Exploring My New Wife

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I had just started a new job as an inside salesman for a medium sized corporation. As I got adjusted to my new position I began to notice a girl that appeared each day delivering my postal mail correspondence. She was a petite brunette with hair past her shoulders by 6″, was about 5’4″ tall with a slight olive complexion. The best comparison to her would be the porn star Riley Reid; she had a small set of easily handled tits and a wonderful round ass. She was just my type and I had fallen madly in lust with her. I asked a coworker about her to get any information I could regarding her. I found out that she was 22 years old and besides delivering the mail worked in the accounting department.

I soon asked her out and after just six months of dating and after only a couple of sessions of intercourse, we eloped to Vegas. What I didn’t realize was how inexperienced she was sexually. She had been a good Catholic girl and had only been with one other guy before me. I was 11 years older than her and had much more experience while I was single and even while I had been married to my ex-wife (we had a very open marriage and enjoyed a somewhat swinging lifestyle).

Our sex life was bland to say the least. Missionary was the standard and after I came she always jumped up and ran to the bathroom to “clean up”. No foreplay at all. Eventually I was able to talk her into giving me a blow job but she always made me cum into a tissue then she brushed her teeth afterwards.

Needless to say I was getting a bit frustrated. I tried talking to her about it but she would shut down the conversation immediately.

But she was a contradiction outside the bedroom. She liked to wear short skirts, thigh high stockings and high heels to work. Every guy in the office knew that if they stopped by her desk requesting some sort of paperwork and she had to get up from her desk they just might get a glimpse of her skirt riding up high with the tops of her stockings exposed. If they were even luckier she would have to bend down to retrieve something from one of the lower drawers of her file cabinets thus insuring her skirt would ride up and expose her stockings tops.

When I told her about this she just shrugged it off and claimed I was being silly since no one saw her like that in the office. I wasn’t sure if she was being naive or just enjoyed the attention. But nonetheless Kartal escort it had to effect on how I viewed her since I began to see her possibly enjoying the attention she was receiving unbeknownst to her or not. I started seeing her as exhibitionist. I may have been a bit jealous but the turn on it gave other men probably quelled my inner jealousy and turned me on as well.

The contradictions went further. She always kept her pussy hair trimmed to a neat landing strip and sometimes even shaved herself bare. Yet I was never allowed to go down on her (another source of frustration because I loved eating pussy!). This was also another source of frustration because I had been able to sneak peeks at her pussy and she had the type of darkened large lips that I love and was always one of my favorite female attributes in my past before I met her.

I could bury myself in cunt lips like that for what seemed an eternity. I also enjoyed a woman sitting and grinding all over my face while I licked up all of the juices a woman had to offer.

One of the other contradictions was that we would also shower together frequently and she would rub her body against me, teasing me with her ass and rubbing her pussy along my dick. She would never want to have sex in the shower preferring that I jerk myself off to her ministrations. If even a dollop of cum landed on her she would instantly wash it off sometimes getting angry that I would cum on her in the slightest bit.

One thing I did notice was when she drank alcohol she would become extremely horny and instead of our usual “making love” she would want me to pound into her as hard as I could. It seemed to me that she had a suppressed desire, a wanton desire that she kept inside and was scared to acknowledge.

When she would decide to switch up our position in bed and get on top I started to notice that she would get extremely wet. Here’s the bonus in that position, she was never able to orgasm in either position (missionary or riding me) from just penetration. I always had to manually stimulate her clit for her to get off. This offered me an opportunity to explore her body with my hands which otherwise were never an option.

I began pinching her small perky nipples hard and twisting them which brought out groans of pleasure from her. I also started grabbing her ass checks so hard she would Kurtköy Escort push herself down onto my cock hard making her groan even more. These two things brought me great satisfaction as I loved bringing her pleasure. I would then push my hand between us and rub her clit eventually bringing her to orgasm. During which she pounded down on my cock with her soaked pussy and I would cum inside her. Though to my disappointment she would jump up off of me and run to the bathroom to ‘clean herself up’ behind a closed door. She left me there wondering what her pussy and the creampie we made looked like. Each time we went through this my imagination grew and my desire to ‘clean her up’ myself burying my tongue inside her became even stronger. My experiences with my previous wife were vivid and beginning to resurface.

So we went on like this for a couple of years, but I was becoming bored (I guess most men would be satisfied with our situation, but not me – I was far more interested in pushing her sexual boundaries).

When she would ride me I began to realize that she enjoyed my hands manipulating her body even more. While I was sure she was conscious of this fact it didn’t stop me from exploring her limits. I grabbed and twisted on her breasts and nipples intensely making her groan deeper while gyrating and pounding down onto me hissing her approving vocal appreciations.

Then while grabbing her ass checks and spreading them apart I began teasing her rosebud. She would grind down against me letting out her arousal and begging for me to get her off (using my fingers on her clit of course). Always complying I would help her orgasm and in return shoot my cum up inside her. Again, the usual routine of her jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom. I would lay ther imagining my cum dropping from her pussy uselessly into the toilet while it could be easily slipping from her into my open willing mouth.

These encounters continued and I decided to get a bit bolder. Since she was used to my hands all over her body while she rode me I started to feel around her pussy lips while my cock was inside her. She never seemed to notice but it felt fantastic for me. Feeling her hot wet large and extended pussy lips on my fingers and my cock going in and out of them was something I couldn’t hold myself back from. And I exploded inside her. I did the Pendik Escort usual massage on her clit and got her off as well. Yet still the same situation after though – her run to the bathroom.

I continued this process with her while she was riding me but I noticed that she was getting even wetter than ever before. After several sessions like this I wanted to try something new on a hunch.

First, I should explain that I had always been proud of my cock and it’s (my) ability to please women. Bragging aside, I have a cock which is 8-9″ long and a girth of at least 5 and a half inches. Women has always been quite surprised and turned on by it, many of which kept coming back for more. There were even a couple of instances when a woman would refuse to be with me because they didn’t think they could handle it inside them. Little did they know what they had missed.

But my wife never had such a problem and seemed to enjoy everything I had to offer. Here’s where my hunch comes into play. Again after her pussy engulfed my cock while riding me and my hands feeling each wet thrust from her I started to place my fingers around my cock. She didn’t even notice and continued plunging down on me even though her pussy not only gripped my cock but my fingers around it.

The more she thrust down on me the more emboldened I became. I loosened my fingers from around my cock and started to open up her pussy with my hands. She was lost in lust at this point and I stuck first one finger into her next to my cock causing her to increase her intensity with her thrusts down onto me. Then I added a second finger making her even more wet. This easily allowed me to add a third finger and finally a fourth. Her juices covered my cock and all of my fingers and she didn’t even seem to notice what was happening!

I shot my jism into her then slipped my fingers out and got her off once again manually with my finger. Once again she made her disappearing act. My groin was completely soaked with her juices. I lay there wondering what had just happened, but quite happy I had pushed her limits this far. I realized she really had no idea of what had just transpired. But it suddenly struck me; my wife was a size queen and didn’t even know it.

With that epiphany, my mind through itself into all kinds of possibilities and what may be in the future for my newfound sizequeen wife and me.

We repeated this position with my same manipulations with always the same results several times. She never said a word about it to me, but I knew we had many more avenues to explore. And they didn’t involve just the two of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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