pissed yourself or what? You’re soaking wet down there!”

I did not know how to react. He pulled turned towards me and stood in front of my with his cock jumping up and down. He pulled both my trousers and briefs down and let Esat Escort me cock jump to freedom. I looked down and saw what he meant. I said sorry. I dripped so much precum that not only my cock was wet, but also my skin around my legs where my cock was resting.

He dropped to his knees and just looked at my cock and balls. That felt rather weird as it was the first time someone ever saw me hard, or even naked.

Kenny: “Take your t-shirt off!”

I did what Kenny asked and took my t-shirt off. I was now sitting there all naked with only my socks on. My cock pointed upwards flat on my belly. He moved his hands up my legs. I felt his thumbs touching my balls. They were so tight. One hand grabbed my balls and the other hand my cock. He started stroking me slowly.

Kenny: “So weird, you’re small and your cock is small too.”

I enjoyed the feeling of his hand sliding up and down my hard penis.

Kenny: “Close your eyes!”

It sounded like a command. I closed my eyes and he started stroking me a little harder and faster. I suddenly felt his breath on my legs followed by a warm wet feeling over my cock. Kenny had take my cock in his mouth and was moving up and down, lightly sucking. I had never felt that. It was amazing but it felt so wrong too. He stopped suddenly.

Kenny: “So how did that feel?”

Me: “Actually very good.”

Kenny: “My turn!”

He pushed me off the bed and laid flat on his back. He held his cock straight up with one hand and the other behind his head. He looked at me as to say: “don’t be shy now!”. I was nervous. I had seen it on porn, but I did not think I would ever do it. I dropped on my knees and pulled myself closer to the bed. My cock was rubbing against his bedsheets. I took his cock over with my hand and slowly moved my head closer. I stack my tongue out and touched the wet head of his cock. He started moaning and said: “keep going!”. I started licking the head of his cock. It felt weird to lick another person. It tasted silty and sweet. I lowered my head and slowly let his cock slide into my mouth. I felt him pulsing in my mouth. It was at that point that I lost control over myself and lost the shyness.

I now started sucking him just to please him. I knew how it felt for me. He started moaning loudly. Each time my head when down and his cock deep, I could smell the sweat on his balls. It was disgusting and sexy at the same time. I tasted his precum that squirted out of his cock every five times I went down on him. I started to really take a liking of sucking him. I could not stop and kept going. He suddenly started shaking. He grabbed my head with both his hands and said: “watch out! I’m getting close.” I could not pull my head off his cock as he was now also fucking my head. His cock went deeper than I could take it before. I started choking and he pulled his cock out to let me breathe. He only gave me a few seconds and pushed himself back in my face. He fucked my face harder and harder and he started moaning very loud. His cock made a sloppy sound in my mouth. He then pushed my head hard on his cock and held it there. His cock swelled and started squirting streams of cum deep in my throat. My eyes were filled with tears. He pulled back a little as if he wanted to give me the chance to really taste his cum. It was thin and salty, rather sharp in taste. It felt like it never stopped. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said: “Oh my god, you cannot imagine how good that felt.” I could have spat the cum out, but I kept it in my mouth and eventually swallowed it.

Kenny: “Oh, you swallowed, dude is that not weird?”

Kenny made me feel awkward again.

Me: “Oh sorry.”

Kenny: “I’ve seen it on porn, so probably not a big deal.”

He sat straight up and I saw his cock getting a little softer. It was not pointing up anymore. I was sitting there still on my knees and rock hard. There was a wet patch on the side of his bed.

Kenny: “Get dressed now, my brother will be home any time now.”

Me: “Oh, I kinda had hoped that …” Kenny did not let me finish my sentence.

Kenny: “Did you not cum?”

No I didn’t cum, I was concentrating on pleasing him.

Me: “Fuck dude, after all I did?!”

Kenny: “I lost track of time, seriously get dressed. My brother will tell on me to my parents if he finds out!”

Kenny already had his clothes on. I felt ignored and annoyed. I was still horny and hard. I grabbed my briefs and shorts from the floor and got dressed. He opened the drawer of his desk, took the key and opened the door before I had my T-shirt on.

Kenny: “Bring your glass downstairs.”

We both went downstairs and he guided me to the front door where my bike was sitting. He opened the door and his little brother came storming in.

Kenny: “See you at school!”

Me: “Bye.”

I said it with a very low voice so he could hear that I was annoyed with him. I cycled home very slowly. I felt embarrassed and a bit taken advantage of. I went straight to my bedroom after I arrived home and jumped on my bed. Not long after my brother came in the room. I though “figures” to myself. He looked at me and asked: “What’s up with you looser?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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